Flowers of felt with their hands


  • Roses of felt
  • Felt asters
  • Violets of felt
  • Sunflower Felt

Artificial flowers ever so engaged in probably every woman. This is understandable: how can leave us indifferent as perfect creations of nature. But try to reproduce this beauty to it - the natural desire of any connoisseur of beauty (what we are). Therefore, the technique of making artificial flowers invented an incredible amount from the elementary to the most complex.

Try yourself in any of them - "a matter of honor," each of us, so we try, create, create. And the most "rewarding" material for the manufacture of artificial flowers needlewomen considers most textiles. Flowers made of silk, organza, printed cotton, wool and felt. By the way, I felt - not cloth, and a special material made way down felting, wool and fur. Felt - Felt is a thin, non-woven textiles. That's why he does not crumble and is very useful for crafts - especially for novice masters. Let's learn how to make flowers from felt with their hands.

Roses of felt

Oh, roses, roses ... Rosa - undisputed queen of the flower world and a favorite among the "models" for artificial flowers. To produce a felt rose so simple that just amazed. Try?

In order to make these roses, we need:

  • colored pieces of felt for flowers and leaves,
  • adhesive
  • cardboard or paper templates for the pattern,
  • pins,
  • scissors.

To begin draw on the cardboard patterns: a circle with a diameter of about ten centimeters for the outer petals slightly smaller diameter circle for the center of the flower, slightly flattened circle (almost round oval) of the same size for the outer petals and leaf pattern in the form of roses. Now cut out of felt for several pieces and proceed to create a flower.

Take two round blanks, folding them in half (individually). One blank is turned off in a roll, and applied thereto a second, her roll of wrapping and recreating the middle of a rose. Details shear pin, piercing through the base of the bud. Then pick a rose half folding petals, fixing them with pins and pouring glue into the flower. Wait until the glue is dry, remove pins and glue the flower to one of the big clubs (like a cup and saucer). The same base glue leaves. The rest of the petals do well from a folded blank, just glue them to the bottom right circle on top of the leaves. That's all. Rose of felt ready.

 beautiful flowers made of felt with their hands

Felt asters

It is very original and funny, too, can make astrochki of felt. To do this we will need:

  • Strips of colored felt,
  • beautiful buttons or beads,
  • sewing needle, pins, thread,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

To start of felt cut into strips of varying widths and dyne. The length should be sufficient to from a closed ring in the strip turned flower, folded in half and the width of the strip should equal the length of the flower petals of the future.

So, take a strip of felt, folding it in half (lengthwise) and the halves are held together by strips of pins on the edge. Now, from the crease incision depth of half the width of the folded strip. Next long stitches sewn felt through fastening pins and take out the pins. Then contract the strip collecting Firth on a string, and closing in the ring. Threads consolidate and cut off, and the extreme "petals" sew together. From felt cut a small circle for the midway flower and glue it on our astrochku. In the circle sew on buttons or beads.

Violets of felt

For these we need violet purple or pink felt for the flower and green leaf. Drawing on the cardboard patterns petals trefoil (three hearts connected by lower sharp corners). For the violet, we will need two large workpiece, one slightly smaller, two pieces even smaller and one very small shamrock.

Now pick a flower folding blanks at each other and fastened together with glue. First, large shamrocks impose so that the petals are staggered. Then they glue the third workpiece smaller, and it - two stacked similarly lower petals. On top put the smallest shamrock. In its center sew small yellow or white beads.

To cut out the leaves of violets green felt another shamrock, whose size should be larger than the lower petals. And that green procurement glue flower. That's all - ready to violet.

 unusual flowers of felt with their hands

Sunflower Felt

Another flower that is bright and beautiful, and is very, very simple

For this you need to take a sunflower yellow and black felt, a needle with a yellow thread, glue, fabric and black beads. Yellow felt necessary to cut eight oblong "petals" for the first two tiers of flower petals and eight for the top tier. It is also necessary to cut two circles of black felt: for the foundation and for the midway.

Take the first black circle and glue it on the circumference of the first layer of petals so that half of the petals extend beyond the edge of a base. Then glue the second tier of petals, shifting them closer to the center of the black circle and having staggered with respect to the lower petals. The upper petals sew, making stitch in the middle lobe from its base to the top, and each petal prostegivaya only halfway.

Performing stitches sewn through all the layers of felt. As a result, the upper sunflower petals will turn more prominent and slightly wrapped inwards and upwards. Now you only have to glue a black center and embroider it with beads.

Strictly speaking, of felt can be made absolutely any flowers: dahlias, poppies, kala lily ... Just look what form the petals have fresh flowers, and they are collected in inflorescence. And then pick the desired color felt, cut out of it onto the desired shape, assemble them into a flower, fixing glue or stitches. Decorate these flowers can be embroidered with beads, buttons, beads, beads, sequins. The main thing that felt no flaking at the edges, does not require additional treatment, it holds its shape well. Therefore, the flowers of it are accurate, three-dimensional and durable. Garnish with such colors can be anything (a bag, coat, hat). You can make the felt flower brooch hairpin or simply sewn on the back of the flower clasp or clip. In short, go for it! You must come out!

 Flowers of felt with their hands: fast and easy

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 How to decorate jeans with his hands


  • Blotches and stripes
  • Embroidery and Sewing
  • Drawings and scrapes

Jeans - clothes at all times, and almost any age. Only infants have not yet get oneself up in jeans. And if brutal cowboy pants originally worn only by men and only as work clothes, but today they have become an indispensable part of the female wardrobe, and even clothing, "Exit."

