stands for flowers with his own hands


  • Stand made of natural materials
  • Stand of the ladder

Most indoor flower lovers would not get away stands for flowers (fashion, note, piece of furniture). Many of them probably would like to make these stand with their hands. Of course, the idea for the production of this piece of furniture, are more suited to artists than for skilled workers. But!

Firstly, some of the ladies just virtuoso treat tools and instruments, and secondly, can be taken aback by this elementary her Blessed, giving him an idea, and then with the inspiration to lead the process of its implementation. Therefore, we offer you still get acquainted with the ideas of his own made stands for flowers. And how to dispose of these knowledge - and tell your own Handstitched experience and skills, and experience the "leading" positions companion jack of all trades.

Stand made of natural materials

Yes, natural material, namely of any part of the trunk of the tree, can serve as an excellent basis for a stand of flowers made with their own hands. It is best suited for this trunk with thick branches, located approximately at the same level (the ring around the trunk). But if branches are located not so smooth - not terrible: so stand will look even more original. So, stands for flowers, we need:

  • Wooden churbachok with branches, twigs;
  • cutting plywood (area under flower pots and stand base);
  • screws, which will be attached to plywood churbachku;
  • sandpaper;
  • lacquer for wood.

Please prepare churbachok: remove its bark, rotten place and smooth out the surface of the Difficult trunk and branches sandpaper. Now you need to saw plywood base (round or rectangular), the size of which should be sufficient for the stability of the stand. By the number of branches cut from a sheet of plywood round or rectangular parts that become sites for flower pots. The size is determined, based on the total height and width of the future stand. The edges of the plywood scraps as we clean with sandpaper, and then align the bottom of the barrel saw cut and fasten it to the plywood base.

By installing the stand on a flat surface, determine the angle trim tops of branches. Note that the surface of SPIL shall be parallel to the floor. We saw off branches to the desired height and align the saw cut with sandpaper. It remains to fix screws, plywood parts, put them on a saw cut branches. Once these works are completed, take any varnish for wood surfaces and cover them stand. That's all - our exclusive Stand for flowers ready!

 Stand for flowers with his own hands

Stand of the ladder

From the old (even broken) ladders also get exclusive stand, made their own hands. What kind of (wood or metal) staircase turns into a stand for flowers - it does not matter. So, we pull out the ladder, assess its height and, if necessary, to file legs or even heed the lower level. Now, we are pushing the ladder and fix the legs. In metal ladders are fixed automatically, and for the wooden ladders can use the bar, nailed her between the legs. The base of the stand (or even the stand) is almost ready. If step ladder wide, then we leave them as they are, but on the narrow stage put shelves, cut from plywood (sheet of fiberboard or hardboard), and attach them with nails, screws or glue.

Now proceed to the decor. Especially not philosophising, you can just paint the stand of fresh paint. Moreover, there is also permissible to express their violent fantasy, coloring the stand in different colors or patterns painted on it. And for more advanced masters fit and a more sophisticated method of decoration - namely decoupage technique. Well, if you own any other art of decorating surfaces with your hands, you can apply your skills here - it is afraid of the master!

As you can see, make a stand for flowers with his own hands (or arms of your man) is quite possible. Of course, with proper experience and skills such stands may be obtained not only from scrap materials. According to special drawings they make forged, welded, assembled from curved wooden pieces or metal pipes. But you should start small. Be of good cheer! The main thing - to start.

 Stands for flowers with his own hands - simple ideas

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 colors of the balls with his hands


  • Bouquet of balloons
  • The flower of the balls for modeling
  • Camomile on the ceiling

Balloons! It's always a good mood and always a holiday! Besides that you can decorate to your home (not only domestic) celebration balloons, we have become accustomed. But, among other things, colors of balloons can be an excellent alternative to a bouquet of flowers. Of course, if it is not a romantic date or marriage proposal (though it's like to see). But in any case, such a gift will always be original, and in the material sense is very beneficial. Also make their own hands flowers from balloons is actually quite simple.

By the way, the art of decorating balloons called Aerodesign and machinery manufacturing such ornaments - simulation. Let's learn how to make flowers out of balloons to create a bunch of them, or to use as holiday decorations interior.

Bouquet of balloons

To make a bouquet of multi-colored balloons, enough to understand the principle of making such colors and to begin to try to make at least one flower. Attack?

To make a flower, take four bright round or oval balls of the same color, such as purple or red, and a round ball of a different color (white, yellow, blue). In addition, we need a long sausage-balloon modeling and, preferably, a special pump to inflate balloons. Of course, you can inflate the balloons and round mouth, but do it with a long ball hard enough.

So, first we inflate the four colored balls - it will be our flower petals. Now, we connect them in pairs and twisting (associate) between a pair of two. Petals are ready. For midway flower inflate the fifth round ball. Inflate it so that the size of the balloon appeared every two or three less than the previous ball, put it in the middle of a petal and fasten the bottom. It remains to make a stem. For this Nadu (not too tightly) green ball sausages and secure it with one end of the bottom chords round balls.

In exactly the same way and produce the remaining colors using the colorful round balls and green balloons for modeling. We collect balls in the bouquet and connect a ribbon in the middle of the beam stems. By the way, if such a bouquet consisting of at least three flowers to put on the floor, a little apart to support the "stem", it takes a strong vertical position and will decorate the interior.

 colors of balloons with their hands

The flower of the balls for modeling

A more complicated technique of manufacturing color of the balls with your hands, but it is also available to any craftswomen. For this we need only two balls for modeling and pump. From one bulb will do the flower, the other we will stalk, so choose the green ball and the ball in any other color.

First, do a flower, which is not too tight inflate a balloon, leaving the tip-pipochku length of three centimeters. Now, the lower end of the ball strong knot tying and connects both ends of sausages. Then add up the sausage in half (along!) And twist the middle twice. Further pressed together both sides of the ring, visually divide it into three parts and then double-twist to get three pairs of "sausages". Now we add them accordion and proceed to the most virtuosic of the manufacture of a flower.

Take your left hand and grip the accordion in the ring finger and thumb, holding in places looping ball so that "sausages" curled arc above and below the ring finger. The top three "petals" bow with his right hand and twist again. Unclench your fingers and see that out of the accordion turned flower.

To inflate the stem (also not very tight) green ball and tying the tip. Stepping back from the tip of ten to twelve centimeters, twist the sausage. Now, short of the bend in half and fasten the tail of the ball to the place of the first inflection point (the first nodules). Then insert the stem into a flower, passing it through the center and leaving the outside of the flower folded a short piece of the stem.

Stepping back from the base of the flower forty centimeters are bent stem, first up and then down again. Then, in the middle of the resulting triple of the stem do another twist and get the stem with leaves. Now all of the flower is ready.

 colors of the balls with his hands

Camomile on the ceiling

This flower of balloons, in general, and not a flower, and ceiling lights. However, a decoration made with their own hands, it looks like a flower from a balloon. For him, we need four red latex balloon, four white and one gold. Make a daisy simple.

  • Inflate the red balls twenty centimeters in diameter and connect them.
  • Inflate white balloons with a diameter of about twelve centimeters and also do a bunch of them.
  • Inflate the golden ball with a diameter of eight centimeters.
  • Gold tie ball in the middle of red balls.
  • White bunch place between red balls and golden ball, placing the red and white "petals" in a checkerboard pattern. Fixed.

This daisy placed on ceilings or walls, will be a great decoration festive interior! Try. You must come out!

 Flowers of the balls with your hands - the basis Aerodesign

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