"Nostalgia" by Soviet games

As they say, everything is new - is well forgotten old. And if not quite forgotten, creating pleasant memories from the past, it is even better. So it is useful to periodically even adults nostalgic about old times.

People tend to compare the old days to the present. Then de and products were natural, the sun brighter, the grass is greener and ice cream for 10 cents ... Sometimes this is due to the fact that in real life a person is not so much joy, so he appeals to the good memories of the past. Or has too much free time, so he had nothing to do. And sometimes these references to the past due to the fact that the person is trying to acquaint the younger generation with the history of his childhood, to compare these times. And to the children it was interesting, do not need to tell them about the economic or political situation, it is better teach them games of his childhood, all the more so in recent years, many unjustly forgotten fun regain its former popularity.

In the Soviet Union towns were truly national game. Already since 1936, held annually USSR championship in this sport. A 1960-70h yy they played more than 350 thousand people across the country. However, by 80-90 GG interest began to fall, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union even stopped to let tools for the game. However, in the XI century, the situation changed for the better. Now even the European Cup held on the campuses, and in Russia again began to revive interest in them.

This is a great form of entertainment for a family picnic, walking with friends or even a corporate party. The game belongs to the motor-dumatelnym, the rules are not complicated, enable agility, precision and little force. It can be either a command or individually. In general, almost anyone can find in towns something for yourself.

Slot machines today's children hardly surprised. They are hi-tech, the most immersed in the game and bring it closer to reality. But rather than go with the child in another raid against horrible monsters, better take him to the museum of Soviet slot machines. Now they put about 40 cars, many of which are still working! And they can even play. You will find there "Battleship", "Highway", "Rally", "Sniper," and even the already mentioned "small town". Table football and basketball are familiar and modern children, but in the Soviet version, and they will attract their attention. So stock up 15tikopeechnymi coins come out of this museum you will be able to any time soon. At the same time and themselves "will shake the old days" and how to have fun.

But the Soviet game Crocodile is now at the peak of popularity, thanks for that one popular music TV Channel . For many it has been known since high school, where in the absence of a specialized set of nice to play it, we played "American students" on similar rules. But the "Crocodile" and the better it is a team game, for which everything is already prepared. Even the words do not need to invent cards with them very much, so that you will not soon learn them all. But the ingenuity and intelligence potreniruetes for fun.

 "Nostalgia" by Soviet games

 Choosing a mattress

Each of us is a significant part of his life devoting sleep, and like to have been conducted with maximum comfort .  After all, the quality of sleep affects all our life processes, health, mood .  Tossed all night on an uncomfortable bed, anyone will start your day listless, sullen, irritable .  Aching back, stiff neck, headache - all of these unpleasant symptoms can be avoided to choose the right mattress .  Our parents you could not afford to choose a bed to taste, make do with what offered guileless industry of past years .  The modern range of mattresses is so big and diverse, that is able to satisfy the most demanding customer .  That and try to figure out how not to get confused and choose from a lot of offers really decent model .  And do not be taken lightly in buying such a seemingly simple enough at first glance, the object as a mattress .  Believe me, the right choice will make your life much more pleasant .

So you've decided to purchase a mattress for a bed. If it is simply necessary to replace the old thing in a new one, it will be easier, because you do have some experience using and imagine about what the stiffness of materials you are satisfied. But if you are new to the issue, you have to understand the essence of such concepts as the orthopedic effect, ie, little deeper into medicine.

Orthopedic mattress allows you to position your spine is the most natural way to take off his load and stress. It is important to evenly distribute the weight in the region of the thighs and the shoulder belt surface in these areas should be more elastic. It is in these areas is much higher load, and hence excessively hard mattress can cause discomfort, stress. At the same time a very soft mattress will not create sufficient elasticity to bend the spine, resulting in excessive voltage ligaments and muscles. If your weight is not more than 50-55 kg, you should be fine, soft mattresses, within the 55-90 kg - can acquire a model of medium hardness, well, when a mass of 90 kg choose the hard mattresses.

Immediately there is a logical question: what to do if one mattress sleep two people with a significant difference in weight? Who will have to sacrifice health and comfort? Modern lineup boasts mattresses with different rigidity on each side. This is very, very convenient. You just need to decide which side is a priority for every sleeper and choose a convenient option.

