than to feed the cat castrated


  • Important rules for drawing up on diet
  • How to choose industrial food for castrated cat
  • What to prefer in-kind food

Depriving the cats of libido surgically entails not only physiological differences, but also a certain effect on the subsequent life of animals. They have hormonal changes, fluffy robbers are calmer, the mating season is not accompanied by heart-rending Oromo, and the angles of the apartment is no longer necessary to wash off a specific smell, how male usually mark the boundaries of their habitat.

But as obvious positives hidden and one unpleasant aspect: the cats are deprived of testes, all of his attention earlier meant tailed graceful lady, switched on food. So do not be surprised if your pet is very active before now prefers ease reclining on the couch, and in the intervals between such self-indulgence with joy empties just filled with food bowl and, obviously wondering smorit you in the eye with a silent question: "Is that all ?! "

The awakening of appetite, usually entails the appearance of excess weight is often so excessive that animal is difficult to move. And if at first you are happy with the cat and the fatness of his impressive size, instead of a few scruffy and miserable kind in the past, it was soon replaced by admiring come concerns about the health of the favorite, and not without reason. Is it possible to avoid such dangerous consequences after castration? And the feed castrated cat, so he still looked fit and alert?

 than to feed the cat after castration

Important rules for drawing up on diet

The most important rule to be learned each owner of such an animal, is that under no circumstances do not give in to provocation "meow" and "murrr" and do not overfeed your pet after he was deprived of sexual desire in the clinic. It absolutely can not do. Castrated cat requires less food than male-producer. Therefore, take this note from the very first days after the operation.

But to limit the meals is not recommended, because if the animal is accustomed to eat two times a day, there is no need to insult and injure his passing only the morning or evening feeding. It is best to just reduce the portions and bring the cat a pleasure to feast favorite dish in the traditional mode. If this does not help the animal every day is becoming thicker, practice weekly fasting hungry day for your pet fat. It would do him good.

Because food is often the only entertainment cat after castration to preserve a cheerful kind of animal and avoid obesity can not only through cutting its quantity, but also by engaging in active pet game. If you have not paid particular attention to various toy mice, did not buy balls and other attributes for a variety of feline fun, now is the time to take note Fuzzy something similar. In addition to a fun-filled excitement of hunting in green cat's eyes, you also will feel the joy of communicating with a favorite in the new style.

The second rule concerning how and what to feed the cat castrated, formulated on the basis of made by veterinarians and experienced breeders findings. The fact that the manipulation of depriving the male sex drive often becomes a trigger for the start of the animals urolithiasis. With high probability it can not be argued, but it was the cats who are overweight are at risk. Since castration provokes a rapid weight gain, the relationship is not difficult to grasp.

Castration at a young age, that is immature male, fraught, according to some breeders, hypoplasia of the urethra. As a result, it remains narrow and so any inflammation of the urinary system causes obstruction of the urethra. In addition, cats castrato noticed that they rarely urinate, and this triggers the formation of kidney stones, as well as certain inflammatory processes.

Based on the foregoing, under the second principle of feeding castrated cats to be understood correctly made diet and balanced menu. It is important to ensure that the selected food contains a sufficient amount of minerals, but also to limit excessive penetration into the body of the animal phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is these elements contribute to the formation of one of the most common types of stones called tripelfosfatami because tend to hold the cat's body in the water.

How to choose industrial food for castrated cat?

For many caring owners empty bowl pet - a signal that the animal is hungry. But this is not true, because we all know that an active healthy cat does not know what the feeling of satiety. The same can be said about the dogs, the owners of which are better than others familiar with terms such as multiple sclerosis stomach: like pet just ate a bowl full of food, and then again with longing looks at the table in the hope to eat anything else. And cats, especially when it comes to pet food, they tend to eat all without a trace. But, as mentioned above, overfeed castrated animals in any case should not be because of the risk of obesity.

In addition to limiting access to food, it is important to choose and the type of food for your pet. If prior to surgery you mixed industrial and domestic food (though this is not recommended) and the cat ate the crackers, canned goods, the fish and myasko, after castration, it's time to determine exactly what should be in koshechey bowl. This will allow you to avoid many health problems pet.

Whatever the choices, the menu of the animal must meet all the basic guidelines, adhere to which, according to the breeders, it makes sense from the first days of life. Experts advise to arrange meals castrated animals in accordance with one of the three schemes described below and under no circumstances do not mix them together. So you can give preference to:

  • dry food and wet canned food, and these products should refer to the same brand;
  • natural food and moist canned food;
  • Only natural food, but in combination with special mineral complex, including vitamins A, C and E.

