Your style - Drama

Wedding dress of the bride to be not only the most fashionable and beautiful, as well as the possibility of also convenient, but first and foremost it must reflect the bright personality of the girl. How to choose a dress that is without words "tell all about you"?

The individuality of the bride usually has a huge impact on creating an image, and the choice of wedding dress.

Today we can identify four main types of people: the dramatic, romantic, classic and natural - each has only his inherent characteristics affecting the choice of clothing. After all, to some extent - we are what we wear. Many of us are inherent elements of the right 2 or 3 types, but some of them are still dominant.

To better understand what is best for you and what you feel more cozy and comfortable, you need to define your preferences in clothing. This will enable the bride within his own style to create a unique image of the wedding.

 Your style - Drama

Your style - Drama

You think boring classic clothing, you do not like to be like everyone else. You are inherent unusual cut, form-fitting silhouettes, one word - spectacular things. I enjoy experimenting with color, you always pay attention and you know how to choose clothes for all occasions. For wedding dress, choose a bright, shiny fabrics - brocade, satin or lame.

I enjoy experimenting with makeup, always trying to be trendy and unusual. Wasting no harmony, try to focus on either eyes or lips. Also, you need a bold hairstyle is amazing. Accessories must be visible and bright. All this you will achieve with the help of unusual hats, brooches or earrings original.

 Your style - Romantic

Your style - Romantic

You like clothes that reflect your femininity and emotion. By building their way you approach creatively, like to decorate themselves. The decoration of the wedding dress you draw ruffles, lace, bows, flowers, beads and other ornaments. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to wear it.

Try to experiment with styling and hair ornaments. For your romantic image suitable large ringlets. Hairstyle can be decorated with ribbons or flowers.

 Your style - Classic

Your style - Classic

You restrained and conservative. Most of all, you are comfortable in a classic dress and quality for you is more important than quantity. Are you a lover of simple models that will not soon go out of fashion, in neutral shades, adding soft colors instead of bright accents. The bright, eye-catching fabrics, you do not feel comfortable. For wedding dress, choose matte fabrics or those that shimmer slightly, not glitter.

To make your face look perfect, moderate makeup done professionally. But if you offer a new makeup techniques and colors in make-up, do not give up, do not be afraid to experiment. For your optimal image is smooth classic styling. Jewelry is unacceptable to you, you prefer the natural stones and precious metals. Use a medium-sized earrings, chains, pendants, and pearl.

Look too boring - the risk to you, so do not forget to add to your image of an elegant flavor - for example, an interesting accessory.

 Your style - Natural

Your style - Natural

You are open, friendly, energetic, love the movement, it is easy to think of life. Fashion is not important to you, and between comfort and beauty always choose comfort. Do you prefer comfortable clothes, does not restrict movement, sports or casual style. Wear comfortable shoes with a low heel or small platform, if not on a flat sole.

Choose wedding dress semiadherent cut, with simple clean lines. Your hair should be as simple, with a sophisticated styling Bude you do not feel comfortable. If you are the owner of long hair, they can pick up and slaughtered. Make a natural makeup, which will refresh your face. By virtue of its activity and practicality you neglect the accessories, but for your wedding image for the final touch to your wedding ensemble, use a simple design jewelry. Shoes choose to average heel, taking into account the convenience and practicality.

And finally, do not try to match the unnatural style for you. In this outfit, even if it is very like you, you will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

 How to choose your wedding dress?

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 Wedding dress - a bright future start

Elegant and classic, short, with a loop or "The Little Mermaid", and can be transparent and flying, with many layers of sparkling fabric, modest wedding dress or luxurious and expensive ...

The dress is very important for every bride. How it changes the girl! It becomes a very different, full of bright hopes, love and tenderness. The wedding dress she shines, delights everyone with his grace, she is happy.

It is not easy - choose a wedding dress

The infinite variety of fabrics, colors, styles bride leads to some confusion. With whom to consult, who will help to make a choice? Well, of course, best friend, with whom I studied in the same class, or mother - the best friend and adviser.

Their feedback is very important, but, above all, a wedding dress should be like a bride. Sometimes a glance is enough to understand - yes, this is it!

Sometimes feature selection take on the employees of a wedding agency. One has only to tell them about their dreams, and they will certainly try to translate them into reality.

If resources permit, it is possible to carry out the top desires of every woman - tailoring the most important thing in the life of dresses from the famous designers from the world of high fashion. You will become the owner of an exclusive and exquisite dresses of expensive material.

