how to choose a bike

Summer is not that on the nose, it is confident and stepped on the calendar, and the green tree-lined avenues, and cozy parks with benches and on the forest track, which is so nice to ride a bike. Speaking of the latter, to take a ride on it, it must first acquire. And if this question today is very topical, and let's discuss. So, how to choose a bike? No, better still in order, to begin with, which is used like the present invention.


Which Bike to choose will depend on the use. For example, postal services in many countries in the late XIX century. We began to actively use a similar design to the delivery of newspapers and letters. This greatly speeds up the process. In the UK, the total number of postmen "on wheels" is 37 000 people.

Cyclists choose and to patrol the streets. It has high maneuverability, which allows you to move more freely in the urban jungle, and if we talk about rural areas, this form of transport for the villagers is not a luxury but a means of daily transportation.

Even firms choosing a bicycle as a means of transportation for their employees huge corporate areas. So did the factory "Mercedes-Benz" in Germany. There were even special troops during the First World War, who were engaged in intelligence operations, and, as one, and with the other hand.

We can still be a long list, which use such transport. But the time came to meet him closer.

Types of transport

Do not think that today there is only one model that will take you to all the localities are equally nice. Not at all. Just as cars are divided into trucks, cars, etc., as happens in our situation. Therefore, choosing a bike, you should decide where most will ride, and a surface relief is the most common.

  • Road (Citybikes) great clear coat is suitable for urban areas and small pleasure trips. A more significant factor - convenience.

How to choose a road bike, and what are the differences? First of all, looking at the seat. It must be highly fit and good shock absorption. Most often used the foot brake, the switching speed is in a static state. Provided good protection against dirt all major parts.

How to choose a bike for the city, and that it was convenient and practical? Pick a model with luggage. This practical and convenient: you can ride a passenger, as you can - a small load. Wheels cover the wings, which is absent in other models. Generally they do not require special care. But, it may be noted, as a big and rather significant drawback - it is their weight (over 14 kg).

How to choose a bike for the city and for the stronger the weaker sex? Very simple. The sale of options are available with female (open) frame and the male (closed). Therefore, choosing a bike for the city, Nike discrimination "comfortable" feature you will not find. The only thing I noticed is that extreme loads should not be given, it is not designed for them. So, choosing a road bike, first take a look around: whether "your choice" to master the proposed landscape.

  • Highways - designed specifically for high-speed driving on asphalt pavements of good quality. In these designs, you can participate in marathons or races.

How to choose a road bike and not to miscalculate? We should pay attention to the shape of the steering: it is special. Athletes noticed that while driving bend down and cling to the "horns"? Their choice - road bike, because it is a form of steering feature similar models. A bent landing rider called aerodynamic.

How to choose the right bike for highway riding on that to navigate, and what it has advantages. That, of course, important when choosing a sport bike, it clarified its transmission power, because speed - one of the most important indicators in the competitions in which you may happen to be involved.

Characterized by light and thin frame. Wheels with 622 mm diameter or 700 mm (ETRTO system) should be narrow, and tires - a high pressure (about 10 atm).

Choosing the bike weight, keep in mind that the easiest items have a weight of less than 3, 5 kg, since the use of modern materials carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, magnesium.

  • Mountain (mountain bike) - this model is designed for downhill from the mountains. "Off-road" cycling world.

Mountain biking how to choose what features. It goes without saying that there must be a lot of gear, the best option - greater than 20. That's right when choosing a bike, touch wheel. They should be strong and wide tires. Also, check what the suspension fork, which is designed to shock damping.

How to choose a mountain bike and not get lost in their types? To do this, at least briefly acquainted with available options.

Without shock absorbers (Rigid) -The most simple entry-level model. It copes well with the highway and a good quality primer. The frame is steel or alloy, as other materials much tougher for the absence of depreciation. This mountain bike should choose when you're just starting to ride and experience yet.

Hardtail (Hardtail) -classical frame and suspension fork. The equipment can be both professional and entry level. This mountain bike is selected to participate in cross-country races or for the poor quality of roads.

Softteyl (Softtail) - to choose the right mountain bike, you should decide how important it is for you to amortization. In this model, the front absorber and the rear wheel is movable relative to the frame bit. With vigorous pedaling rear suspension will not fluctuate.

