how to make invitations to the wedding with his own hands


  • How to invite guests to the wedding
  • We take care of the invitation
  • Mini Movie: Try yourself in the role of the director and the actress
  • Scrolls: most simple invitation
  • Invitation in a Bottle: marine motifs
  • Invitation for photos
  • Make a booklet: unusual invitation for original persons
  • Basic rules when creating invitations
  • What else should take care of the bride

Every bride wants the most important day in her life was unique, memorable, unusual. But preparations for the wedding - it quite troublesome and costly. We have to let the family savings in consumption, then, but to redemption, and painting, even recollect nothing. Over time, the album is reviewed less often and drive with videos collecting dust somewhere in the closet. Agree, most weddings are alike as two drops of water. Only the bride and groom are different.

You're sure you want to about your celebration recalled more than a dozen years? Make it really is not too difficult, it would wish. Best of all, of course, have a themed wedding where all the guests will be dressed in unusual costumes. Plus, you should take care of various little things that help to tune in to the right way from the beginning. And in this case it will go on the invitation.

How to invite guests to the wedding

Invite guests made at least three months before the celebration, so that they have time to prepare, to buy gifts, clothes, tickets, etc. At the same time people who want to see the future newlyweds at the wedding, often send postcards or letters, which contains important information: the date, name, location. And that's just on the phone or via SMS should not do it! Such negligence is not welcome. Two months before the wedding should call all to clarify whether they received the invitation, as well as whether they come.

 how to make a wedding invitation with your own hands

We take care of the invitation

Of course, you can buy the usual greeting in passing, specialty stores or order in printing. For everything it will take at least half an hour. But such invitation has no soul - the same zest that will make your guests and you plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of the holiday. Therefore, it is better to try to make the cards themselves.

But how to make invitations to the wedding with his own hands, if the artist in you, to put it mildly, no? Nothing wrong! There are many ideas and options, for which the artistic ability and talent for needlework is not so important, and snakes. The main thing - creativity and desire.

Mini Movie: Try yourself in the role of the director and the actress

So, you need operator (1 pc), the camera (preferably digital, and not a mobile phone) and the idea. Pre-think over the script. For example, in the beginning you can depict scenes of his acquaintance, the development of relations, the proposal itself, but in the end - an invitation to the wedding.

Option Two - to make a video, taking the idea from your favorite movie. Who is doing it based on Indian cinema, where the hero saves the bride from captivity, others take as a basis for Cinderella or Snow White. Everything depends on the facial features of your pair. Perhaps you no longer fit the cartoon "The Bremen Town Musicians" and "Little Red Riding Hood."

On average, it should leave no more than 5 minutes, or people watch videos, just become uninteresting. You should not hope for the best! Prepare a plan of action is required to, consider where and how everything will be removed. Ask someone from the familiar process and mount the film to video was beautiful.

Do not forget about the package, which will drive. It is possible to place your photos together and make some kind of introduction, spoke briefly about what the film is. Envelopes can be done independently, first printed on a paper image, and then cut corners and glue them.

Scrolls: most simple invitation

Do you know how to use photoshop? If you know how to change the background color, write text, and print the image - it is something. You can also download a ready-made sample in the Internet, where then only need to fill out the information on hand. Ready invitation to curl up into a tube, bandages or tape cords (it all depends on the theme of the wedding). And sends guests.

When people live far away, you should also take care of the packaging to the invitation is not crumpled or torn during shipment. You can either buy a ready-made tubes and make them out of construction paper. No time to mess with it? Well, the post office has a small box in which to place these scrolls.

Invitation in a Bottle: marine motifs

If the wedding will take place in a nautical theme, you can send an invitation to guests in conventional bottles. Again, we take into account not only the theme of the event but also the venue. It will immediately tune to the desired mood, but very intriguing celebration will be saved.

Painting and partying will take place at the seaside? Take an ordinary piece of paper (A4 size) and write on it with his own hand a message. Take her straw, stick in a bottle and close the usual wooden stopper. All invitation, caught from the sea ready.

The second option - a treasure map. There already have to show ingenuity and skill. Drawing on the yellow "scroll" the map (by hand or in a special program - depends on your talents), slightly burns the edges of the paper matches. We specify the place, date and time of the event, the name of the bride and groom. Inside the bottle put the invitation, sea pebbles, conventional glass candy, lollipops (playing the role of jewelry), if any - fall asleep sand.

 both with their own hands to make a wedding invitation

Invitation for photos

We make a few professional pictures on a good camera. Processes them, retouch, we remove all unnecessary. You can make black and white photos in retro style or yellow, if the card was stored for decades. We printed out all this beauty. Better, of course, to use special paper. It cost a bit more expensive, but the image quality will be better. It is dense, glossy and durable.

