flowers of satin ribbons with their hands


  • Miniature flower
  • Satin cloves
  • wild Rose

Satin ribbons - one of the most famous and the most democratic of materials for decoration. They are embroidered with the royal outfits decorated folk costumes and woven into the manes of horses in the village weddings. Armed with tradition and applying new techniques and modern masters as active and willing to use the tape to decorate clothing, manufacturing of souvenirs and fashion accessories. For example, today's popular artificial flowers of satin ribbons, you can easily make your own hands. Let us and we will try to make this lovely colors available and inexpensive materials.

Miniature flower

Simple, but very original flower can be made simply by folding the ribbon envelope. For such ornaments we need the following materials:

  • narrow satin ribbon width of thirteen millimeters (pink and green):
  • wide satin ribbon (two and a half centimeters) in white;
  • beads for decoration midway flower;
  • matches or lighter;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue.

Take a white ribbon, and bend it in the middle at a right angle so that the top edge of the tape perpendicular to the lower leg. Lying horizontally end of the tape, too, descends, passing it under the tape and put next to the second end. At the top of our design should turn area. Now, holding the finger area, wrap the left end of the tape to the right and put it on top of the right end. Cropped extend beyond the ends of the tape and get an envelope.

Envelope sewn around the perimeter (on the edge of), leaving a thread with a needle in working condition without removing the thread from the fabric and cuts singeing, lest they fell. Then contract the thread collecting tape in the bud, and anchoring suture knot. Spreads "petals". From pink ribbons do the same bud, impose it on the white petals and sew the two parts in the middle of the flower. Middle, decorate with beads.

To turn off the green leaves ribbon cone, cut off the excess fabric and cut singeing. The edges of the tape glue or sew. Having three leaf, puts a flower glued them under the edges and attach. Miniature flower of satin ribbons ready.

 flowers of satin ribbons with their hands

Satin cloves

Simple enough to produce flowers resembling cloves. For its production will prepare these materials and tools:

  • wide and narrow satin ribbon of any color;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors.

For bulk and fluffy carnations take a broad satin ribbon little more than a meter long. Properly it otutyuzhivaem, cheroots and singeing sections. The needle dressed with a long string, and one edge of the tape paving Basting stitches. Gently pulling the thread, collect the tape is not very frequent folds and fasten thread. Turning one edge of the tape inside, start to collect a flower, folding in a roll of tape and each turn of consolidating thread on the bottom edge (where the stitches are laid). From a narrow strip makes a small cloves. It will also collect it on a thread, but the thread is contractible stronger and thicker do the assembly.

 beautiful flowers of satin ribbons with their hands

wild Rose

Elegant and quite natural looking flower wild roses can be made of satin ribbons. And, as you know, it is an ordinary rose. The proposed technique of manufacturing the decoration is more complex than the previous ones, but the result is worth it! So, for the wild rose of satin ribbons, we need:

  • meter white, pink or red satin ribbon width of five centimeters (for the flower);
  • ten centimeters pyatisantimetrovym green tape (for leaves of wild rose);
  • Yarn (iris) yellow;
  • thread to match the tapes;
  • needle (acute and long);
  • scissors;
  • candle or lighter
  • felt or accessories for foundations;
  • cardboard template.

To start making a rose petal pattern. The height of the lobe to be slightly less than the width of the tape, that is almost five centimeters. Beamwidth accurately about two and a half centimeters. Make a pattern, applying it to the tape outline and cut satin petals. If you want to accelerate the process of cutting the petals fold the tape in multiple layers. Do not bundle the pin it, which can leave unsightly burrs on the fabric. Please note that the base of the petal (straight cut) should be with edging tape, and its upper edge should be cut so that the tab on the top edge to do. This is convenient for the subsequent reflow petals over the flame, and to build the petals in a flower.

