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Animals, no matter how intelligent and smartest they may seem to us, after all, not the people, because their behavior is dominated by instinct, inherent nature of many generations ago. So count on a reasonable relation to your cat's nutrition especially not worth it. If it is not used to eat vegetables in any whatsoever form, no entreaties, arguments and entreaties will not change that.

Some breeders are calling a certain way educate capricious beast, that is, not to put in a bowl of nothing but helpful, do you think the products. Sometimes this method works, and hungry Purring eventually begins to eat what she offers the owner. But among the cats are so stubborn individuals who meet present boycott of the hated food and would not touch it, plunging into despair all around its thinness and "pressing on self-pity."

Of course, blame the animals is not necessary. They formed habits and eating habits entirely lie on our conscience, master. Indeed, part of the caring and competent Cat Lady Carefully read recommendations for drawing proper diet for pets and therefore are at a young age with great pleasure that devours pate with cooked vegetables and cereals do not give up and soups.

But it happens, and so that the owner once especially ponder on the question of feeding the cats and make them healthy food. It is much easier to pour into a bowl and a handful of feed store everything: the animal sated, and you are free. This type of food is really very convenient, if the food is picked up correctly and has a high grade quality. You can vary the drying of wet canned food - the main thing that both products were produced by the same manufacturer.

Much worse than the third option when the cat after sterilization and prefer to feed on the principle of "on, eat, but do not meow! ". In this case, the owners usually do not think twice put in her bowl of everything: sausages and cheese scraps, raw and cooked fish, sour cream and so on. And they sometimes "pet" animals dry food of poor quality. What for? Well, the cat is like! Yes, Purring crunches them with pleasure, but it does not know that she would rather eat delicious harmful additives, and not balanced vitamin complex. And we all know, so let's not risk the health of pets and feed them anyhow. Especially when it comes to nutrition neutered cats.

Features food industry feeds

If you do not plan on getting the offspring of his pitomitsy and tired from home "concert" with the requirement of love, it is best to consult a specialist zookliniku, where she underwent an operation that once and for all rid your ears and nerves of mournful shrill sound, and the cat - from torment of unsatisfied desire. Agree, it is much more humane than the stuff the unfortunate animal hormone pills, causing serious illness.

But not all owners are aware that after this manipulation they have to pay special attention to diet sterilized cats. Surely you are not just met, for example, have friends or friends is very thick humming. Excess weight is easy to explain in words, "were sterilized (castrated), and now eats like a hippopotamus and fattening! ". Indeed, after surgery, animals with special attention to their presence in the feed bowl. Why is it that the cat normally settle for a small portion twice a day, after sterilization, suddenly becomes voraciously greedy food?

The thing is already mentioned instincts. Pets are arranged so that the main pleasure and meaning of their existence make the search for food and procreation. Incidentally, in this we are like them very much, but, as yet endowed with intellect, then it is used to subjugate the aspirations inherent nature (although for some people it is very difficult, and in exceptional cases even impossible). Well, it's so sarcastic digression.

Therefore, depriving the cats the opportunity to realize their maternal instinct, there is nothing surprising that, after sterilization, all the interest they focus on food. By the way, a feeling of satiety for most of them is not available, it is because of this healthy animals aimed at emptying the bowl completely, no matter how much food it did not lay. And one of the main mistakes owners is to constantly fill the vacant pet food dishes.

To do this in any case can not, because we are not familiar with a sense of proportion neutered cats is a sharp set of weight and there is a risk of obesity. Therefore, one of the first principles of organizing power of these animals is strict adherence. Feed darling be twice a day - morning and evening. If it was used also for dinner, do not rule out sharply this daily meal, but in this case, divide the daily rate of food three times.

Not all owners know and another side of the problem, in which the cat is constantly asked is. The fact that its food should be nutritious, then your whiskered Obzhorka feel satiety, and will not spend most of their time near the bowl. In the case of cheaper feed industry that manufacturers and sellers of food for beauty called economy class, calculate the required amount of protein is not necessary.

I wonder what we are called to save? At the cost of maintaining pets? But no one would argue that the quality of treatment of economy class not? And it need necessarily those animals which commercials urge to feed cheap food. That's why cats who use such food, hunger is always present. The conclusion is: choose food for their pets on the principle of children's food. Do not stare at the beautiful packaging, and carefully read that fine print indicated on its reverse side.

To have an idea about the composition of foods labeled "economy", "premium" and "super-premium", just compare the labels of what constitutes the "crackers" in the three proposed options. So you can quickly get to the root of such frugality. In addition, do not select food on the basis of industrial fish protein, because it can provoke the animal malignant processes in the reproductive system and digestive tract.

 than to feed the cat after sterilization

Industrial food with special marking

Now, little attention is paid to feed marked "Against Obesity in cats after sterilization." It is also a kind of trick of manufacturers. After all, for a higher price, you simply get less caloric intake. Calculated it on those owners who can not restrict the increased appetite of your pet or pitomitsy and just put it in a bowl of food is less than usual. But in this case, the choice is up to you, as cunning and sweetly mews beggars can melt any intransigence.

So if you like the often pour pitomitsy after sterilization, her favorite croquettes, in this case it is better to choose those, which contains fewer calories. Then the animal and you will be satisfied. After all, the favorite will always get a little adorable drying without any damage to health, and you will not have to chase the wine due to the hungry eyes plaintive meows beggars.

