How to sew a sling


  • Sling - Scarf
  • Sling with rings
  • May - Sling

Fashionable, comfortable and useful slings - not a new invention, but merely improved models of native people's devices - the bond carry children. Such flaps, cradles were almost all nations of the world. Judge for yourself. In Russia, children wear an apron or skirt hem long (hence the expression "to bring in the lap"), adapted for this gypsy his immense shawls, Japanese and Chinese women, aboriginal South America and Africa were transferred children in scarves, shawls, towels. Word used for this purpose, any suitable size and quality of the fabric.

By the way, people's "model" the bond formed the basis of modern varieties of sling. And given that our predecessor, no special tools other than a needle and thread were not, it can be assumed that the sling make quite capable of every one of us. Well, if we are such clever and needlewoman, then we have no choice, how to sew a sling with his own hands. And as a basis we take it national models flaps-cradles.

Sling - Scarf

Whose is traditionally formed the basis of a modern model of sling-scarf, now you will not say. In Belarus, as carrying used towels (long rectangular towels), gypsy children wore shawls and long wide scarves (dykhlo), a prototype of this kind can be considered a sling and Rebozo Mexican scarf. In short, the model of a multinational. And in order to make a sling with their own hands, we need:

  • otrez dense, but soft tissue;
  • thread to match the fabric;
  • sewing machine.

Right, let's stipulate nuances of selecting fabrics for sling-scarf. The fabric, which greatly extends, suitable only for a newborn baby. Kids older is better to sew slings of the fabric does not stretch any of this, which stretches only slightly. The density of the tissue should be evaluated for its ability to tie into a strong unit - this is exactly how you will fix the sling-scarf. Ideally, the sling must be tied to a single node, but it is possible for two, but not too bulky. Try to choose natural fabrics - cotton, linen and wool, and if the fabric stretches, then make sure that it is stretched uniformly in equity and transverse threads.

So we cut out the flap of which will be tinkering sling. The width of the flap depends on the elasticity of the fabric: for stretching tissue it will be from forty-five to fifty-five centimeters to less elastic tissue - from sixty to seventy centimeters. The length of the sling define the future size Momma: women under forty-fourth the size of the clothes fit the sling length from four to four and a half meters, larger mums need a sling for four and a half to five and a half meters of fabric. The form of the pattern can be strictly rectangular, with rounded, beveled or tapered end. Form all played more aesthetic role and has no fundamental differences.

After cutting a flap handle future sling edge, tucked them throughout the length and width of the pattern and stitch on a typewriter. It is also possible to process the edge overlock, but this method is less practical as neaten the edge of the sling may cling to clothes, bags and jewelry. For fabrics, which at first sight do not require treatment, this stage it is better not to miss: tucked edge of the sling make more durable and pleasant to use. A shutdown can be sewn on the sling-pocket scarf or just bright label to make it easier to find the middle of the sling.

Important! Try to use a sling-scarf tselnokroyny piece of cloth. Cross-stitch on a sling that will put pressure on the back of the baby or the mom's shoulders.

 How to sew a sling with rings

Sling with rings

Knowing how to make a scarf sling, you can try to improvise and improved varieties. We are going to sew both sides sling with rings. This model is useful especially in that it can be worn and for winter clothes, and on it. And in this baby sling is comfortable to wear in any position, and it is suitable for mothers of different sizes. So, how to make a sling with the rings? For him, we need:

  • metal ring inner diameter of six to seven centimeters - 2 pieces;
  • otrez bilateral fabric width of 80 centimeters - 2 meters 40 centimeters;
  • sewing machine.

Fabric choose not much stretch, so much so that if it is stretched, it is only the width but not in length of the sling. For such a model is not suitable for very thick denim, corduroy, double-sided fleece. By the way, just choose any fabric-sided, since the sling is free fluff "tail." And do not forget that the sling - is not only a convenient device, but the object of your equipment. So think about the harmonious combination of fabrics for sling with your wardrobe and style.

