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It is believed that the man - a strong half of mankind. However, with women very often the strong half behaves not only as a cowardly rabbit. Forgive us for this comparison is a man, but it's true! One of the highlights of this behavior is a significant step in life for men - The marriage. It is no secret that sometimes the fairer half of humanity fall, showing courage and strength, almost lasso to drag its restriction to the altar.

And while he rests his best and now and then he tries to slip away somewhere. Or hammered into a corner and tremble with fear, as if before him the prospect to link their fate with a lovely lady and get married status, and the threat of being eaten by a lion.

Why men are afraid of marriage? What caused this behavior: the reluctance to lose their freedom, or the fear of change and family life? And how not to injure the delicate male psyche offer her lover walk to the registrar? A woman wants to marry should know how to marry his bachelor or divorced man, and turn this knowledge to your advantage. Please also try to find out why a man is a bachelor, and consider the category of men.

Her dream

He certainly tall, charming and wealthy. He knows, as he says, a lot about life. This is a great connoisseur and lover of women. (In this case, his love for women is so strong that he is unable to choose the one and only).

Habitats search men: mainly in women's minds and romantic comedy. At the end of the week trendy nightclubs are filled with regulars, which at first glance seem to be exactly as minions of life. They do not spare the money and promising casts a burning stare every beauty. Most often, this middle-aged men, free, liberated behavior. Some of them are already married (though not embraced, but rather hide the married status) and flirting with unmarried women - just one of their favorite pastimes.

But even if maybe you are lucky and the "dream" would be a bachelor, it is premature to rejoice not worth it. It is something just not in a hurry to wear a wedding ring. And not in a hurry because the "dream" is very satisfied with the status of a free man. And how could it be otherwise? After all, this super-Prince is constantly surrounded by female attention! And, therefore, he feels a such a valuable prize, which, of course, not every worthy. That's our dream goes through women, and that instantly unwound from the one dares to hint at the seriousness of the relationship ...

However, it also happens that he throws the first women because, knowing that they are hunted mainly for his money, afraid of deception. And still farther to catch the prey on his hook, which as bait - his precious freedom. According to psychologists, men of this type is quite overbearing mother, the competition which would not stand any woman.

How to marry a bachelor of this type? First of all, you need to deal with it, as in a mirror, reflecting his attitude to life. This behavior is very impressed "cherished dream" and can pull it any stronger magnet. Life example: Provision tridtsatichetyrёhletny bachelor pet female, and never thought about getting married. He said all that old age will have fun in the elite clubs, changing beauties such as gloves. But once we met a young lady playboy, who also did not wanted to jump out to marry and wanted to storm the dance floor eighty years, the rite in a mini-skirt. And he lost his head. All the beauty around once faded in his eyes. A lush hitherto little head moved one single dream - to drag our daring lady in the registrar. However, it is such-and-so, he goes to bed, and then - in any. Freedom for her, you see, Give!

Whirlwind romance ended safely - adventurous couple to the registrar still hit. And it creates, oddly enough, very strong family. Conclusion: a reasonable approach to this category of men to marry them is not too difficult. And the older they are, the better: the husband of the work up enough playboy turns out very good. He chooses a long time, and the choice of his remains faithful.

 how to marry a married man himself

Rare, but very clever bird

This category of men once to privacy just does not spend. They keep busy with global challenges. Aphorism "think, therefore I exist" - it's about them. For "smart bird" thinking - is to live. An example of such a thinker - a famous mathematician Rene Descartes, who in addition to their formulas nothing is no longer noticed. And yet, even in this novel it had a biscuit. One cheerful lady from the lower strata of society able to live with him for eight years. Maybe the whole thing is that it is well prepared ...

In a word, bachelor of this type - it is a human brain. Looking at this - a very intelligent and educated - men, women, as a rule, for some reason, even the thought does not occur to marry him. Because they all kind given to understand that they can not combine the outstanding achievements of social and family life. Psychologists say that the process of self-affirmation of these men - the promotion of progress.

A typical representative of the "rare but very intelligent birds" - Sigmund Freud. The dream of a connoisseur of human souls to make happy the whole of humanity was so strong that the space for thinking about marriage in the brilliant mind is no more. They say at the end of his life the world famous scientist was terribly lonely. Somehow, being in a sad mood, he shared his experiences with his aunt. What she sighed and said, "Yes, Zygi, you have not learned to understand people! "

How to bring a man to marry if his head one science and interest in women is similar interest in a guinea pig? Firstly, as we would have liked in his presence Twitter about any nonsense, you need to pull myself together. If we open our mouth, it is only in order to, for example, pronounce some quotation from Nietzsche. And if we Nietzsche have no idea, then it is better to unleash the kind of thoughtful silence.

Secondly, their emotions and feelings rather keep to yourself - "smart birds," are very afraid of their violent manifestations. In the soul, they are very vulnerable and tender, so watch these geniuses should kindly and understandingly. And then the "rare bird" -holostyak in our pocket.

Shyness treasure

This category is a man - a real treasure for the family life. Because they always get real, reliable and faithful husbands. Being a bachelor, they are behaving as exemplary wife - do not lead dissolute lifestyle, and work diligently without spending savings vain. The reason is usually short-lived freedom of this man is that he's just shy of familiar, does not know how to care for and show their love. It is quite likely option and a bad experience in the past (for example, he had a bad marriage, and he is divorced or he has tried to learn, but he abruptly "breaks off"), after which he expects all by itself somehow succeed.

However, there is among these treasures and just lazy with respect to the device personal life. Lay-polёzhivaet afford such a treasure of marriage on the couch, as Ilya Muromets in the oven up to thirty three years. Then he begins to rise from his oven and gradually try silushku heroic. It was then and there comes a time when "the shy treasure" itself goes into the hands of vigilant Vigil unmarried woman.

How to push a man to marry if it was created for him, but indecisive? Very simple. You just need to come to him, and silently do housework. "Treasure" will be incredibly happy and with great pleasure rush to buy wedding rings.

 how to marry his divorced man

Warning: dangerous animals

"Dangerous animals" - a category of men, which can be called a married bachelor. They tend to be legally married, nevertheless consider themselves absolutely free. Marry these types of men are often out of boredom or because (their words) that "it was necessary". And then begin to chase down "true love." As a result, love is creating the notorious love triangle in which all parties are affected: and the wife, and met the love himself.

In fact many of them are looking at all the love and fun side - that they are dangerous. These idle zhenatiki simply entertain their male ego and can make promises and hope for the same woman, the mistress for several years. However, they remain good and gentle husbands, diligently performing his conjugal duties. They often manage to help at home and his wife and mistress, confident that sooner or later, this subject is strongly dwell in her house. Do not believe it, my dear woman! According to psychologists, to coerce a divorce can not be a miracle - it so bad. Divorced, married again - why so difficult?

So do not think about how to marry his man of this kind. And the relationship with him can continue only when like suffering or thrills. And if you give up completely unbearable, you should humbly accept the rather unenviable role of second wife. And never stammer about marriage, because after that "dangerous beast" is likely to run away. And his chances of making her husband begin to plummet, dropping eventually to the zero.

 How to marry his man and who are not suitable for marriage

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