Cutting out six identical petals make another pattern that repeats the shape of the petals, but will only be five millimeters (one on each side) is less. And do the third pattern, and less than the second half a centimeter. For these patterns cut out another six petals middle and small size. After receiving three kinds of petals begin to melting their edges. Gently summing the workpiece to a flame, giving the petals almost die and become slightly wavy on the edge. To obtain a convex lobe, tan edge over the fire and holding nepodpalennuyu of the petals with your fingers, gently stretch the fabric in opposite directions. Pay attention! Pull the tape should be still warm: cooled Atlas will begin to tear. To make the petals even more similar to the real, alternating each petal keep the flame, giving the fabric the ability to deform.

Now we begin to collect a flower. First, we collect the lower tier of the largest petals. Take two pieces and add them overlap, to the edge of one petal half (height) overlap each petal. We sew the workpiece with the lower edge few stitches. They put the third petal that it also covered half the next workpiece, and attach it seam "forward needle". Putting all the petals of the same size and the closing circle in the ring, connecting the first and the last petal. Likewise we collect two tiers of pieces of medium and small size.

Fold tiers flower on each other (from large to small) and sew them, connecting the lower edge of the blanks. For midway flower take a small square shred, cut off from the tape, and it embroider French knot and make yarn loops. Embroidering round the middle of a flower, pulls it on a button and sew a button on the center of the upper tier of our wild roses.

For the leaves take a piece of green tape ten centimeters in length and process sections of the flame. Fold corners to the middle band, forming a triangle and sew superimposed at the bottom edge of the small dotted seam. Then pulls the thread and sew the extreme corners of the workpiece with each other. If you wish to open from the inside edge of the leaf is also sew ribbons. Having two or three leaves, sew them to flower. Ready wild rose flower is attached to the felt, on the basis of a brooch or barrette.

That's all there is. Having mastered the easiest ways of making flowers of satin ribbons, you can proceed to more advanced techniques, such as tinkering with his own hands, Japanese decoration tsumami kanzashi. And when nabete hand, you will obtain a schedevralnye creation. It's no wonder satin ribbons appreciated even at royal courts, and the flowers are the most decorated outfits dignitaries. Try. And all you get!

 The flowers of satin ribbons with their hands, or Royal Decoration

 flower brooch with their hands


  • Brooch Chiffon
  • Brooch of felt
  • Brooch shaped braid
  • Brooch clasp - lightning
  • Brooch - Hydrangea

Artificial flowers today - one the most popular fashion trends. We decorate their office, everyday and holiday clothing, "planting" on the cap and the cap affixed to the bags and shoes. We buy ready-made artificial flowers or make them their own hands, happy to get a present and not less pleasure we give to others, especially if it is handmade. And, as it turns out, his own to make this fashion accessory is a snap. For example, you may want to make a flower brooch made of cloth with his hands. Or, even made of fabric, and most of the unexpected materials. We try?

Brooch Chiffon

Very naturalistic, almost like a living, you get a flower from a light fabric. Brooch flower organza or chiffon decorate any garment: and a light blouse and wool suit and knitted jacket. This brooch will add to your image of romance and tenderness and for its production will need the following materials and tools:

  • pink, beige, white or blue chiffon;
  • zip basis for brooches,
  • beads for decoration midway flower
  • candle,
  • needle and thread,
  • adhesive
  • scissors.

Make this brooch is very easy. You must first cut the fabric several circles of different sizes (the more detail, the more luxuriant will flower). Now, each circle carefully handle over a candle flame, opalivaya edge details. Then add up the blanks one pile to another, starting with the large circle and ending with the smallest. The blanks can be planted in the adhesive strength, but you can do without it, just Staple items in the middle. Then take chiffon thread, pull the fabric, vdevaem her a needle and sew the beads in the middle of a flower. Fasten buckle - brooch ready!

Brooch of felt

Felt - very grateful material for making artificial flowers. Brooch of felt obtained or strictly formal or naughty. It all depends on your idea and the chosen color felt. To produce such a brooch prepare:

  • pieces of colored felt,
  • thermo-adhesive (glue gun)
  • needle and thread,
  • scissors,
  • cardboard and a pencil for a pattern,
  • beads or beads for decoration midway brooches,
  • base-clasp.

Think of how it will look like your pin, and draw on the cardboard template flower. For multilayer brooches make some templates the same or different form. Then transfer the pattern on the felt and cut the flower harvesting. With adhesive layers fasten future flower and decorate it midway beads, beads or sequins. The shutdown sew the flower clasp. The shape, color and size of this brooch is up to your imagination!

