how to make a soft toy with his own hands

Shaggy dog, fluffy cat, eared Bunny and, of course, teddy bears - hardly any of the children do not like these funny animals. And each person's childhood is remembered primarily favorite soft toy, with which he did not leave for a minute. Jammed into holes bear - the symbol of the children's affection, tenderness and love. And we do not forget about him, even in his mature years of his life.

Child psychologists say that every child from the age of three should have their own soft toys made of various materials. It is necessary for the proper development of the baby. Modern shops are full of soft toys, but among all this diversity is not easy to find a really high-quality thing. That is why many mothers began to reflect on the question - how to make a soft toy with your own hands? Bringing thus the joy of their child, as a toy, stitched beloved mother, is unique.

So, let's begin…

In order to make soft toys with their own hands, you'll need a bit of perseverance, patience, and of course the "material basis", that is the material from which you will create your new friends to their children. As improvised means can be used whatever scrap of lace, fabrics, ribbons, old towels and out of fashion felt hats. Even previously unclaimed pieces of cloth, artificial leather and fur can come in handy.

Patterns can be found in specialized magazines and shops. Or, show imagination and create your own pattern. There is another option - to strut quite old toy available to you, and to make the pattern of her likeness. By the way, in stores for needlework, in addition to patterns, you can purchase and other necessary materials for sewing.

Also, you will need:

  • Multi-colored thread. Do not forget that they must be of different strength.
  • Sintepon, foam, wool, holofayber or other soft fillings.
  • The nose and eyes for the future bear or bunny. They can successfully replace the appropriate size and color of the buttons or beads.
  • Needles, scissors, thimble.
  • A piece of cardboard, ruler, pen or pencil - to create patterns.

What fabrics are used for toys

Sew a soft toy with your own hands can be of a different fabric. The material is selected depending on the type of product, its size and purpose:

  • Knitwear. It stretches easily, therefore it can make anything you want: horse, rabbit, dice or a ball.
  • Faux fur. Great for creating a cushion in the form of various animals.
  • Silk. From this tissue sew toy is quite problematic, as it slips in their hands. However, the silk will be indispensable if you sew the doll. In this case, the material will go to dress for beauty.
  • Cotton fabric. This type of material, such as satin or cotton, is colorful and bright shades. Therefore it can perform as a soft doll and a variety of animals. From flannel or terry cloth make a great bear with soft fur.
  • Wool, velvet, velvet. These fabrics come remarkable soft toys with their own hands, such as fox, hare or bear.
  • Felt. Pretty original articles and toys can be made of felted fabric. It is best suited for small parts toys: tail, legs, noses, tufted.

 sew a stuffed toy with their hands


For patterns, on which are soft toys with their own hands, best suited thick cardboard. He is well adjacent to the material will retain its shape for years. Be sure to save the pattern, because the next time you will be able to sew a toy without the preliminary preparation.

Then applied to the carton material and carefully tracing the pattern pen, marker or a piece of soap. Color marker selected based on the color of the fabric - a stroke should be clearly visible on the fabric. Next, we cut our material parts - anything is possible to start sewing.


When creating toys is crucial right cutting material. Soft toys with their hands must be made with great care and diligence, and only then you will be proud of their work. Very closely to ensure that the parties comply with the details of the pair, that is not looking in the same direction.

If you make a pattern of nesypuchih materials, you can not leave the seam allowances. Then, using a neat and fine hinge joint, can not turn out the finished form. If the material crumbles, it is necessary to make a pattern based on SEAM. Then they need to sew over the edge and turn the product on the front side. For sewing use strong thread, suitable in color to the selected material.

 soft toys with their own hands

Go to the packing

Stuff toy can be different fillings. However, the most affordable - sintepon. Toys, stuffed with padding polyester, machine washable. She does not lose shape, and dries quickly. This material can be easily purchased in stores accessories. For the filling you need to break into small pieces and tightly fill them your piece.

The following material - sintepuh into a ball. He is at work more convenient than sintepon. Besides, he does not roll and does not cake over time. Easy to fill balloons - toy quickly gaining shape. Soft toys with their hands full of sintepuh also well tolerated in an automatic laundry. You can buy stuff at the points of sale of pillows and blankets.

Despite its synthetic origin or sintepon nor sintepuh do not cause allergies. But for many, it is important that everyone in the game was natural, so they opt for packing materials such as wool, Sliver (wool), or even a variety of herbs.

It can be cut into small pieces of an old sweater or socks made of natural wool, and this stuff toy. With this filler product is best to fill the small size and stitched from dense materials. It will not be visible irregularities.

Sliver - wool, twisted into a roll. It can be purchased in stores crafts. Soft toys with their hands stuffed Sliver, very soft and pleasant to the touch. To properly fill the toy, you need to fluff up the material by hand. The result is a bunch of fluffy, similar to wool. It is to fill evenly, avoiding irregularities and voids.

