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  • How to "Dreamcatcher" with his own hands
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First of all, to clarify that the Dreamcatcher - a traditional Indian talisman that protects from bad night dreams. And in this article it will go about it, not about fantasy films, based on the book by Stephen King (if you think about it). It is woven from the thread of severe and deer lived cobwebs stretched over willow circle with feathers hanging him. According to the beliefs of North American Indians, hanging over the head of catcher of dreams, it has the ability to attract good and evil spirits of sleep. This bad dreams can not get close to the man, because entangled in the cells, and the first rays of the sun dissolved nightmares and clean the trap. The bright and relaxing as dreams, on the contrary, penetrates the central hole and gently lowered to the sleeping man.

It is worth noting that this popular among Indians mascot is not listed in the list of the forgotten in our days the ancient amulets. Even those who do not believe in magic and the existence of evil spirits, hang traps dreams in his head, and over the beds of their loved ones. And they can be used as the original interior details, or present as a gift to a friend who is interested in this topic. Especially if you make such a talisman with their hands, because the store bought Dreamcatcher - it is likely to "child" assembly-line production, with all the ensuing consequences, as not always pleasant thoughts of his producers.
 Dreamcatcher own hands

How to "Dreamcatcher" with his own hands

So, how to make your own dream catcher? First of all, we prepare the necessary items for its manufacture. As already mentioned, the need for a base circle twisted wicker, however, equally well be framed as the inner half of the hoop, and wood (some use metallic) hoop or different circumference. Still need feathers, ideally - the eagle owl for men and for women, but should be fine and chicken, cock, crow, or marabou feathers. And provide a tape or two mm cord, thread (cotton, floss), or even a thin strip of leather and beads or beads. Needed will be a set of auxiliary tools: scissors, needle and all-purpose adhesive. And decoration - metal tubes of wind chimes, bells, decorative pendants. It all depends on your imagination.

Of course, to make a dream catcher with his own hands is not difficult, but there are a prerequisite: Getting down to business, you certainly need to get rid of negative emotions and tune only in a positive way (you can even read poetry or sing). After all, as you may recall, the task of this magic talisman - protecting you from nightmares, missing only the rosy and bright dreams.

Ready? Then take in hand and begin to wrap it tightly wrap string or ribbon and lock, leaving loose ponytail. Now take a rolled up into a ball (it will be easier to work with) and start the thread netting. After three or four centimeters from the start, wrap the thread around the ring, and then pass it into a loop and tighten.

Follow this procedure around the entire circumference (length between the beginning and the end to do a little less) and go to the next round, but now do not attach loops of the hoop, and by the middle of previous loops. Each time there will be less and less, and at the end of the work, they just meet in the center circle. How much do you make a circular motion, it depends on your desire (at least three), but do not forget to take into account the diameter of the hoop, and remember that all necessary measure.

The process of weaving accompany vyvyazyvaniem components and stringing beads, and pull the thread a little bit to your Dreamcatcher not slack. When he reached the center, the main thread the bead with a needle thread and secure the cobweb, and then cut the thread end close to the knot and secure with glue.

The main part of the mascot is ready. Before proceeding to the next stage of your creation called "Dreamcatcher their own hands", select decorative elements that you want to decorate. Now prepare three pendants with feathers, beads or other decorations, which tie a thread to the hoop, while respecting the same distance from the center, and decorate their chosen subjects. At the same time try to get the first bead "sat" on the feathers, and then - how prompt your imagination. By the way, the thread-suspension can be threaded through the metal tube from the music of the wind. And the final chord - a small loop at the top to your Dreamcatcher could comfortably above the headboard.

To hang "Dreamcatcher"

Among the not yet forgotten the legends telling the origin of the dream catcher, the most popular legend Lakota. It Lakota Indians believe that the amulet is able to catch the passing good thoughts and dreams that are very familiar with it "paths", so penetrate through the outer holes, and a feather gently down to the sleeping man. But evil spirits, not possessing such knowledge, entangled in the web and disappear with the first rays of the sun.

