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  • Marriage of Convenience: is it worth it?

The rich bride, ready to give you not only star from the sky, but a good two-bedroom apartment in the city center. Well, who the girls today, does not dream of such happiness? And it's not excessive commercialism of modern unmarried of the fair sex.

Marriage of Convenience: the realities of life

Find a rich groom girls aspire because the present life requires a lot of effort to create a relatively prosperous family. Paradise in a shack with a nice pretty quickly turns into hell. Especially if the tent becomes a comfortable home in which all feel comfortable: both husband and wife, and their children, a dog and a cat. What kind of happiness can there be when the finances are singing love songs!

Endless everyday worries and always empty the refrigerator rather quickly kill love. And nowhere on it does not go. Even in the old ladies were given by calculation, not by love. Endure-slyubitsya! But the daughter will live for themselves without experiencing hunger, cold and lack of money. Indeed, these associations were stronger. Therefore, it reflects our girls how to marry a rich and quite a pleasant man who is not afraid to give his heart. Married to a man, they feel more secure and are not particularly puzzled solution of material problems, doing what they prefer.

Of course, one can not say that is not very secure for the representatives of the stronger sex can not create a good and strong family. Of course, you can, but fraught process of achieving family well-being relative, usually a fairly long hassle and many privations. A similar may decide to not every one of us. Agree, it's better to cry in a limo than a rented apartment in a terrible area. And envy when a friend's another new coat, and now even shoes can not buy, do their dirty work.

That is why the fair sex are hoping for a happy meeting with someone who is attractive, free and quite firmly on its feet. However, pretty and wealthy bachelors are not so many. And all of them, as it is sung in a rather well-known song, it does not suffice. Where to find a rich husband a girl who does not rotate in elite circles and can not afford to visit the luxurious establishments? How to attract his attention, if you do not have the luxury clothes and luxury car? And is it possible? Or to become a general's need for a private get married? In this case, it all depends on you, your desires and expectations.

 how to marry a rich

Looking Statement secured husband

So, we constantly reflect on where to find the bride and secured ponder how to get to those places in which the collection of more respectable and wealthy men. It is understandable, because in such places a greater chance to get acquainted with the appropriate representative of the stronger sex. But access to them is often quite costly. The probability of dating such a person somewhere in the street, in the conventional bar or disco democratic, if you do not possess showy bright appearance, is quite small. What to do?

The answer is simple. The most accessible remedy for those who need a rich husband - acquaintance with him at work. This does not necessarily work in the business sector, where these gentlemen are more than enough, or exhausting myself with endless diets dream of trampled heels famous models catwalks.

Attract the attention of the right man can be almost anywhere they occasionally appear. Even if you are running a shop of the premium status or in a specialized boutique, the sales manager of luxury goods in the elite male hairdresser salon, a nurse in the paid medical institution, by the administrator in the health club or the trendy casino.

But the work of the waitresses, dancers or flight attendants, contrary to popular opinion, reduces the chances of a serious relationship with a wealthy man to a minimum. Stewardess find a rich husband and keep him, being constantly on the move, it is difficult: hunters on a candidate for a husband in her absence there will be many. The waitresses and dancers also generally prohibit on an informal chat with visitors. And monitor compliance with this rule very strictly. The husband will not find a job to lose.

As for the sellers of expensive goods, they often deal with for special and quite properly can bring closer acquaintance with them, handing over his business card with a phone number. Men in these places go shopping respectable, educated, and when to have them suitably serious conversation, they begin to treat the girl-seller with interest and respect.

If properly warm up this interest, the question of how to marry a rich and secured, will be resolved. In that case, of course, if a man has not banded. The same applies to the hairdressers in expensive salons. Girls having a profession, fall in love with the right person more easily than women sellers. It is very affectionate help, massaging lightly touching the head of the client, gave him great pleasure. Because of this, many single men want to meet with your hairdresser as often as possible.

