what to make out of old jeans


  • For children
  • For animals
  • For the interior
  • For myself

Probably just do not have such a house where there lying around to old jeans. These pants are surprisingly strong. But here's the trouble, they go out of fashion, we grow up in size. And sometimes just torn jeans (yes so unexpected!) In the most inappropriate places. And what do we do with them? In the best case, and remove deep away in a cupboard, or give the man in the garage for rags. In the worst - just throw away. And I must say, we are doing nothing.

It turns out that old pair of jeans can find a second life. Folk artists, craftsmen and craftswomen, quickly realized that the pants can be easily put to use by applying to them his skillful hands. We let's take adopt their ideas and experience and know what to make of old jeans. Even if we fail to achieve excellent results from the first time ... Well, there will always be another one (and one more, and one more) Jeans with which you can experiment.

For children

What can be done from old jeans for kids? Outset that if you're not handy with a needle and thread, to something not worth it. In order to make out of old jeans new children's clothes, you need to own at least tailoring skills. While learning about the possibilities of denim reincarnation would not want.

For children's clothing you need, above all, leg. These should be cut from the leg of his pants, washed, ironed and start tinkering. What exactly? Sarafan. For the little girl enough even one leg, and you rip something almost do not have to. Just fold-out leg on the table, draw the pattern on one side forehand sundress, on the other - the pattern back. Crosslinking shoulders, neck inlay treat and armholes, decorate sundress applique, embroidery or pockets. All the baby to update, and you have a satisfied feeling of self-sufficiency.

The same principle can be bound and a skirt and fashionable scarf with visor (or without hood), and summer panama, and shorts. And, you can make denim bag spare shoes to school, soft foam, cover for cell phone and other useful things. Think, talk with your child. And suddenly it dawned on me any idea?

 what to make of old jeans

For animals

Of course, if you have a cat or a dog, after your child you think about it exactly. And if there are no children, it is quite understandable desire to think of it, even a family member in the first place (who still think of them?). So for your pet, too, can build anything out of old jeans.

If you trick out your four-legged miracle in different clothes, make clothes and denim. Cut the leg. Thrust them wash, otgladte and, armed with a pattern, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, fashioned to upgrade. And, you can sostrochit denim cover for the mattress on a dog couch or change the upholstery on soft house cat. Incidentally, denim is strong enough to become a harness, collar or leash.

For the interior

It also features a denim reincarnation - untilled field. And to his plow, enough to get out of the closet old jeans and armed with appropriate tools (scissors, iron, sewing machine, crochet hook and so forth.) And suitable ideas. And if jeans and tools you certainly there, then we'll throw in little idea.

First, cases. Cases that can be put on a kitchen bench or even upholstered furniture, which will be excellent for the pillowcases cushions. Especially here no need to philosophize: really strut his pants and do some straight stitch on the sewing machine can any hostess. Special chic cover and pillowcases so give all sorts of embellishment: applique, embroidery, raised topstitching.

Secondly, capes and blankets. Here you will need skill possession patchwork. You just need to cut all kinds of denim to diamonds, triangles and squares, to come up with one pattern and fabric sostrochit desired size and shape. By the way, what is convenient in this case denim, it's the fact that such a patchwork blanket will look great with both the front and the reverse side. If the inside out so the seams kreativnenko razlohmatit, the veil will look even more spectacular than the face. Way flaps can not sew and fasten the hook and hook them to connect to the whole web.

Thirdly, rugs and carpets. They do on the same principle as that covered only from the inside to them, and even sewn-lining base. Incidentally, these mats can be spread not only in the hallway or the bathroom. If you make the effort (mental and physical), and you get a great, mind you, exclusive carpet for the front of the room. And some craftswomen cut jeans and knit tape of the tape the same carpets and rugs. Crochet - knitting needles for this are not good. Finally, all kinds of wall panels. If you have the gift of the artist and tailor at a time, you can do that, too. Be of good cheer!

For myself

For myself, I do not feel sorry! Neither the old jeans, no wasted time. And what you can spend these jeans and time? At the same sundresses and shorts, skirts and vests. And yet - on the slippers and flip-flops, to handbags and cosmetics, on cheholchiki phone and pencil holders, bracelets and on kulonchiki on aprons and hats. In addition, denim can be obtyanut favorite casket for jewelry or cosmetics, make it a cover for the book or reader, to sew a bag for a laptop.

