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Let's give her husband a second chance shirt! He will need this kind of menswear, if:

  • its "carrier" greatly increased or decreased in volume;
  • it was infinitely devoted to what shirt "responded" frayed sleeves and collar;
  • man prefers to wear only new things.

Of course, the list goes on and on, because the causes and reasons for us to want to remake shirt husband (father, brother, son, ...) in the women's shirt, there are so many. And alter a man's shirt into a thing for the opposite "sex" is not difficult enough to have such a desire, as well as thread, needles, scissors, sewing machine and a couple of different (depending on your ideas) elements for finishing and decorating. How, then, do it in practice? Let's look at a few options.


Determine what it is you want a man's shirt to redo your wardrobe, wash it, dry and iron, and then prepare all the necessary tools and start. By the way, for this version of the women's blouses as auxiliary material you need to tape or a small satin ribbon width.

So, let's begin. Lay still male thing on a flat surface and cut it along the upper part of the gate at the depth of what you need for a small chest. If sleeve shirts have short, leave them intact, otherwise the cut to the desired length - just above the elbow. Now, turn in all the edges cut shirt so that they could push through the braid or ribbon, profit and try on.

All size? Now treat the edges with overlock and Stitch them on the machine, then insert a ribbon or ribbon and by pulling the cloth, tie it with ribbons. Deprive you women Shirts pockets (unless of course they were on the original), or leave them, decide for yourself. The rest of the product, it is ready to enter into the light.

Blouse with ruffles

Now try to alter a shirt designed for men, the women's blouse with ruffles. Tools will remain the same, only add to them a piece of soap, pen or something similar to marks.

Spread on a table or other flat and solid surface laundered and ironed men's shirt, and then, on the pattern of their size, draw on her shirt. Further, eliminating the shirt from the collar and sleeves and cut it slightly on the sides, sew a blouse from the wrong side of the drawing and process the edges.

Now thrust sleeve shirts and deleting old seams, cuffs cut into strips of equal width, and then carefully sew into a single lane - it must be rectangular in shape, with smooth edges, cut the edge and pull. Sew the ruffles to the collar blouses, fashioned from the remaining fabric belt. That's it. Wear on the health of women blouse, converted from a man's shirt.

 both from a man's shirt to make women

Fancy Blouse

To make the shirt from her husband elegant blouse for yourself, a lot of effort would be required. Cook the white men's shirts and get ten meters finishing tape of any bright color. Further spare shirt from the collar, but instead around the neck nasheyte several rows of webbing so that the reception has been completely closed. Now remove the cuffs and hem of the sleeves and on the strap fastener also nasheyte braid. Do not forget that the closure should not embarrass you, a woman, her male location, so just replace the lacing buttons or buttons (do not forget to sew welt loop).

Bluzka- "peasant"

In this case, we remake a man's shirt to the ladies bluzku- "peasant", for which we again need all of the above instruments, as well as the shirt itself and a small piece of fabric of another color. Use a pencil or a piece of soap to draw on the original cleavage the desired depth, and then cut the excess fabric. Now, with overlock or zigzag edge kuliske treat and prostrochite it, leaving a free hole. Insert a rubber band, connect the ends and scribbling kuliske through.

Next, determine the desired length of the sleeves, cut off the excess material and cut from the prepared tissue cuff width of ten centimeters. Sew the ends and smooth allowances. Now fold each in half sleeve (along) and smooth the middle, and then expand, smoothen her allowance, and again fold through the middle. Gather in small assembly sleeve, insert it into the sleeve and sew one to the other. The same thing happened with the second cuffs, then shirttail hem, if you shortened it. Another option in the transformation of men's shirts, women's blouse is ready.

Just topic

For its production, you can use the classic men's shirt with short sleeves. Cut the product along the lines of the neck and armholes, and then cut off some fabric on the sides. The sleeves do not throw - they come in handy for sewing straps. Now, on the wrong side of the shirt - about a centimeter above the breast pockets, - make a mark, and then fold the upper part of the future of the topic and baste the seam line. Sew the sides, and then prostrochite Drawstring at a distance of one and a half centimeters from the top of the article and gum paste.