So, take a piece of cloth (2 to 2, 4 m) and processes all the edges (or at podvorot overlock). One edge of the flap is passed in two rings, wrap so that the rings appeared at the edge of the sling, and sew rolled edge to the main track. To do this three straight or zigzag stitch on a semicircular line. Strictly speaking, the sling with the rings is ready. It remains only to try it, but think of how interesting folds lay the free end.

 sew sling with rings

May - Sling

ABOUT! This model inherited from the hard-working Chinese women, who invented the sash, allowing comfortable and safe to wear child and maternal hands completely liberated. A more sophisticated version of the sling than the two previous models, but also more convenient. This sling is more like that in the long apron with straps at the bottom corners. When he put the child is raised "apron" up and crossed straps for my mother's back and fix the front. How to sew May sling with his own hands? For sling size of 35 by 45 centimeters with a two-meter top tether 9 centimeters wide and 8 on lap 160 centimeters prepare:

  • a piece of cloth - a length of 2 meters 10 centimeters;
  • sintepon half meters wide - 16 cm;
  • sewing machine.

First, from the main fabric cut out 2 pieces of 48 by 38 centimeters, plus a half centimeters on each side on the allowances for seams. Then cut two upper straps size 21 centimeters to ten meters (plus allowances) and the waist strap width 19 163 cm (plus allowances). From syntepon cut out two inserts 8 to 140 centimeters. Now we begin to make itself May-sling.

Fold piece in half lap length patterns and sews the folded edge. The resulting pipe and gut-wrenching otutyuzhivaem. We do the same thing with the top straps. Further, the upper webbing sling insert sintepon, aligning the edge with the ends of the straps, and sews a few stitches at a distance of 15 centimeters. The raw edges folded the straps and stitched by. Edge with synthetic padding leave open. Details Sling add up the front side and is inserted between the straps (in the upper corners) so that they intersect at the center ends with synthetic padding. All parts are held together with pins and stitched by the sling on the edge: a line starting from the middle of one side, conduct up on the upper side and down to the middle of the second marginalia. We take out the pins, gut-wrenching, otutyuzhivaem.

Now, we adjust the location of the upper straps and shear their pins. The fastening pins and waist strap, slide the bottom of the sling. The lower edge of the backrest folded the under waist strap and stitched by the sling all around the perimeter. The last line of paving in seven inches from the bottom of the sling by grabbing the edge of the lap. In the field of fastening straps do a few extra stitches. That's all! Stitched with their hands in May-sling ready!

Do not refuse the experience of our predecessors. If they used a sling for carrying a child, so it's really easy! And note: buy a ready-made tool they could not: all alone with your hands. And what we are worse? So choose the model, prepare a suitable fabric, sew a sling and use this ancient invention, the joy and health!

 How to sew a sling, or All new - well forgotten old

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 leather flowers with his own hands


  • Flower - Brooch
  • Dahlia leather
  • Leather Rose

Genuine leather - a material durable. That is why the leather things go out of fashion, keeping quite befitting appearance and excellent quality material. Throw (for obvious reasons), it is a pity such a thing, that she survives his life in the closet or in the attic, waiting for the final fate. Some particularly cheap the owner (or a successor) leather coats and jackets give them to the company and receive a modest fee for new leather veshchichki pereshito of rarities. But most of the leather items mercilessly shred into pieces and turns ...

In the capable hands of leather scraps can become a new cosmetic, or even a handbag, in cases for phones, stylish patches on the jeans and jackets. But you never know what would motivate creaking leather rag really gambling needlewoman! Here, for example, fashion artificial flowers that decorate the clothes, shoes, bags, hairstyles. Others would not try to make flowers out of the skin with your hands? Let's we are going to do this!

Flower - Brooch

What could be more feminine adornment than a brooch in the shape of a flower? A leather flower brooch would be a suitable accessory not only for the business suit, but for a coat or jacket. To produce such ornaments we need:

  • basis for brooches;
  • genuine leather scraps (better - thin and colored);
  • glue (PVAC and "torque");
  • Candle;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers.

First, figure out what will be the petals and make a cardboard template. Now transfer the pattern on the skin (back) and cut out six large, five medium and three small petals. Once we cut out a circle, which will be glued onto. Now start making the veins on the petals. To do this, on the back side lobe we put in the middle a narrow strip of glue "Moment", turn the tab in half (to the wrong side) of this strip and the front side do longitudinal tucks and impacting his fingers to the skin glued, and on the petal formed relief fold -prozhilka. Thus alternately process all petals except for the little ones.

