Christmas wreath with his own hands


  • Spruce Christmas wreath, or Classics of the genre
  • Custom Christmas wreath, or expensive creative ideas!

It turns out, not only the summer is a good time to weave wreaths. And remember we talked about this on the eve of Christmas and New Year. If you are reading this, then we decided to make a Christmas wreath with his own hands. And, then you will certainly get it. So, let's begin…

Spruce Christmas wreath, or Classics of the genre

For a classic Christmas wreath you will need a rigid framework in the form of rings, twigs needles, decorations and then with the help of which you will collect the wreath: soft wire, thread or glue. Frame easiest made of solid wire. If the wire is thin, it can be folded into multiple layers. If the wire is not, then use to frame any suitable material, such as cardboard or the ring of the embroidery hoop. Fold the wire in the desired diameter of the ring and seal it with tape.

Cut the twigs for the wreath (pine, spruce, cypress, holly, fir) in length from 10 to 25 cm. You can also use the branches of an artificial Christmas tree or green matte tinsel, put on the wire the desired length. And then, in a circle frame of these criss-crossing branches. Secure them with copper wire, thread or glue plant. To wreath turned lush desirable to make two or three layers of pine covering. The main thing that the next layer is woven upstream previous round.

Christmas wreath is almost ready. It remains to decorate. Use to decorate what you like:

 Christmas wreath

  • tapes and ribbons (red, blue, gold, plaid, striped and any other);
  • small Christmas decorations (angels, balls, stars, cabins, bells, etc., etc.);
  • natural or gold (plated) lump;
  • live or artificial flowers (roses or puansetii);
  • fruits (mandarins, apples, lemons, nuts);
  • berries (mountain ash, cranberry, wild rose);
  • sweets (cookies, candy, cookies);
  • candles (only for horizontal wreath).

As you can see, make a classic Christmas wreath with his own hands is very simple. A little imagination and the right mood to help you do this (such a homey and cozy) New unique accessory. By the way, for the exclusive wreath can be used and other (most unexpected) materials.

Custom Christmas wreath, or expensive creative ideas!

A surprising and even an exclusive Christmas wreath with his own hands can be produced by using, instead of pine branches rods, rolled into the ring. And also to decorate it to your liking. You can do without plant-based and collect Christmas wreath only Christmas balls or candy, or bows, or multi-colored buttons.

You can sculpt a Christmas wreath made of salt dough. You can make a wreath origami. It can be used for this art of quilling. You can completely tie the wreath. In short, making Christmas wreaths with their own hands - a great reason to use their needlework skills and creative ideas! So hurry up - on the threshold of the New Year.

 How to make a Christmas wreath with his own hands

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 New Year gifts with their own hands

  • New Year cards
  • "Ice" Candle
  • Sculptures made of cold porcelain
  • Handmade soap

New Year - a holiday with a unique atmosphere of anticipation of a miracle, which is on the threshold of your home. New Year - is the miracle that is about to happen. But why should we wait for miracles, if it is a magical pre-Christmas time, we have the power to administer the wonders of their own hands? Anyway, for their relatives and loved ones in the New Year, we can become very real wizards. And this does not necessarily have to spend huge sums on gifts. It bought a thing, no matter how it was not expensive and desirable, does not carry the warmth of our souls. But some simple and inexpensive gifts made with their own hands, have a truly magical power.

Make Christmas gifts with their own hands is not only exciting, but also nice. The process of creating such a gift turns into a holiday! And your family, they will enjoy much more than another set of perfume, cufflinks or statue bought in an antique shop. Because your gifts are special, no matter what ideas you visit and what you make. But try to begin to realize these ideas.

New Year cards

Remember the lessons of their school work. With what rapture you painted wool, stuck it on pieces of cardboard and decorated with "rain", making Christmas cards! Why not remember his childhood and did not make a holiday card with your own hands? Try it! What do you need for this? Sheet of colored cardboard, confetti, nail polish with sparkles, pieces of foil and a little imagination. Make a composition of cut foil dragon figurines, paste on a folded sheet of cardboard, decorate confetti peas and cover with nail polish.

