aromatic sachets

The fashion for these fragrant pillows come to us from France. Of course, almost all countries of dried herbs, flowers and seeds used for flavoring premises. But it was not only the French have come up with to make such fragrant bags, but gave them the name and aromatic sachets turned into a fashionable piece of furniture.

Today, this method is popular flavoring also because in fashion all natural and "environmentally friendly." What can you do: modern humans are so divorced from nature that are trying to compensate for this isolation by any means available. Moreover, no one denies the special energy of plants (even dried), so these herbal pillows and bags also widely used as amulets and original negative energy converters. The last argument in favor of the sachet - an opportunity to make it yourself and fill in its sole discretion. Let's find out how it can be implemented in practice.

 composition of aromatic sachets

How to make a sachet?

To make your own aromatic sachets, dried herbs need, flower petals, spicy seeds, spices and essential oils. All this must be put in a pre-sewn bag or other container to make such a method. That is one of its variants:

  • organza cloth spread out on a flat surface and glue in the center of how small silk flowers (face to the fabric), and pour the mixture on top of dried flower petals;
  • folded napkin along, so as to obtain a rectangle, and the cloth is completely closed dry mixture in the form of a rectangle, fabric glue along the seam.
  • put a napkin with petals seam down and push a mixture of the petals to the center so that the ends of the rectangle are empty;
  • fasten the ends of the doubled cord tying them beautiful bow.

As a result, you get an improvised "candy" organza filled with fragrant petals.

Here's another method of manufacturing a sachet, suspension of the Scottish fabric:

  • Fold the fabric in half, aligning the checkered pattern, mark the fold line pin and trim slices;
  • expand tissue and the sides of the top fold line to apply the glue;
  • once folded fabric and press the sides so that they stick together;
  • resulting in the bag pour aromatic dry mixture;
  • tie neck pouch cord and tie a knot;
  • made of the same cord loop and glue it to the back side of the pouch.

 aromatic sachets with their hands

The fill sachets?

Objectives of manufacturing fragrant bag determine its composition: aromatic sachets for a talisman or just for flavoring air or things.
First, on what to fill sachets, to use magical power plant for specific purposes.

  1. To attract the love and happiness, we do love sachets. To do this, mix equal parts of the petals of roses and carnations, add orange peel and flowers of baby's breath. Bag love sachets do any of the pink fabric.
  2. For the well-being in the house mix three parts of the dried leaves of basil and rosemary, fennel seeds three parts and one part leaf laurel and fern. Add to the mix a pinch of salt and put it all in a red bag. Needless sachet located in the highest point of our house.
  3. To attract money and wealth do sachets green and fill it with a mixture of three parts of patchouli, clove seeds of two parts and one part cinnamon.
  4. To protect against the evil eye and negative energies produce a sachet of white or red cloth and pour into it the seeds of caraway seeds, flax, dill, mixed with salt.
  5. Insomnia or restful sleep using a mixture of lavender flowers and hops. Color fabric bag choose calm, and he put the bag under your pillow.

If we make a sachet, an air freshener or aromatizer clothing, in addition to mixtures of natural dry plants can use special powders and aromatic oils, which have a more pronounced odor. With regard to the combination of ingredients for the perfume sachets that are the most common ones:

  • lavender, rose, ylang-ylang;
  • rose, lavender, lemon;
  • lemon, rosemary, cloves;
  • frankincense, lemon, rose, lavender,
  • lemon, clove, mint, rosemary.

In addition to the recommended combinations of sachet can be filled by any staff favorite flavors, such as blends of chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and sage.

And most importantly, that the aromatic sachets with their hands to do is not difficult. These fragrant bags will be a source of pleasant aroma and freshness. They adorn not only the house but also the interior of the vehicle or workplace in the office. They will attract into your home positive energy, create good mood and will be a good gift for loved ones (or very close) people.

 Sasha aromatic. We do yourself

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 valentines with their hands


  • Valentine-Topiary
  • Wreath
  • Sasha

One the most anticipated days of the year - Valentine's Day. And how not to wait for such a special day, when you can, without false modesty to admit their feelings for the opposite sex, or even a declaration of love, or just to say once again how dear to you your favorite people. Still, it is a good tradition - a declaration of love and give symbolic gifts, recognition of "valentines." And if you are not only clever and beautiful, but also needlewoman, you just have to do these valentines with their hands.

Can you knit? And maybe, you sew, paint, sew, sculpt? In short, Valentine's Day - a good excuse to make his skillful hands to making gifts hearts. But how to make a valentine with your hands, and in what form to fulfill this souvenir, we'll talk.


Probably there is no such handy people who were not trying to (or not going) to produce a very popular right now interior decoration - the tree of happiness. It is also called "Topiary." Because anything can make such trees: paper, cotton, salt dough, cold porcelain, fabric, beads, natural materials (and all do not count). But it appears as a tree of happiness can be made and the traditional Valentine, is only to give the crown a heart shape surround.

