Summer wedding at the beach version

As you know, the majority of weddings celebrated in the summer. So why not spend it outdoors on the waterfront? This favors the blooming nature, warm weather and bright sunshine, as well as a special state of mind, which is only in the summer.

Weddings in the summer allows you to experiment with different themes. Today, beach wedding is one of the most popular subjects for such a celebration. In addition, during the wedding on the beach, you can save considerably on the design, as it does not require an additional clearance around and so much greenery and flowering plants.
Organizing a wedding should be very careful while drawing up menus, the deletion of the spirits and perishable food.

Beach theme, you can choose for a wedding celebration in the room, making up an original idea for its design. Jewellery made of shells for wedding table, beads of flowers or small shells for the guests, artificial trees, models of tropical butterflies and birds create a feeling of a tropical beach. To celebrate beach wedding dress style for both the newlyweds and their guests should not be an official - it is better to choose something light and summer.
Perfect for the bride - wedding dress of airy fabrics, decorated with flowers, and exotic flower in her hair which accentuate the charm of the bride. Beautiful, unusual and colorful wedding will long remain in the memory of the newlyweds and their parents, friends, and all the guests.

 Summer wedding at the beach version

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 How to raise a good husband


  • Who is the head in this house?
  • Proper nutrition
  • Appearance male
  • Load men
  • Carrot and stick
  • Talk with her husband
  • Personal space man
  • Become a part of his life
  • On the first call
  • Jobs and husband
  • Repetition - the mother of learning

Mendelssohn's march died away, cries subsided reviews "Bitter", wilted flowers. So, congratulations to you - in your house finally was got a mysterious creature as man. Of course, you're happy! And it is quite natural - what woman does not seek to embellish a welcome stamp your passport? Well, except for a very few exceptions. But remember that together with the husband you have purchased is not only great fun, affection and support, but also by a serious responsibility.

Your husband, in fact, still quite wild - a young and inexperienced - an instance that keep an eye. Moreover, monitoring should be a continuous and vigilant. But do not be afraid - it will not last too long. Of course, if you put a hand in it. And for this you need to know exactly how to raise a good husband. That's what we'll talk today.

After training the men - a process no less responsible than the education of children. And definitely heavier. A child from birth is very attached to you, unlike your man. And different aunties, alcoholic drinks, fishing and weekends with friends child is not predisposed, is not it? That is why the education of the perfect husband - an occupation that requires a woman full commitment and attention. After all, in order to get the desired result, it is necessary to try very much to consider thousands of different nuances and peculiarities of the male psyche.

Of course, the task is not easy and many women succumb to it. And a very good reason - if you do it right, your efforts will not go in vain. On the "exit" you will get the perfect (well, almost perfect) man, with whom the house is nice and peaceful, and the society will be let go for a walk without any fear. But enough preamble - begin to comprehend the basics of taming and education of her husband.

Who is the head in this house?

As you know, education of the child begins with the birth. This is true for men - begin the educational process from the very first day of his arrival in the house. Or your appearance in his home - a matter of fact it does not change. The first thing to do - just to find out the answer to the eternal question "Who's the Boss? "The sooner your husband clearly learns this, the better. And for him the same! Although, of course, he never did not appreciate it.

But this should be done very carefully so that the man did not feel any pressure and not resisted. After all, if he wants to feel the master - empty feeling. But then You are a clever woman, and always find a way to get her husband to do exactly as you need it. Thus, you can avoid a lot of problems, hassles and high-profile showdown.

Proper nutrition

As you know, the way to a man's heart no one has yet changed - it still is through his stomach. That is why do not forget the simple fact that the key to successful education of any man is proper nutrition. And if the first few months, and sometimes years, a man completely bypassed "grazing" food, preferring a dessert you, then it will have to be fed. Sooner or later, it will happen anyway.

A familiar female food is unlikely to meet all the needs of the male body. No, we do not require permanently evicted from your refrigerator vegetables, fruits and low-fat yogurt. But from now on in their neighborhood should settle, and other products. Get ready - the pan you now just need a much larger size. And obviously not the only one - two. For semi-finished products are good for feeding husbands only in those first few months, when a man is most concerned about the dessert - that is you.

Then he will have to prepare yourself - cook a lot and tasty. Otherwise my husband will soon begin to show signs of discontent and indignation. You do not want someone else fed your Blessed? Yes, by the way - to restaurants husband teach not. Of course, if you are not married to the tycoon. For otherwise cook will cook most likely. Joking aside, and you need to feed her husband delicious and satisfying.