And, as a finishing touch, sew in a place convenient for you stamp the top of the webbing made of sleeveless shirts for men. Decorate your summer new clothes, you can use the buttons and other decorative materials.

 How to alter a man's shirt to the women?

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 Developing rug sew


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Advanced parents today went! Each (somewhere in the depths of the soul) is confident that begot this child indigo and struggled to get a confirmation of this fact. And because their kids starting to develop parents almost from the cradle. But even if the indigo children - it's just a pseudo-scientific theory, all well aware that the best (clever, beautiful, smart and talented) the child is every mother. And mom and dad with them and grandparents selflessly given to the process of developing education.

One of the popular tools such education began to develop a rug. Children's goods shops offer them for every taste and at different prices. However, many young parents are not satisfied with a product quality or its price. And sometimes they just can not find exactly what they think is necessary for your baby. Therefore mums have no choice but to make a rug for the baby develops his own hands, or order it more skillful and more free grandmother or girlfriend. Meanwhile, mats, too, are different and designed for kids of all ages. We invite you to learn about the different types of this popular tool and how to sew a mat with your hands.

What are developing mats for children

Most "older" model of rugs designed for children from three months to a year. This is the age when the child is unable to move independently, but takes an active interest in its surroundings. He carefully examines all the surrounding objects, trying to hang on to them by their little hands and tasted everything he could grab. Before the advent of developing the child's attention attracted mats stretched over the crib or stroller rattles with which he willingly played. Actually these are the rattles, and formed the basis for developing modern rugs.

Ideas for the creation of this new-fangled "tools" just lay on the surface. Therefore, it could only enhance the principle and put it into a "modern style" form. This was done by the Israeli Tiny Love about fifteen years ago. These mats are usually in addition to bright colors and sewn them interesting details toys fitted with arches, arches. On arc too hung toys, to which the baby can reach your hands or just view them, lying on his back.

Models rugs for children older than one year are somewhat different. These mats have hung on the wall near the crib or on the back of the crib. At this age, kids begin to walk confidently and can more consciously deal with this toy: pull and pull different things, to put on the mat or clean with a removable elements.

For children from one and a half to three-four years mats make plot. This is the kind of scene (as in a puppet theater), where kids organize fabulous performances and story games. These mats in addition to exciting games are still learning the basics of arithmetic and logical thinking. That is in addition equipped with game elements and elements of teaching.

So if you're going to make a rug yourself, then, believe me, will be able to make it much more interesting and versatile models purchased. The only important skill to put into practice all the ideas you have visited. And of course, you should try to make a rug neat, beautiful and durable (this is especially important).

 sew develops mat

Ideas to create a rug

Look for ideas, just look around. For an early rug use not only the "contemplative" elements, but also opportunities for the development of fine motor skills. Are useful for the purpose of the game - undoing buttons and zippers, unleashing shnurovok and ribbons, attach (and "detachment") parts with Velcro and buttons.

For a child from one year to two years to make a mandatory removable mat elements that the baby will enjoy consciously. You can think of a lake or a river with fish, which pipsqueak will "catch" of the water. You can put on a rug or a train car, which will be able to "ride" bunnies, bears and men. You can offer your child is going to "harvest" with trees and flower beds and put in a basket mushrooms and flowers.

To acquaint the child with natural phenomena, on the mat, place the sun, which can go behind a cloud or clouds, which can go from rain or sprinkled with snow. Also at this age need to start teaching your baby to distinguish colors and geometric shapes. Therefore provide to the mat elements of different colors and different shapes: round red ball, round yellow sun, green triangular roof on the house, the blue rectangular trailers in train and so on.