For tips on how to marry well, and the recommendation is to get a job in a bank. Oh, there it secured rights is evident from its operations with money. It can have large bills, repay huge loans to buy the most expensive credit cards and so on. Regular communication with the bank allows the visitor to an unmarried employee of this establishment make his acquaintance, which may well lead to closer relations.

Well, finally, those who need it the rich suitors, familiarity with it can tie, studying a foreign language, teaching it to entrepreneurs or management structure of any large company. Knowledge of two or three languages ​​today for a solid business - a vital necessity. An impressive wealth involves regular communication with partners from other countries, and conclude treaties with them must be studied carefully, all the nuances.

Without language skills can not do here, and that's sent our businessmen and entrepreneurs in courses or hire themselves repeaters. Is not it a great opportunity for an unmarried woman to find a rich husband, working as a teacher or a translator for a wealthy man? So if we say to ourselves: "I am looking for a rich husband! "It is good to learn at least English and find a suitable time and purpose of the job. The girls and young women translators, tutors are many opportunities to become acquainted with the secured bachelor.

If we are looking for a rich husband, better to choose her future husband from regular customers. To a person needs to look to at least partially determine what it is in reality. After all, we are going to associate with this man lives, and its financial situation is far from a guarantee of a good marriage. Therefore, you should try to find out about potential candidates as much as possible suitors.

It also happens that over the imposing and impressive appearance of the men hiding petty, avaricious and selfish nature. Union with the stronger sex, even if it has a fabulous state does not promise anything good. So take your time and carefully carry out reconnaissance, gathering information about his inclinations and habits. It is not enough to solve the question of how to marry a respectable, beautiful and rich. We need also to provide, as it is necessary to live with him in the future.

Then, when the choice is made, and we have decided for myself that this man is the one we're looking for, it must somehow attract. It makes it quite difficult, because such person is very careful and attentive. Believe me, you do not want it to ring one. So they are wary of hunters for their condition.

How to attract the attention of a wealthy man

So, we finally found a man who really wants to see her husband. It is nice, secure, single, educated and promising. How to attract the attention of this invaluable representative of the stronger sex? How to make so that he fell in love with you at first sight. To do this, we:

  • We try to engage him in conversation, subtly demonstrating their professional competence and sense of humor;
  • Give a man to understand what we can to help him in the solution of some issues and with great pleasure that we give some advice;
  • Handing the man his business card with contact information;
  • In his presence with other customers behave politely and with restraint. He also, at times, smiling, looking into his eyes. This will make it clear to the man that we feel for him special sympathy;
  • Openly express concern about potential suitors, giving him the advice that can help you save money and time, schedule an appointment at a convenient time for the customer. If we already have some idea about the preferences of men, trying to anticipate his wishes;
  • In that case, if we notice that a candidate for a husband began sets us apart from other staff properly give him to understand that you - not just a functional accessory company, but also a free, smart and interesting woman. For example, you can insert into a business conversation a couple of sentences about their own plans for the future and the ways of their implementation, noting that it would be desirable to increase their level of knowledge in the field of activity and so on;
  • If we know when and where there is our future husband, this time trying to get into his field of vision, showing itself not as a professional worker, but as a very attractive woman. Suppose he should come to you to work in any given day. Take off at this time, and appear in his office or shop at the right time in a beautiful, tasteful, clothes and make-up different from working.

What qualities should a girl

Marrying secured rights, girls think that they finally settled in life. Men marry only when they feel love. Greed, greed and mendacity they feel immediately. Therefore, a woman who dreams to live with the prince for the rest, must first respect, cherish it, and only then spend the treasures of the state for personal needs.

The second point - that's the beauty. Yes, all around the state, that men like insanely clever ladies. But, you wake up, he would not be a Ph.D., but with his beloved wife. Therefore, each of the fair sex should always look well-groomed, beautiful and neat. Thus, changing the points on the lens, do normal hair, learning to use cosmetics, do not forget to take care of your nails.

And remember: have secured rights should be the most beautiful woman. This is required even business. It is unlikely that a man will appear with terrible lady at social events, when there will be stunning ladies. Such person must be approved in a circle of friends, and do not blush, assuring everyone that she had clever.

