Flowers of money with their hands


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How often do we, spoiled by the abundance of goods, we have to puzzle over the choice of gift. And more and more often we opt for a modest envelope attached to a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. Although the rules of etiquette are not welcome such offerings, envelope with money often becomes the only possible compromise. But I must say that many prefer to receive as a gift is money, and then be happy to spend it at their discretion.

And if you're going to teach someone a gift is in the form of money, do not rush to buy an envelope and a better stock up on brand new crisp bills of different denominations, the amount of which shall be equal to the value of your money gift. Because we are going to do a festive bunch of money. A bouquet of flowers for this we will do with their hands from banknotes. In short, an original gift, made with his own hands, but universal. Give a bunch of money you can for a wedding and an anniversary, and to make it possible ruble or foreign currency. So, we are reserved the necessary materials and start tinkering with his own hands the next hendmeydovsky masterpiece.


Roses - Flowers universal. And thanks to their peculiar structure and shape of a rose petal is trying to reproduce the needlewoman, making artificial flowers with his own hands. Do roses made of cloth, plastic, paper. And we will make a rose out of banknotes. By the way, this is a method of making money from the flowers with your own hands is the most sparing: denomination remain almost neizmyatymi. For this bouquet we need the following materials:

  • currency notes (the newer and thicker, the better);
  • Tube (real cork) from wine bottles or foam blanks;
  • a toothpick or thin needle;
  • elastic bands for money (bank gum);
  • wire stems or artificial flowers on the stems;
  • Floral tape or colored paper to conceal the wire;
  • tapes, ribbons and other ornaments to decorate the bouquet.

I must say that with the same success to make money as the flowers can be of ruble notes, and money from any other countries. By the way, for the manufacture of souvenir money tree is not required to use these notes: it is possible to make their color photocopies. And for the money gift try not to use dirty and crumpled bills, at least, they try to clean and iron iron. Just remember that the moisture from the paper deformed, and the money simply "penalize" the ATM.

 beautiful flowers of the money with his own hands


Flowers we attach to cork that will be their base. Therefore, on each tube encircling cut out a couple of steps (tiers) that will fix gum. And now to the production of the petals. Take the bill and fold it in half (short sides together). Now, using toothpicks or thin spokes tighten all four corners notes: put a toothpick in the corner and rolled hand wrapped around the paper. Note that the "curls" must look outward in opposite sides of the fold.

Now we take a rubber band and it is passed bill folded like a sheet hang on the rope. This money should go to the fold in the rubber band. Then the gum is put on the cap and in a few turns twirl it around the upper tier. Similarly, we proceed to the second denomination, which is also put on the top step. The result is a "bud" (midway our future roses), which looks onto the convex sides in opposite directions.

Then repeat the process with two other bills that fasten a rubber band to the second tier. These petals are due in part to close the first and perpendicular to them. That is like this rose: each pair of lower petals staggered overlaps the upper. The more tiers on the tube, we will do and the more pairs of rose petals on the post, the more luxuriant flowers are obtained. But usually it is missing two or three pairs of rose petals for one.

Now we need to make the stem. For this floral tape or corrugated green paper tightly wrap the wire and the "planting" of the flower head on it by sticking a wire into the tube. You may want to supplement the stem leaves, made of the same corrugated paper. And if you use ready-made artificial flowers, just remove them from the head and in their place we plant roses hand made out of money. Then it remains only to collect a bouquet and place it to your liking.

 Flowers of money


Here you have two options. First, you can make a bunch of money exclusively from flowers. The truth in this case you get watery or a bouquet or gift is too generous. So go to a compromise: Gather a bouquet mix. This will be the second embodiment of the bouquet. This bouquet can be combined living and monetary flowers, or create it from a cash roses and chocolates packed as the flowers. That is to combine into one sweet bouquet of chocolates and a bunch of money.

The second option is even preferable, because moisture fresh flowers can not only spoil the view of monetary roses, but also distort the bill. For registration, use a bouquet wrapping paper or foil, floral grid corrugated paper or lace. Suitable for this purpose tape, beads and other decorations for the bouquets. Actually the very design of the bouquet should be done by the usual rules of floristry. And the fact that it, instead of live flowers will cash rose - is the main surprise.

You can put flowers in the basket. In this case, it complemented the beautiful candy in wrappers or put to a good bottle of wine (whiskey, brandy, liqueur). However, sweets and alcohol - not the only possible addition of the basket. Depending on the preferences of the recipient complement baskets can be: a box of tea, jar of coffee, spice set, bathroom set, soft toys and other pleasant things. Be of good cheer! And all you get.

