how to get rid of mole crickets

Amateur gardeners often faced with the fact that, without seeing the destroyer of their labors, they observe an unpleasant result of their activities. This beetle is called "earth cancer." For those who have not guessed, our today's conversation will be dedicated to Medvedkov, and possible options to combat it.

Mole Cricket - this insect, whose length can be from 35 to 50 mm, has a short leathery elytra, digging front legs, reminiscent of the claws (hence the name of the plebeian). Mostly it settles in the soil, which is rich in humus. Winter mole crickets holes reach a depth of 100 cm. When the air temperature 12-15 degrees, carried out a mass exit to the surface, and at 5-6 degrees, begin to prepare for winter, arranging rookery in a pile of manure, sawdust, or plant residues, and, as you can deeper.

Pairing these pests under the ground, after which the females begin to build a nest. In one egg can be from 100 to 500 eggs, the development of which last from 10 days (depending on weather conditions). To masonry developed normally, it requires 100% humidity. Within 3 weeks after hatching the larvae remain in the care of parent birds in the nest.

The pest destroys the underground parts of plants, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, eggplants, strawberries, flowers, onions and so on. When it shoots wither, lose power, they are easy to pull out of the soil. In potato tubers and other root crops mole crickets eat away the space, they eat seeds, spoil the root system.

Often destroying greenhouse vegetable plants and seedlings planted in tunnels beneath the film. On the day they can destroy up to 15 bushes eggplant or peppers. If the surface of the soil were winding earthen ridges and there are small holes, about 8-10 mm in the ground (especially clearly visible after the rain), then your "green wards" were attacked by mole crickets, which derive from the garden is not so easy, but -taki possible. So how do you get rid of mole crickets?

Protective measures

Everyone knows that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Experienced gardeners carry out a series of protective measures to prevent the occurrence of mole crickets in the garden. Their example should take note and beginners.

In the second half of September in the garden begin to dig the pit, not exceeding a depth of ½ meters. These grooves are filled with horse or any other manure with straw. (Remember what we talked about wintering medvedok). When a cold start (late fall or early winter), "trap" dig and manure of them scatter. As a result, mole crickets die from the cold.

Get rid of mole crickets in the garden you can use the half-liter cans that digged into the ground on the most neck and poured into water for about 2/3. This should be done in places that most insects congregate.

In the period from late May to early July (vegetation) 2-3 loosen the aisle, loosening depth of 10-15 cm, while dying dug larvae and eggs.

When planting vegetable crops (peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, etc..), Using plastic bottles (1-1, 5 liter), which cut into rings of 10-15 cm. These "design" digged into the ground, leaving 5 cm above the surface, and already they are planted seedlings.

Destroy Medvedkov can use bait (lumps of fresh manure), which are laid out in early May. Insects crawl into their burrows for the device and its breeding. After 3-4 weeks the manure reviewing and destroy pests.

Experienced "fighters pest" explains how to get rid of mole crickets using homemade poison. To do this, take a shell egg and it is ground to powder, moistened with sunflower oil and buried in the ground.

You can avoid these insects damage plants if the planting hole to put the garlic. Suffice it to one clove.

In autumn, alternatively, a mixture of kerosene and water, the rate of 100g per 10 liters. In each hole pour 30 g of the solution. One can use a solution of a conventional detergent.

Repel pests

How to get rid of mole crickets in the garden if it migrates to the neighboring areas? This question is quite serious, because "the neighbor pests" can look on your landscaped area, and then the rest is just dreaming. There are several funds that simply scare "earth cancer" with the Trust Territory.

In the vegetable crops should be sown marigolds or arrange sprigs of green alder at 1, 5 meters. You should periodically replace the fading fresh alder branches.

If, however, your site settled these harmful insects in summer it can be used for watering the infusion prepared from onion peel. Prepare it as follows: for 10 liters of warm water take 900 g of husk, insist 4-5 days. Before use the resulting broth, it should be diluted in a ratio of 1: 5. Watering should be after 5-7 days of rain 2-3. If there is no rain, just watered.

You can prepare the infusion of chicken manure: 10 liters of water 2 kg of manure, how to mix and dilute 1: 5. Water the dry ground. In such soil pests simply zavedutsya.

Using sand soaked with kerosene, can scare away insects (1 cup -vedro sand). Pour sand on the ground, after poured kerosene shovel for 10 minutes. Sprinkle received "surprise medvedok" areas where planted seedlings (1 m2 -up 0, 5 liters).

Several radical methods of struggle

 how to destroy Medvedkov

How to get rid of mole crickets, if other methods proved to be little effective?   In such a situation we will have to resort to drastic measures - chemicals. The roots of seedlings before planting in the ground is necessary to moisten the slurry Akhtar 25WG. The solution was diluted with 250 per plant 1, 5 g / l of water, at a temperature of 18-23 degrees. Exposure time 90 to 120 minutes. This method is suitable for the protection of seedlings of sweet pepper, tomato, eggplant and cabbage.

To protect the potatoes and cabbage and tomatoes, can be used medvedtoks-U (1 weaving -300g). The drug is introduced into the groove (3-4 cm depth) between the beds or on the perimeter, and then furrow sprinkled the ground, watered after planting seedlings or tubers (1m2-10l water).

The suspension Prestige 290 FS (at the rate of 10 liters - 100 ml), and can help in the fight against Medvedkov. The time of soaking the plant - 6 to 8 hours.

Pellets have Fenoksin plus tempting smell that attracts medvedok, inside the capsule is poison. The manure, which often nest mole crickets do deepen and covered beads. "Trap" should cover, having secured domestic animals and birds from death.

Use this product can be directly on the beds by making barbs to 3-5 cm in depth, which are arranged in the beads 20-30 cm distance from each other. Do not forget about the earthen cover. If the mole crickets changed dislocation and pellets were not needed, they should not be digging, they dissolve on their own in time of irrigation, without causing harm. If you have confidence in medvedok appears, repeat the process in 2 weeks, when there will be new offspring pests.

Folk remedies and tips

  • How to get rid of mole crickets using beer. Spring digged glass bottles at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground and fill them with 100g of beer, close the neck gauze. Covered with earth dug capacity of 3-4 cm. After two weeks, "pub" should be replaced with fresh. During the day fall into the trap of 3-4 individuals!
  • Pests do not tolerate needles. You can scatter pine twigs, larch, for example, between the beds. In addition, the smell of fir for these insects is very unpleasant.
  • Smell of rotten fish that malicious pest also can not stand. It is put in the hole when planting 2 pieces of cheap fish. The beds with crops can impose on the perimeter of the fish slices and sprinkle them with earth. During the shoot of seeds and fish will spoil scare medvedok.
  • You can pour a beer fermented directly into the hole mole crickets.
  • How to destroy Medvedkov using porridge, cooked by a special recipe? Boil a small pot of wheat cereal. The drug is administered porridge "Regent", from the resulting rolled "goodies" balls and pushed into the hole mole crickets.
  • Determine the availability of mole crickets as follows: abundant water the path leading to the garden beds, give water soak, and pressed into the ground a piece of plywood or boards. A day look: if a board is at least one turn, means Medvedka already lodged in your garden. Pour soapy water moves possible.
  • Mix metaphos with boiled grains of corn, barley, wheat meal, the rate of 1 kg per 50 grams of the drug. Then add 30 g of vegetable oil and spread out near the manure (1m2 -50g).
  • Lubricate the honey jar (below the neck), dug into the ground level, cover a piece of cardboard or folded sheet iron, put straw. Medvedka respond to honey and is in the bank.
 How to get rid of mole crickets in your garden?

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