At the same time you have to be cultural and brought up, who knows how to keep the conversation going. But in any case it is impossible to express the opinion, if it is different from what your spouse thinks. Too clever woman - problem that want to quickly get rid of.

Further, in the men's list, as the future wife - complaisance. You do not have to arrange a tantrum if he did not call you, or did not buy roses. You will need to keep quiet when he gets home and not quite sober. What do you want, negotiate with partners do not always end with a friendly cup of tea. If the representative of the fairer sex just is not going to tolerate this, it put out the door already in the second week of cohabitation. In his freedom, the role of leader and tyrant threaten never, under any circumstances, it is not necessary.

Next - the desire to have children. You do not immediately give birth three sons and two daughters, but you have to want it. Naturally, these requirements will affect you, if he is thirty. Ladies, who have not developed such men scare. If you love him, why you do not want to have his baby? Then violent fantasy begins to paint a picture of why you really came for him. But do not take a trick, if you accidentally become pregnant. In this case, only losers. In the best case will remain a kept woman, and at worst - will lose all.

And do not forget that the future millionaire should not hurt anything. The rich and powerful man needs a healthy wife. Even if you have a terrible headache and stomach ache - suffer. Smile like anything but a loved one, you are not distracted, and did not bother. This woman should not smoke or drink. He has the right to bad habits, you - no! Maximum - a glass of expensive wine. On alcoholic beverages (beer, etc.) will have to forget forever.

The next thing should remind the ladies - they do not have friends, go out, meet other men. Loyalty may not be exactly the same mutual, but will have to endure. No, of course, there are individuals, who until his death just like his beloved. But, you see, the rich much more than an order of magnitude every temptation.

Thus, we can conclude that the average woman who is able to conquer a man, must meet the following criteria:

  • To be beautiful;
  • Being tall, slender, but perhaps with a large bust;
  • Do not have children, but their mad desire to have a year or two;
  • Having a marriage to work, you have to leave for the family;
  • Do not have bad habits.

 marry a rich

Golden Cage: How to protect yourself

In our society, it was felt that to live in a golden cage and go to work - it's much worse than plow in two shifts and on weekends soup cooking and clean the apartment yourself. And in fact, and in another case, the freedom of the imaginary, not real. The women sacrifice themselves for the second half. But if the husband is rich, ladies get some bonus for it.

Marrying on the calculation, it should be understood that it - stronger. In the case of divorce, you can get a good livelihood or lose everything. It is therefore important to save for "rainy day" that may come when another enterprising lady zahomutat want your half.

Also, it is best at this time to get some education and get a prestigious job, as they say, under the patronage of. Worse, of course, if you got a real owner, not allowing even leave the house. But in this case back to the First Council - to open deposits, to put valuables in the bank. Remember, cars and apartments, presented to you, but decorated her husband, and you will not get. A beauty salon will not return the money.

Very often the rich man asked before the wedding pious sign a prenuptial agreement, which states who and what will get a divorce. Read carefully these documents, be sure that you do not lose at the same time and acquired before marriage. Unfortunately, there are sad precedents when wealthy men wanted to get even with the so-better half, leaving her with nothing.

The fair sex may also face a further requirement - to break all ties, that were before him. Mom can be seen once a month, the sisters do not have to come home, and her friends have no place in your new life. Doing this is not necessary. First, I do not know how your life will develop in the future. They might just be able to help you if any trouble in the family. Secondly, you will simply be bored. What to do, if you can not leave the house.

If you are married and have appeared in a golden cage, do not try to amuse themselves in drugs, alcohol and women. This is - the beginning of the end. If you're bored, do some charity, organize a meeting with the same interests, start writing a book, or learn to play a new instrument. In fact, there are so many interesting and unknown, that the end of life with this all does not understand. And while you certainly will. After the first step on the way to the happiness you have done - marry a rich man.

Marriage of Convenience: is it worth it?

Thinking about how you can marry a rich man - this is perfectly normal attempt to find a way to the happiness and well-being.

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