There are also special feed for prophylactic prevention sterelizovat from cats and dogs urolithiasis. As a rule, they significantly reduced phosphorus and magnesium, but more vitamins A, C and E. There is an opinion that the ailment affects only males, but those who think so are wrong. Maybe ill female half meow class, albeit in a milder form due to the structural features of the genitourinary system.

Most often, "mochekamenka" occurs in those neutered cats that are fed cheap fodder or incorrectly selected homemade food. As a rule, no permanent access to fresh water, fish or feed industry based on it as a main diet - are the factors that trigger this dangerous disease. After surgery to remove the function to continue the kind of cat is less than visit the toilet, so the place of stagnation and form stones. How to avoid it?

Urination may stimulate additional fluid from entering the body. That's why the cat so should always be free to quench their thirst. If you notice that even in the presence of fresh water she rarely drinks, try to put in a bowl already pre-soaked food. It is particularly important to try out such a method after sterilization. And, of course, prefer high-quality feed, because their constituent substances contribute to the acidification of urine, so struvite (the most common type of stones) are dissolved and do not harm the animal.

Everyone knows that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it. So pay attention to industrial power prevention "mochekamenki." But prevention rather than treatment! After all, no need to buy special dietary or medical food that is more expensive than usual, cat after sterilization in the absence of any indications and pathologies.

Natural cat food, deprived of the function of reproduction

According to general belief the best food for all members of the mustachioed meow class is fish and its derivatives. And some owners give it right in their raw form, without any heat treatment. But others prefer to mix boiled hake, pollock and capelin with oatmeal, glad to know about how to properly feed their cats. It is necessary to immediately accents: similar menu is detrimental to most members of this family, and especially after sterilization. And here's why.

Kidney stones contributes to phosphorus, which abound in fish, and magnesium, which is rich in such useful for human oatmeal. So if your favorite is still "sitting" on a similar diet, immediately change its diet to subsequently watch the agony of the animal and not to engage in costly and often ineffective treatment of urolithiasis. What is to give preference in feeding cats sterilized natural food?

First of all, never mix industrial and natural food prepared at home. This is one of the most important rules for drawing up the diet for all and not just purring after sterilization. However, it concerns only drying, but the wet canned food to feed the cat as a variety of quite acceptable. Since your pitomitsy still is a child predator, the menu and it is necessary to organize appropriate. Therefore, the main focus on the meat, but choose lean varieties: chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef.

Important minerals for the body of an animal found in chicken entrails. However, in recent years, some experts warn people against eating the liver of chickens reared on feed additives. Indeed, because the body is essentially a filter to minimize the harmful substances. Agreeing with such arguments or not - especially individual case. But earlier recommendation regarding the composition of the diet for sterilized cats included chicken livers, gizzards, tongue.

Choose cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt, but milk, cream and sour cream pitomitsy better not to give. Very useful for her porridge, especially buckwheat and millet. You can occasionally offer and oatmeal, but do not forget about the contained magnesium. Very well, if before and after sterilization cat eats vegetables. Cabbage, beets and carrots boiled she just needed to balance. But do not worry if your favorite does not favor vegetable menu. Try to outwit her and prepare paste of boiled meat and vegetables. Perhaps appetizing aroma favorite cause beef capricious lady even eat carrots.

 than to feed sterilized cats

Products that are dangerous for cats deprived of fertility

Do not feed the sterilized cat food to your table. Maybe you do not know, but the duck's flesh, goose, pork and lamb, in view of the increased fat, poorly absorbed by the body of the animal. By the way, to give raw meat is possible, but only after prior freezing. But the pair - is a direct path to worm infestation and other nasty infections. It is not necessary to feed the humming chicken bones, because they can get stuck in your teeth or throat.

Some breeds of cats are known for their strange eating habits, so often strive to eat sweets from the hands of masters. But sugar is very harmful for them, because the immune system weakens and disrupts the metabolism, causing obesity. Cook all foods that are going to feed his whiskered darling, without salt and other spices - they are not digested, and just settle in the body, holding liquid. This cat after sterilization in general unacceptable.

A variety of meats, sausages and grilled meat completely contraindicated around meows family. The first of them suffer from digestive system of animals. We celebrated purring lethargy, dull coat, sickly look. All this constitutes a violation of the metabolic processes in the body. Potatoes and beans, except asparagus, can cause bloating and indigestion, are classified as products that are not absorbed by the body of cats.

If suddenly your pitomitsy happened health disorder in any case do not treat her drugs for people at your own risk. It is better to seek help from the vet and get special medicine. The same applies to the vitamins and minerals that are essential for cats after sterilization. They should also be used only after consultation with a specialist.

Clean eye, thick coat with distinctive brilliance healthy teeth without plaque - it all speaks of well-being of cats and properly chosen diet. To determine the presence or absence of excess weight she will not be difficult. Simply swipe on the back and sides pitomitsy hands if the ribs and vertebrae easily felt, so there is no threat of obesity. But keeping the cat after sterilization in shape can not only by regulating the power.

Get a different toys for the animal to have fun like you, and alone, and not just punctuate a nap with the approaches to the bowl. Remember that a healthy and happy look of any domestic cat is entirely dependent on the love of the owners. So always find time to communicate with the favorite, and then the food will not be the only form for her to enjoy life after sterilization.

 What to feed a sterilized cat: the right diet as a guarantee of long life