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It is no secret that many of today's girls and women dream of marrying a foreigner. Hook or by crook they try to arrange their own destiny away from home, and many succeed. You can blame them, saying the lack of patriotism and desire for an easy life, but you can try to understand the reason for this desire. After all, anyway, and the number of men in Russia less than the number of women, and by the age of 35-40 years, unmarried lady is almost impossible to look for a suitable husband. And these women are alone, with envy looking at the more successful married friends. And the love of men to Russian strong drink often leaves no room for many women rely on prosperous, happy marriage. That would seem ridiculous and absurd for the residents of most countries, it is normal for an ordinary Russian woman: we are ready to consider the ideal man only for the fact that he does not drink.

And the difficult economic situation in the country does not give absolute confidence in the future, forcing many women to seek personal happiness is abroad. We all want financial stability and well-being, not only yourself, but also your children. All of this together and serves as an excellent explanation of what some of the girls do not want to link their fate with the male compatriots. They are looking for the best conditions for his life, and condemn them for it is not worth it. Everyone has the right to happiness, and if you can not find it in their own country, why not look for it in any other part of the globe?

 how to marry a foreigner

Marry a foreigner: where to start

Well, if you're mentally prepared to leave all of their loved ones for many thousands of kilometers, if you are not afraid of the difficulties of life in another country, with other laws and mentality, it is time to embark on his dream. Before we ponder how to marry a foreigner, decide which country would like to live. After all, you see, even the most respectable and decent man from China is very different from the same applicant for the hand and heart of a European country or the United States. You must determine what your mentality is closer to the heart, whose moral and religious principles you are willing to take. And, once selected your country, immediately proceed to the second step of its implementation plan. Namely - to study the language in which you have to talk.

The most difficult to account for the overseas immigrants that do not speak the language of the country you come to live. Or hold them well enough. How can you communicate with your chosen one, without knowing a word of his native language? Translators are unlikely to help you - quite the contrary. There are many cases where foreigners have switched their attention to most of these translators and take their marriage instead of the previous contenders. So immediately sign up for language courses, tutorials buy or learn a language on a computer with special software!

Tidy your appearance. Of course, Russian women are really appreciated for their beauty all over the world, but a couple of dozen extra kilos and dandruff in the hair unkempt not add you chances to find an interesting man. It is then he will understand and appreciate your rich inner world, but first you have to interest him in their attractive appearance.

Try to imagine a man for whom would agree to marry. His age, height, weight, hair color, eye color. Our thoughts are material, and therefore often need to scroll the image of the perfect man in my head. Find true happiness is always difficult, and even abroad - even more so. You must be prepared for the fact that the dream you have to exert a lot of effort. And, most importantly, we must remember that your efforts will be justified, and you will discover your favorite.

Many foreign men rather unpleasant picture of the bride from Russia. Numerous marriage agencies spread myths that Russian woman - a silent beauty, ready to work for the happiness of her husband 24 hours a day and does not require anything other than a residence in another country. Unfortunately, most potential suitors seeking in these agencies - they are people who, because of bad character, circumstances or state of health does not appeal to his compatriots. From women from Russia are waiting for humility and gratitude, unaware of the hot temper of our compatriots.

In order not to run into such a potential husband, you must work long and hard, looking for a good, decent man. And if you believe in yourself, the light at the end of the tunnel is required to glimmer, and you will be able to marry a person who does not turn your life into hell.

 how to marry a foreigner in Russia

How to get acquainted with a foreigner

Meet a foreigner to marry him, can be only two ways: on their own and with the help of marriage agencies or specialized websites. Let's look at each of them.

Independent search for a partner

Meet cute alien can be different. For example, you can go on a guided tour to the desired country in the hope of finding the right man. Here you may encounter the following problem: to meet, you can, but that's to bring the case of marriage but hardly have time. Your acquaintance can easily turn into a regular holiday romance that does not have to continue, and yet you are pursuing a completely different purpose, right?

The following options for an independent search - it ads in newspapers and magazines, as well as international social networks. Unfortunately, because the methods of dating you have a high risk to stumble upon a rogue. Especially attentively treat any request for its potential suitors to send them some money. Many dishonest men specifically to meet women from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union for illicit enrichment.

Of course, the search for self-groom you have a chance to successfully marry a citizen of another country. However, the percentage of success here depends on your luck, and it is not the most faithful companion in the search for happiness.

Marriage agencies and dating sites

In Russia, almost every town has a marriage agency that can help you to marry a foreigner. For their services they charge a fee, and work with you a certain period of time, after which (if the bride is not there) is a new contract with a new payment. But there are agencies that charge a fee only once for unlimited membership and provide services to clients its long until they get married.

As a rule, these agencies place your profile on its website on the Internet and send your data overseas marriage brokers with which we cooperate. In stock they have a directory where you can get acquainted with the candidates. The trouble is that these directories are no suitors contacts, communicate with them, you can only through the agency. In addition, information about the men is updated quite rare and can be hopelessly outdated.

Nevertheless, the search for a foreign husband through a marriage agency can bear fruit. You can help make a good picture, provide translation services in the event that you do not know the language. In order to successfully choose a dating agency, you must find out how long it has been operating, and if he has positive results.