The most viable option - a luxury bridal salon, which offers designers the true masterpieces of the new collections, casting a practiced eye the figure of the bride, quickly help in the selection.

But not to drown in that air and become the Queen of glory, we must remember that sometimes even the most simple dress, but impeccably sewn can emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide little flaws.

The mystery of a wedding dress

Do not forget about your secret weapon ... Well, of course, we will focus on the intimate, refined wardrobe that finally slay the beloved, and he will appreciate the full force of your charm and originality. Wonderful wedding dress with dignity played its role, falling by the wayside.

What you need to do to buy? For each dress a certain style can approach the variant of intimate apparel. Under the elegant dress bodice with a deep neckline, and, perhaps, with bare shoulders, you just need to buy sexy corset strapless, on a solid basis. At the bottom of its silhouette is completed comfortable tiny clasps for stockings - all together looks charmingly. This corset bride particularly slim.

But gentle, slim wedding dress of translucent fabric will suit completely different clothes. The bride should choose a set of separate, fabric smooth and delicate.

And preparations are finished, behind the pre-wedding bustle, sleepless nights, anxiety. Ahead - a bright start of family life - the wedding ball, which is the pearl of you, and dress ... the dress is just a beautiful setting, emphasizing the freshness and beauty of your youth.

 Wedding dress - a bright future start

 marriages with age difference


  • What does the science of unequal marriages
  • Features of marriage in which the man is much older woman
  • If a woman is much older husband
  • So is there a place in the sincere feelings of unequal marriages

Recently, not only the close relationship between a man and a woman with a significant difference in age have become quite frequent, but also increased the number of formalized unions. It would seem that the decision about whom to marry - an individual matter, and the fact that the man is much older or younger, does not really matter. Either it? What are the positive and negative aspects of marriage, where the age of the partners has a big gap? Fair to say that such relationships are doomed to failure? And how to keep them? These and other questions are part of a wave of modern society.

It should be noted immediately that such a marriage age difference between spouses as five to seven years, have long ceased to surprise. Even in appearance to those of spouses is difficult to understand which of them are older. Modern means of skin care products, a variety of fitness enthusiasts and the fashion for a healthy diet can work wonders. Therefore, this article focuses on a rather more significant generation gap in a pair.

The concept of "unequal marriage" - is not purely the prerogative of our realities. Suffice it to recall the pre-revolutionary era, to make sure that such unions existed at all times. A young girl, fresh and beautiful, and the old bile old - this is not a fantasy artist, and very common for aristocratic families to even more distant time. So families often "parked" Bride and parents - inexperienced daughters, hoping to give them a good future and keep the family capital. Therefore, marriages with a large age difference, exactly where the spouse is much more mature than the spouse, for us still are not uncommon. After all, it's just the memory of generations.

But marriages where the woman is much older men - it is a product of modern society. Although such relationships in an informal format existed for a long time, but the legal representatives of the beautiful half of humanity for a long time, they do not dare. After universal condemnation and lack of understanding were able to destroy even the impeccable reputation of a society lady, who suddenly became the lawful wife of the young rake. Agree, interesting interpretation of double standards - often young lover did not cause negative and whispering behind his back, and the official relationship with a man of the same age have seemed a violation of all existing principles.

What is the case now? Oh, mature representative of the fair sex is fully capable to bring to the person an increased interest in the circle of relatives, friends, acquaintances or secular parties in marriage to a young man. It will play into her hands, add a little charm and reputation simply increase the current rating. Moreover, such a union will make always keep yourself in good shape, and often give a "second youth" near the young partner, although in future life expectancy may be affected negatively.

What does the science of unequal marriages?

According to German scientists, a decent age difference between husband and wife with a margin on the side of the latter significantly shortens the life of the woman is. But the duration of the mortal life of men who have official relations with women under the age of seven to nine years, on the contrary, increased, in comparison with those of them who are married with peers. It has many very plausible explanation.

Investigations of this kind were conducted among two million couples. According to information received, the risk increases less to live among those of the fairer sex, whose husbands either much older or much younger. For example, women who are younger than their husbands seven - seventeen years old, live in the ten per cent less than those whose age gap with her husband is much shorter.

In the case where the wife over their halves for seven to nine years, the period of their life expectancy is reduced by nearly twenty percent. And if such a difference in age of the spouses is eleven or thirteen years old, he had already decreased by nearly thirty percent! What can we say about the more significant gap that some couples have? Scientists claim that the cause of the premature mortality among women in an unequal age of marriage - in stress.