Do you want to - update your kitchen textiles - also because for themselves. Tablecloths, napkins, oven gloves, pads for kitchen stools, capes (padding) for the kitchen sofa. Or make a surprise to the man and sew it into the car denim seat covers. However, why a man? If your machine, it will also be for myself!

In short, immediately dig up old jeans in the closet and start denim reincarnation. Give a second life on forces only to the gods. And we did not goddess?

 What to make of old jeans or denim reincarnation

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 how to hem jeans on a typewriter


  • General rules of work
  • If there is no sewing machine
  • Interesting way
  • "Bachelor method"

Probably will not find in our country a girl who once could not buy jeans. After all, this pants, come to us from America, we have firmly taken root in Russia. There is no doubt that the jeans are comfortable and practical. They can go for a walk, go to work, even at the party jeans look stylish. They are both in winter and in summer, under the heel and under the sneakers. The main thing - to choose the right style in your wardrobe, and there is always what to wear!

Quite often bought model is longer than necessary, and then raises the question of how to carry the thing in the studio or on their own to try to give it the desired length. Of course, trust the professionals reliable and convenient, but their work is worth the money. And why pay for something you can do with your hands? If you have a sewing machine, and even a small presentation on how to use it, you will cope with the task. Following the advice in this article will tell you how to hem jeans on a typewriter or by hand and help make it no worse than in the studio.

General rules of work

The first thing you need to determine the final length. Try jeans with the shoes with which you will wear them. Now tuck the trouser leg so that you feel comfortable to walk in them. Pants should not interfere with the movement, but also the color of your stockings too should not be public. That is, find the "golden mean." Then kill the right place bulavochkami sewing around the perimeter.

Next step. Spread jeans on a flat surface, align them and smooths length. Now take a piece of soap, a ruler and mark a line on which pins are attached. Then you need to draw a line for the allowance, at a distance of two centimeters in the examples from the main. Cut away the excess material on the second line.

Well, it's time to connect the machine to the point. Gut-wrenching thing inside out. To begin Bends trouser leg on the first line inside, and then again folded the already on the second line. You can slightly to iron, so it will be easier to scribble. Now slowly stitched by the hem in place. That's all! We still smooth to jeans looked neat.

If there is no sewing machine

Do not despair. All this work can be done hands really need to be a little bit more time and patience. Since hem jeans manually? Nothing complicated about it. Again, we try on, and mark the desired length allowance. Then buckle on the first line and a conventional sewn seam, which is popularly referred to as "forward needle".

Tuck again on the second line and sewn over the seam in the middle of a neat hem. Threads choose the color of the jeans. And of course, iron. It turned out not so beautiful as on the machine, but the goal is still achieved!

Let's look at how to hem jeans more complex ways in which you can save the factory seam, and some models inherent attrition bottom. Cut the thing one centimeter higher than obstrochka. Now to measure jeans to determine the correct length and, if necessary, cut more.

Then gently rip the factory line to cut the part. Bends in and smoothes little above the place where the seam. Now we add the item to the trouser leg so that the side seams match. Attach bulavochkami. Or, you can baste. Scribbling need at the place where the factory was a joint. Try to pick up the thread most similar to those that defer the whole thing. Slightly smoothes - you're done!

Interesting way

This idea will be useful to those who have frayed jeans go down, but the overall appearance is still good. Do not dispose of the same thing because of the battered region. You can fix it. For this you need the lightning, which is sold on yardage and has no padlock.

Cropped frayed edge. We share the zipper into two halves - one on each trouser leg. Now we are putting it edge to edge, and sew jeans. Line should be done closer to the lightning. Then wrap the seam in and scribbling again, stepping back from the edge of approximately one centimeter. Zipper teeth are a kind of "fringe" - and stylish, and the bottom is no longer obtrepletsya.

 how to hem jeans

"Bachelor" method

Probably all women will be interesting to see how shorten jeans unmarried men. The method is very interesting, original and simple. You can borrow, if you really do not want to mess with her sewing.

Jeans smoothed out to the required length. Then again, while adding one centimeter. The excess of the cut with scissors. Then take the glue "Moment", we coat them first inside hem is folded properly and presses. Second hem treated exactly the same way. "Filed" prominaetsya edge with your fingers and smooth iron inside and outside. Here's an interesting method. And do not need a sewing machine and thread will remain intact!

 How to hem jeans. Standard and original methods

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