Next attach the petals of the flower of our convex shape. First, PVA glue diluted with water (one to one), apply the solution on the underside of the details and give the glue to dry. Further, the holding part with tweezers, puts it to the wrong side of the burning candles and petals drive over the flame.

  • Please note that you need to keep the item high enough over the fire so that it is deformed under the influence of hot air, but no flame. You will see how the edges of the leather tab will be wrapped inside.

Thus we handle all the details. From small rosettes collect petals, turning Booth one of them and wrapped the other two petals bud. Junctions fix glue. Still needed flower. On the basis of first-pasted circle around the circumference of the big petals, connecting them in the center of the lower edge of the base. Similarly, collect a second tier of the middle of the flower petals, placing them in a staggered manner to the lower parts. At the center of the flower is pasted rosettes. Fasten flower on hardware and admire your creation!

 flower leather with their hands

Dahlia leather

Oh, where are you such a gorgeous flower will fit - your business. And decorate the lush leather bag and dahlias can and hairpins, and coats. To produce such a beauty you need to prepare:

  • natural skin grafts;
  • beads for decoration midway flower;
  • glue "Moment" or hot gun;
  • scissors.

To start doing three patterns: a square with sides of four (can be less than a couple of millimeters) centimeter square of side two and a half centimeters, and a square of side two centimeters. With the help of ready-made templates for fifteen pieces cut out all three sizes, the largest can do more (twenty-five, for example). Now cut out the petals. On the underside of the workpiece measured from the center of the two-thirds the size of the square and begin to trim the edges smooth line to the middle of the sides, and the center of bokovushek - rounded line to the center of the upper side of the square. The result petals with pointed tip and right (horizontal) bottom cut.

On the lower part of the tab on the front side is applied a layer of glue, wrap the edge parts connect them (attach to each other) in the middle lobe and strongly pressed his fingers, so they stuck. So turn off all prepared items. Cut the base of the skin dahlia, which will stick petals.

  • Please note that this detail is best to cut a little more than the size you want, and then just cut the excess skin.

At the edge of the round part first glue large petals, putting them on the basis of the lower edge. Glue only part of the tab, put it on a range of three to five millimeters from the overall height of the lobe. If the first tier of petals you will find lush enough, add to it the details, which we have prepared in advance any more. Then glue the second tier of petals, staggered, and the top tier collect from small petals. The center of the flower decorate beads. That's all!

 beautiful flowers leather with their hands

Leather Rose

This royal flower is surprisingly simple! And we will need it for just:

  • patches of skin;
  • Candle;
  • scissors,
  • glue.

Depending on the size of the planned make two flower pattern in the form of rose petals - small and large. Now, of leather cut to ten petals each size and process them over the fire. Clutching petal tweezers (if hands are not afraid of fire, we can and hands), turn it to the wrong side of the flame and keep on fire (not low!) Causing the edges of petals wrapped inside.

Now proceed to the production of roses. Take one small petal put on the wrong side of the details a little glue and turn blank sort of rolls, forming a rosebud. The next tab too, we put a little glue (already on the front side) and wrap them bud. The next tab is pasted directly opposite the first, turning the bud. Make sure that the top edges of the petals were on the same level. So we gather rose petals pasting first small and then larger.

If you want to add the leaves, it will cut out for them blank, put on the wrong side of the narrow stripes of glue along the sheet, and the front side of the crease-shape tucks. Likewise it can be done side "lanes." And the rose itself if desired sprinkle with spray paint, and you can leave everything as is. The skin in itself very effectively, even if it is black, gray or brown. Pay attention! Elegant and at the same time gentle look rose made of thin and soft white skin.

In general, the manufacturing process of the color of the skin is reduced to carving details, giving them shape with a flame or adhesive and the compilation of a flower: it is actually very simple. But the finished flower leather looks amazing! Try it and see for yourself. Good luck!

 Flowers from the skin with your hands - chic, brilliance, beauty!

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