Ideas for developing the rug for a child older than two years are more diverse. Think of your favorite fairy-baby and make a rug based on these tales. Sew to the boy on the mat or sea pirate theme, and the girls make a fabulous kitchen and dressing room. It is already possible to give free rein to fantasy and role-playing games: Visiting friends, cook dinner, treat the animals. This pad should contain a more serious training elements: letters and numbers.

Use rug for developing not only the colored fabric and textural elements: knitted, quilted, made of "rough" or velvet drape. Volume parts can fill groats (buckwheat, rice, peas) and for the image of water use smooth silk slip fabric. It is advisable to use for all kinds of mat and rustling elements: sewn into cloth bags and paper. Reflective surfaces: CD or foil will also be of interest to your child. Buttons can be used not only as fasteners, but also make them the path or to lay stones on the shore. Well, as well as for developing the rug needed circuit applications and all kinds of pockets.

Preparations for making developmental mat for baby

To start pick fabric mat. Do not stop your choice on just one form of fabric, use for it is not only eco-friendly cotton but silk, flannel, felt, denim, or even a tarp. Be sure to check all the fabric selected for resistance to washing: they should not shedding or "sit." Better yet, just wash and otutyuzhte all tissues in advance.

Accessories for carpet, choose a solid: plastic should not crumble or break, the tree should be smooth and free of burrs, zippers and buttons without sharp edges. Be sure to think through the story and make it a rug sketch. Best of all, if the "picture" is multifaceted: nature, city, transportation, home - everything that surrounds the baby in real life.

For sure the rug you need and additional accessories that can be turned into toys or items to make a rug. So look for and prepare the large beads, small soft toys, rattles, old unnecessary belts, ribbons, laces and ties, boxes and other trifles.

Sew develops mat for infants

Now direct the process of manufacture. For the basics to cut out part of a dense Tacna. Traditionally, a rectangle or a square, but can be round or triangular base. If you are going to make a mat with arches, it is necessary to prepare and frame of thick wire. The lower part of the frame will vdet the perimeter foundations and arc "soar" over the rug.

To pad with quilted stitch frame basis, filling it with padding polyester or foam rubber, leaving the flat edge for fastening to the wire. Find details to wrap arcs. Dougie also wrap and synthetic padding obsheyte cloth (you can manually). Then roll the wire to the bottom of the frame shape and size of the basics: rectangle, square, circle. Connect and seal the ends of the wire and wrap it too synthetic padding. Arcs connect to the bottom of the frame and tighten them firmly. Crosshair arcs and fasten with wire or tie a rope or cord. And now the basis of tissue, apply to the bottom frame and the flat edges of the wrapping wire, tightly sew to the base wire frame.

Incidentally, for more durable the lower portion skeleton may be made of plywood or a fiberboard sheet, and has attached thereto an arc. For this option carcass basis mat make removable - the type of mattress on the clasp. To sew the basis of volume and texture elements to the arcs hang toys and rattles.

Sew wall develops mat

For this rug is also first have to stitch the basis for which also need to choose a thick cloth. The basis can also be made of two types of tissue. More dense (eg, jeans) to start up on the wrong side, and the soft and colorful fabric (cotton, flannel) to sew the front of the mat. Treat the edges and begin to implement the invented you sketch. Cut from colored pieces of fabric components for applications and pockets. Make a pattern removable parts.

Applications to start attach to the mat, and then baste. If everything is satisfactory, stitched appliqué to the base. Make it best in a zigzag manner. Or you can paste using an adhesive fabric and iron. Only in this case the edge of applications must first Neaten or hem. A cut stitched pockets, Velcro removable parts and other items that need to be sewn to the carpet.

Now for removable mat elements: figures, letters, numbers. Make patterns and make bulky items that fill the same synthetic padding (for rustling - cellophane or paper). Sew to the pad mount (rings, strings) and his creation can be of the baby. Surely he will be satisfied!

Equally fun and you get when you see how interested pipsqueak plays a donated toy. Child Development course important, but more importantly for his mother's love. But what you have done for your baby, made with love and charged a special energy. And what could be more and more important than love?

 Developing rug can make every mother!

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