Decoration of glasses at a wedding with his own hands


  • What you will need for the job?
  • Decorate glasses for a wedding with the help of lace
  • Learn how to make a rose out of the tape
  • Decorate glasses with artificial petals
  • Decorate glasses with feathers, flowers and drawings

Wedding - the most solemn, the most memorable holiday for couples in love. On this day, relatives, friends and acquaintances come to congratulate the young, wish them happiness and prosperity. And every couple wants their wedding to be the most unusual, the most beautiful, vibrant and unforgettable. Glasses for bride and groom are almost the most important wedding accessories. Usually wedding acquire two pairs of glasses. The first of them is destined to be broken, paying tribute to an old Russian tradition. Therefore, this pair of glasses is not particularly well chosen.

But the glasses for a banquet just have to be stylish and refined, because it is their couple will keep all his life, as a reminder of a meaningful bottom. They are selected with special care. Quite often young glasses are made under the style of the whole celebration, decorated with different decorations: sequins, flowers, ribbons, pattern. And since many of the girls want to do everything yourself, from choosing a restaurant, and ending with the selection of accessories, the glasses and decoration for a wedding with his own hands has become quite a popular thing. Indeed, why pay someone for what you can and make the most? Besides, it's very interesting to do, which you will remember with a smile, noting the anniversary of the wedding.

What you will need for the job?

In order to adhere to the glass ribbon or lace, flowers or beads, and can be rhinestones or rose petals, you can use the glue gun or silicone adhesive. In addition, suitable PVA glue or special instant adhesive for crystal and ceramics. You can also use water-resistant adhesive. You have to be very careful when gluing, so as not to leave marks on the glass. For example, small beads and rhinestones are best glued using a needle. If the trouble still occurred, use the special solvent to remove it. Jobs certainly laborious, but how beautiful it turns out in the end!

Not to alter one glass several times, arrange a trial lesson for themselves. For this purpose, before decorate festive glass, practice on a regular glass. If all goes well, feel free to get down to work. Materials for decoration at the wedding glasses can be purchased at specialty stores for creativity. Ideas you can get from the internet, or to consult with a friend, came up with his original design. And take heart from this article. So ...

 decoration for the wedding glasses

Decorate glasses for a wedding with the help of lace

These glasses will look unique and beautiful, original and refined. For starters take a subtle delicate lace and wrap them glass. Measured off the required length, cut with scissors, adding to the stock of a few millimeters. Now glue the lace on the glass.

In the same way you can decorate and leg goblet. To do this, you need to sweep away a small piece of lace to one edge and tighten baster "skirt". This "skirt" wrap the base of the glass, and fixing thread obkleyte around her legs. Even such a beautiful glass will look when the top of the bow legs sticking out of a wide band. By the way, paying a little more time to work, you can create the same beautiful satin ribbon rose.

Learn how to make a rose out of the tape

In order to make a beautiful flower from a wide satin ribbon, cut a piece of material measuring about ninety centimeters. Further, the tape should be folded in half so that the front side turned out. Sew the tape using a thread with a needle, from the fold line toward the folded edge. Please do stitches at an angle of forty-five degrees, and then start basting along the edge. When the tape ends, continues the line of stitches, until you reach the top of the opposite corner. Try to keep the stitches to be seen.

Now, with the help of thread assemble tape along the entire length. Where is the beginning of the outline will be the main bud, around which you want to tighten the belt tightness. Each turn attach just above the outline. Make sure that your flower does not sprawling. When Rose is ready, attach the thread by which the tape was pulled together, and the end of the tape itself.

Decorate glasses with artificial petals

Very original look glasses decorated with artificial flowers petals. Let's look at how to make glasses for a wedding decoration in this way. First you need to be disassembled into individual petals, the flower of your choice. And then, with the help of these petals, paste over the top wedding stem glasses so as to create the impression that the flowers around her from all sides.

Sami petals can be decorated with the help of beads and a flower will look great bow of ribbons and rhinestones. In addition, you can collect a small bouquet of artificial flowers and wrap it in a ribbon tied in a bow shape, or lace. Stick a corsage to the bottom of the glass, grabbing his leg.