Appearance male

As you know, meet a man on clothes. A male clothes still evaluating prof. the suitability of his better half - that is you. Yes, and look at the most well-groomed man is much more pleasant. Fortunately, to date, the vast majority of men is very attentive to his appearance. If you're lucky and you "otkapali" the rare instance that still believes that a man adorns the stubble, and the word "manicure" starts, you will be no easy task - the reincarnation of your husband and his "humanization".

You have to teach a man to think that he should take a shower more often than his car is in the wash, nail cutting is necessary before they start banging on the floor, deodorant - not a waste of money, and a comb - not just a piece of furniture . Once these skills are firmly anchored in the subconscious of man, take his wardrobe. Surely you have the perfect taste. However, do not overdo it much - otherwise there is a risk that shining like polished nickle man can take away from under your nose.

 how to raise her husband

Load men

At least the first eight years - ten years, it is not necessary to restrain the desire to run her husband left. Because otherwise a man risking overweight. Afraid that he would not return home? In vain, the forbidden fruit is sweet only - anywhere husband you are not going anywhere. But seriously, the man really should always be doing something. Otherwise, he very quickly get bored and start moping, capricious wind and nerves. And both ourselves and everyone around us.

And doing this can be anything - the repair of the apartment, shopping trip, a parents' meeting at the kindergarten. However, in any case, do not forget that man is also a man. And he also needs personal space and time. Make sure that a man could do his favorite thing - collecting, burning, fishing in the end.

Knut ...

Alas, none of the educational process is not without punishment - is the prose of life. And even the beloved husband periodically have to be punished. And the punishment should be lightning - follow immediately for misconduct. In no case do not delay punitive action for an indefinite period - the husband after a while just do not understand what you have punished him. And as a result, instead of the case it is necessary to make a lesson, mortally offended you.

Of course, it is not necessary to resort to physical punishment - it is extremely nepedagogichno. Moreover, very often in such cases, the husband and the date can give. To what vain tease the geese. There is much much more humane and effective way to make it clear to her husband that he was wrong, and it's time to run for the flowers. It is difficult to say with certainty exactly which method will be effective in your case. For some men the most terrible punishment - a disapproving look, and for another, and "excommunication" from the body of a particular disaster is not. So decide for yourself how to punish her husband - you know him much better.

But remember that in any case can not be carried away by such a favorite for all women means tears. Of course, the tears are flawlessly on most men. However, you should not abuse them, because otherwise the man will stop paying your tears though any attention. And you pass for crybaby and hysterical. Therefore, leave tears in the most extreme case, when without them really can not do without.

Gingerbread ...

But there is no carrot without the stick, says classical pedagogy. Therefore, the husband need not only to criticize but to praise. And praise and encourage genuinely need - there is no place for falsehood. After all, we are talking about the beloved husband, right? Otherwise, you should not even waste your time - a family without love is not - in any case, happy family. In addition, the award is an excellent means of stimulating a man to perform good deeds.

Until after the wedding took place a little more time, I encourage the man's easy - just fold the edge of his blanket. But over time, you have to expand the arsenal of incentives - a trip on a fishing trip, a trip with friends to the sauna or football and so on. But do not get carried away rewards greatly - psychologists say that the educational process is very important balance: one should have to encourage one punishment. In that case, if you overdo it with the promotion, the husband may feel much permissiveness and uncontrolled. And if you overdo it with the punishment, the husband could not stand up and throw you - it is unlikely he was looking at your face strict mother.

Talk with her husband

Of course, we are not talking about simple everyday communication at the level of phrases such as' pass me the sugar bowl, please, "or" who now take the car. " Man vital need in a full communion, even if not to show it, and periodically asks you paused. Tells her husband about how your day went, what are your plans for the future. Be careful not to talk revolved around all the time, only your precious person - let her husband speak out, ask what was going on in his life, as it is the case at work.

Believe me, men appreciate such contacts, which they perceive as increased concern and interest to the person. And what man does not dream to be in the center of attention? Yes, and you communicating with her husband bring a lot of benefits. It will take quite a bit of time, and very soon you will learn to recognize not only the tone of his men, but even his silence. Women who lived with her mate legally married more than a year, claimed that her husband's silence can understand when he has something wrong - problems at work, poor health, undocumented family budget or a premium holiday. In general, a very useful skill, so Train.

Personal space man

Psychologists authentically proved that for the normal existence of any human being should have its own private space. Men - this is no exception to this rule. If a man seeks to capture a corner of the apartment, do not rush to stop his actions on the vine. Yes, popular among his corner, cluttered with all sorts of objects, not too decorates the interior of your home.