So, the wife of the younger men are experiencing excessive condemnation of others, and is now considered such unions consider immoral. However, this applies more to the usual average of the fair half of mankind, rather than to the "star" of individuals. In addition, they oppress thoughts of possible infidelity on the part of the young wife of his real or contrived interest in the long-legged young basque own inevitable signs of fading, type "mommy" and "son", which sometimes have a similar pair.

Such negative emotions contribute to premature wear of any organism. The result: a young husband to his wife, much older than his age, very unfavorable factor if it is not able to shrug off the foundations of society. And they, in principle, is no longer so important, as before. The boundaries of accepted norms of behavior, more levels, so those relationships that were previously considered almost immoral, is now fully meet the spirit of the times, so to speak, are "trending." The case for small: cool changing the style and way of life, it is important not to forget to make some adjustments to their own ideas about what is right and what - no. After all, love is with an eye on the other doomed to failure initially.

 the age difference between spouses

Features of marriage in which the man is much older woman

Consider a more traditional situation. Today is not uncommon for the husband over the wife of fifteen, twenty or thirty years. Quite often there are couples legally marry where the age difference between spouses do think abyss. According to psychologists, husbands in such unions are looking for a woman who will not suppress their masculinity.

Especially this trend is characterized by the representatives of the stronger sex, who have lived with a very domineering mother or in the past have had a close relationship with overly active partner. Therefore, the only way to restore or improve their self-esteem, they consider an alliance with the young or almost young inexperienced girl, who will listen to everything and listen to her husband, opened his mouth with delight.

And that in such a marriage a woman waiting for? Do not rush immediately to talk about the obvious disadvantages, because the positive sides in this league too much. But their availability depends on the mutual willingness of the spouses to find compromises and, of course, the sincerity and the depth of their feelings. After all, love - a great power, which when used properly, can both create and destroy. So, first let's talk about the "pros" marriages where the man over the woman for fifteen to thirty years.

Firstly, one must admit the undeniable fact that mature husbands are extremely caring fathers. Advanced age makes rethink the past and to set priorities in the present and the future. Child for a father - it's not just screaming stimulus interferes with sleep at night and prevents regular sex with his wife. Baby becomes a symbol of procreation, heir and hope.

Secondly, advanced age the husband talks about his rich life experience. It will surely allow him to avoid many of the mistakes that have taken place at a younger age or accompanied by previous marital union. Besides, such men are often influential connections that can be very useful their young companion. Therefore, mature wealthy husband - a kind of motor careers young wife.

Third, the wife of a much older husband will always remain "young girl", even when she was forty years old. Such relationships should ideally provide her guardianship sea, anxious care, condescension to the whims and weaknesses. But everything depends on whether the woman is ready to recognize the authority of the husband is always around and rely on His will. After an excessive resistance on her part often it causes the opposite attitude, and then the husband becomes a tyrant.

Not too hard to guess, and the reasons that push women and girls into the arms of a mature male. Currently, no one can make the fairer sex to unequal marital union. However, the circumstances are often stronger than the arguments of reason. Therefore, strong feelings are quite capable to neutralize even a very great difference in age. That is to say, the marriage of their heart. But most of these unions are deliberate, well balanced and conscious choice of a young woman.

So, gentle Cinderella disappointed in stupid and too ambitious young "prince", he decides to entrust your life into the hands of a mature and rich gray-haired "king." A notorious Shamahanskaya queen, a sort of sly bitch with predatory habits, aims to seize millions of old bachelor after his demise. Here's how to transform the reality of these and other fairy tales. Agree, they are very cleverly fit into the complicated conditions of modern life.

Therefore, the time has come to say a few words about the obvious "minus" marriages in which the husband is much older than his wife. So, in a relationship often appears as reasonable and unreasonable jealousy. In the first case, everything seems very clear and prosaic. Mature husband a few years turns into an ordinary pensioner with a bunch of internal and external problems (the signs of aging, which are becoming brighter, poor health, loss of male power, and so on). The young wife was still full of strength and energy, she wants to live "to the fullest" and therefore start a relationship on the side.

