Knitting children's hats

What young mom does not dream of that her baby was the most beautiful, the most healthy, and of the most fashionable and stylish? But the store is very hard to find a decent thing for your crumbs as good clothes is expensive and things of economy class is very poor quality, boring and monotonous. What to do? Only one way out - to create a wardrobe for your baby with your hands. You can start small, for example, to link the original children's hat.

In recent years become increasingly popular among women begins to enjoy a hobby like knitting hats for children and crochet. This is due not only to the fact that sometimes it is very difficult to buy in the store a beautiful and high-quality child headdress, but also the fact that the Internet today is very much information on the topic of needlework.

Create your own style to your child

After seeing the various sites where umelitsy upload photos of their work, involuntarily want to create something similar. Agree, very nice when your friends, or simply passers-by on the street genuinely surprised intricate patterns that they see on the headdress of your child and ask where you can buy a fashion item.

Headdress for a baby is always true, so the mothers of newborns are thinking about what to buy a beanie baby. Or maybe better connected? Indeed, why not try? After all, to start somewhere, and even very experienced knitters were once pupils. The main thing to believe that you will succeed!

 knitted baby hats spokes

What should a newcomer know a knitter?

It is clear that knitting hats for newborns does not pose any difficulty for needlewomen with the experience, but what about the woman who first decided to tie the hat? First, you must select the simplest model of caps and the most simple scheme, for example, rice or face mating surface, work out, get the hand, and then proceed to more serious patterns.

The technique of knitting is easy enough to learn. By the choice of thread is taken seriously, today the yarn for knitting can be purchased in many stores, its range is very rich, in the same shop for crafts can be purchased and schemes for knitting. An experienced dealer always advise the woman how yarn can be combined with the other, and what is not, select the correct spokes.

The main mistake of inexperienced knitters are incorrect selection of yarn and size hook or needles. The size of the final product may be higher or lower than expected only from the fact that the size and thickness of the spokes yarn does not correspond to those identified in the selected pattern.

All knitters its density knitting, some knit very tight, more loosely, so before the knitting is always necessary to make the sample of 10x10 cm, wash it, dry, ironed and a ruler to measure how many loops contained in one inch of the associated sample, the result obtained calculate the required number of loops.

Tips Beginning Knitters:

  • In order to take your measurements of head circumference of the child, you need to pull the measuring tape tight
  • The density of knitting
  • Choose a simple circuit and clearly follow it
  • Size or crocheted choose according to the yarn thickness
  • For children's hats to choose thin, no barbed yarn
  • Do not use needles are too large diameter or large hook
  • The finished product is washed in cool water

Knitting hats knitting begins as standard, it is necessary to calculate the right amount and type of hinges at the spokes. Next fit the rim rubber band 1x1 or 2x2, followed by basic knitting pattern about 10-15 cm in height. When the closure cap to remain approximately 9 cm, it is necessary to do subtraction loops, this knitting is divided into six equal parts and through a series of two loops are knitted together at the end of each part 10 stitches remaining on the spoke tightly shrink the same thread. One can only sew seam cap.

 knitting hats for newborns

Knitting children's products hook

Many women say that the knit beanie crochet a lot easier than knitting needles and create a unique and delicate model. When the child is very small, so it would be desirable to tie the bonnet, because such a thing will incorporate all the warmth of mother's hands, her love, and will serve as a talisman for the newborn.

From the most common cap you can do a funny thing, it is enough to issue it in the form of an animal, tied ears, nose, mouth. Crochet is now at the peak of popularity, are beginning to knit, even those who never did, beginners achieve amazing results, thanks to his perseverance.

Caps for children are relevant not only in the cold season. In the spring and summer of thin light panama cotton yarns are not as popular. Crochet require the selection of thin and light pastel shades of thread as dark hats become very hot in the sun.

No need to save on yarn, since summer hat for the baby to be not only original and beautiful, but also "breathable", preferably with a wide brim to protect the well-baby face from the scorching sun.

 Knitting hats for newborns - a pleasant and useful hobbies

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 how to sew a beach bag

The beach season is not far off. Before you know it, summer will pull hard as the ductile-scorching days and chase them all out of the city - to the water, the beach, the beach! And what a beach without a beach bag? You can certainly do and prosaic packages, but it is not comme il faut. We are stylish ladies and hence on the beach need to look your best. Well, if you can buy something original and appropriate, and if not? And if not, then there is nothing left, how to sew a beach bag yourself. But this, of course, if we are friends with a needle and thread. Well? To begin?

We select the fabric and style

Beach bag should be not only original and beautiful, but also spacious (imagine how much you might need on the beach!). Therefore, to sew the bag yourself the best stop on a rectangular shape with long handles and multiple pockets.

The fabric is suitable either, but always dense: plaschevka, upholstery fabric, tapestry (ideal - Jeans), and more can be done on the bag leather handles, pockets or insertions. The colors of fabric should correspond to only one requirement - like you. Naturally, when choosing colors for the beach bag should not forget that it should be bright and "summer." So choose any plain, but not gloomy colors, fabrics with geometric and floral patterns, ornaments, peas and strips. Chose? And now proceed directly to the sewing.

 sew fashionable beach bag

Make a pattern

Before you sew a beach bag, make a pattern. For pattern is best to use graph paper - it's easier to calculate the size. In a paper prepared by first tracing the outline of the main parts. That we will have a rectangle the size of the parties depends on the desired size of the bag. For example, if we want to half a meter bag width and height of forty centimeters, then draw a rectangle on the paper of this size. Further details traceable handles: strip width of six to seven centimeters and a length of about thirty meters.

Cut out all the details on the circuit and lay them on the wrong side of the fabric, folded in half. By the way, put the main part pattern so that one of the sides of the rectangle passed along fold of fabric. Further, all paper pattern pinned down and draw out, retreating from the edge of the paper pattern a couple of centimeters (SEAM). And already then cut out the pattern of the fabric. However, if you are confident in their abilities, you can make a pattern on the fabric directly, bypassing the stage of a graph paper.

 sew a beach bag with your hands

We sew the bag

Now add up the rectangle in half (wrong side of fabric to the outside) and stitched by the sides. We get a bag: side stitched, bottom - fold fabric top - "input" into the bag. Inside the seams are sewn by hand or carefully on the sewing machine and iron out. Then stitched by the handle, shortening them to the desired length. Fold in half the workpiece each knob (along the length), facing outwards. The edges of the fabric and folded the two do topstitching - connecting on the edge of the folded edges together and trim - Bend.

Then sew the handle to the front of the bag - one arm on each side of the bag. We do this by combining the edge of the bag with the edge at each end of the handle. That is, first we have to get a handle sewn upside down. Then, the upper edge of the bag with a sewn handle wrap inside edge of the buckle and sew. The result is a neatly sewn handle without a trace of attachment on the front side (all hidden in the hem).

As you can see, sew a beach bag with your hands easy. And if you're applying for originality, use additional decorative elements: fringe, braid, tassels, applique, ruffles, ribbons, and all that you see fit. If you do not like the laconic form of a rectangle, then sew the bag in the form of a trapezoid, extending to the top and make it a top figure.

Experiment with clasp: try to sew a zipper, Velcro, or use the buttons. Or maybe you want option, and even without fasteners? Try to make a fashionable beach bag out of old jeans or tapestry cushion covers. Make extra pockets in her beach bag - internal or overhead. In short, dream! Try to combine business with pleasure. Enjoy the creative process and the handmade obzavedites so necessary in the summer beach bag. It is, in fact, easier than ever!

 How to sew a beach bag? As easy as pie!

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