 Flowers of money with his own hands: a bouquet of roses

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 Crochet for beginners takes


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To begin to develop a new needlework is never too late and never too early. And if you consider yourself a novice knitters, craftswomen, the person you are creative and inquisitive. Crochet and knitting is not just an exciting experience, but also a very rewarding hobby. Having mastered the skill of crochet, you can literally from head to toe to dress himself and all his household (even pets).

And to begin, as it is known, should be simple. For example, a circle knitting. This is one the most simple and accessible ways to crochet for beginners. What can be linked in such a way? This is all kinds of openwork napkins and mats, hats, caps and berets, elements for web, in the technique friform (though it is not for beginners, but for experienced seamstresses). We'll try to link simply takes - a useful thing and a good "trainer" for beginners handy people.

Materials and Equipment

Crochet beret you will need to hook yarn and the yarn thickness of the corresponding size. The quality of the yarn depends on the destination of your headgear: options for warm wool or wool blend need thread for summer hats better to use cotton or silk yarn.

Hook choose the thickness of yarn: yarn itself to be a half to two times thicker than the hook - or rather, the indentations (recess) of its working parts. For more dense knitted need to take a smaller hook, and if you want to get loose leaf, take the hook on the size of the amount recommended. By the way on the packages of yarn for knitting usually indicates the required size of the hook and the number of spokes.

In the process of knitting a beret you have to use the main (basic) techniques Crochet: air loops and bars:

  1. Air loop. From stitches knit the basis of the first row and use them in openwork crochet. First vyvyazyvayut first loop by introducing a hook under the yarn and dragging it through the round on the hook. Then, threaded hook to form a loop, grab the working yarn and stretch it into a knot. Also perform all subsequent aerial loops.
  2. Polustolbik (connecting loop). The hook is introduced into the third loop aerial chain to hook the thread, and drags it through the loop on the hook and loop chain.
  3. Column without nakida. Hook air introduced into the loop and for the working thread and drags the thread through the loop, leaving it on the hook. Then again snapped the thread and drags it through both loops on the hook.
  4. Column with nakida. Hook with a loop on it is introduced into the loop of chain to hook the thread and drags it through the loop of the chain. Then throw the hook working thread and drags it through nakida and loop on the hook.
  5. Having mastered the elements of crochet, you can easily associate takes.

 crochet beret for beginners

Knit Beret

Getting to the top of the beret knitting (knitting middle). For this recruit five or six air tabs and their closable in a ring. Then, the ring around the circle tightly tied columns without nakida (knit as many columns as will fit in the ring). Then we continue to crochet beret spiral vyvyazyvaya from each hinge on two columns at intervals of one loop.

  • Pay attention! If you knit beret from thin threads, the bars can do more, and knitting of thick thread turn down the number of columns.

Knitting third row is similar to the implementation of the previous one: in each of the second loop vyvyazyvayut of two columns without nakida. All of the following series (from the fourth) knit less, but it should at the same time that the terms remained flat, and the edges are not wrapped. To adjust this number of cores, vyvyazannyh from one loop, making less increase or, conversely, by adding columns.

  • Pay attention! To take turned out nice and neat in a row need to add as many columns as loops, as it was in the previous knit. And still need to maintain an equal distance between the columns of one row.

By linking the top of the required diameter, knit a few rows of loops without adding to the circle began to wrap and become convex. The number of rows depends on the thickness of the yarn - the thicker the yarn, the smaller the series you want to link. Then continue knitting, subtracting loop (similar to the addition). Tie so few rows, just make sure that the bars of adjacent rows are staggered.

The final stage of knitting - reducing the number of columns in each row to the desired height beret. The more intense is to reduce the number of columns in each successive row, the more flat will take. And at the completion of the work necessary to link several smooth dense rows without additions and subtraction of loops to get the edge beret.

And how to decorate your new creation - depends on your imagination and your skill. The classic version of ornaments - crocheted flower. But you can also use ribbons, beads and other decorations. And you can leave things as they are, especially if linked from taking bright, colorful or textured yarn.

When taking such due diligence can be linked in one evening (especially if thick thread). So take up a hook, thread and start. Learning is never late and always helpful. But such a simple crochet beret - is a good lesson for beginners to master the technique of crochet. Good luck!

 Crochet for beginners: take one evening

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