how to knit socks spokes

How can I contact the socks? This question does not idle, despite the fact that knitting socks - the so-called "classics of the genre." Probably, socks and stockings were the first garments that people began to knit. Or maybe it is for socks and stockings and knitting was invented? Not for nothing is the easiest kind of knitted hosiery knitting called. But we will not go into historical details, but rather consider the classic version of knitting socks. So, how to knit socks spokes?

For this we need the yarn (preferably wool or feather) and special hosiery needles (set of five pieces). Before you calculate the size of the product, and the density of knitting. How to do it? To calculate the density of the knit test piece about ten by ten (or even five of five) centimeters. And then consider how many rows of loops and placed in one centimeter. Then we measure the volume of the ankle, and multiply it by the number of loops in the centimeter. It is the number of loops, and will need to start working.

Knit top of the sock

We collect the required number of loops, distributing them evenly on four needles (fifth - working) and proceed to vyvyazyvaniyu cuff (gum). The cuff of the sock knit elastic band (two on two or alone) in a circle. Knit the first row, make a loop in the ring. To do this, move the last (fourth) spoke to the first and second series begin to knit with the first edge of the loop. Eraser can do all the cuff or just the upper part. The height of the cuff of the sock may be different, but as a rule, it should not exceed the length of the foot. By linking the upper part of the sock right length, proceed to vyvyazyvaniyu heel.

Knit heel sock

Hinges on the second and third spokes heel we do not need. Continuing work on only two spokes (first and fourth). The heel of the sock is made up of two parts, the backdrop and the sole. The back heel knit with a simple cloth with edge loops: facial series purl rows. Height backdrop - from three to six centimeters, depending on the size of the sock. Further, forming the heel, moving to vyvyazyvaniyu plantar part.

For this loop divide into three equal parts and distribute three spokes. If the number of loops is not exactly divisible by three, then the middle part of the wider doing (extra reserve in the middle of the loop). Next provyazyvaem number on one of the outer loops of the spokes and the middle part (stocking st). The first loop of the next needles knit together at the last loop of the middle part (the two together). Turn knitting, remove the first loop as a bead, and again - the middle row with the first loop at the spokes. Thus provyazyvaem entire middle portion alternately grasping loop extreme spokes until all the knitting does not stay on one spoke.

The result is rounded pyatochku consisting of backdrop and soles. Then we collect from wales backdrop aerial loops. Number of loops is calculated as follows: for every four rows backdrop should be recruited three loops (a classic ratio). Distribute dialed loops and loops of the central part of the heel by two needles and continue knitting in a circle has at all four spokes.

 how to knit socks

Knitting instep wedges

After we collect all the loops on the four spokes, their number will be greater than at the beginning of knitting (singing, calculated in terms of the ankle). This is normal. Unnecessary loops just form wedges instep - the widest part of the sock. In order to have the proper form toe and tightly wraps the foot, in the next step of knitting in a circle loop should gradually diminish.

For this provyazyvaem first couple of rows on all needles. Then, in the next row in the first second and third spoke first loop along the front spokes provyazyvaem tilted to the right, the last - just the front. In the fourth spoke - the first front, the next two - along the face with a slope to the left. Such way diminish the loop in every third row, until all the spokes will not remain the original number of loops (as before vyvyazyvaniya heel).

Knitting socks from the toe up lift

Then knit a sock on the front range of embroidery foot to the desired length (before the toes). Knit round toe and a short or extended depending on the shape of the foot and finger length (in children's socks toe is usually more rounded).

For the formation of the toe and the completion of knitting begin to diminish the loop at the end of the sock. To properly calculate the beginning of the toe, try on nedovyazanny sock. If he already comes before the little finger, then proceed to the knitting toe. It is possible to make a smooth, gradually diminishing the loop at the end of each spoke, or relief.

Relief decrease toe loops do symmetrically on the sides of the feet. For this provyazyvaem two loops together, the two face, pulling the two loops together. Two of the subtraction is done through a number, and then - in a row. The last five or six loops close one row.

