Why is today home weather station so relevant

Every day, the common man leaves his home and goes out. And each time before he assesses weather conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions can change dramatically. For example, a beautiful sunny morning can turn into rain dining or evening thunderstorm. That would not be caught off guard vagaries of weather, one can use the official weather forecast. And can he make their predictions, even if only for a few hours ahead.

The main tool in this home weather station can be .  This digital weather station can simultaneously measure multiple variables related to weather .  It has many more features than the individual devices .  Any weather station in its composition includes outside air temperature sensor .  This makes it possible to know the temperature at any time .  Such a thermometer is not a hindrance misted or frosted glass, darkness, and other similar conditions .  Mandatory sensor is also a pressure sensor .  Knowing this value, you can determine the trend measure weather .  It uses the modern barometer of consumer digital and high-precision .  According to its characteristics, it is not inferior to similar devices used for scientific purposes . This electronic unit often can not simply show the pressure, but also to analyze its changes .  All this allows us to build an accurate prediction without leaving home and without using the media .

 home weather station
 Newest binding instrument home weather station is a humidity sensor or hygrometer. Unlike classical with two sensors, the electronic hygrometer and requires no continuous addition of water. Another important advantage is the display of humidity, while the regular version requires the conversion of a special table.

With a home weather station, anyone can make their own weather forecast. In contrast to the global, it will be more accurate for each residence. This will not be surprised vagaries of the weather, and in time to prevent their consequences. Therefore, you should buy a home weather station in use.

 Why is today home weather station so relevant

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 Christmas divination

Let's start with the fact that Christmas divination - is a ritual whose purpose is to establish contact with otherworldly forces, able to reveal the future of man. They are usually carried out in the Christmas days, from Christmas to Epiphany, because it is believed that during this period and the souls of the dead roam activated impure forces. Our ancestors believed that during the Christmas holidays the easiest way to look into the face of their future.

Different versions of divination at Christmas

How else our grandmothers and great-grandmother tried to look into the future? Options have been many:

  • With a mirror the image of the groom - this kind of divination at Christmas does not lose its popularity for many centuries. A girl lights a candle and sits between two mirrors to treat multiple reflections. The best time to see the image of the future in the reflections of the groom - is midnight.
  • On the side of the residence in a marriage - with the help of valenki: during this divination at Christmas a girl turns to throw any shoes (slipper, boots, boots) on the road. Her sock just indicate the direction in which is destined to marry.
  • The sex of the children: take a needle and passed through a woolen cloth (that it is necessary to take for divination on Christmas Eve), either a ring dipped in a glass of water and take it in hand. Then, any of the items are hung on a thread, and slowly lowered close to hand. If the subject performs a circular motion, a girl if swinging like a pendulum - boy, if not moving, it means that children will not.
  • On the sequence and speed of entry into the marriage: the essence of such divination at Christmas that the girls cut themselves on a string of the same length, and then set on fire. First she will get married, which will burn out the thread. If she immediately went out or burnt even half, marriage can not see.
  • By cock by taking two plates - one is filled grain or coins, pour water into the second. Next to the mirror and put skeet release cock. If the cock come to the mirror, the groom will be delicate and beautiful. If you choose the seed (money) - the rich. Selection of water is drunk. On Christmas divination by rooster convenient because a large number of results. Although sometimes take even the chicken - cock if it chooses, then the restriction is a womanizer.
  • The quality of life with the bride: in any capacity are arranged various items and their girls take turns choosing blindly. From made at guessing the choice depends on Christmas and the future life: sugar - sweet, ash - bad bulb - to tears, the ring - a virgin marry (gold - a rich life), a glass - a cheerful life and so on.
  • Match: hips box insert two matches and set fire to them. If Christmas divination should be simple, select this: the whole point here is to head the burned matches turned to each other. If that happens, "Put forth" a couple will be together.
  • In the shadows: take a blank sheet of paper, wrinkled and ignited on a flat plate. The meaning of this divination at Christmas to as leaf burning, she considered using candles out of the blue background resulting shadows. For those images that they create, and the need to guess the future.
  • With a ring on groom's image: woman drops in a glass of water, an engagement ring and consider forming the constriction inside the ring. These Christmas divination necessarily accompanied by saying: "narrowing my fancy dress, come forth and show yourself! ".
  • At the age of betrothed by barking dogs: girls take turns listening to the barking of dogs. In principle, this divination Christmas and New Year, so they can be performed in any night. Voiced barking promises the young groom, and the hoarse - old.
  • On the cards: woman chooses from a pack of four kings and put them under the pillow before going to bed, saying: "Who is my fancy dress, who is my betrothed, he had a dream in my dream." If Christmas for divination dream king of diamonds, will welcome suitors, Crusade - woo is a businessman or a soldier, of hearts - so rich young bride, the peak - but the old jealous.
  • On family: during the evening meal as part of divination on the night before Christmas, go look in the neighbor's window. If the heads of people sitting at a table will be visible, it means all the relatives are alive. If the head is not visible, happen trouble with loved ones.
  • In the ring - he is thrown to the floor. If it is a rollback to the door, the girl will soon be married. If you guess the man, he is on a business trip. Another treatment - care of the house.
  • By hail midnight overlook the street and the first comer to know his name. This name will be called Mr Right. The groom is so rich and beautiful, like a traveler who hailed.
  • On the bow: the girls take on the bulb itself, and mark them, and then are planted in the ground. Whose bulb will sprout, she married the first girl in and out.
  • On the egg white: the contents of fresh eggs are poured through a small hole in a glass of water and after a protein will fold, look at the shape and guess at its future. On Christmas divination man will trip if the protein is derived from the ship, and a woman - the return of her husband from a trip. Cube - the coffin, engagement ring means, and of the Church - the wedding.
  • Eavesdropping - is doing a divination by the neighboring windows. If they rapidly find out the relationship, then the year will be "fun." If the house is quiet, it is expected a harmonious year.
  • The cat: make a wish, and beckon to her cat. In that case, if an animal steps over the threshold of the right paw, the dream will not come true, the left - it is true.
  • With the help of the book: it is best to choose the spiritual books. On Christmas divination by the book it is that it takes an arbitrary number of pages or lines above or below. Then open the hidden place in the book and read. The meaning of the text be interpreted in accordance with what is currently most excited about.
  • Divination with logs: suitable back to the woodpile and choose from it to touch a piece of wood. Smooth and flat piece of wood without knots - the spouse with the perfect character. Heavy and thick - a wealthy husband. A log with twigs - a lot of children will be born. Distorting - the lame, and oblique husband.
  • Guessing on sleep. This ritual is performed on the night of Monday to Tuesday. This very simple Christmas divination: a piece of paper write the name of the young man and kissed his painted lips, then put a pillow on a small mirror with three sheets of laurel. One write - "Misael", the second - "Azari", the third - "Ananias." It should, according to the rules of divination at Christmas, recite a spell: "Monday and Tuesday I look at the window sill, who dreams about me - let him come to me in a dream." Another way is that the night at the head put a sprig of fir. Completing these Christmas divination, saying: "I lay down on Monday, the head put spruce, the dream to me, who thinks of me." He loves the one who comes in his sleep.

 Christmas divination

In the night from Thursday to Friday for Christmas divination more. During bedtime say: "Thursday - with the medium, Tuesday - Monday, Sunday - Saturday. And one Friday, yes I am, young one. Lying on the Elders of the mountains, in the heads of three angels: the first - see, the second - will tell, and the third - the fate will tell. "

The Christmas divination on sleep conducted and if the fall in the new location. Before going to sleep recite: "In the new place had a dream bride groom." In the dream, looking at her future husband.

  • Guessing on wax. The wax melted in the circle. Then, according to the rules of divination Christmas in a saucer and pour the milk is put on the threshold, saying, "Brownie, my master, come under the threshold, drink milk but eat the wax." On Christmas divination still the fact that the last words of the milk is poured into the melted wax and carefully watching the curable wax image. See the cross - to the disease, if it only seems - is problems in financial affairs. See the flower during divination on the night of Christmas - to marry (married) or meet a loved one. The image of the beast - to the appearance of the enemy. Wax strips rasteksheysya - to travel, roads. The asterisk - to success in school, at work. Human figures - to the attainment of the other.

We wish that the New Year you have fulfilled only good! And always remember: Christmas fortune-telling - it's interesting and fun, but every man - himself a blacksmith of his own happiness.

 Christmas divination: the secrets and traditions

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