If you gravitate to the feed industry and believe that they will provide the best pet a balanced diet, pay attention to those who belong to a class premium and super premium. The fact that this type of food produced world-famous brands with high reputation among breeders and veterinarians. Development of the composition of feed engaged in special research centers and laboratories, therefore it is possible with a high degree of confidence to treat their quality. However, the price of high quality industrial power "bite", but the furry pet health is better not to risk it, because the treatment is usually much more expensive than ready to feed properly selected.

Recently, many popular packages "crackers" is marked "for neutered cats", "Treatment of urolithiasis," "To combat obesity," and so on. Of course, you need to be guided by this information, but it is not necessary to buy a medical food is quite healthy animal or plant it on a lightweight low-calorie diet without urgent need. It is better to choose ready-made meals, focusing on the existing evidence, in fact very significant differences between species of the cat "crackers" no. As preventive measures can actually be buying feed properly labeled, but most do not be lazy to consult a veterinarian.

If your cat eats after castration ready meals in the form of crackers, then at its disposal it should always be a bowl of fresh water. Lack of fluid required to negatively affect the operation of the genitourinary system of the animal. If you notice that the cat is drinking enough, teach him there is soaked in water feed. So the necessary moisture will still flow into his body. Disclaimer watered with water crackers - a reason to go to special canned or homemade food.

 how to feed the cat castrated

What to prefer in-kind food?

If you decide to feed your pet a natural diet, keep in mind the time that cats are inherently predators, since often even the most affectionate and domestic representatives whiskered-striped brothers can demonstrate their habits of these wild counterparts. Therefore, the selected diet should meet all the needs of your small tailed predator. The menu cat after castration should include:

  • meat (lean);
  • products (liver, lungs, heart, stomach);
  • kasha (buckwheat, millet and oats);
  • vegetables (cabbage, carrots and beets);
  • dairy products (low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese).

Many breeders recommend to boil the meat before you put food into the bowl of a pet, but you can give and wet, if the pre-freeze. In no case can not feed the cats steam beef or pork. The use of such meat is infected with parasites. By the way, all the pork is contraindicated in all cats and cats due to high fat content. Therefore, buy other meats, such as turkey. But from such a well-liked family feline fish have to give up your pet, because it has a lot of mineral elements, which are formed due to kidney stones.

Forget to allow the cat to feast on what you are eating. The food that is suitable to man, animals, and especially after castration, can not feed. Among other things, you have to keep still and to ensure that natural food is more likely to have a liquid consistency, because as the emasculation purring urinate less frequently, they should receive more moisture. This will help them go to the toilet more frequently and thereby clean the kidneys.

By the way, if you choose a natural food for your cat, keep in mind that after castration he may have problems with teeth and gums deteriorate. Industrial feeds contain essential trace elements and, besides, they hard, so they have to bite purring. But with homemade food is more complicated. To avoid such troubles, it is possible to give the animal the large pieces of meat, to stimulate his biting and chewing, thereby cleaning teeth and improving blood circulation in the gums. The pet store is to buy and a few special treats, invented just for this purpose.

Of course, the choice of the type of food the cat after castration depends not so much on the preferences of the hostess, but on the desire of the animal. It can be very difficult to transfer the pet to the feed industry on natural food, no matter how tasty looking your proposed piece of fresh meat. Do not insist, without a special need not throw a cat educational hungry days, just select any one type of "crackers" premium or super premium-class and, within two months watch the pet.

If he still has a happy look, he enjoys playing and streaked hair a healthy shine, you have no reason to worry, because these signs indicate that the cat receives all necessary materials together with quality food. If the appearance of a pet you are not satisfied, it is best to consult with your veterinarian about the causes of this his condition. Perhaps a specialist will ask you to try some other kind of food.

Not all animals are happy and ready to eat "crunches" the best manufacturers, constantly begging for a piece of meat from the owners. In this case, we can offer pet food for finicky cats, if you do not want to cook his own meals. Although boiled chicken necks and mix them with oatmeal - it is very simple.

But worries about the mustache pet to ensure a balanced diet, do not forget the most important thing - the manifestation of love for the creature that was under your care. Tender scratching, fun game with a ball or a hunt for hiding behind the master back cunning mouse - all this for the well-being of domestic felines is no less important than the well-chosen menu. Do not forget about it, and then the pet will always delight you with faithful glance slyly narrowed eyes.

 What to feed a castrated cat: drawing particular diet

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