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Just a few months ago, skis, sleds and figure skates were fun attributes walks and lovers tightened forms and excellent health frequented gyms. But now, when sunny weather beckons absent from training, the number of clients in a variety of fitness centers is clearly reduced. And how slender body - you will ask. Is it in the summer time, our muscles require certain loads? Of course, require! But it can be done in the open air! So, acquire videos!

Known manufacturers

The first thing you should understand - is how to choose the roller skates. Not so it is simple as it might seem at first glance. Remember, videos - it's still a sporty and technological equipment, in which every detail matters. In the market of similar items is presented in a wide range. Let's take a brief overview of the latest companies to date.


Not only well-known manufacturer of tires and roller skates. Buy only the remains unsold, because in 2010, was discontinued release of the goods.


Another model is discontinued. Amazing quality, so that, if you will fall randomly unsold couple - bravely try on.

  • K2

The merit of this company in the development of a completely new technology «Soft Boot» (soft shoes). Innovation has become the basis for all variants of roller skates.

  • FILA

The product appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to establish itself and gain sympathy.


Creator inline-rollers. This model with wheels arranged in a line. A good option of purchase.


German quality always worthy of respect. In Russia, the company entered the market in 2004, it has since been considered one of the leading.


At the time, producer of long held the palm, but surrendered their positions today. Although, if you're wondering how to choose a good movie, you find products of this company and choose the size, buy it is - you will not regret.

  • SEBA

The founder of the company is Sebastien Lafargue - famous slalom. The quality is excellent, but the price bites. And pick up horse's leg is not always possible. Also keep in mind that this is not a suitable choice for beginners "katalschikov."

Having defined with the manufacturer, we proceed to the election of the shoe. What should pay attention to the purchase turned out to be not useless?


You probably noticed that some models have larger wheels, others small. How to choose the clips, if available both? The low frame and small wheels are suitable for those who enjoy extreme sports. Perfect for jumping on the parapets, slide on the rails, and other things. As a drawback is the lack of ventilation in the shoe. Ride on the uneven coating will be uncomfortable because of the low height of the wheels. It is not necessary to choose them when you drive sensibly not yet know how.

How to make a choice, focusing on the number of wheels? What are pyatikolesnye options? This sports model for skaters that are sufficiently proficient in technology high-speed driving. They have low maneuverability due to the frame structure, and no shoes lateral support legs. As we begin the riders, the "pyatikoleske" can be forgotten.

What kind of roller skates to choose among the variety - not a simple question. On sale there are even models for summer hockey. They are designed for well-trained athletes with ankle. Oh, again, not for beginners!

But the model of the family fitness - it is precisely our "razmerchik"! Here, on the choice of wheels have a few recommendations. There marking: numbers and letters. It refers to the diameter and stiffness, respectively. The larger the wheel, the faster you can develop, but in this case, less is felt rough road. The biggest characteristic of the diameters of the cross-country models. The higher the stiffness, the worse the adhesion to the coating, particularly on bends. High stiffness choose experienced skaters.

How to choose the clips for a child or for adult beginners stiffness and diameter of the wheel? For those who make the first "skating rinks" best selection of 76-80 mm diameter and hardness -78A-80A. Note that soft wheels quickly erased. With intensive daily skating and it can happen in two months.

 how to choose the roller skates


Choosing a good movie, do not lose sight of this small parts such as bearings. They are not visible to the customer, but play an important role.

  • The speed and ease of drive depends on the quality of "balls";
  • Accuracy class - 3, 5, 7 (in common) - quality polishing details. The higher the number, the easier it will be to move. The most common -5 and 7;
  • Stamps parts - Nautilus, Black Hole, SKF, Twin Cam;
  • Cheap rollers - bad bearings;
  • The new standard ILQ, which uses 6 pieces instead of 7;
  • Skates Starter kit (almost all) - ABEC-5;
  • Choosing clips, remember that the bearing - consumables. After their service life can be replaced, just as the wheels themselves.


Frames for the rollers can be made of metal or plastic. Metal - Magnesium or aluminum alloys - require extra cushioning shoe as vibrating when driving on uneven terrain. They often use models, designed for high-speed driving. But if low-quality metal, the bent part can be even-handed. Deformation - the most common cause of breakage of the frame.

Plastic frame (composite), made of fiberglass, nylon, carbon fiber. For large loads may crack. In addition, the frame may be detachable and removable. The first option is convenient because you can clean the shoes, but the lack of it - samoraskruchivanie screws. This is followed closely. By the way, this option is ideal for beginners and children athletes.

Pick up shoes

What kind of shoes are on sale? Let's examine them in detail.

  • Hard boots

Until recently, such a design has been the most common - the soft boot inserted in the plastic wrap. The so-called classic version. Bad ventilation, high-quality lateral support feet, shockproof outer part of the ridge, the ability to clean with a soft paste. All of this is inherent in rolls with a hard boot. Cons: bulky and certain severity, possible pressure on the plastic leg.

