What better sewing machine

Very many women craving for beauty leads to the hobby sewing. For some unique items of clothing manufacturing and maintaining unique style becomes a real profession. This is another great way to express themselves through art.

This article is intended not only for handy people are fond of home sewing, but also for businessmen, whose business is based on quality tailoring, extending later to implement in stores. We hope that with our help, everyone can decide for themselves what a sewing machine is best for you.

The modern market is saturated with suggestions for sewing equipment. Huge selection of models for the buyer enters into a stupor. How to choose a sewing machine without making ill-considered purchase? We will do everything possible to make your choice was correct.

Remember that large investments do not always justify the goal. The first thing you need to determine the selection criteria, namely:

  • How to choose budget sewing machine you have. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the price of a good rises with strap model in 4500 rubles.
  • What exactly do you plan to do with the new machine: knit, embroider, sew?
  • Which mode will be operated tools: for professional or home use? Or maybe you want to mass production?

Only by giving the answer to all these questions, you can decide what is best to buy a sewing machine.

Classification of sewing equipment

Experts in the field of sewing devices offer a range of the most favorite models of users who have earned a reputation for top sellers. The basis for the analysis were the indicators such as the best price-quality ratio, as well as reliability.

So what are the best sewing machines:

  1. The maximum benefits of modern technology will give you the electronic versions of sewing and sewing and embroidery machines.
  2. If you choose a machine for regular professional work at home, then the best sewing machine, can withstand intense pace, the sewing machine will be middle class.
  3. Machines for special applications - a special category. If necessary, make excellent knitwear, stitch the elastic knitted fabric, and the process at the edge of fabrics of any type, then you can not do without the knitting machines, overlock and koverlokov.

If the store has attracted your attention to a particular car model, then read the reviews about it. Most sewing machines are certainly positive reviews. Solve the issue of the acquisition only after store employees will answer all your questions.

Electronic machines

Electronic sewing and sewing and embroidery machines are electronically controlled. There is no need to make an independent hardware setup. When choosing the type of electronic sewing machine, you can trust her with the work of any complexity. Countless sewing operations stores electronic memory typewriter, and a microprocessor controls the movement of the needle. The display shows all the necessary information when using - tips and reference material.

Sewing and embroidery machines are equipped with the embroidery unit, which is a special device with a hoop. In the process automatically creates the desired embroidery pattern by moving the hoop in different directions. The machine itself will tell you when to change the color of the thread. Electronic embroidery machine knows the art of embroidery (Richelieu openwork, cross, satin stitch and others.). Best sewing machine - the newest sewing and embroidery option, which can be connected directly to your home computer, in which you can store and regularly update a library of patterns.

For an optimal solution, a sewing machine company to choose, we offer you to get acquainted with the models of the most popular brands:

  1. Brother NV-700 . Domestic embroidery machine software and the usb-port included. This is a good inexpensive sewing machine that allows even amateurs to start in the clothing business. With this machine you can safely engage in creative development and design their own patterns.
  2. Brother NV 4000 . Great sewing and embroidery center, which provide 15 kinds of loops, 1200 sewing operations, software, usb-port, flash-cards, and computer embroidery, from the simplest to the most complex of drawings photostitch. This is the best sewing machine - reviews put this model in terms of price and quality in the first place in the world.
  3. BROTHER QS 480 . Among the professionals is the most popular model of computer class in quality-price ratio. Contour embroidery, 10 kinds of loops and 294 sewing operation. The ability to sew and knit overlock seams, using a variety of fonts, including Russian language. Stunning design, affordable menu, top of the range legs, work with all types of materials, the availability of the table to increase the working surface.
  4. BROTHER QS 960 . When asked what the best sewing machine computer class, you get a definite answer - Model BROTHER QS 960 . 10 kinds of loops, 430 sewing operations, and knit overlock seams contour embroidery, a variety of fonts, top of the range legs, table, increasing the working surface, the ability to work with any materials, great design.
  5. Brother NV-200 . Professional sewing machine such as a computer that can handle the tissue 7 types. Supports 80 operations contour elements embroidery, knitting and stitch overlock.
  6. Janome DC 3050 . In the middle class at a sewing machine better price? The model Janome DC 3050 . 3 kinds of loops, including the eye, 50 sewing operations, fine knit and overlock seams. Attractive design.
  7. Brother PR-620 . This model is ideal for people who are concerned about the issue of how to choose the sewing machine for medium and small businesses. This model is capable of doing embroidery on all types of materials cross, embroidery, cutwork. It provides an opportunity to take the finished image from the Internet, as well as doing embroidery with exclusive photos. The kit includes software typewriter Brother Which it has become famous ease of operation and outstanding performance. This is a wonderful version of a relatively inexpensive good sewing machine, able to withstand working loads of up to 8 hours a day.
  8. Janome 6260 QC . Among both amateurs and professionals are full of tips on choosing a sewing machine Janome 6260 QC . This computer machine turned into a real legend. Classic time-tested. 7 kinds of loops, 60 sewing operations, and knit overlock seams, extended set of legs, allowing to use quilting, decorative trim.

Sewing machines of the middle class

 How to choose a sewing machine

In the middle class, it is usually presented machines that are popular among both professional and amateur. When deciding how to choose a good sewing machine, consider the combination of the quality of the product, its price and versatility parameters.

