flowers for the hair with your hands


  • Vintage flower on invisibility
  • Chiffon rose on the rim
  • Hairpin tsumami kanzashi

After all, we women - creating extraordinary. Our craving for beauty is so indestructible that, whenever possible, we try to not only elevate the space surrounding us, but all the time to decorate. On the ladies' different widgets that serve this purpose, all you can write a multi-volume work, but we'll probably of the oldest women's jewelry. And we will focus on hair color.

Perhaps it is our primitive predecessors already thought to adorn themselves with flowers, and maybe it happened later. However, almost all people (living in areas where there are flowers) women's costume sure to include such detail as the flowers. In Europe and in Asia, America and Africa Aboriginal decorated their hair and dresses with flowers. And today, a flower in her hair on a lovely female head - and a tradition, and a special glamor and even everyday decoration.

Unfortunately, the delicate fresh flowers in her hair fresh and beautiful for a short time, and therefore came up with a woman to do artificial flowers for hair. There is an incredible variety of national needlework techniques of artificial flowers, for example, Japanese or Maltese tsumami kanzashi Ganutell. But with the advent of new materials and new techniques were created to invent new ways of making artificial flowers, and, perhaps, eventually they will be even more. Tell all these methods is impossible, but let's take a few examples learn how to quickly and easily make a flower hair with his hands.

Vintage flower on invisibility

Incredibly quick and easy way to decorate the hair - the hair stab with invisible flower. In such scanty Clip can be attached to any artificial flower, but we are hand made vintage invisibility.

For the manufacture of such invisible, we need:

  • Invisible;
  • a piece of felt to the base of the flower;
  • guipure lace or braid (50 centimeters) to petals;
  • button or bead for the midway;
  • scissors and glue.

First, cut out of felt a couple of circles with a diameter of two centimeters. Then, on the edge of one of the parts smear layer of glue stick and start braiding, wrapping and making it spiral coils from the edge to the center. Taped to the felts are putting only one edge, pressing down firmly with your fingers. As a result, we get a graceful guipure rosette with delicate petals. In the center decorate flower buttons or beads, planted it on the glue.

The second part glue the felt (or even sew for strength) to invisibility, and then imposed on her flower and sealed with glue or thread with a needle. Here's a flower hair can quickly and easily make your own hands. Vintage rosette in her hair - a very gentle, very romantic and very fashionable. Because vintage - it's old-world charm, an alternative to arrogance and aggressiveness of glamor, fashion trend, associated with good taste.

 a flower in her hair with his hands

Chiffon rose on the rim

The rim or hoop - a very popular hair accessory. And if you make your hand a flower, it will transform the accessory recognition. So it is possible to revive the old and already bored rim or even decorate the new, unpretentious but the acquisition.

To produce such ornaments we will need:

  • rim or thin plastic wrap;
  • beads;
  • Chiffon;
  • scissors;
  • candle or a lighter;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue.

Take chiffon fabric and cut out of it a plurality of circular parts of different diameters. From the number and size of the cut circles will depend on the magnitude and splendor of our flower. The more detail, the luxuriant leaves Rose, and it will determine the size of the largest circle chiffon. Now, all the details carefully for searing edge, giving tissue podplava. After that, all slices are stacked in layers, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest. The layers can be joined together with glue, but you can sew. Now adorns the middle of a flower beads or glass beads. The flower is ready!

Ready flower attach to the rim, using glue or a needle and thread. If your bezel looks very very modestly, that it obsheyte same chiffon, and then to attach to the rim with his own hands made the flower. By the way, using chiffon and beads of different colors, you can come up with completely different colors. For example, a red cloth with black beads turn into a poppy, white and yellow chiffon beads will flower like a daisy. And if you add to the white chiffon pearl pearl beads, such a flower and decorate the hair of the bride.

 beautiful flowers for the hair with your hands

Hairpin tsumami kanzashi

Tsumami kanzashi - amazing handmade machinery wonderful country of Japan. Made in the technique of silk flowers used exclusively for hair ornaments in women's hairstyles. Tsumami kanzashi still incredibly popular in Japan, but we are actively practiced by masters who are fond of making artificial flowers or hair accessories. This technique is multifaceted: here there are very simple ways and manufacture of colors and complex, involving several steps. Let us and we will try to make a hair clip, decorated with such Japanese silk flower.

For this we need:

  • the basis for the clip;
  • orgaz tape, nylon or satin;
  • beads for decoration;
  • candle or a lighter;
  • thread with a needle;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • pins.

From tape cut into eight squares, which will be the petals of a flower. Now start to make yourself petals. Take the rag and turn it in half diagonally, connecting two opposite corners of a square. The resulting triangle folded in half again, combining the sharp corners and folded along a line extending from top to bottom. Hold the tweezers and petal over a candle flame to melt the raw edges (cut site). Petal shear pin and put aside. So do the rest of the flower petals of the future.

When the petals are ready, collect flower petals are folded around and connecting them with glue or a needle and thread. In the middle of the flower sew or glue bead, and the flower hair clips to attach. Now you can decorate your hair with this wonderful Japanese flower. By the way, for such decorations can take a different tape, and make two-color or even multicolored flower (Tsvetik-semitsvetik). It can be attached not only to the automatic hairpin, but also on the pin, and on the invisibility even elasticized hair.

In general, hair ornaments can become almost any artificial flower. With equal success for these purposes can make the flower of organza or felt, used for this skin, or tape, or even weave beaded flower. In the end, simply decorate the living flower hair (which is a long time does not wither), as did our distant predecessors. This decoration will provide you with an aura of mystery and romance, glamor and sophistication, charm and audacity. What suits you best? Choose!