Decorate glasses with feathers, flowers and drawings

Feathers rather unusual solution for the decoration of wedding glasses, but at the same time so the decor looks rather pale and bright. Feathers for decoration can be found in stores for needlework. They may be different in shape and size. Make rosettes from the tape as described above, and stick to the glass, along with selected feathers. Will look very original and memorable. In addition, the multi-colored feathers and ribbons and beads, you can make beautiful bouquets and glue them to the bottom of the glass.

You can consider the option decorations using fresh flowers, but in this case, be prepared for the fact that the flowers in the evening may simply wither. If you are good at drawing, then we can make the painting on Wedding glasses. But it must be remembered that the decoration is possible only on a smooth surface, crystal glasses with multiple embossed patterns for such a design will not fit. Everyone can choose a piece of jewelry that is more to their liking, they are all very original.

So easy to decorate your wedding and emphasize its solemnity. All these design looks elegant, tasteful. And there will be a good solution for decorating festive wedding table, regardless of whether you're in the restaurant to celebrate a wedding or prefer a home environment.

As you can see, does not necessarily turn to the professionals and to pay money for such work. They still oh how useful your young family! All you can do yourself, but it takes a little effort, accuracy and imagination. And put into operation a modicum of his soul. Then all you need all turn out!

 Decoration of the wedding glasses with their hands

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 artificial flowers with his own hands


  • Artificial flowers: the history and development
  • Cloth artificial flowers
  • Cooking pattern
  • Training details
  • Giving details of the stiffness
  • Basic principles of buttonholes
  • Connection details

Natural color - it's wonderful. Delicate aroma envelops the room. Beautiful buds decorate the interior. But there is a significant disadvantage of natural colors. They quickly wither. You can not say about the colors of the fabric. Their beauty is practically eternal. Why almost? And you try to bud into the hands of a small child, then you will understand. Speaking of hands. Did you know that the most beautiful bouquets of tissue obtained by you personally? And do not say that you are holding the needle once a year, and that every attempt ends with a broken craft material. Create fabric flowers with his own hands is not difficult. How exactly? Who will teach.

Artificial flowers: the history and development

But before embarking on training, tell a little about the history of artificial flowers. The first daffodils, roses and daisies fabric appeared in the 3rd century BC. Seductive Egyptians decorated their clothes with artificial flowers. Greek women also decided to keep up with fashion and, having mastered crafts, created in full bud of tissue. However, we considered the most beautiful artificial flowers that decorate the church during the holidays. Create collages of floral material nuns. Whether they put into their needlework soul, whether acting as the aura of the monastery, but the flowers are in fact obtained a truly divine.

Then (the 15th century), the fashion for artificial roses and daffodils came to Italy. From there to France - the empire of the world of fashion. That French enthusiastically began to wear clothes, strewn with buds of starched material. Therefore, each tailor had to be specially trained in the workshop of a girl who was engaged only in that sewed artificial flowers. By the 19th century, this needlework was so popular that it spread to all of the remaining countries, including Russia. Especially loved flowers decorate fabric female hats. In the minds of young damsels huddled entire beds.

Admittedly, the ladies are not only happy to buy new products with artificial flowers, and competed with each other in whose luxurious outfit. Naturally, the buds of fabric decorated not only hats, but also dress as the tailor had to balance the balance between the headgear and basic outfit. Especially loved artificial roses were created from the starched fabric. I must admit that today more and more often you can see the artificial flowers that adorn the hats of royalty (usually royals wear hats to the races), clothing and even shoes. And decorate red rose suit fabric can not only Princess, but also quite an ordinary girl. The only question is where to wear this flower perfection. So before you think through the sketch of the future dress, think about its feasibility.

 how to make artificial flowers made of cloth with his hands

Cloth artificial flowers

If you seriously want to learn how to create bunches of fabric, you should know that each cut is not suitable for such a manual work.

