How to sew a clutch

The present age (as well as the previous one) is famous not only the rapid development of technological progress and digital technology. It is also a time of emancipation and feminism. But we women, contradictory nature. Without leaving his irrepressible ambition in pursuit of independence and the fight for gender equality, we are trying in every way to emphasize their femininity. And kind to keep the wardrobe items and accessories that allow you to do it.

Among these, very female, accessories and related clutch - an elegant evening bag without handles. Today, clutch - is not only a lady companion to celebrations and social events. Clutch can be voluminous and perform the function of everyday bag.

Ideally, the clutch must be present in the trendy arsenal of any modern woman. But if because of any reason you can not buy it, or want to have something special and original, or just love to sew, the clutch can be made independently. How to sew a clutch their hands?

Stylish tips

Clutch is considered almost the perfect accessory to any outfit (except for sports-style). But picking up his production, remember the laws of fashion, etiquette and dress code requirements:

  • clutch for a business suit should be concise: moderate forms and soothing colors;
  • evening clutch can be bright and extravagant, with decorative trim, sequins and rhinestones;
  • everyday clutch for the winter should be different from the summer, and to be carried out of the (winter) materials: leather, drape, wool or fur;
  • Materials for the clutch of summer should be light: silk, satin, velvet, velor;
  • Clutch should be in harmony with your overall style and mood;
  • Clutch should be a reasonable size and only serve as a handbag, but not the purse or cosmetic bags, beach or shopping bag.

And now, having understood fashion wisdom, to proceed to the creative process - the production of clutch.

 how to sew their own hands clutch

The manufacturing process

How to sew a clutch in the home? First, determine the size. For example, for a rectangular purse 15x20 cm you need a little more than half a meter of fabric, and the same material on the lining. In addition, prepare cardboard for patterns, chalk (or a piece of dry soap), a button (the button, Velcro) for fasteners and sewing machines.

Before you sew clutch their hands, cut from cardboard rectangle 17 by 22 cm (the size of the clutch, plus seam allowance). Lay the fabric wrong side up, and so her cardboard pattern could fit three. On the fabric, place the cut rectangle and draw around it with chalk. Above it, flush with the lines already outlined, one, and again above.

As a result, you must "draw" large rectangle (22h51 cm), consisting of three blocks, identical cardboard Pattern: front, back and flap for the fastener. Upper one brick shape the triangle (what should be the klapa-pocket). Exactly the same pattern of the future and make the clutch lining fabric. As a result, you'll have two patterns, similar to the expanded envelope.

According to the pattern fold backing fabric facing inwards so as to obtain an envelope. Stitch marginalia future clutch and handle edge. Do the same with the cloth, which will go to the "front" side of the handbag. Remove the two pockets inside out (that is, on the face of a handbag).

Now fold the main and backing fabric together, right sides and Stitch through the valve and through the drop hole clutch. Next, fold the connected parts as follows: half lining inside the person as the main fabric. Align the joints connecting the pad with a bag. Sew the two parts of sections (do not forget to leave a hole for the eversion). Remove the clutch, sew the hole.

It remains to make the clasp. To sew a button clutch and valve-cover to make it a neat hole. Your clutch is ready.


After the clutch with your hands to sew you managed, it can be decorated. How have your clutches, depending on your age, identity and destination of the bags. To decorate, use satin and silk ribbons, decorative ribbons and laces, sequins, rhinestones, beads, glass beads, lace, fringe, complete applications, buttons more. It is only a matter of your taste and your imagination. Can you do without the extra frills (if you prefer).

The main thing that the resulting bag was the soul that you like her to perform not only a utilitarian function, but also aesthetically pleasing. To a clutch in the hands of you feel a true lady!

 How to sew a clutch their hands?

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 Knitted toys

Knitted toys are different from all the other special warmth that radiates the hands of its creator. They bring joy to children and adults. In the life of any baby, they play an important role. Hugging one of these toys, the child is easy and pleasant to sleep in his cozy bed, but he trusts his baby little secrets and mystery plays with them in exciting games, feeding them candy and cookies.

This uncomplicated game with soft knitted toys for babies are a way of understanding the world, developing his mental abilities. The ribbed surface of knitted toys massages his fingers, developing a tactile sensitivity, has a positive effect on the formation of correct speech and thought.

When you create a crocheted toys with their own hands, you will be assured that they are safe for your child, as made of known materials.

Cute crocheted toys are a great gift not only for kids. This original souvenir you can give loved ones for any occasion. For example, Valentine's Day can be attributed to the significant other some little creatures and put his foot knitted heart, and a great gift for a newlywed couple will be in the form of knitted toys funny cubs who dressed as a bride and groom.

Positive emotions bring not only the knitted toy, but also the process of its creation, it is extremely exciting and fascinating. For the manufacture of knitted toys requires minimal cost, because to do so you need only remnants of thread, which are always there for those who are engaged in handicrafts. Knit toys can and knitting, and crocheting. A method of knitting is also very simple: for the spokes - a front surface, the hook - no bars nakida.

Knitting crochet toys

To create a crochet toys - diagrams and descriptions of needle women are not particularly necessary. Since there is very simple: each toy piece is knitted in a circle, wherein the rows are not connected, they are in a spiral, in this case the product is not a "seal". Subtracting and adding loops in certain places, it turns out the details of the necessary form - round, elongated, tapered, etc. To create a specific knitted toys should be clear about what a character you are going to do, if not enough of the imagination, you can spy ideas on the Internet. Looking at the photos of knitted toys, presented in a variety of bears, cats, rabbits, dogs, etc., will not be difficult to make yourself one of these funny characters.

 Knitted toys needles with a description of


Among toys, crocheted, we gained a lot of popularity is now Japanese miniature toys amigurumi. This unusual name is formed from the union of two Japanese words that refer to the concept of "soft toy" and "knit". Most often amigurumi have an image of an animal or a stylized man. And it can be all inanimate objects are endowed with eyes and ears become very humanlike. For example, the very popular knitted toy in the form of "cake" with a funny attractive face.

Amigurumi small as 5-7 centimeters, there are also some models growing up to 1 cm. Such knitted toys consist of separate elements, which are crocheted, sewn and stuffed between a stationary or connected with special hinges that allow the head and paws toy spinning in different directions.

The main components of the knitted toy - a round-shaped head, and often quite large compared to the size of the body, the body of a cylindrical shape, hands, feet, tail, ears, snout, and various ornaments, which are required for the character.

Knitting needles toys

The second option to create a bit more complicated toys spoke first. Therefore, create a knitted toy spokes description, much easier. A specific pattern knit toys on individual parts direct spokes, and then collect them into a whole product. Using circular needle, knit items, with no seams, such as the head, torso, arms, legs, etc. Such toys are the most simple pattern - front embroidery. This pattern makes the details of toy smooth, smooth, homogeneous. Some models and garter performed, for example, in cases where the volume necessary to give a toy.

 Knitted toys - fun gift

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