And as a trash can serve a variety of things - fishing line, hooks, and other fishing equipment, machines, spare parts, soldiers, computer items. The essence of this does not change - the man sorely needed a place where no one will pull it and "cut", making endless comments concerning the mess in the apartment. And mind you - just mess in our picky feminine look

Depending on the age of marriage and the size of your living space you still have to select the husband is the most notorious personal space - it could be a desk or a garage. But you never have to touch nothing in that man's little world. He will appreciate this and thank you again.

However, always keep the man to not try to expand its space. And he will certainly try to do it. And if he succeeds, then do not be surprised to find in the refrigerator earthworms and on the balcony - a piece of rotten meat to chop with maggots. And your spouse will not understand your indignation rapid - in fact, he has done nothing wrong, just getting ready for fishing ...

Become a part of his life

In the first months after the wedding before the woman is the most important task - to become an integral part of the lives of his men. To do this, the course is the heaviest artillery. He ran to the spouse to work, put it on the table photo - preferably wedding. In the car, leave your scarf or gloves and other trifles. Always make sure that your husband everywhere and always wore a wedding ring.

Regularly call his wife to work to his secretary to know you did not ask, as the present. So the husband will soon get used to the fact that his life can not be without you. However, all this must be done very carefully and unobtrusively - otherwise the husband may decide that you "put pressure" on him and rebel. Be tactful, unobtrusive but insistent.

 how to raise

On the first call ...

"Come here! "- This is the phrase on which the husband must respond immediately. And teach your spouse to this as soon as possible. As a rule, this skill is developed very quickly - because it is familiar to us all, without exception, thanks to our mothers. Always praise her husband after he was brought to you by your call. Believe me - this skill, driven to automatism, not just come in handy later. For example, at parties or on holiday, when all around are so many different temptations.

By the way - always remember a single "golden" truth. Never punish her husband, who approached you for your call, too. And it does not matter how much he drank before, and how long the building eyes charming girl. Otherwise, a very high probability of losing contact with the man. And in this case, of no education and can be no question!

Jobs and husband

Fortunately, nature is very wise. And in the blood of the majority of men, from the days when they were forced to hunt mammoths, remains the desire to work. But, alas, very often a man forgets that the work should bring not only a moral and aesthetic pleasure, but also money. Of course, being the wife of an artist or musician is very nice. But only if the pattern sold, stadiums collected. Otherwise the romance will disappear very quickly. And you will understand that it will fall on you the duty of the family.

In order to prevent this, this behavior should be corrected. Often a woman follows the path of least resistance and starts the whole day "saw" the wife, citing the example of the more successful friends. Of course, the chance that a man leaped vanity, and he changed jobs there. However, the chance is very small. It is much more likely that a man will begin to resent and rave, or just get used to your discontent and cease to notice it.

It is much wiser to act otherwise. First, review the family budget. Trim the expenditure for all the fun - going to the cinema, cafes, football. Change diet - buy cheaper products, eliminate all your favorite goodies. And this must be done even if your income allows you to maintain your lifestyle. Sooner or later, the husband will definitely notice it.

If this measure does not help, proceed more radical - at least one month do not pay utilities online. Be sure to leave unpaid receipts in a conspicuous place. Ask for help from her husband, say that without it you can not do. Believe me, your tone of bewildered and helpless eyes make her husband think again much faster than the permanent hysteria and threats. By the way - one more important detail. Ask for help from all relatives and friends. Moreover, this assistance must be precisely in the absence of aid. Financial. If your spouse will understand that money can always borrow, not only the problem is not resolved, and even more aggravated.

If in this case the husband absolutely does not want to work, there is only one way out - to seek help from family psychologist. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that a very small number of men agreed to visit the specialist. And a visit does not always lead to success. Therefore, you will eventually have to make a decision - to pull the strap itself or to change the spouse.

Repetition - the mother of learning

And remember that the repetition - the mother of learning. Even well-educated, proven over the years a man in danger of falling into pristine condition: you cease to be considered to behave inappropriately. Therefore, a woman in any case should not relax and lose the situation out of control. Unfortunately, sometimes the male dominated unconditional instincts, hormonal surges happen - and even a man can get away from the family. Of course, in most cases, after a short time back home with a view of a beaten dog. But we should not allow this at all. But that did not happen, never lose vigilance, allowing her husband to relax.

As you can see, a good husband education requires a lot of effort. But you probably knew that what they were doing? Therefore, do not stop halfway - you all must succeed!