Minus these fillers is that they require special care. Wash their hands, and only as a last resort. Use cool water. And best of all to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Prepare to be that the product about once a year will have to fill again.

In addition, many people have natural wool allergy. And if you sew a stuffed toy with their hands in a gift you choose, be sure to ask if there are allergies in the person to whom it is intended.

Many needlewoman using different herbs for stuffing. They can be purchased in a pharmacy or market. Fennel, lemon balm, lavender, fennel, sage - these fragrant herbs will not only be filled with your toys, but also help to get to sleep, or vice versa cheer.

Before packing the grass should be placed in a bag of linen or calico. It is better if a blank for a toy to be a zipper, because it can only be washed separately from the vehicle. Yes, and you have to regularly replace the packing as many herbs retain their flavor for long.

Soft toys with their own hands - a great way to create something new, get rid of unnecessary things in the house and get close to the child. Necessarily involve a kid to work - it will accustom him to justice, and work with small details will develop motor skills, perseverance and attention.

One last tip - do not need to be limited in the choice of materials, dream! After all, the most unique things in the world were not created by the instructions, and in a burst of inspiration!

 Sew a soft toy with his hands easy!

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 how to sew up the hole in the jeans

These cowboy pants packed today almost every second (from small to large). There are all sizes and styles can not be found! Comfortable, versatile, durable! But the strength of the jeans often leaves much to be desired. Especially when it comes to jeans Beautiful female legs. Sooner or later, denim thin, wiped and just begins to crack at the seams. And we have a natural question arises: "How to sew up the hole in the jeans? ".

Especially when it comes to the hole on the inner sides of the legs (in places, taller and knees close to the pope). Yes, and just tripped over something you can really break new jeans. What to do in such cases? How to resuscitate even a good thing? Only three variants: sew up the hole in the jeans using the patch, mend a hole or turn into a fashionable cut.

Put the patch

  1. To start looking for the right color and texture of denim (old or "stale" jeans, skirts, jackets, pants shortened by trimming).
  2. Spread jeans so that it is clearly visible hole and marks the contours of a larger size.
  3. Cut out of a spare piece of fabric on the planned contour and overcast on the sewing machine or by hand.
  4. Cut out a patch putting a face to the wrong side of the jeans (down hole). We fix it, chipping pins or baste large stitches.
  5. In the sewing machine sew a patch for jeans (from the inside).
  6. Wrenched his pants and stitched by the junction with jeans patches (now the front side).

Sew up the hole in the jeans in a less intimate places (such as on your lap), you can use ready-made applications or decorative Latok. In such a patch can not handle the edges, leaving them "razlohmachennymi." In addition, decorative patches can be made of completely different (not denim) fabric. For example, chiffon or printed cotton - for summer jeans; of the drape, wool or leather - winter version. And, you can give Patches shape of a rectangle, square, or diamond. And you can decorate the seams of colored yarn or beads, sequins, paillettes.

Another option - with the help of patches sticking adhesive webs: so is also possible to sew up the hole in the jeans. To do this, select the appropriate appliqué (larger than the hole). Cut it along the contour, and the hole itself strengthened by Dublerin or nonwoven (from the inside - iron). Then cut the adhesive cobweb shaped patches, but a little smaller and a hot iron glue application. To heighten the effect, you can just as well stick another symmetrical applique or put it in your pocket, or just nearby.

 sew up the hole in the jeans

We make darn

Sew hole jeans using darning can be the case if it has, for example, a triangular shape or looks "poluskvoznoy" attrition. Triangular hole (a piece of cloth, cut off the equity and transverse thread) are putting in place a well-ironed and carefully sew thread matching or contrasting. For a more "natural" seam, it can be extended by making a stitched rectangle. Part of the seam - connecting, and some - on the whole (not torn) tissue.

Wiped darn place in the following way:

  • good iron shabby place on the jeans;
  • strengthen the hole from the inside or the adhesive backing cloth (dublerin, glue spider);
  • on the front side cut off all the threads are not glued;
  • appropriate tone zastrachivaem attrition thread (front to back) parallel to the "grooves" denim.

Sew up the hole on jeans this way is best where the darning will be less noticeable.

Make a stylish slot

This is the easiest option, and it is suitable for small holes on the front side of the leg. In this case, the hole is slightly increased and razlohmachivaem its edge, removing the cross strings. For persuasiveness add some more similar slots adjacent to the hole transfigured. And the result is a stylish "torn" jeans.

Useful tips:

  • before you sew up the hole in jeans, do not forget to wash them;
  • using applications or other tissue, check its sensitivity to hot iron;
  • the shortage of skills in sewing and mending better to turn to an experienced friend or in the studio.

Give her a chance, at first glance, hopelessly spoiled jeans! Try yourself in the role of rescuer.

 How to sew up the hole in the jeans? Methods for resuscitation

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