Flowers of sweets with their hands


  • Materials and tools
  • The principle of manufacturing
  • Candy - flowers
  • Candy colors

Sweet Design (making bouquets of sweets) has now become extremely popular. At first it was thought that sweet floristry is available only to professionals. But then, our craftsmen and carefully considered professional candy bouquets and concluded that produce flowers of sweets with their hands the power of almost everyone. Of course, this requires not only specific knowledge but also the artistic taste and sense of style and action.

Indeed, the ability to do with their hands out candy colors always come in handy. It is fashionable to replace the traditional gift set "colors plus a box of chocolates" is sweet bouquets. Even teachers in the first of September give such bouquets and not to mention the less formal celebrations? So you need to learn this: useful, informative, fun. So, learn to make flowers out of sweets with their hands.

Materials and tools

For bouquets, you will need the usual floral stationery and materials and tools:

  • Packing tape and film, corrugated paper, transparent cellophane;
  • Teip tape;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or a regular (narrow and wide);
  • Stapler;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing thread;
  • BBQ sticks and toothpicks;
  • Floral Foam (foam, foam rubber).

Naturally, for the production of sweet flowers and candy will be needed. Candy can use any chocolate and candy in wrappers and without them, round and square. In short, all of the sweets (down to jelly and marshmallow) can make flowers with his own hands, the more that some special devices for this purpose it is not required.

 tasty colors of candy with his own hands

The principle of manufacturing

Flowers of sweets may be different. Some candy bouquet is in bright candy wrappers (or wrapped in beautiful paper) play the role of color. Other make bouquets of artificial flowers (hand made), where sweets are only part of the flower. For example, chamomile, poppy crocus or corrugated paper can have candy midway. Candy may be lower "petals" Paper Roses. Pink Poppy bud or just hide in the bowl of your flower sweets.

In any case, the principle of making flowers from one candy: candy attached to toothpicks or sticks for barbecue and decorated. Then, of these "flowers" on the stems, sticks make up a bouquet, which in turn, is made of decorative paper, transparencies, and other floral materials.

To put candy on the stalk, you just need a tail tightly primotat candy wrappers to floss (barbecue stick) teip-tape or ordinary adhesive tape, then decorate the point of attachment. If no candy wrapper or a wrapper does not have a "tail", the candy was placed in a brown paper or film (kulechek cylinder), which primatyvayut to floss. If you wish, you can supplement candy petals and leaves cut from paper or film. Let's look at a few simple options for making flowers from sweets with their hands.

Candy - flowers

Sweet bouquet can consist of flowers combined with flowers, chocolates. To produce these colors do not require special skills and knowledge to make artificial flowers. Everything is very simple. For example, truffles in beautiful shiny wrappers (candy or any other) you own hands turns into delicate flowers, candy. How to do it? Consider three options:

  1. Take a piece of candy in wrappers with one tail, toothpick and teip-tape or Scotch tape. Then applied to the ponytail toothpick cheat wrapper around it and secured with duct tape.
  2. Take candy rectangular, square piece of wrapping paper side is eight to ten centimeters longer than candy floss and tape. Candy wrapping paper, forming a cylinder in the middle of which is a sweetie. One end of an empty cylinder wrapped in a "tail" cheat him around cutting-toothpicks and secured with tape. The second blank end tied ribbon.
  3. Take a round or oval candy, rectangular piece of wrapping paper or film, toothpick, scotch. Of rectangular candy wrappers wring kulechek cone, put in a piece of candy, and the free ends of the plastic bag wrapped around a toothpick. Fix with duct tape.

Believe me, it's actually quite simple. Even if the first attempt does not succeed gently, do not worry - the skill comes with experience. You very quickly get the hand to make such flowers, candy, and combines them into bouquets, complementing the composition with fresh flowers.

 beautiful flowers of sweets with their hands

Candy colors

This method of making flowers for sweet bouquets considered to be more difficult and time consuming. It will require you skills with a corrugated paper or any other material for making artificial flowers. For beginners to master suite design can be advised as sample material is corrugated paper. Simply, it is considered one of the most "grateful" materials for the design suites. We'll try to make rosebuds and crocuses of sweets and corrugated paper.

  • Rosebud

Perhaps the most simple but very effective method of making artificial flowers. To do this, you will need round candy or truffles, toothpicks, corrugated paper (pink or white), thread and scissors. For one bud cut two squares of paper with a side of about ten to twelve centimeters (for sweets like "Raffaello"). Determine the direction of equity ripple and cut the upper part of the square in a semicircle. Now put them on each other, displacing the upper left square, and gently stretch the middle of the petals, making it slightly convex. Then put on the right edge of the folded petals of candy and wrap it gently, turning onto a roll. Empty the lower part (straight edge) bud tighten around toothpicks and tie thread. Top "petals" slightly flatten and stretch along the edge, making it wavy.

  • Crocuses

For one, we need a five crocus petals - strips of corrugated paper about the size of four to ten centimeters. Fractional direction of corrugation has to go on the long side lobe. Take one strip and wrap the top edge (one-third the length of) one turn inward. Then bend in place twisting bands wrap the "tail" and stretch the edge of the petals, making it a convex-concave. Then we put all five petals in a row and are fastened together by a stapler.