 Colors hair with his hands - the tradition in the service of fashion

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 organza flowers with his own hands


  • Flower with fused edges
  • Flower - bow
  • Lush flower

More recently, organza considered a sign of luxury and cost basnosolovnyh money. Today, this material is not lost external elegance, but it became available and cheap. Organza very fond of interior designers and is widely used in the design of the fabric window. Organza is also very popular with wedding fashion and serves as material for sewing dresses and accessories of the bride. And Organza obtained wonderful artificial flowers, which can be and interior decorate, and wedding or evening dress pin and hair clip to do with them, and in general ... Any accessory that presupposes the existence of artificial flowers can be supplemented by flowers in organza, made with their own hands.

Incidentally, organza - not just a cheap and effective material for artificial flowers. Hand made organza flowers, is very simple! This fabric holds its shape well and is easy to wash, and made of her colors are lush and "weightless". Mastered this skill can even novice needlewoman. Try?

Flower with fused edges

One of the most common ways of handling the edges of the pieces of organza, which are made of flowers - singeing. If you remember the lessons of Home Economics (technology) in the school, there girls were taught to determine the degree of natural fabrics, burning strings, plucked from these tissues. So all synthetic fabrics do not burn and melt, causing the edges firmly baked and do not allow the material to crumble. It is this ability organza and this technique is used in the manufacture of artificial flowers. For this we need:

  • Organza desired color
  • needle and cotton
  • candle or lighter
  • scissors
  • beads for decoration

First, cut out a paper or cardboard template for the future shape of the petals of a flower. If the petals is cut from a template, then they will receive the same and equal, and the flower is neat. The shape of petals define their own, and their number depends on how you are going to do a magnificent flower. The more petals, the magnificently succeed decoration. On average, a flower of organza is five or six petals.

Now you need to cut out the petals of fabric and turn sear each petal over a candle flame. Singeing their need contour, whereby the edge of the petals slightly "sezhatsya" inturned and acquire three-dimensional shape. Then we collect the petals in a flower stringing thread on their lower base, pulling and securing the middle of a few stitches and knots. Now we decorate the center of the flower petals beads and straighten. Organza Flower made with their hands, ready!

 beautiful flowers in organza with their hands

Flower - bow

The amount of bow will depend on the size of the pieces of cloth that you use for the manufacture of such a flower. Similarly, you can decorate a flower hair or use it as an optional accessory to the dress or bag. To produce such a flower, we need:

  • Organza;
  • Ribbon Organza
  • Nylon thread
  • sewing needle
  • round carton templates diameter of 9 cm and 12
  • candle or lighter
  • scissors

To start doing pattern organza, using templates. Cut circles with a diameter of nine five centimeters in diameter and five parts twelve centimeters. Every detail is reflowed on a path over the candle flame. Now take a blank, folded in half (wrong side inside) and departing from the border below three millimeters, baste stitches halves no longer than five millimeters. Seam paving the only arc without touching the fold place. Then gently pull the thread to the fabric on it gathered, and the preform into a flower petal future. NITC good anchoring and prune. Thus the process and all the other parts.

Now we take the five petals of the same size, strung them on nylon thread and closable in the ring. Fix the ring, the thread again through the first petal. Just collect and five petals of a different size. Put a ring on top of a smaller part of the large petals, midway combine the two parts and sewn on the inner edge of the petals, connecting parts and fastening bow. The middle of the flower decorate large beads or artificial stone in a frame, or cabochon, or brooch, or something else.

Organza ribbon cut into small pieces (twenty-five centimeters), singeing the edges of slices and knotted between the tiers of a flower. Tying the belt, adjust the length of the day at their discretion, but will look more interesting flower with ribbons of different lengths.

The flower is almost ready. If you are going to use it as a bow hairstyle, then sew the back of the flower scrunchy. If you want to get a flower to make a detachable brooch, then sew a safety pin to it. By the way, this can take a bow organza two colors, making multi-colored upper and lower tier of flowers and ribbons.

 lush flowers in organza with their hands

Lush flower

Another very simple way that you can make a lush flowers in organza with their hands. For such a flower, we will need:

  • organza scraps
  • scissors
  • basis of (a round piece of leather)
  • rhinestones
  • adhesive (glue gun)
  • candle

First, cut out the flaps of the blank-organza flowers arbitrary shape and different sizes: the lower tier of the flower should be the big top - the smallest. And all of these tiers will have from three to six. These flowers can be a five- or chetyrehlepestkovymi. The longer you are cut out petals on workpieces, the more they will twist after reflow, and the "curlier" will flower.

Thereafter, each of the contour of the workpiece is melted over a candle flame and collect a flower. Alternately glue all the blanks on the leather base for the flower, from the biggest parts and ending with the smallest piece. The middle of a flower decorate with rhinestones and admire your creation.

As you can see, the flowers in organza make very easily. Sometimes it takes a minimum of time and effort. Organza itself is so airy and elegant that some additional tweaks for the manufacture of fine jewelry you do not need. And the ability of the tissue to melt and "curl" under the influence of fire simplifies the manufacturing process to the elementary actions: cut pattern oplavil edge gathered flower. Not what material is able to give such an effect, but may organza! So, take the hands of the fabric and scissors, lit candles and master airy, floating, transparent, and such elegant organza flowers.

 Flowers Organza hands - Air sophistication

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