 Flower Brooch with their hands

Brooch shaped braid

For this you will need the original brooch curly ribbons in the shape of a wave and any green cloth leaves. Braid cut into two pieces by thirty centimeters in length: the longer the tape, the more luxuriant will flower. Now twist the two pieces in a tight, but not tight tourniquet. Fasten harness, ask him for one long edge with small stitches.

Now start to fold braid spiral into a roll, and in the course of the work roll fasten thread: you should have a rosette. From green fabric, cut two squares the size you want. Each item on the diagonal fold in half again - the height of the triangle and then sew the two opposite corners. Leaflets pull together on the edge of the open cut and sewn to the roses. Ready flower attach to the base-clasp. The brooch is ready!

Brooch clasp - lightning

From colored zipper with plastic or metal teeth (preferably large) can make an original flower brooch. To do this you will need:

  • Lightning sixty centimeters in length,
  • needle and thread,
  • a piece of thick fabric for the base,
  • safety pin for fastening,
  • scissors.

Lightning share and takes her thumb. From the resulting pieces cut into seven pieces eleven centimeters long and one piece length and twenty-three centimeters. Each workpiece is sewn on the side without teeth basting stitches and stretched into a ring. The edges of the rings carefully sew. Long parts and sewn stitches and slightly sosbarivaem. Then, from this segment we turn flat coil and fasten it with small stitches.

From the flower collect rings, putting parts in a circle, with its "petals" lapped and stitched them together. At the center of the flower sew spiral of long parts. Cut a round base brooches made of thick fabric, process the edge and sew hem in the back of the flower. Fasten a safety pin to the flower and get the original brooch-flower.

 brooch flower fabric with your hands

Brooch - Hydrangea

More difficult than the previous ones - to make a brooch in the Japanese technique of Komon. However, the effect will exceed your wildest expectations - unusually beautiful brooch turn. For the manufacture of such jewelry you need a loose and soft fabric: wool, silk, cotton. So, prepare for the brooch:

  • a square piece of cloth (with a side of thirty centimeters) for the flower,
  • flap green leaf,
  • twenty small silver or white beads (one spare)
  • scissors and thread,
  • syntepon piece,
  • the basis for the brooch.

From cardboard cut out a circular pattern with a diameter of four centimeters. Square flap put on the table face down and draw a circle on the pattern in the center of the flap. Around him at a distance of five millimeters draw a series of six circles, and for this next - another, but of the twelve circles. Arrange each new circle between two of the previous row and the distance of five millimeters. You should get a pentagon of nineteen circles. Number them all, since the center and then spirally clockwise: above the first circle to be the fifth and fifteenth.

Sews each circle, starting with the first. Petty basting stitch extends circumferentially, pulled together and fasten thread to the front side of the fabric turned hollow "bubble". Do not cut the thread, a needle pierces the front side and two stitches crisscross overtighten the bubble to get four petals. Again contractible yarn, fasten it from the inside, and in the middle (the front side) sew bead. Thus all the handle alternately drawn circles.

Putting inflorescence, make sure that each flower fit the adjacent and very inflorescence is not falling apart. Having nineteen circles, cut the excess fabric around the edges of the flower, leaving two and a half centimeters on allowances. At a distance of five millimeters from the edge of the inflorescence flower sew on a circle and pull the thread, leaving a small opening. The resulting fill a bag with synthetic padding, pull together and sew edges.

Now, from the green fabric, cut two squares with sides of eight and twelve centimeters. Each blank fold in half diagonally and half again the height of the triangle. On the sides with open cuts pull the triangle by folding together the opposite corners. The resulting leaves sew the back of the hydrangea blossoms. Close the "rear" of the flower treated with a cloth and sew the zipper.

So, to realize their creative potential and have affixed thereto their skillful hands, you can get exclusive decorations. It is fashionable, original and spectacular! Envious looks and "smart" questions about where you have purchased such a trend thing, you provided. Be of good cheer! And all you get.

 Flower brooch with his own hands - from simple to complex

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