Therefore it is necessary to reiterate that, according to "regulations" legend, the mascot of sleep should be placed at the head, but in a way that it can rotate in search of dreams floating by. Some dreamcatcher hung a chandelier bedroom. Then snuffle peacefully, surrounded by donated them pleasant dreams. Acquires and you watchful "eye" of the Indian dream catcher, let your dreams will bring only joy and good mood of the morning!

 "Dreamcatcher" with his own hands

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 how to sew a skirt of tulle


  • A bit of tissue
  • Operating procedure
  • Ornament
  • From what to wear

If you want to diversify your wardrobe, and not suffer with the financial, then sew something with their own hands. You must agree that a thing made by yourself - it is doubly valuable and pleasant. For this season, look original and fashionable, pay attention to its lush skirt, for example, is made of tulle. Where you can go to a skirt? Yes anywhere! At a party, on a date, even at work, of course, if there is no strict dress code or of a superior does not understand fashion trends.

If you want to arrange a photo shoot, you can not do without such a charming thing. The same can be said about the dance lesson or going to a disco. The main thing here - Making your skirt and something with which you combine it. Probably every girl has a passion for needlework ever wondered - how to sew a skirt of tulle? In fact, nothing could be simpler.

A bit of tissue

Tulle - the fabric from which usually sew wedding dresses. And in order to make a magnificent and elegant skirt, it will fit perfectly. This material is of different stiffness, so skirts and look different. A few years ago in the stores can be seen exclusively white tulle colors. Now, this fabric is represented in every texture and color. If you use the material, which will be different in transparency and stiffness can make a pretty original and elegant thing. So sew full skirt.

Needlewomen Beginners will appreciate the fact that sew a full skirt of tulle can be, even without having special knowledge of sewing techniques and skills of handling machine. Moreover, you do not even have to use it, needle and thread are not needed. Intrigued? Well, let's try to understand the intricacies of the work.

Operating procedure

Before you sew a skirt of tulle, you need to prepare:

  • Two roll of material, taking into account the fact that its width is fifteen centimeters.
  • Gum, two centimeters wide.
  • Scissors.
  • Satin ribbons, beads, or beads for decoration.
  • Cardboard template

So, let's begin. Why is better to buy it in tulle roll? So it will be easier to make the piece. Cut out a cardboard box whose side is equal to the length of your future skirts. Do not forget to leave a centimeter on a seam allowance. Now proceed to the cutting of strips. Wrap a piece of cardboard material and cut at one end. For skirts, with girth at the waist and sixty centimeters, you need to cut strips of material sixty.

Eraser is best to tie on the back of the high chair. Take a piece of tulle and attach it neat knot, which should be quite free. Find the middle of the strip and start to tie the circle rubber bands. The knot should be the most common, which tie shoelaces. Make sure that all parts of the same length. "Sew" continue until the final "completion" gum. Locking Tie tulle and fan assembly. Upon completion of the work, a skirt trimmed with scissors.

 How to sew a full skirt of tulle


Various decorations can help you create not just a fluffy skirt and original thing that you can hardly even on someone to see. Relying on their own style and taste, showing little imagination, you will become the owner of a truly exclusive product. The upper part of the thing, namely gum, usually sheathe satin ribbon. But you can play on contrasts, shading her full skirt with a leather belt, which is contrary to the lightness and delicacy of tulle. The fabric is decorated with beads, sequins, beads, sequins. For a more interesting effect, apply multicolored tulle, which combined with the soft mesh.

Can be painted with special glitter material based on the adhesive, are applied to the fabric. Always make sure that the adhesive does not leave traces, and when dry it becomes completely invisible. Apply glitter recommend using ordinary sponge. First glitter sprinkled on any surface that needs to be wiped with a sponge, cloth and treat it.

From what to wear

The skirt of tulle perfectly set off the dark skin-tight top, and if you're a girl without complexes, can wear a bright skirt with skinny jeans. This combination is quite fashionable this season. This thing looks great with leggings. Besides, you can make full skirt of tulle, not only for themselves but also for the little daughter or niece. Indeed, in such an outfit any girl looks cute and touching. Be creative, dream, amaze friends and relatives with their new outfits. Feel like a fairy princess in a light and airy tulle skirt!

 How to sew a skirt of tulle - the idea for the real fashionistas

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