Useful tips

  1. For knitting socks should choose a strong yarn that easily transfers machine washable.
  2. For vyvyazyvaniya heel and toe to the main thread, you can add extra mylar.
  3. When knitting in a circle, each the first two loops of each spoke should be provyazyvat as closely as possible to the transition from one to the other spokes are not formed elongated loops and knitting was not loose.
  4. Knitting socks, you can use a different yarn remnants, making them colorful and striped.
  5. Socks can not only knit stocking st, but different patterns, experimenting not only with views of mating, but also with contrast color yarn for heel and toe.

Knowing how to knit socks on the needles 5, you can not only "fully prepared" to meet the cold winter, but also bestow their loved ones so soft, warm and always need to hand-knitted socks. It is well known fact that all made by hand, not only has personality and a special energy, but also retains heat hands of the master. This means that even such a prosaic piece of clothing like socks can be expensive and a welcome gift.

 How to tie spokes socks? The classic version

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 Christmas costumes with their own hands


  • Masquerade is back in fashion
  • Ideas of carnival costumes for women
  • Ideas for a New Year's baby costume

Perhaps each of you would agree that any party with a surprise - whether it's New Year's Eve, corporate, friendly party, wedding, birthday, meeting with their classmates or any other event - will take place brighter and will be remembered for a long time, and maybe even stay in memory of a lifetime. And all this is due to the fact that these events, as well as many, many others allow you to gather friends, family, relatives, colleagues and just acquaintances who are willing to share with each other as positive, and at the same time charged with joy and emotional energy. A New Year is perhaps the most appropriate occasion for positive emotions and joyful meetings.

Everyone wants to celebrate New Year bright, catchy and original. Everyone wants this magical night or look charmingly stunning. Here, the desire not to depend on the age group: adults and children on the New Year night are equal. What does it take to New Year's Eve has become a bright and unforgettable event that will long remain in the memory of your friends, loved ones, as well as in your own memory? The best way to please and surprise of all - make a ball or costume party.

Masquerade is back in fashion

It has long been in Russia masquerades were extremely popular, but in the Soviet era carnival activities were considered a relic of the past, even though many of them secretly longed. However, parents of children of school and kindergarten age did not have time to grieve, as they often had to tinkering with his own hands Christmas costumes for their children or grandchildren.

Today, costume parties are in vogue again. This, incidentally, is the opportunity when you can play your friends and girlfriends, fall into childhood, without fear of looking ridiculous and absurd. New Year's masquerade - is also an excellent opportunity to apply their needlework skills and embody the image of the children's dreams into practice. This is a great opportunity to help children experience the atmosphere of fairy tales and mischief (New Year - a dream come true!). You or your children can stand at a party in his book of your favorite characters, movie hero, hero tales, epics and so on. You can buy or rent almost professional outfits, and can together with the children make their own hands New Year costumes. And let them not be perfect, the main thing that the image was recognizable.

So turn on your imagination and to transform. After all, Christmas costumes (women's, children's, men's) - this is a great opportunity not only to go back to the carefree and happy world of childhood, but also enjoy and have fun at the festival from the heart, regardless of age, marital status and well-being.

 New suits with their hands

Ideas of carnival costumes for women

Carnival and Halloween costumes for children and adults in recent years, are extremely popular, not only abroad, but also in our country. Bees are relevant to popular recently costume parties and traditional children's matinees. What's to celebrate the New Year? On New Year's ball, you can go in the traditional evening dress and put on a cool carnival costume. Choose the one that you most prefer. By the choice of costume should be taken very seriously. After all, traditional costumes and costumes - it's not just clothes. Wearing this outfit on, every man, though for a time, but becomes one. Trying outfit, consider in what manner you will feel as comfortable as possible.

In that case, if you want to attract attention and win the hearts of the opposite sex, choose a bright and colorful costume:

  • Costume symbol of the coming year promises to be the most popular in the New Year or Christmas party. If you wish, you can sew a costume itself, and you can rent or buy. In any case, all the New Year's Eve you will be in the spotlight.
  • The image of the gypsy - this is perhaps the most striking and most common way to carnivals. Become the owner of this suit is a snap. Calling upon the ingenuity and imagination, every woman can make yourself a carnival costume easily. Its elements - long colorful skirts and shawls - can be found in every woman's wardrobe. It remains only to supplement their bright accessories (necklace or wear their own hands to make a necklace) and naughty costume for a Christmas party is ready!
  • Image of charming female pirate, who also make their own hands. To create this image you need a white blouse, corset belt with a large buckle, leggings, high boots, a raincoat and a pirate hat with feathers homemade.
  • Costume queen or queen - the perfect choice for beautiful and statuesque woman who dreams to rule the world. Posh suit will grow into that role and get a taste of real power. The hands do a full suit, of course, difficult. However, you can restrict iconic accessories: a crown, robe, like a fan, and you have no one confused with the autocrat.
  • Female carnival costume in the form of one of the favorite fairy-tale characters - Little Red Riding Hood, Malvina, Cinderella and Fairy - will be able to decorate a Christmas or New Year's Ball corporate costume party. Note that a child of such a suit will look pathetic, and an adult woman sexy.
  • The suit tigress or lioness, witches, sailors and waitresses - always the latest trends in the world of fashion carnival costume. The image of the sailors or waitress is easy to implement in a suit made with his own hands: a short skirt, apron and tattooed in her hair - and here you are a waitress. Jeans, vest and peakless cap - and you're a charming sailor.
  • It is also relevant in the New Year's Eve and candid costumes. To celebrate the New Year costume depraved nurse or seductive polismenshi, dressed in a leather dress and a hat - it's a great idea, but is important not to overdo. And the costumes are fit only for the chosen company.

It is worth noting that women's Christmas costumes suitable for people of all ages perfectly: for young girls and for not very young lady. Make no mistake, no matter what costume you prefer to celebrate the New Year, you will look irresistible. And no matter the finished suit you bought or made with her own hands. Indeed, in the latter case, you have invested in this outfit all his soul, and a piece of itself!

 New Year costumes for children with their own hands

Ideas for a New Year's baby costume

Some parents simply consider it their duty to sew a suit with his own children. Others huddled down, looking on the eve of New Year celebrations complete costumes for children. However, New Year's outfit for the baby often can make your own hands, and without spending much money and only put a maximum of imagination, effort and their skillful hands. Here you ideas to choose from.

  • Pirate

    The suit goes for girls and boys. Home Accessories - cocked hat or bandana, vest and a black eye patch. And the image of the famous and recognizable all Jack Sparrow at all easy to implement. Conventional boots and tucked into their pants, blouse with wide sleeves, beard, braided in pigtails, bandana, wig and bright makeup. However, review the eve of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and think of any improvised means you can make a suit.

  • Vampires

    Scarlet robes, gothic makeup sham fangs - that's all you need for a vampire costume. Well, if you want this vampire can be represented in a medieval or modern style.

  • Prince and Princess

    It is also possible to dispense materials at hand. Look at the characters of Disney cartoons. Boys can wear a nice shirt, a silk sash, and leggings on shoes buckles attach the foil, behind the knees to tie satin garter. For the girls will approach any long dress decorated with tinsel and adjusted on children's figure, beautiful hair and makeup. Complete the image of a stylized crown of wire and tinsel.

  • Ukrainian costume

    If you're handy with a needle and thread, then sew lining fabric trousers. Shirt can be drawn from a low neck turtlenecks, simply sewn on it the appropriate collar. Hood also will overcome any seamstress, and to top it off image is used as a belt or a silk otrez same fabric lining. With the girls - and even easier. Even if you just make their own hands a bright wreath with flowers and satin ribbons, your little girl will have to be like Little Russian maiden.

  • Bee or bumblebee

    Popular bilaynovskaya coloring turtlenecks or sweaters (as an option - sewn strips), antennae with pompons on the cap or on the rim - and your bee is ready to go to a New Year trip. Incidentally, this suit is suitable for children of all ages, ranging from two to three years and ending with the teen age.

  • Aliens

    Oh, there is simply not find options! And most importantly - in the course can go absolutely everything from garbage bags and plastic glasses for swimming and breathing mask and finishing foil for baking.

Be creative! Is it possible to voice any ideas Christmas costumes? Participated in the creation of the dress will be interesting to children, let alone what ideas will visit the heads of our young geeks, impossible to predict - children's imagination much richer. Even if you do not plan to take part in a noisy carnival party and the most fabulous and magical night of the year spend with your family, close friends, or alone with a loved one, it is not like a carnival costume will help create an atmosphere of festive mood and mysterious magic? Be of good cheer! And all you get!

 Christmas costumes hands - ideas for children and adults

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