But it happens in a different way. For example, a couple in the early days of marriage was very harmonious. And time, it had no effect on the perception of an elderly woman of her husband. He is still loved and respected, although increasingly looking for an excuse to quarrel because of jealousy. Well, yes, men also tend to doubt yourself and sincere life partner even for no apparent reason on her part. Just all a matter of age, and those feelings that is approaching retirement. Attempts to accuse his wife of being unfaithful - it is nothing but a manifestation of a weakness and regret irretrievably lost youth. And here all in the hands of women. If it show the abyss of patience, then eventually change the situation in a positive way. But often the "senile grumbling" leads to painful for both rupture.

 a big age difference between spouses

If a woman is much older husband

It is much more complex in terms of the emotional side of the relationship are couples in which a significant age difference between the spouses has the advantage on the female side. There are situations when a young man marries a respectable lady, who over his fifteen years. This is not such a rarity these days, not only among representatives of show business and cinema, but also among ordinary people. There are other official relations with much more significant age gaps. What is the reason for the creation of such alliances? And what is the guarantee of their duration?

Many mature women have a strong maternal instinct. Such is the true nature of the fairer sex - we need of someone to care, to love, to care. And the children have already grown up and on their birth did not have time to find a decent place in the sun, not in a hurry to please his grandchildren, a dog is not a human being to talk to. So we are looking for an opportunity to dolyubit, Doda, to teach, and so on. A nice young man, fell on the road, looking eagerly and faithfully in his mouth, listening to men spoke of worldly wisdom - a great option for an additional self-realization. And he wants to legalize pleasant attitude from all sides, so why not?

What is the benefit for the young man? His companion managed to experience life, it will not make trouble because of nonsense, practical advice will always help and will not require more money. Such an alliance could be quite harmonious and last for a long time, if a woman would be able to overcome itself. It happens that the wise wife let their young men to "walk." They forgive change the physical, hoping that sooner or later the husband understands the benefits of the relationship with a mature woman. And sometimes miss the mark: returning to the bosom of the family man further appreciates and loves his wife wise vseponimayuschuyu with renewed vigor. So does the only smart husband.

A fool again is "left", thinking that forgiveness from the wife of a mature and further it will be provided. Of course, how could she live without him? And here lies the main error. She truly loves the young and ardent fan may be disappointed in him. And then will put out, without the right to rehabilitation. After all, self-esteem - it is something without which it is difficult as well as without family.

By the way, it is often the creation of such unequal alliances is due to simple physiology. Women in middle age to want to carnal pleasures in the arms of a strong young man. And there is nothing wrong in this, vulgar or inappropriate. Especially if the lady has a successful career, spends his days in prosperity, it happens abroad, but it is very lonely, and all the live long-standing girlfriend married couples in the standard "kopeck piece", but happy to share details of female happiness.

She is by no means driven to create stable relationships with peers, for the simple reason that all worthy candidates a long and well married, or are looking for someone younger poglupee yes. So often the young man, employee, or someone else, with dignity and with the use of bored brightens loneliness mature ladies, subsequently becoming her husband. That is to say, to the envy of everyone.

Agree commercialism of young men known to the world, no less feminine. Therefore, the rich aging females simply can fall prey to "toothed" youngster. But it also happens that the lady having a weight in society and communication, is able to return to the status of a married spouse to offer plenty of opportunities for career or creative upsurge. On the question of why it is needed and how he makes, the honest answer is not always possible to hear. Therefore, we can only guess about the true reasons that govern such pairs. PR, ranking, money, sex - whatever.

So is there a place in the sincere feelings of unequal marriages?

And what about love? Is it a feeling of light never shines are the marital relationship in which the woman is much older? No, it does happen, but rather as an exception than the rule. Most often, the spiritual side of marriage is very strange. Imagine a simple situation: a young husband lives with his wife mature. And they are good at first glance, there is harmony in bed, dinner there is always something to talk about, in a nice vacation together to go to a warmer climate or buy a tour of Europe. She can not have children, and he does not want and does not intend (often just because of their age).

But friends with this couple is different, since it is ashamed to show his friends and his wife young beauties of mature age, and she does not want to once again set tongues wagging in the circle of friends. Here and live - both together and apart. How long enough for both of them? Time will judge. Unfortunately, it is often merciless verdict is not in favor of women. Sooner or later a man will want to have a normal family, where there is a father, mother, child and dog. And if the basis of his marriage with a mature lady lying really sincere love, then over the years it has replaced affection and gratitude. And it is not always compelling argument to continue the relationship, become a burden.

Whatever the reasons for a man or woman to marry a man much older, you can make a few simple conclusions. Doomed to collapse those unions, which are based on tyranny, mercantilism and the dominance of one partner over the other. This applies to both sexes.