Full suspension (Full-suspension) - how to choose a mountain bike of this type and for what he did want. Firstly, there are two springs (on each wheel). Second, relatively strong, but has a lot of weight and enhanced pedaling swinging. Most often used for high-speed shutter or parallel.

Which is better to choose a bike, you can not say outright, it all depends on the level of initial training, or complete lack thereof. Although, it is better initially to master the skills of skating on the simplest "unit."

  • Racing - a kind of road, used for cycling. How to choose a bike for a variety of high-speed competition, what are the nuances. It should be noted that there are differences between the models for cyclocross and split old when the race is against the clock. In the second model, a special steering wheel design: there are longitudinal tube and close "armrests". Saddle short frame geometry is typical.

When choosing a high-speed bike, guided by the direction of your drive and the peculiarities of various tournaments.

  • The track - they are used to cycling tracks, the problem - the development of maximum speed on a flat stretch. There were no brakes, no speed switch. The most important thing - there is no free lift back wheel.

How to choose the most competent sports bike, you can define only after choose for yourself a priority type of cycling.

  • Tourist bicycle - how to choose which model to stop. Decide what cargo will be transported, large, medium or very tiny. Models are more similar to the highways rather than a mountain. If you choose the touring bike for a long and adventurous journeys, do not worry, its design is robust, and the body is very strong. How to choose a bike for cycling, has approximately clear, you can follow along

There are a variety of models, each of which has its own characteristics, but we will not delve into this subject, but the question: how to choose a bicycle in detail and detail.

The most common questions when choosing a bike

Question: What influences the choice?

Answer:   Firstly, growth. All the fun of skiing can spoil incorrectly selected frame. How to choose a bike for growth? To do this, be aware that the manufacturer is producing "Rostovka", that is, the model in several sizes, not all the same legs from the ears grow. Choosing a bike for growth, you have to imagine how determined the size of the frame. This distance from the axis of the system (from the carriage) to the intersection with the pin podsidelnogo podsidelnoy pipe, the measurement is made in inches. Here'sa correspondence table frame and human growth.

 better to choose a bike

Bicycling is better to choose "with the fitting", because different manufacturers may have different "appropriate" size.

Q: How to choose a bicycle child?

Answer:   To make a sensible purchase, it is important not to lose sight of the many details. How to choose a children's bike, we'll discuss it.

Name the major vehicle models children can not. Rather, it is a toy "of adult life." Choosing child bicycle, remember that your pipsqueak growing very fast, but do not rush to choose a model more. After all, to learn the "horse" ride, you need dexterity, coordination and, of course, courage.

How to choose a tricycle that the child was comfortable and fun. Characteristic features of these mini-models: they are meant for children 2-3 years, the growth of babies should be 95-103 cm (approximately), pedal firmly attached to the front wheel. Using the product is simple. How to choose a children's bike, if the child is ready to learn the basics "velosipedovozhdeniya" more thoroughly? And there should be more focus on the "adult" category models.

Choosing a tricycle for the older kids, you can choose a variant in which the third wheel - additional, so-called "learning model." This option is suitable for children 3-7 years with an increase from 105 cm to 128 cm.

Now, remember a few tips on how to choose a children's bike:

  1. Knowing the diameter of the wheel, you can choose the height of the bike. It should be 2, 5 diameters.
  2. The frame must be low to allow the baby to get off the bike if necessary.
  3. The chain is mandatory to be protected by a casing.
  4. Proper selection of children's bicycle should be based on psychological factors. When it comes to brake (braking or "beztormoznoy") Think about what you will buy a bike a bit later, because the switch from one model to another is difficult. How to choose a bicycle child - I think, but rather provide a child to help make a choice, because the owner of the shopping and the main rider will be to him.

How to choose a bike for a child we understand a little. About the color and various design options, I think, we are not talking, this is an individual concept for each such choice - a matter of taste.

But there is one small question: how to choose a tricycle if crumbs feet do not reach the pedals, and the purchase "katatelnoe" means like! In such a case, any children velosipediki with footrests, or any at all, because your child's feet should get both the pedals and the ground. How to choose a tricycle? Of course, the safest for the crumbs.
Look, try on, check arc of security, which are present in the models for the little ones. Do not forget a basket for toys and an umbrella from the sun that can be packaged.