From transparent packaging film cut out a square (side about twelve centimeters), put it on the middle of the candy and wrap all free edges like a candy wrapper. Applied to the toothpick ponytail, wrap around the film and anchoring thread or tape. Now carefully putting a tape of the petals to floss, candy proved to finish in the middle of the flower, and also fix them with tape or tape-teip.

Try yourself in the role of sweet florist. Did you come up with something of their own, some exclusive techniques of manufacture of candy colors. But even if you just take advantage of the experience of other masters, you still will be able to realize their creative potential. Good luck!

 Flowers of sweets with their hands - the basis of design suites

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 bags of jeans with his hands


  • Notebook Case
  • Bag on a long handle
  • Children's denim handbag

Frugality - a commendable quality. And when it comes to extending the life of old things, then it comes to the fore not so much frugality, much imagination and creativity. After all, think of a way to revive the old thing, and breathe new life into it - no easy task. Although there are things that simply remaking the options are on the surface: to invent and especially does not need anything, everything is almost ready. A few strokes of scissors, a little bit of work with needle and thread, the final touches on a trendy decor and necessary - and that's before us is a completely new thing: beautiful and useful.

Sewing bags out of old jeans just from the category of simple transformations. After all, in fact: the top denim pants - is almost ready bag. It remains his own hands to turn these jeans have become redundant in a new and fashionable handbag. Moreover, these bags are obtained different and used for different purposes. Do you want to - sew a bag for a laptop, you want - do a beach bag, and you want - with their hands CREATE exclusive handbag. How can these magical transformations? Let's find out.

Notebook Case

Sewn with their hands laptop bag (especially - its students an option) would be no worse than the purchase. To sew a bag, first we wash and iron jeans. Then turn them inside out and gently spread out on a table. Then cut off together with the lower leg portion of the top of jeans. I should get a short denim skirt. Now, the bottom skirt sweep away by the rounded line: rounding do at lower angles. And then just laid along this line solid line on the sewing machine, and gut-wrenching get a bag.

Now we take the leg and cut one longitudinal side seams where denim stitched overlap and form a kind of stripes. This we will handle bags. Under the belt, closer to the sides making four slots for pens (no more than the width of the stripes). Then, in the slot on the front of a threaded handle and the ends from the inside large durable tying knots. As Master and second hand. Laptop bag ready.

 bag jeans with his hands

Bag on a long handle

From old jeans with their hands easily make a stylish purse on a long strap. To do this, cut off from jeans trousers, and wash them well otglazhivaem. Then ripped seams inner leg and also to iron them in stripping mode. We've got two blanks for patterns. The width of the future bag and handle length is calculated from the size of the blanks. Then do a drawing of two parts tselnokroynyh bags: one detail - the front of the bag and the handle, the second - the reverse side of the bags and pens.

Plans should be similar to a semi-circular bottom pocket, one top corner which is pulled and turned into a belt-pen (or rather, half of it). We transfer the pattern on the fabric and cut two symmetrical parts. In this case one part is the handle to the right and the other left. Further details on the bottom of the laying of two darts to sew their own hands bag does not get flat and stitched by them on a typewriter. After that, both of the details add up the wrong side of the grind and strong thread to the handles. Then separately treat the edges of handles to hem seam and connect both handles neatly Sew their tops. That, indeed, is all.

For more species mischievous Stitch bags can be part of the front side and the edges of seams and handles fluff. You can decorate the bag handle leather piping or halves of a zipper. You can decorate the bag with applique or embroidery. And you can arrange a handbag in the style of crazy-quilt, decorated her jeans and other rags, ribbons, cords and tape.

 bag with your hands from jeans

Children's denim handbag

Fashionable and comfortable handbag sewn with your hands out of old jeans, you can please and little fashionistas. For this you need the bags do not own jeans, but only the back pockets from them. We sew a handbag in several stages:

  1. Cut back pockets with cloth pockets around (about half a centimeter). Fabric inside each pocket cut off, leaving near the seams allowances by five millimeters.
  2. Decorate pockets embroidery or applique at this stage, because the finished bag to do it will be much harder. If you are going to sew on child handbag internal or external pockets, then it must be done right now, too.
  3. Now we add up the two pockets wrong side, held together by pins or baste, and then insert the upper corners handbag strap and grind the edges and sides of the bag, paving the line exactly along the seams of the former pockets.
  4. A few lines or manually reinforce the corners in front of the bag. It is better to do it by hand, armed with needle and thread as a sewing machine can simply "do not take" this part of the pockets.
  5. Now do the fringe of tissue protruding from the seams where the seam allowances have remained on the sides and on the bottom of her purse.

As you can see, with their own hands to sew a bag out of old jeans it is not so difficult. You can use almost ready "semi-finished" - top of pants or cut off the leg, rip them and use as a canvas for the future pattern of the bag. In addition, the stitching denim patches of different colors, you can first make a patchwork fabric, and already from it to make a pattern of parts of the bag.

Embroidery, appliques, rhinestones, buttons, ribbons and decorative cords add your purse originality and mask worn old denim. Try to make this handbag: jeans and do not have to throw away, and the new thing out. And even in the case where the "worst-first" will not hurt: still the old jeans, and still they were going to throw away. So what to do with their hands out of old things new - it is real magic, you only need to make these things skillful hands and dream a little. Good luck!

 Bags of jeans with his hands, or the real magic

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