If you want to do something special, you can and paper cards "cook" to follow the example of the ancient Egyptians with their papyrus. Just chop finely sheets of paper, candy wrappers, thread, confetti, Christmas-tree tinsel, and throw them in a pot to boil water. Cook until until the paper turns to mush, and then fold in a sieve, and the resulting mass roll out with a rolling pin on a cutting board. Cutting board is better to take a glass to the paper is not sticking. Top press the second board and let dry during the day. This man-made papyrus can be decorated with the same volume sequins or applique.

 New Year gifts with their own hands

"Ice" Candle

Candles on the New Year's celebration create a special atmosphere of mystery, intimacy and warmth. Ideas casting handmade candles, just in the air. Anyway, looking at the shops sold Christmas candles, to think: "What if you try to make a candle with his own hands and present to your loved one as a gift? ". And even if you still have this idea did not attend, you still try yourself as a master candle.

To do this you'll need a few ordinary candles stearin, which is likely to have in any home in the event of power outages. Ice cubes, color scheme, flavor, shape, greased with vegetable oil and a pan. Put a candle in the middle of a long shape, surrounded by her ice cubes - is the foundation. Of the remaining candle wicks, remove and add them to the pot. Stearin Melt in a water bath, stirring it constantly. When stearin warms up to a temperature of ninety-five degrees, add coloring and flavoring. Carefully drain all this in the form of a candle and ice. Pay close attention to the wick of all time was over the surface of the mold. Set aside form aside and let cool. When the candle has cooled, carefully remove it from the mold, let it dry. Lacy splendor of "ice" candles will not leave anyone indifferent.

Sculptures made of cold porcelain

Gifts for the New Year with his own hands - an opportunity to realize their creative potential one hundred percent. If you prefer a more "durable" gifts, cards and candles Sanchez, try to express your mood in crafts made of plastic (cold porcelain). It does not require baking in the oven, as an ordinary clay, and from it we can sculpt anything that your heart desires.

You will need a set of colored plastic (you can buy in a specialty store), a metal pin for the carcass and tools for modeling. Make figurines of characters of the following year (Eastern horoscope), or blind figurines funny cartoon characters, vase, bouquet of flowers, and even unusual hairpins. Incidentally, in this case, you also need a special foundation. Articles made of porcelain cold dry for several days. And to please your loved ones will be very long!

If you can not buy plastic to store, cold porcelain, you can prepare yourself. Mix in a saucepan half a glass of cold water, one-third cup of white glue and a teaspoon of glycerin. Now add to the mix a glass of corn or potato starch, and, stirring constantly, cook over medium heat. Mass starts first collected in small lumps, and then into the bowl. When your cold porcelain begins well away from the walls of the pan, put it on a towel and knead. First, until the mixture is very hot, right in the towel, and then just hands. Here is the material for sculptural works.

 with their own hands New Year's gifts

Handmade soap

And the idea of ​​exclusive autographic manufacturing of soap you had not occurred? In any event, the New Year preparations - an excellent opportunity to learn domestic soap. Soap, made with his own hands, and even taking into account the tastes of the person to whom it is presented with, it can also be a pleasant surprise.

For its production, you will need:

  • soap base - it can be purchased from a specialist store;
  • aromatic oils;
  • vitamins capsules - preferably A and E;
  • molds for soap - suitable for children and forms for playing in the sandbox;
  • a couple of pots;
  • wooden spatula.

The milled soap base melt in a water bath, stirring constantly. Add aromatic oils, dye color that you like, and at the end - vitamins. Pour it all in shape, sprinkle with alcohol and put to cool. By the way, this is just one of countless recipes soap, cooked their own hands. It all depends on your choice. After solidification of the soap is the best wrap in parchment, and then in the wrapping paper. A useful and pleasant gift is ready!

Giving gifts on New Year's - a long-standing and very pleasant tradition. After giving gifts is not less pleasant than receiving them. Choosing and buying gifts, of course, the occupation is responsible, because dear people do not want to give something very very ordinary - the new year, after all. What should I do? Ideas of gifts made by his own hand - your salvation. In your power to interrupt the endless cycle faceless Christmas gifts and invest in each of them a piece of his love, a little time and an endless flight of fancy. Make a gift for the New Year with their hands. This is better than a thousand words to say how dear to you your loved ones how much you appreciate your relationship as cherish them and how much love!

 Christmas gifts with his own hands: a simple and tasteful!

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