Which company sewing machine to choose? Leading manufacturers in the middle class are the Japanese of Brother and Janome, and German PFAFF. A wide palette range allows you to choose the best option for your business.

If you are unsure what a sewing machine is best to choose, is to analyze the results of sales in recent years and to determine the best model.

  1. Janome 23 U . Over the past 7 years, the model has become the most popular among sewing machines. The body of metal, pressure regulator tabs on the tissue surface, the ability to perform high-quality work with all types of materials. Loop machine, 23 kinds of stitches, miniature coupling and overlock stitches. Advanced set of tabs, speed control panel, positioned needle - all this leaves no doubt about what is best to buy a sewing machine.
  2. Brother Prestige 100 . Special loop-semiautomatic designed under the button. 15 operations, the adjustment of stitch length and width for all types of materials. Possibility of flashing secret, and knit overlock seams.
  3. Brother Prestige 200 . 17 operations, the classic vertical hook, loop-semiautomatic a button. This model allows you to flash the secret, and knit overlock seams. Designed for all types of tissue. How to choose a household sewing machine, which is different to quality and to fulfill the full set of required functions? Very simple - choose Brother Prestige 200 .
  4. Janome 18 w . Classic sewing machine of the middle class. It has horizontal shuttle in a metal case. To adjust the presser foot pressure is a special controller, by which obtained a perfect straight line. 18 sewing operations, including automatic loop for buttons. Blind, decorative stitches, and knit. Progress is smooth and quiet machine. The machine itself is very hardy.
  5. Janome 23 L . Sewing machine with horizontal hook, placed in a metal case. It does not require lubrication, it has a smooth quiet running. Performs 23 lines, including automatic loop for buttons. It allows you to perform the connection, knitted and overlock stitches. When deciding what to choose the sewing machine, be aware that this model fully mechanically, there is no electronics.
  6. Pfaff 1142 - 23 . This model is the sales leader in the middle class. Excellent German quality. 23 sewing operations. Pressure Regulator tabs on the surface of the fabric, horizontal hook-and-loop automatic under the buttons.

Knitting machines, overlocks and koverloki

Before you solve the problem of "how to choose a sewing machine," you need to understand what types of tools for the treatment of materials on the market.

Rasposhivalki - are special sewing machines that are designed for complex processing of knitted fabrics, has an unpleasant property to stretch when sewing.

Overlock sewing machines are designed for processing the edges of the fabric. Overlock performs at one and the same time two operations - trims excess fabric and overcast sections, thereby preventing the dissolution of the material in sections. Based on tips for choosing a sewing machine, overlock stitch is elastic, and therefore simply irreplaceable in the processing of knitted fabrics, where overlock stitch is formed by the looper.

Typically, household overlock are 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-thread. How to choose a sewing machine - Overlock? Pay particular attention to the types of welds performed on the presence of tubular design overlock platform and differential feed.

Options rasposhivalki and overlock combines koverlok.

We want to inform you what the best sewing machines - knitting, koverlokami and Overlock - filled market. The most popular models are the following:

  1. SK 280 / 60N Silver Reed . The most versatile and most successful knitting machine 5 class. This model allows us to operate year-round with the threads of any type. In the world there are no analogues of this machine. Comfort, versatility and ease of use - features of the machine Silver   punch cards. Over the past 10 years knitting machines SK 280 / 60N Silver Reed   He became the leader of sales in CIS countries among amateurs and professionals.
  2. 735 JUKI . Excellent koverlok. The unique combination Sewing machines with 2, 3, 4, 5 thread overlock. Price compares favorably with the cost of analogues. High quality, the ability to process materials of any type (differential).
  3. 1000 CP JANOME . Domestic Sewing machines for beginners and professionals. This model differs from its analogues ease of use, reliability and high quality. You can work with any type of knitwear. The availability of 2, 3 needle with simultaneous adjustment of the depth and density of stagnation.
  4. Overlock Janome 644 D, 744 D . These models represent the household 2, 3, 4 thread overlock, which have a differential. With this machine you can easily handle edge products with continuously variable density and the length of the fabric of any type. Overlock Janome 644 D, 744 D   in circulation is not capricious.
  5. Overlock Brother 1034 D, 3034 D . These models are professional Overlock, by which process the edges of products with continuously variable density and length of stagnation and differential feed for any type of tissue. Overlock Brother act as pikovki and trehnitki, knitwear - chetyrehnitki. The machine is capable of producing up to 1,500 stitches per minute, thus revealing its reliability and endurance.

Where better to buy a sewing machine?

 how to choose the sewing machine
 So, we are with you quite decided, for any occasion, and what better to choose a sewing machine. The case is absolutely individual. General advice set the right course, moving in which you will find the best option.

It remains to solve the question of where best to buy a sewing machine? In Moscow, the most popular shop selling sewing machines considered Shop "Dzhanome." A huge range of products, experienced sales consultants who are ready to answer all your questions and advise you on every step of operation - that's a plus buy a sewing machine in the store. But there is one "but" - a price that includes a service and promoted the store as well. Store price for a good sewing machines, usually bite.

The alternative - online shopping. Making a purchase sewing machine through an online store, you can save good money. However, in this case the guarantee you no one will give, in addition to spend some time waiting for delivery.
As a result, everyone chooses what it is convenient and profitable. We wish you a successful purchase, which will delight you with many years of excellent job!

 How to choose a sewing machine

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