Mattresses are divided into spring and springless. The first can contain the dependent and independent spring. Here, the choice depends on the thickness of your wallet. Dependent spring economical, but their lifespan is significantly lower to 5 years. In the operation of mid flex mattresses and sleeping person rolls down to the center of the bed. If possible, should buy a mattress on independent springs, it is worth considering that the larger the number of springs per meter square, the higher the price, but also better orthopedic effect.

Do not forget to pay attention to the internal filling. It is better to choose natural materials, they are more durable and environmentally friendly, but artificial fillers greatly benefit in price.
Well, the easiest step in choosing the mattress - to determine the size. To do this, just need to accurately measure the internal size of the bed, or a mattress may not fit into the frame, or vice versa, "hang out" in it.
The choice is yours, so try to find the optimal combination for yourself "price - quality". Good night!

 Choosing a mattress

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 what to do when bored

You may have wondered many times, "What to do when bored? ". According to the medicine, the person is arranged in such a way that it constantly needs new experience, or depressed and sad for a long time will not leave him. A depression, in turn, contributes to not only worsen the appearance, but also deterioration in health. New experiences are needed to man no less than the food, water and sleep. Agree, if you do not eat, drink or sleep, you will never be able to boast of good health. Anyway, no eating or drinking can lead to serious illness and even death.

Out of boredom, of course, no one has died, but the cause of some of the psychological problems she may be. People who regularly suffer from boredom, often lose confidence, becoming a bunch of systems that prevent them from living. And so you are not fortunate enough to face the consequences of boredom, we decided to prepare this article. So let's talk about what to do when bored.

First of all, we can say that you can do anything, as long as it brought pleasure to you and not harm others. Diversify your life can be different. If you're really bored, but at home you will not want to go, you should find some interesting exercise at home.

How to dispel the boredom at home?

So you're sitting at home, you're bored, and what to do - absolutely no idea. But at home you can always find something to do. What to do when bored at home? Here you have 20 different things to entertain themselves, without leaving home:

  1. Conduct an audit in the home library. You probably will discover a book that has not yet been read. And not like the book - look through the newspapers or magazines, which can always be podcherpnut lot of interesting information. Even if it is not very useful.
  2. Go through your wardrobe. Surely somewhere on the shelves you will find things that you have not dressed. If you are already sure it never will wear, why do not you throw it so that it does not take up too much space. And if you do this thing for a long time not to wear simply because they forgot about it - why not try it without povertetsya the mirror admiring yourself?
  3. Ring up friends that have not communicated. They will certainly be very pleased to talk with you! And for the time that you do not communicate, accumulated so many events, which certainly need to tell and hear.
  4. Drawing - a great way to cope with the boredom. Especially if you have a talent for drawing. Draw anything - pens, paints, pencil or pen. Try to draw what you feel. That is, try to display the status of your paper heart. If you had a fight with a loved one, you draw a scene of reconciliation. And if you simply love nature, colors, and paint flowers, fields, trees. Creative imagination, put on paper the maximum of what you feel.
  5. Look at any movie. Especially worth seeing are those who have long wanted to see, but there was no time for that. Although it is possible to see something on TV and in advertisements to make something else - such as vacuuming.
  6. Take cooking. Cook something delicious. For example cakes or cookies. After all, sweet love everything you do, certainly no exception. And you can cook a delicious romantic dinner for the arrival of a loved one. Believe me, it's for sure appreciated!
  7. Throw a party, inviting close friends. Have fun with all the heart, but do not forget that after 11 pm the music should be done quietly, so that the neighbors did not complain to the police. And if you're in very good relations with our neighbors, invite them to a party and.
  8. Keep a journal. It is better if the blog will not be virtual, and paper. This is best suited hardcover book - it will save your diary, if you are suddenly in a fit of bad temper take in head to break it. Tell diary of everything that's going on in your mind, write about the weather, about what happens to you and what influenced your mood.
  9. Listen to music. You can not just listen to it, and sing, and even better - to dance. Try to learn to dance to some, for example - belly dancing, your lover will certainly be delighted if one day you will dance to it.
  10. If you have a guitar - try to learn to play it. Especially if you want this for a long time. Pick up a guitar tutorial - and forward, to fulfill their dream. One day a group of friends, you can please them singing with a guitar.
  11. If you like long beautiful nails, try to learn how to build them. Moreover, the build-up of polish can be good for jobs.
  12. Decorate apartment. For this fit all - colored paper flowers, garlands, balloons, soft toys. In general, include the imagination at full capacity - and more!
  13. Play in something on the computer. Especially good in the fight against boredom are some humorous games. Also nice with this task handle quests. Games of this type are capable of so much interest that the game can not help but notice how the day went.
  14. Soak in the tub. Bring a player and listen to music. Make a mask for the face, lie down in a bath with fragrant foam and relax.
  15. Lie down and get some sleep. Sleep is very useful. And in the dream time flies.
  16. Take paper crafts. Because of the boom AGI can do a lot of interesting things - paintings made by the technique of quilling, openwork napkins, three-dimensional figures of animals or buildings. You can, for example, found on the internet scheme of the Eiffel Tower in the volume - and do at home a piece of France.
  17. Sort out your photo album or a stamp collection. You can also sort photos on your computer, select those that would like to print out and take to the salon to print photos. In addition, you can sort photos and other files on your computer.
  18. Take away in his car. Clean all the windows, wash the mat, beat seats, sort the contents of the glove compartment. You can also wash their "iron horse."
  19. Turn on the music and join in aerobics classes. Not only the time will fly by quickly, but also to shape useful.
  20. Tie something to hook or needles. And if you do not know how to knit, then try to learn this - downloaded from the Internet any tutorial on knitting, buy hook, needles and thread, and tie some fashionable blouse.