Question: how to choose a model for children from 7 to 13 years?

Answer: How to choose a bike for a teenager, if the child is riding really like, of course. You must choose a small copy of a serious adult model. This option is suitable for long journeys, has good speed and will last longer.

When choosing a bicycle for a teenager, please note that vehicles with a wheel diameter of 24 inches and the truncated base, can be hard. How to choose a bicycle adolescence, if your child did not grow over the years? You just need to try on, try to sit down, to pass. Standing in the window and had liked the machine can be inconvenient to use.

Q: What is the company to choose a bike?

Answer:   On the market there are a large number of producers, some of them have already won the respect of others just entering the market veloprodazh. What brand of bike to choose, you decide. We will allow only name a few of them, then it's up to you-all:

  • Stark. The cheapest offer. Models of the primary and secondary levels. "Cheap and cheerful" - quite a good offer with acceptable quality.
  • Atom. The company has domestic and frames them in Taiwan. Something like "popular product." Deserves attention.
  • Merida. "People's Brand" in Russia. Good quality at an affordable price.

Next, we simply list the possible options, and you'll be pick yourself: KHS, Author, Haro, GT, Scott, Gary Fisher, TREK, Cannondale, KLEIN, Pinarello, Orange, Santa Cruz, Intense, Stels, Schwinn, Fuji, Stork , NORDWAY, Mongoose, ROCK MACHINE, Stinger, Jamis, MUSTANG, Forward, Jeep, FELT, Flyte, Alpina SL, Alpina HT, etc.

Question: how to choose a bike?

Answer:   It all depends on to whom to choose, and what tasks the unit is loaded.

How to choose a bike for a woman? That model is inherent in open frame (the tube between the bicycle wheel and the seat is lowered, and is not confined to a triangle). In fact, wondering how to choose a bike for a girl came into the store, you should ask for "women's frame," so it will be correct and accurate. Inexperienced sellers simply can not understand. A feature of such structures can be called elegance, landing more than in "masculine" model, smooth movement (after all, the lady goes, not a blacksmith) is a leisurely walk to, which will allow its owner to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

How to choose a bicycle on weight? We need to ask what material is made frame, if you can not lift it and to feel personally.

Choosing a bike for an adult male, and you can take a cheaper model with a heavier frame, but the teenager to lift such a machine can be quite difficult.

Types of frames:

  • Steel - used in cheaper models, strong enough, but are heavy -okolo16 kg.
  • Hrommolibdenovaya steel - weighs less and is used at affordable models. In pure form, virtually produce combined with steel.
  • Aluminium - a pretty good ratio of strength / weight. Price class not below average.
  • Titanovaya- loses weight, the cost is not always justified, although it has considerable strength.
  • Magnesium - the cost is high. But enough light and strong.
  • Composite frame (carbon, Kevlar) -Easy design, but are very sensitive to physical shock.

How to choose a bike for an adult in a variety, not just tell. Rather, guided by their financial and physical abilities. When choosing a bicycle for the city, and if you do not plan to carry it centners of potatoes or sugar, you can stop your eyes on the middle segment, and thus, are very satisfied.

Choosing a bike for women, prefer the ease and comfort, as well as the design, but not at the expense of other important characteristics. In addition, choosing a bicycle for a girl, make sure she can easily reach the steering wheel even bent arms. This position helps avoid fatigue, and hand in the majority of girls are not as inflated as in men.

A few tips on how to choose a low-cost model

  1. It is better that the equipment was as little as possible of the plastic;
  2. Do not buy design with "unknown" producers;
  3. Better to choose aluminum rods.
  4. The narrow saddle.
  5. The number of "bells and whistles" increases the cost, but not the quality.
  6. Rigid fork is much better than any bad amortization.
  7. If you choose for a serious drive, it is better not to save, these models will last for one season, and then start breaking.

So, we think about how to choose the first bike, you know, have learned to choose teenage bike, and to choose a bike for a child, too, can easily. The only thing we can not help - it's great to learn to drive, because it is the work of each individual and of courage. We wish the arena velokatany great fun and good for the body!

 Hello summer! We buy bikes!

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