But even if you are by virtue of their aesthetic belief (correct, it should be noted) prefer to appear at the ceremony in the evening or cocktail dresses, the party is likely to wear comfortable and beautiful jeans. However, to buy these jeans is not always possible: sometimes great sitting model is too unpretentious. And then we start to think about how to decorate the jeans and the desire to do it with your hands so inexpensively. So let's just such possibilities and consider.

Blotches and stripes

This is the simplest (in terms of technique) the way in which you can decorate your jeans. For this we need only to decorate themselves materials (studs, patches, appliques, rhinestones, buttons), but our skilled hands.

  • Rhinestones

Elegant decoration, turns ordinary jeans in elegant clothes. For such sparkling decor need to buy a hot fix rhinestones. By making a purchase, pay attention to the bottom of rhinestones was flat, and take it with a reserve (so you can add or change the figure).

Jeans first wash, pat dry and place them on a table or on an ironing board. Now lay out of rhinestones any image that you like: flower, butterfly, sun and abstract swirls. When the drawing is complete, iron its iron, holding steaming: rhinestone firmly glued to the fabric. Then you can be without fear to wash and iron your jeans updated. However, sooner or later, rhinestones still will come unstuck: here and you need to reserve.

  • Rivets

Another way to fast and stylish decoration jeans. For him, you will need rivets, which are simply inserted into the tissue, and their petals are bent on the wrong side. Rivets can be placed along the seams, can be riveted pockets or belt, or lay out rivets of any image and even make inscription. It will also lay out jeans on a flat surface, make a sketch of the future jewelry and put it on the cloth. Distribute rivets along the contours of the figure and make them a puncture and then simply bend the petals and fix rivets.

  • Patches

Today patches sewn not only to mask the gaps, but also to decorate clothing. To use any patches patches the same or different in texture and color of the fabric. In jeans look really good leather and suede patches, velvet drape. A version suitable for summer and light fabrics: silk, calico, cotton, linen. Patches can be made not only rectangular or triangular, but also cut them in the shape of hearts and abstract shapes. Decorative patches sewn or glued (using a special adhesive or thermal tape) directly onto the fabric. The edges of the flaps can be folded or Neaten first, and you can leave the "shaggy". Fringed edges will look great, such as patches of denim.

  • Applications

It's kind of enhanced patches. These ready-made applications can be purchased in stores or sewing accessories sew yourself. To add applications can be decorative embroidery or lace, sequins or beads. Technology decoration practically does not differ from working with patches.

 decorate jeans with his hands

Embroidery and Sewing

If you're handy with a needle and thread, know the basics of hand and machine embroidery, you probably will be able to decorate the jeans with his hands, using these skills.

  • Embroidery

One of the most difficult ways to decorate jeans. And if you want to do machine embroidery on the pockets, they will first have to do otporot. Meanwhile, embroidery made with their own hands, turn the jeans in a unique thing, which is unique you absolutely will not find anywhere else. You will need embroidery floss thread, strong enough and thick hoop and sharp needles.

Figure selected according to your taste, and colors of thread, given denim that after the first two washings fades and eventually loses its brightness. But even better applied embroidery on jeans, which are pre-washed. Translate pattern on fabric with special markers (washable or disappearing). Use simple stitches in embroidery and cross stitch, use the invoice canvas, thread is then pulled out. And do not make the embroidery in places of natural folds of jeans, as it in this case very quickly deformed, worn out and lose decorative.

  • Stitching

Who can simply scribble on the machine easily masters decorate jeans with his hands without further ado, but with remarkable transformation result. To do this you will only need to stock a decorative braid or fringe. Fringe can also be purchased in the store sewing accessories, or make your own hands, cut into strips of denim ribbons.

The fringe is sewn into the outer leg side seams or sewn on the edge of pockets and a belt. You can also sew a fringe along the bottom edge of the leg, or simply cut into the edge of the trouser-legs "noodles." With the same success can be used instead of the fringe beautiful decorative braid or cords. And like hardware used for embroidery on jeans.

 Jeans decorate their own hands

Drawings and scrapes

Asking order to decorate the jeans with your hands, do not forget about their own ability to draw or the possibility to "play" with the original color denim.

  • Drawings

An original way to decorate the jeans can be called a painting. No, this is not batik. Here we use the fabric as usual canvas, which is painted with acrylic paints or aerosol. Acrylic paints we apply the usual brush on the fabric making a preliminary sketch. If you decorate jeans aerosol paints, the use of this template or stencil. Just start drawing, practice on some unnecessary piece of cloth or old jeans.

  • Whitening

Decorate jeans can be with a conventional bleach simulating natural worn fabric or simply diluting it even color. For these purposes, use any bleach, simply by adding it to the wash water. However, the effect can be quite unexpected. But if to tie a washing jeans in some places, rope or twine, or just tie knot pants, the result would be more or less expected. Originally decorate jeans and can be easier if splashing bleach on the fabric. The result - a mischievous spot of your jeans.

  • Scrapes and folds

Imitation "natural" ornaments jeans, which appears to them over time and gives it a special chic clothes. The folds can be "organized" on pants if slightly wet jeans, lay and sprinkle starch folds, and then just to iron them with a hot iron. A worn jeans easily made using conventional sandpaper. Lay the jeans on the table and gently rub the edges with sandpaper in the right places. That's all.

Use to decorate jeans usual buttons (by analogy with rhinestones and studs), supplementing the embroidery with sequins or beads or to make a fashion pants oblohmachennye slot. In the end, just buy their jeans chic (or bright) belt. Believe me, his skillful hands any jeans can be transformed into an exclusive and stylish piece of clothing. Be of good cheer! And do not be afraid to be bright and original.

 How to decorate jeans with his hands?

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