In principle, this list could be much longer. Think about things to do when bored at home and choose something for everyone. You can also find entertainment outside the home. This and the next part of the article.

Recreation and entertainment outside the home

 what to do when bored at home

Boredom can fight outside their own homes. There are many options for things to do when bored at home.

  1. You can enroll in any courses. And then a few times a week, you will definitely be something to do.
  2. You can also do self-training. Try to master Photoshop or programming web pages. It is best to do this in the Internet cafe, as there you can and get to know someone, talk. Yes, and maybe someone can help you in the development of the selected program.
  3. Go to the cinema, see the premiere of a new film.
  4. Just take a walk. The walk will not only help to dispel the boredom, but is also very useful.
  5. Go to the airport and jump with a parachute.
  6. If you live near the mountains - arrange a lift to the mountain. Feel like a mountaineer. Moreover, it is not necessary to climb to the summit.
  7. You can diversify your life that morning, go for a job not on the bus or subway, as usual, but for example, by foot.
  8. Change your image - update your wardrobe and make a new hairstyle.
  9. If you do not have the second half, then it's time to search for it. After all, this search can bring a lot of fun: dating, flowers and candy, soft words and so on.
  10. If you are married, you can find a common occupation for you and your spouse. So you will be able to deal not only with his boredom and entertain a loved one. Sometimes go with him to the dance in a restaurant, cinema or a bike ride together or rollers.
  11. Get the child, then you definitely will not be bored. Boredom is simply no time left.
  12. You can go to a pet store and choose any pet.
  13. If you already have a child, then organize a children's party or go with the child to the circus or the zoo - and you entertain and deliver the joy of their child.
  14. Go to the cafe and make your favorite dessert. Sweet always great uplifting.
  15. Take shopping. Just do not overdo it, and then the money will not. Treat yourself to the best of some inexpensive trifle.
  16. Organize a picnic with friends. Or make kebabs anywhere in nature.
  17. Go to the guests. It is best to go to the closest friends - they will definitely be looking forward to your surprise visit.
  18. Get a gym membership - and the activity you will, and a beautiful figure. And training in the gym beneficial effect on your body as a whole.

As you can see, there are many options of things to do when bored . As we have said, we can do anything, as long as it brings you pleasure and variety of your life. More talk, more often in nature, visit bowling, billiards, swimming pool, and the like entertainment. Then boredom in your life just do not find a place.

 What to do when bored at home?

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