  • Soft boot - SOFT-BOOT

This removable structure with lateral support in the form of internal stiffeners made of plastic. They are lightweight, comfortable and well ventilated. But because of the personality structure of the legs, lateral support may be insufficient, and a clean cloth shoe is quite problematic. But for novice skaters - is ideal.

 how to choose the roller skates


Finally we come to the question of how to choose a suitable size rollers. Well, let's try.

  • Our feet have a tendency to steam out in the heat. This should be considered when choosing the size of roller skates;
  • Fingers in any case should not rest against the toe of the boot;
  • Lace-up shoes should be tight, but without undue pressure on the foot;
  • Wearing shoes, stand on one foot and the entire body weight, try to fill up the clip on the side. The greater the resistance, the better maneuverability. If the "obstruction" was deep enough, remove the skates and match the other models;
  • Roller skate should be neither small nor great, everything has to be at the time;
  • Do not hurry! 15 minutes walk around, bend your legs, bend, sit down, and it is better (if possible) a ride around the store;
  • To measure different models and brands to choose a shoe that is comfortable it is for your feet.

Symptoms, saying that the size of the selected clips is small: the pressure on the legs, numbness in the feet, cramping. If the freedom of the foot and the heel strongly evident and more tightly laced fails - skating great.

In this and in another case, continue to search for the couple. Enjoy your riding!

 How to choose the correct roller skates?

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 what to take to a picnic

With the onset of the summer season, are increasingly pulling out into nature, to relax with friends or family. And then a picnic in handy! What you can take a picnic to rest maximum enjoyment and minimum discomfort?

It is important not to forget anything necessary, because it might just ruin the whole vacation. It is often such that going on a picnic, take a lot of small things, but something completely forgotten right. Therefore it is important to think in advance what to take on a picnic, make a list of the most necessary, and only then taken immediately after packing luggage.

Packing luggage

First you need to determine: where, what time, on what you set out on a picnic, and how many people will. If you go on holiday by car for the weekend, you will undoubtedly need such things as tents, warm clothes, sleeping bags. Of course, the small cushion, too, can take, but it is not the most necessary, so if enough space in the trunk, then it is better to leave the house. Do not be redundant and a blanket or rug, which can be conveniently arranged. It will not hurt to take with them, and oilcloth, especially on the eve of going to rain. Podstelil her under the covers, you eliminate the possibility of getting wet plaid moisture from the ground. And if you have a folding chair, be sure to take them with you.

In addition, due attention should be paid to the choice of dishes. Beating the dishes better not to take - an ideal option would be plastic disposable tableware, which, after use, you can simply burn. Knives and cutting boards should be sure to take with them, because without them you even a simple salad can not do. If you want to drink in the nature of a bottle of wine, it is important not to forget to take a spin. You may also need Opener, if your menu for a picnic are any canned food. Instead of the usual towels should be taken with a paper or cloth at all. And be sure to take with you on the nature of a couple of garbage bags to collect garbage for a whole that can not be burned in the fire.

If you go on vacation in a place where to find branches for fire is very problematic, you should grab an ax and firewood or firewood ready still at home, only to then put them into the fire. Be sure to remember to take the match! Otherwise, you have to forget about such an important point of any holiday in nature, like a bonfire. If you are traveling to a place where plenty of branches - still grab some wood because it can suddenly began to rain, and the wet branches of a fire can not do. And the branch - not the best solution if you plan to fry kebabs as branches of coal would not be normal.

What else can you take to a picnic? Well, first of all, if you go to a noisy cheerful company, it will not hurt to take a badminton or volleyball. Do not be amiss and guitar, if anyone of you knows how to play it. After the songs under the night sky from the hot fire in a circle of friends - it's so romantic. Such evenings are long in the memory and soul warm during the cold season. If the place where you go, near a pond or river, you can grab a rod and a kettle. Freshly ear on fire - it is very tasty! At home, this never to cook soup.

Also, do not be superfluous to take with a small tape recorder on batteries, and music CDs.
In addition, a picnic with them should take things like a first aid kit, suntan and mosquito repellent. The first aid kit should be:

  • Funds from food poisoning;
  • Funds from headaches;
  • Proceeds from the heat and cold;
  • Zelenka;
  • Iodine;
  • Alcohol;
  • Bandages;
  • Harness;
  • Wadding;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Plasters;
  • Medications that take you or someone from your company.

Also, do not forget to take care of drinking water. It should be in abundance, as you will need to not only drink, but also, perhaps, to cook soup, wash your hands, fruits and vegetables. And if you plan to do a barbecue, take with a grill, grill grate or skewers.

