How to sew a full skirt of the grid

Modern fashion democratically applies to all styles of clothing and allows the use of even the wildest kinds of fabrics. Thus, the basis of fashionable dress, it can be quite an unexpected material, such as mesh. Things made out of the grid, came to us from the Middle Ages. The lawmakers of the then fashion - a French and an English - used petticoat to get a magnificent top. This usually wore a brocade skirt a few products from the lower grid.

Generally, if you analyze the history of fashion, after its appearance in the Middle Ages, the skirt of the grid was always popular. Only in times of tight dresses fashion grid went to the back, but after a while the fashion returns, and with it the urgency of the lush skirt. Now the skirt of the grid used for different purposes. It can become an additional element of dress intended to give splendor and independent product.


Of course, you can buy such a dress in the store, but you will agree, make full skirt of a grid of their own, much more interesting. Sewing technology depends on the purpose for which the product is intended. If you are going to sew ordinary petticoat, the special skills you do not need.

Take otrez tulle, width 2-3 cm longer than the skirt, and a length of 2-4 times the amount of your hips (depending on how luxuriant you going to get the product). Fold the top edge of the material and sew, so that the seam between the top edge there is sufficient space for threading elastic bands. For this you'll need a larger width of the material. Instead, you can use the gum tape. If you want to get a full skirt, it is necessary to make them a few pieces, and connect with each other.

In France, the lower hooped skirts were called (the name is formed from two components - horse hair and thick linen). The basis of crinoline skirt consists of two wedge-polusolntsa and two pieces belts. Usually used special crinoline hoops. Standard three. And if you want to make a magnificent hoop skirt, you will need to master at least basic skills of sewing.

  1. First sew belt detail. Their length should be equal to the circumference of the waist, the width is 3-4 cm. It is necessary to cut out two identical workpiece sostrochit in length from the wrong side, turn them on the front side.
  2. Now, on to the main part of the skirt. To do this, you need to fold in half otrez grid, note the waistline and measure the length of the product. Details given cut seam allowance. Grid Neaten better, then sew the workpiece and stitched them to the belt. If the skirt is supposed to lightning, do not forget it and sew.
  3. The product inside out. Hoops on the skirt are as follows: the smallest - at a distance of one third of the length of the skirt, the second - two-thirds of the length, and the last, the biggest hoop is attached at the bottom and on the perimeter must be the same length hem. Hoops secured a wide ribbon that is part and sew on underneath.
  4. To get even more full skirt and create smooth rounded silhouette is on each tier in the area hoop sewn ruffles wide at one-third the length of the skirt.

In a similar product from the grid, you can change the appearance of almost any outfit. After all, if from the top of the skirt sewn tightly woven mesh of skirt looks - it looks mysterious and romantic. In such things, you will look more elegant, erotic. Intended for this purpose, you can sew a skirt of a single layer of tulle and make it longer than the main product.

 how to sew the lower skirt of the grid

The upper skirt

Spectacular full skirt can be obtained if the grid is not to put underneath the skirt and top. Sew this beauty of a fine mesh, which is intended for the upper tier. Middle tier is made of crepe-satin or satin, and the bottom is made of a rigid mesh. Zagotovte well hidden zipper length of about 15 centimeters.

  1. To begin calculate the necessary amount of tissue and to define a medium-length skirt. Suppose we sew full skirt length of 32 cm. Always added on 1, 5 cm to the processing of the upper edge and bottom. We get the 35 centimeters. Since the skirt consists of two panels, it will need a total of 70 centimeters.
  2. The upper skirt do shorter 5 cm. Therefore, it is necessary to take a 27 cm fine mesh. For the treatment of the upper edge will add half a centimeter, and the bottom of the skirt was left untreated. Therefore, the fine mesh required - 28 5 * 2 = 57. If the width of the rigid grid of 160-180, the lower skirt is best to sew from one cloth, it is longer than an average of 5 cm, so the calculation is as follows: 35 + 5 + 1 = 39 5 5.
  3. I sewed a thing is not very fluffy, so the average satin skirt enough width of 250 centimeters. Each panel of 125. But if you want to make a more lush skirt, increase the width of each cloth. Details of the product is a rectangle of a predetermined length. They should be linked together by side seams. On the left side of each skirt reserve to 16 centimeters for the castle. Do not forget to treat the lower edge of the middle of the skirt. It can be edged with bias binding or neaten and tucked, stitch.
  4. Further, in each of our preparation, on upper edge, paving wide stitch two parallel lines at a distance of 0, 5 cm and 1 cm. Skirts contract the waist and the width of the overlap.
  5. Tops skirts need to tack to each other. Sew the zipper.

It will look nice, if not a finished product with an elastic band and belt. This skirt is perfect adolescent girls. At the same time, you can use any color.

Skirts for baby

If you want to make full skirt for a little girl, then sew the product only from the soft mesh. To make such a thing, you will need to mesh petticoat organza and lightweight upper. Coquette is made of organza, measuring 20 by 150 centimeters. For the first 3 tiers of flounces need parts for the top, 10 x 150 cm, and the same parts of the grid for the bottom. For the second level: 6 pieces of organza, and the same number of grid. It is also necessary to prepare for ryushey 18 parts of 8 to 150 centimeters for each skirt, for a total of 36 parts.