You can make as an ordinary card folded in half, and one-sided. The advantage of this option is that you can send an invitation in ordinary envelopes, without fear that it will damage during transport.

Make a booklet: unusual invitation for original persons

This is probably the most complex version of the invitation. To realize it, have to connect all of their friends. Thus, taken a piece of paper folded in half. Inside puts a another layer and sew them together (you can use the golden thread or stapler with colored bindings). The result is something like a book.

Inside make appliques. For example, glue hearts cut out of fabric or paper, write poems, funny jokes, pictures. The outer side decorate everything your heart desires, starting with beads and beads, ending with the petals of flowers, photos, etc. Also previously on your computer, you can type a message by filling out as a newspaper (columns, slightly darkening the background). Casually cut out and placed on a page. You can even do so that one end of a newspaper article appeared over the base sheets invitation.

It turns out homemade book or magazine, you probably do not want to throw even a year and a half. The advantage is that very few people taken to implement these ideas. Oh, this thing is very troublesome for the bride, which is already busy with preparations for the celebration. Therefore, it is unlikely you will find a similar option.

Basic rules when creating invitations

The first thing you have to remember, creating an invitation - each person has his own taste. And what it seems to some fun and interesting for others - a complete failure. So be sure to consult with family and friends, so they appreciated your work.

Second, send messages only qualitatively made. If the video amateur and raw paper - thin, and the pictures are made on an old mobile phone as if you were not original, it is unlikely someone of the guests like it.

Next time - delivery method. If you decide to make a three-dimensional invitations, be sure to think about how they will then send. If the message is in the bottle, the filler will have to look for boxes that will give during transport glass to break. For discs also need protection.

Understand and availability of material. Do you have the paper, packaging, jewelry, paint your printer to create a minimum of 100 same options? Agree that if the mother of the groom you send an ordinary card, and his cousin - a treasure map, no offense can not do. Invitations should be the same.

 how to make wedding invitations with your own hands

What else should take care of the bride

Cooking themed wedding, the girl must take care of the bouquet and boutonniere, and a wedding cake. Agree, if a celebration is held in pirate style, but in the hands of the bride - rose on the table - a nice little cake to the flowers, then the integrity of the picture will be. So be sure to monitor these details.

  • The bride's bouquet

Wedding bridal bouquet - her business card, which reflects the mood and the overall theme of the holiday. Naturally, it should be combined with the dress of the girl and perfectly blend in with the groom's suit. Today there is a huge variety of options that even some head spin.

There is even a kind of fashion for certain types of flowers, which, incidentally, is not going to stand still. Come up with a more original solutions to ensure a long "life" this accessory. As an example, I would like to bring a bouquet made of brooches. His first "version" was invented about 10 years ago, florist Amanda Heer (Amanda Heer). And since then the popularity of its know-how is growing.

  • Boutonniere bride

Boutonniere bride - a small bouquet of flowers, decorated in a certain style. For decoration are usually used beads, mesh, twigs and berries. Today it is fashionable to do from boutonniere bracelet and put it on his hand, but before it was attached to the corset wedding dress. Please note: it is not an essential accessory and is ordered at the request of the bride.

  • Groom's boutonniere

Once all began with a simple flower pinned to the clothes the man loving a woman. It was a symbol of their high and true feelings. Today, it is almost a mandatory element of the costume of the groom. Boutonniere first used at the wedding of Prince Albert, who became the founder of this kind of fashion accessory. Today, with the help of buttonholes it stresses the special status of not only the bride but also his friend, fathers and relatives pairs. Do not forget that man's boutonniere should be in harmony and be combined with the female (if any), as well as the bride's bouquet.

  • Bonbonniere

Bonbonnière - it simply has to be spectacular, in fact is a kind of expression of the feelings of gratitude to the guests experienced married couples, because the dear people came to him at the wedding. In general, you can give candy boxes at the beginning of the celebration, and in the end. Some do not have a common tradition, it is important to choose only the relevant time. It is best if these are applied, and these cases a card with words of gratitude.

  • A wedding cake

Cake is a bright and glorious finale of the festival, so we need to make it a true work of art. It should be exclusive products for the construction which should connect only experienced confectioners-masters. We are still in vogue tiered cakes, but European and American weddings are now held with towers of cakes cupcakes - they are no bigger than a teacup. Immediately it should be said that they both can be bright, spectacular, memorable and, of course, delicious.

Do not forget about all these nuances in preparation for the wedding celebration and then it will be held at the highest level. And after 10-15 years you will definitely be something to tell your children and then grandchildren. The main thing - do not be afraid to take risks and do things their own way, not according to the established pattern as the rest of the bride.

 How to make a wedding invitation with your own hands, and surprise guests?