What to eat in nature?

 that take on the nature of the food

Compiling a list of what you need to take on a picnic, do not forget that the Holy Spirit can not eat you. You need something to eat. Therefore, it is also important to make a list of what to take out on a picnic food.   To begin, it is important to calculate how many people will be on vacation and then calculate the amount that will be purchased certain products and divide it by all the participants holidays. It is important to consider not only their own taste preferences, and preferences of other participants of the picnic.

If you're going on a picnic for a few days, then in any case do not take perishable foods. They can be taken only if you have such a good thing, as the camp mini fridge, or you plan to use them in the next one and a half to two hours on arrival at the holiday destination.

The perfect product for a picnic are fruits, vegetables, preserves, smoked sausage, cheese, smoked or fried chicken, baked meat. These products are stored outside the refrigerator for a long time.
In addition, when drawing up a list of what to take on the nature of the food, do not forget to include the juices, mineral water and soft drinks, especially if the weather is hot.

Planning cooking kebabs, pre-defined with a choice of meat. Well, if you can marinate the meat themselves, and if not, find a barbecue in the semi-finished product is not difficult. In addition, you can replace the meat sausages, as fried sausages on the fire is not much worse than the full kebab.
What else can you take a picnic out of food? Of course, sandwiches! They can be prepared even at home, but it's better to do this: cut the bread at home and everything you need for sandwiches and decomposed into individual packages. Suitable and simple food film. And on the nature of the products can be prepared quickly make sandwiches. In this case, and longer-lasting products, and sandwiches will look fresh and appetizing.

But salads in advance not to do so. You just need to wash foods for salads, but take with a mayonnaise. Vegetables on a salad can be quickly cut in nature. Or you can simply dip into the chopped vegetables salad dressing.

If you take with smoked chicken or baked meat, it does not hurt to take with a ketchup or mustard as meat products with this kind of dressing in cold much tastier.
You can also bring your goodies - candy and cookies. This is especially true if you have children, the famous gourmet. Tea leaves, coffee and sugar also be superfluous.

You can take a raw washed potatoes, which can then be baked in the fire. And certainly do not forget to salt! After all, there is a baked potato without salt - not very tasty. And preparation of other dishes for a picnic require salt.

And, of course, you can take with any canned food, because they do not deteriorate for a long time.
Here, in fact, all of that can be taken on the nature of the food. We also note that the products would be best not to put bags and cart in bulk - and the products are not pomnutsya and pull them will be much easier. And looks picnic basket more picturesque. In addition, putting the products in the basket, fold the bottom of the frozen food, and on top of them - all the rest. Now understand, what to dress for a picnic.

Clothing picnic

If you go on a picnic in the open countryside, it is important to bring your hats to protect you from the sun - hats, straw hats, Panama. Well, with this clear. Here's what you need to take on a picnic out of clothes, and what it should be? Well, firstly, the clothes should be very comfortable, cover arms and legs. It is important to bring warm clothing or a jacket - will suddenly become cold or rain. And after the sun is often very cool. The ideal option is a picnic clothes tracksuit or loose jeans and a loose blouse, for example, turtleneck.

Among other things, it does not hurt to take with a rainwear. And if there are none, it may be useful and umbrellas.

Other stuff

 that you can take a picnic

So we talked about all the essentials for a relaxing holiday. Let's talk about the little things that are not the subject of the urgent need for a picnic. As we mentioned earlier in this article, you can take a tape recorder on batteries. Thanks to him, you can make a small disco. It will not hurt to bring your camera or camcorder to the memory of the town has remained not only in your head. Just do not forget to charge the battery the day before, and it may happen that in the midst of the holiday, they are exhausted, and you are depriving yourself of a number of pleasant moments.

And where you can go on a picnic? Well, sitting not very difficult to choose .  At the picnic, you can go to the park, the woods, the river or pond, to the mountains .  It all depends on what time you're going to go on vacation .  If a few hours - the park is quite a good solution .  And if you are going to rest for a few days, it could be a good option embankment of the river or the forest .  Especially nice to relax in the coniferous forest, as the smell of pine needles is very enjoyable and useful for the organism .  In addition, it is important to find a spot for a picnic, where there are trees, under which you can hide from the sun and free site that allows you to make a fire without the risk of fire .  It is also important to explore the site prismotrenny picnic area, the presence of anthills .  Agree, a little pleasant when you are comfortably settled on the rug, spread products, and ants will bite you, causing the need to re-clean all the products and look for another place .

When a picnic near the end - do not forget to burn all the trash that burns, and the rest in the trash bags to collect and take home with them. Also, be sure to thoroughly extinguish the fire, not to be the instigators of the fire. Particularly attentive to this should be taken, if your vacation takes place in the forest.
Well, strictly speaking, all you need to know and remember before the commission on a picnic. Importantly, do not forget that a picnic - it is primarily a vacation, which should give only joy and fun.

 What to bring to the picnic? The most important thing for the rest

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