Dating websites

The easiest way to get acquainted with a foreigner on a dating site. To do this, look for a site that provides opportunity to socialize with men from other countries. You can also visit the site of the country where you wish to move. Sign up and make your profile. Of course, it should be done in a foreign language. It is important to provide truthful information in the application, otherwise you will not earn a reputation as a respectable woman, and expect to find a good groom will not have to.

The short message about yourself, it is important to interest a potential groom. Write about your age, occupation, interests, and about what a man would like to see their partner in life. Be sure to check that they are ready to communicate with the man via email and / or Skype, it will give confidence to the candidates that you are determined and are not trying to hide anything. Try to write correctly, it will add determination to men connected with you.

Be sure to answer all questions of men, but do not hesitate to weed out those you do not like. Be polite but adamant, otherwise you will be much more difficult to find exactly the person you dream about.

 to marry a foreigner in Russia

Possible consequences of the marriage with a foreigner

If the woman realized her dream and married a foreigner, then, unfortunately, it does not guarantee her happiness. People are different: you can not just get lucky. Well, if you will fall kind, considerate, generous and well-mannered life partner. Then it is not ruled out true love and a happy marriage. And if not? Suddenly he would be stupid, brutal and too greedy? Perhaps even because of a difference of mentality you and your chosen one will look from different angles on the same facts. Consider the options of your relationship ...

Ideal - is when all is well

Although there are some differences in the perception of the world, you could be the only one for the other. Such unions usually happen only if the introduction of the spouses was due to the common interest, and much later emerged common ground, fallen into a personal relationship. There are many examples of such a union.

Okay option - a loveless marriage (with a)

It also happens that seems to be all the expectations from marriage with a foreigner justified, but after the wedding, married life was not so rosy as it seemed before marriage. Not yet had time to end the honeymoon and the wife hedgehog begin to annoy each other. But many couples are in no hurry to divorce, continuing to live without love, respecting the interests and respecting the laws of the hostel.

Option "vehicle" means

Recently, this option is quite common. Despite the overall plans for the future life together, often after the wedding it turns out that to get along under one roof next to his chosen there is no way, and desire. This is where it all begins ...

If you do not want to return home, to make every effort not to get divorced for at least several years. For example, in Germany so-called "trial period" of five years. Thus, remaining in the country as the wife of a local resident, you will receive a permanent residence permit. If earlier it was possible to get a visa, and immediately divorced, then after "transport" marriage became massively used to enrich, they were immediately banned. Now, every girl has the right to remain in the country spouse as much as continues to be his legitimate wife. If you want to get a divorce before they get citizenship or permanent residence permit, you do not just extend the visa.

Therefore, if you do not have a relationship with his chosen one and he did not want to be quick to get a divorce, you can, while remaining nominally married, renew temporary residence permits or visas. In this case, you actually have to count only on themselves: look highly profitable operation that allows pay for accommodation, food, clothing and much more. But to do that, as a rule, you must be proficient in the language.

After a "trial" period, you can safely get divorced, you now no one will not be evicted from the country, since during this time you have already adapted here and you just have nowhere to go. Now, reaching a goal, you can conduct its own independent life in Europe.

The worst option - no husband, no love, no abroad

Such cases are, unfortunately, not unique. Going across the ocean in search of happiness, every girl dreams of a beautiful fairy-tale prince. However, not all of them meet in a completely foreign country of the fairy-tale hero. Unfamiliar person can not be a prince at all, or you just will not approach him as a wife, and not every man to agree to be married to you such a long period of time, until the end of the term of your integration.

All - you are left with nothing, what's next? Many return home immediately, Others, while there are lingering stains, begin to frantically look for other options for obtaining a visa.

There are cases when the bride wants as quickly as possible "to get away" from the newly spouse who at the Prince Charming does not look like. There are cases when foreign suitors seeking for himself, probably not his wife, and a free housekeeper, cook and lover in one person.

Specific tips

No matter how successfully did your life with a foreigner, you should be prepared for the different versions of your future abroad:

  • If you are going to marry a man from another country, be sure to at least a passable knowledge of the language. After all, without knowledge of the language you will be in a vulnerable state.
  • Going abroad must-have financial reserve (just in case of fire), which no one has to know but you.
  • Be sure to take it with all the documents, even those that you think you do not need overseas.
  • Do not bring your children when his first visit abroad.
  • Try to find a common language with their relatives, friends and acquaintances of her husband.
  • In order not to feel in a vacuum, try to make new friends.
  • Try as soon as possible to find a job in their field.
  • In European countries, there are various organizations for the protection of women's rights, so just in case find contact details "of women's shelters." Hopefully, addresses and telephone numbers of these organizations you will never come in handy!

No one discourages you from dream to marry a nice alien who will turn your life into a fairy tale. There is full of examples of successful marriages among people, especially separated by distance, culture and mentality. You just have to be ready for the unexpected plot twist, because life often presents us with surprises and unpleasant - including. In order to make your family life with a foreigner was a happy one, it is necessary to seek not a way to leave Russia in a more economically developed country, and the way to love and be loved. Take all of the human heart, its culture and values ​​- this is what will allow you to enter the number of those lucky women that long ago living abroad.

 Marry a foreigner: step guide

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