  1. Sew full skirt starting with frills. Sew strips of mesh 18 on the short side (the band should get a length of 27 meters). Then tape paving middle line, so that the feed was collected in a ratio of 1 to 3. For this continuously during sewing laying assembly. Ready ruffles must have a length of about 9 meters. The product is locked in a circle.
  2. Getting to the manufacture of the second tier. Six strips of the grid need to sew the short sides and close the circle. On one side sew ryushu. The joints must pass through its middle. The second side of the material is collected in respect of thread 1 to 3. Three strip grid first tier sew the short sides. Closes the circle, and to one side ready to sew the second tier. The second side again gather in the ratio of 1 to 3.
  3. Similarly produced and the upper skirt, but it ruffles are made of mesh, and the main portion of the skirt of organza. Flirty skirts as follows. Fold piece in half face outward, paving the line at a distance of 5 cm from the edge, gum paste and locking member in the ring. We get down the details of the two cut to sew one petticoat, the second - the upper one.

As you can see, make full skirt of the grid it is possible independently. The main thing a little effort and patience. As little girls and adult women such a thing does not interfere in the locker room.

 How to sew a full skirt of the grid. For myself and for my daughter

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 Crochet children

You have not audited have imposed in his trunk for needlework? Surely there lying around the remnants of yarn, which throw a pity, and no place to apply. Especially if it's an easy yarn (cotton, acrylic, silk), from which the socks and mittens are not bind. That roll glomeruli in the trunk or basket, patiently waiting in the wings. And let's you and I zamahnemsya for such a useful thing as crochet children. Namely - the elegant summer hats for the little lady.

However, if the problem with the "recycling" the remnants of yarn you have not, it's not a reason to refuse the child in the new thing. Especially for us, clever and handy people is a trifling matter. And how many such violent emotions joyful summer hat will cause a little princess? That's right! So we take out of the chest glomeruli residues or run to the nearest store for a new yarn, and - for the cause!

Magic cap from the remnants of yarn

To start all glomeruli extract residues, and sort them by the meter and color. For a summer hat best suited cotton thread, but you can use acrylic or microfiber. You can combine colors, as you please: you can pick up the yarn in tone, but you can use a combination of contrast, you can use only two colors, and can be and more. Thus, the yarn produced, picked up the hook and start.

Getting knit classic flat cap that magically turn into a coquettish hat for the little lady. Using multicolored yarn compensate openwork pattern complexity and focus on a simple poster.

  1. Selected columns associate circle with a diameter of about twelve centimeters. Knit circle, making the gain in a row. Increase start doing vyvyazyvaya in each air loop chain (base circle). And then in each row do increase only one of the loop from which the previous row vyvyazali two. This is the "benevolent." It can tie the yarn of one color (eg white).
  2. Then continue to knit circle, making allowances across the row. As a result, our cover will begin to wrap smoothly, already turning into a hat. Knitting thus to the desired size of the cap when the cap of our circle becomes equal to the circumference of the head. This part of the cap knit in a different color (eg, purple).
  3. And then quite knit without of increases, vyvyazyvaya cylindrical portion of the cap to the desired height cap.
  4. Edge caps treat rachim step and tied with white thread.

By linking a magic cap, proceed to the decoration. Decorate the hat can be satin ribbon, sequins, beads. And best of all - associated flowers, leaves, berries and butterflies. It was then, and we'll find all the remains of colorful yarn. Knit decorations, collect bouquets, decorate their hat and present our little lady. By the way, you can make a hat striped, and then further knitted flowers may already not be needed.

Crochet for children is so fascinating that even mothers and grandmothers reminiscent of childhood, and therefore tales and favorite fairytale characters. Tell me, who among us has not imagined himself in the role of Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood? Certainly our little princess, too, dream of magical adventures. So let's give them the opportunity to feel like a fairy tale heroine.

 Knitting for kids crochet

Little Red Riding Hood

For this we need to hook the cap first and second numbers, and red yarn. Knit cap Red Riding Hood, we will in principle elongated cap. We determine the view columns and knit by the same principle as in the first embodiment, but with fewer of increases. If you knit columns without nakida we begin to gain the front row with five columns. And then do five of increases in each row. If you knit columns with nakida, we begin with ten of increases in the first row, and was added in each subsequent ten.

So knit cap to the correct size and go to Tuglie which vyvyazyvayut to the desired height cap. And then comes the turn of fields. Yes, we will make a cap with the fields! Crochet knit three smaller number of fields (making uniform allowances). Then take a larger hook and knit three series. The edges of the fields tied rachim step he took to it again a little hook. Hood is ready. We decorate it to your taste and according to the wishes of the protagonist.

Variations on a theme

Considering that crochet knitting for children will take minimum time (a couple of evenings), try yourself in the role of good witch hat and tie raznovariantnye the example above. First, try to play with color and various color combination in one product. Second, do not skimp on jewelry. The interesting and varied is decorated cap, the more it like a child. And thirdly, the use of interest openwork pattern scheme to make not just a beanie knit and lace. If you do not know which pattern to choose caps, then you can safely opt for the figures for the openwork napkins. The result will be superb!

Believe me, Crochet hats for children of all ages will give you lots of positive emotions. It does not take much of your time. This will give you the opportunity to feel not just needlework, but also an artist, and even a magician. In the end, it will make you once again experience the feeling of tenderness and infinite love. For all that we do for the children, we do with love!

 Crochet children. A hat for the little princess

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