You can cut a heart out of Styrofoam and decorate it in the technique Facing roses or corrugated paper or quilling-flowered. You can crown Valentine Topiary-stitch, for example, in the art doll Tilda. And get as a result of such utter Valentine-tildika. And you can use for this traditional red silk drape, satin, wool, synthetic padding stuffed blank and decorate with lace, ribbons, beads or greeting inscription.

And you can do in a different way. So, how to make a valentine in the form of a tree of happiness? For the original wood in the form of valentines we need:

  • Salt dough and wooden skewers;
  • Plaster, ribbons, beads, ribbons;
  • Acrylic paint and contour;
  • Wire, lace, sequins, plastic disposable cups.

Lepim crown of salt dough, dry them and painted it red (on one side). There is already at your discretion: you can use ordinary gouache, acrylic paints can be. Top cover with a transparent varnish and sprinkle with glitter (for the paint is not yet dry). In the meantime, until the paint dries, take the lace or delicate lace and with a needle and thread to collect it in the form of ruffles, or simply in the frills (crease). Then this dress in lace frills our heart by gluing lace on the "heart" contour. To reverse (unprinted) side of the skewer-glue and paint the trunk with white paint the back of the future valentines.

We give dry, divorce plaster, pour it into a cup (about a third), insert a skewer to heart and wait for the plaster hardens. Our design is then released from the cup and decorate with plaster base Topiary. To do this, it can be pasted colored cloth to wrap a beautiful piece of cloth, wrap the tape or tapes. Finally, there will be only applied outline colors on the red side of the heart and the inscription add decorations made of beads or ribbons. That's all - creative Valentine with his hands ready.

 with their own hands valentines


Yet another very interesting valentines made on the basis of a Christmas wreath. In this case, you can choose one of two options: a circular base decorated with hearts or cause a heart decorated with anything. How to make a valentine? Let's face it.

Valentine wreath with round base

To use this product, for example, or a homemade wire hoop hoop or a ring of flexible twigs (willow). In general, such a ring - the most profitable option. Besides Valentine wreath will surround by using a bundle of twigs, turning it into a ring. A very traditional hearts decorate the ring: stapled, bound, stuck together, cut or twisted paper. Do not forget to add a ribbon for which such custom valentines can be hung, and additional decorations (ribbons, beads, crystals, ribbons) to your liking.

Option with a base in the form of a valentine heart

Here the main thing - to make a neat and durable wire frame-heart. You can make the frame surround a heart, fill it with cotton or synthetic padding and inside for stiffness to insert the wire. Well, then, already at its discretion decorate this heart, as you like. Paper or porcelain flowers, berries, ribbons, dried flowers, buttons, in general, than anything to be beautiful. Oh, and about the ribbon-loop for Valentines do not forget - it will be more functional.

 Valentine's card with his own hands


Fragrant Valentine - is not creative? If the idea and principle of manufacturing fragrant sachets used for this holiday, you get not only creative, but also useful thing. Moreover, useful in the truest sense of the word - if you make a fragrant sachet aphrodisiacs. Here are two options fragrant valentine gift.

Sasha Heart

To make a valentine sachet, we need natural fabrics, sewing supplies and something to decorate. Sew pillow-heart: cut out two pieces in the shape of a heart, we put them face, the contour sostrachivaem and gut-wrenching. While the pad is still blank, decorate it with embroidery, applique, or in any other way. Then, through the hole to invert poured into a mixture of fragrant pillow and sew up the hole a hidden seam.

Rectangular valentine sachet

For a scented valentine cut out of linen two square parts. From multi-colored pieces of felt (white, red, pink) cut a few hearts. The first thing should be about the size of a rectangular linen item (except for seam allowance), and each subsequent heart - two less than a millimeter. Cut hearts of about six or seven, down pile (at the bottom - the largest), sew along the center longitudinal line. And then sew stack of hearts on the same axis to the face of one of the rectangular parts, a cut for valentines.

Now add up the two parts of the pads the wrong side, buckling edge inside and stitched by a decorative zigzag along the perimeter, leaving a small hole for stuffing sleep. Fill valentine sachet filling - scented pillow for Valentine's Day is ready.

A bit of a filler for fragrant valentines

  • Romantic scents: rose petals, orris root, fragrant cloves, sweet chamomile, rosemary;
  • Fragrance-relaxation: ylang-ylang, peppermint, lemon, rose, lavender;
  • Aromas of passion: cinnamon, ginger, saffron, vanilla, basil, cardamom, strawberry, coffee;
  • By the way, in addition to dried herbs and special blends of aromatic sachets Valentine can be filled with the usual salt, soaked in essential oils.

As you can see, with their own hands valentines can be not only the usual and familiar, but unusual, and even creative. So go ahead: make a gift, on recognition for who sincerely love. And you will once again make sure that the best gift in this romantic day just did not come up with!

 Valentine with his own hands: creative ideas for holiday

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