  • This handcraft involves the use of only one color fabric.
  • Do not throw scraps of fabric that you are after sewing. Sometimes small patches are obtained from the most beautiful artificial flowers as the pruning easier to work with than a large piece of cloth.
  • For a realistic life-size bouquets suitable fabric such as cotton, satin, calico, satin, silk, batiste, crepe de chine.
  • If you plan to make a boutonniere for clothes, you need these kinds of fabrics like silk, velvet, velvet, panne, brocade, satin, silver or gold brocade, leather and Laika.
  • Good looking artificial flowers, the creation of which was used several types of tissues. Therefore, experiment!

What other secrets fraught with floral needlework? In fact, a lot of them. And master all the subtleties in a single reading of the article is impossible. But if you feel a burning desire to create a beautiful bouquet and feel with the cloth, then you will succeed!

Cooking pattern

The creation of artificial colors all the same as when sewing a skirt or dress. The process begins with an idea and ends with patterns. Why stop? Yes, because if you will cut the wrong parts, no flower will not work, and your good initiative will die on the vine. To avoid this, you need to remember a few secrets:

  1. Before stitching whatever was the flower, you need to understand its structure. To do this, buy now inflorescence and look at its structure, the shape of the petals. If necessary - disassemble the living flower and scribble on the paper pattern "from life."
  2. Even such simple items, such as flower petals, there are left and right side. Therefore, creating a pattern, just sign detail. The more information you leave on the pattern, then the easier it will work.
  3. Once all the details of the future of the flower cut out of construction paper, you can start cutting products. For this pattern spread on the cut on the bias. Encircles parts best special chalk or remnant. The fact that other means often are not erased from the tissue that makes the appearance of the finished flower untidy.

Training details

Do not rush to sew the cut parts. Before you start, they need to be washed, ironed and, if necessary, to embellish. By the way, if you're going to make a flower out of small parts (eg, chrysanthemum), it should not be painted details, and otrez before the cutting.

It happens that the resulting tone does not meet your expectations. For example, the dye was too intense, or, conversely, too weak. It is not necessary because of the cut out parts again. It is enough to wash the dye from the fabric with a hot solution of sodium hydrogen sulfate (5 grams of material per liter of boiling water) and repaint again.

Some colors nature has endowed a beautiful contrast edging petals. Repeat it's not too difficult. Just do not dip the petals in the dye, trying to get the most out of the corner. Edging drawn marker.

 how to make artificial flowers with his own hands

Giving details of the stiffness

Many in the first half of a loss re-read an article in the search for the words "gelatin" and "starch". After all, these two substances give the detail necessary rigidity. That's right. Only the starch flower future we will have after the last drop of ink is dry. Every woman knows the proportion of breeding the starch. We are sure that you are not just tricks grandmother used to make the skirt tougher. Since all colors as well as clothing. Only here you have to take into account that the thinner the fabric, the greater the concentration of starch (or gelatin) is required.

If you do velvet flowers, keep in mind that the front of the fabric should not be exposed to starch. The mixture of gelatin is applied only from the inside cut velvet with a cotton swab.

Basic principles of buttonholes

Before you create a boutonniere for your beloved, understand for myself a few rules of their creation:

  1. Avoid large flowers. The boutonniere collect only small florets.
  2. Use the staining of tissue only resistant dyes. Imagine what would happen to your suit, if the paint is the most inopportune moment shed?
  3. The boutonniere is not necessary to combine many colors. Everything must be harmonious. Tsvetik-semitsvetik - that's fine, but imagine him in his lapel suits. Looks? A stylish chrysanthemum? That's right. Therefore, leave the bright colors to the landscape.
  4. If you make a boutonniere of several branches, be careful that they all chose the same direction.
  5. For the stem, use only a thin wire covered with fabric. However, the quality and the material, and the wire should be on top, if you want to last a long time boutonniere.

Connection details

Before master floral needlework, you probably armed with a mass of books with colorful pictures. It is right. In such visual aids every stage of assembly is not only described in detail, but also photographed. But if you put together a bouquet and he radically different from the pictures that adorn the benefit needlework, do not worry. Remember the saying, which is not that hard. And in no case do not throw attempts to create artificial flowers with his own hands. It did not work the first time? Try another.

 Beautiful flowers of cloth with his hands

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