how to prolong the life of cut roses

In every woman's life are precisely those bouquets of flowers, who want to extend their lives. And that is done not only in this situation. We are ready to give the most truthful and effective advice.

There is one "but": cut flowers do not live too long. But there are various ways of how to extend the life of cut flowers. Moreover, there are various techniques like treatment with certain groups of colors and universal advice. In order to keep the flowers fresh for a long time in a great form and freshness should keep in mind the basic secrets proven more than one generation. Here are the most popular ones.

So, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the kind of plants that you put in the vase. On this depends the way to extend the life of cut flowers. The vase should be filled with lukewarm water (in summer it should be water at room temperature), it does not think that should pour water almost to the rim. Subject has put in a vase of flowers on the water must be two to three centimeters below (and it is the lowest figure) than the edge of the vase. If you have a large container of fresh flowers, you should make the stems of the flowers were not held tightly to one another. Before you bring the flowers into the house and put in the water is a little bit to hold them in the hallway or in the corridor to the flowers used to the conditions of the room. This observation is especially true for the cold season.

If you bring flowers to the house from the street, which is not hot, drastically change the room temperature for flowers is very harmful. Therefore, so long stood flowers in a vase, try to soften them for the transition to the ambient air temperature.

Useful tips

For starters, you can leave a bouquet in a cool place, for example in the hallway. And only then, after a certain time, to bring them into the room. Thus, the acclimatization will take place gradually, and the flowers will not experience a powerful stress of sudden change of temperature.

Next, you must update the sections colors. Not always in the vase life stems trimmed properly. Very often in a bouquet on the stems are also lower leaves, that must be removed to prevent decay and loss of water colors. Before we put the flowers in a vase, it is desirable to update the section.

Be sure to shorten the stems to one and a half centimeters before put in a vase. If the colors are rather short stems and make them shorter still do not want to, then wipe with a slice of lemon slice in a few minutes, rinse with acid under cold running water, cut about three millimeters and put into the water. If the stem of the plant is long and soft, it should be cut on the bias, so that the plant could get more water. Then, while the flowers remain fresh, you need to check and remove the dried buds and faded. In this case, there is a greater chance that has not dismissed buds on the flowers will open. Therefore, it is desirable to select for cutting flowers with not one, but with a few buds. Water should be regularly checked for freshness, especially in hot weather. These precautions will help you not to think about how to extend the life of cut flowers.

Do not neglect the neighborhood of some other flowers. There are rules of bouquets, but not always, for various reasons, unable to follow them in the preparation of each bouquet. In this case, it is not necessary to tear down the composition, but it should make sure that the stems are not intertwined. It stems will release substances that poison flowers and make them lethargic and unnatural.
We have listed only the basic rules that should be followed in order to keep your flowers fresh for a long time. But we should remember that there are a number of additional rules. The simplest -Use clean water. This simple wisdom does not allow you to think about how to extend the life of cut flowers.

Clean water prolongs the life of flowers

 how to extend the life of cut flowers

Do not think that the filtered water and the water that is artificially softened suitable colors more than the water that is in the wells and wells. Of course, most good option in this case is precisely the spring (or well) water, but its absence can be quite acceptable boiled, ostuzhennoy to room temperature water. It is in it and it will be good to put the flowers in order to preserve their external pleasant evergreen species. Since it is desirable to change the water once a day, then a second time well and correctly use peremorozhennuyu water. Although the process of preparation of a fairly long (peremorazhivat worth it for about a day), but it justifies itself.

How to prolong the life of cut roses, should be determined by the thickness of the stem to be cut correctly. Also it helps revitalize cut roses bath of cold water. How to prolong the life of cut rose, you need to know almost all the housewives, as bunches of roses give any significant events quite often.

It is no secret that many flower sellers markets to some just do not resort to tricks in order to make the flowers fresh as if they had just been stripped beds. This is not only a variety of chemical substances that not only keep the plants as do conventional flower thereof mummy.

For this reason, when brought into the house of flowers, be sure to pay attention to what their stems can be dark on the cut, Pancake and all this smelling chemicals. In this case there is an option as they pull their chemistry and prolong youthfulness colors.

Stems should make an incision in length at a distance from the start of flower or leaf of the stem so that it is fifteen - twenty centimeters. Lower stalks standing in salted solution of salt (about one third of the tea boat without gorochki) for three to four liters of water. Salt not only neutralizes the effect of many substances, but also creates a stressful situation for the plant, after which it will mobilize to save himself and his appearance all the internal forces and reserves. Flush stem field brine is about three minutes under warm running water to longer were flowers in vases.

After carrying out such a procedure put in water a bouquet or flower stands after dissolving it in half aspirin to three liters of water. In such fueling flowers should stand day. After that you need to change the water and continue to do so every day.

Keep the

In order to maintain long cut flowers, it is inconceivable that on the inner edges of the vase formed a plaque. That it affects the integrity of the stem, its ability to absorb moisture and the ability to allocate the water of certain hazardous substances. So about once every three days to wash the vase is a soda solution, to rinse it and wash the resulting slime on the stems of flowers.

If your flowers stand in the flower market or in the flower pavilion for quite a long time, there is a large proportion of the probability that they glycerin was added with some kinds of dye. These colors can not stand for long without glycerol as will not receive the proper feeding. There is the option of adding glycerin to water or more grams of sugar per liter of water. In this case, the cut on the stem is better to do cross. It is not simply keep the long freshness of the flower, but also make it more fresh (even compared to its initial view).

Maybe this is an option that you donated the flowers in the morning and at home or work, you can be just a few hours. For such cases, there is a universal way. It should be wet paper, handkerchief or something else, they wrap the stems (if multiple colors, it is best to wrap each stem separately), to put on their plastic bag, add a little more water. If you do not get home soon, this method is easily save your flowers. Once you are home, put a bunch of ten minutes of drinking a soda or mineral water. The flowers come to life quickly and for a long time will delight you with its freshness. And then you do not have to rack their brains in search of the answer to the question of how to extend the life of cut flower.

Flowers - healers of the soul

 how to prolong the life of cut flowers

Cut fresh flowers will not replace artificial. In living color special power that allows them to bring in any room incomparable atmosphere. They bring into the house and garden scents of fresh morning dew and help each person feel closer to nature.

If you do not have time or opportunity to leave the city and go on holiday to the forest or to the lake, at least buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, preferably wild or those who have been associated with outdoor recreation. This could be a bouquet of lilacs and jasmine in the summer - all the wildflowers in autumn - nice smelling beautiful and bright chrysanthemums. And you will be surprised how change dramatically for the better your mood, a desire to live and work. And all because the flowers bring beauty into our lives. How to prolong the life of cut flowers is useful to know.

For those who frequently falls mood and they are prone to depression, vibrant colors are great healers of the soul. If someone helps improve mood running river or burning fire, the fresh flowers are universal in this respect. They act positively on almost all men, except perhaps that obvious allergies.

The main thing - that you did not choose to make each plant main and soul care. In this case, it is a long time will delight you with freshness, flavor and colors.

 How to extend the life of cut flowers

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