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As time goes by, all girlfriends already married, many have happy moms, and you just can not experience a painful and exhilarating feeling of love? Well, it also happens. But you're lucky, at least you have a guy who is serious in love and wants to relate to you my life. On the one hand, your heart is a cold and you are breathing for him quite smoothly. And so you want to breathtaking at the thought of the beloved, and to the earth went from under my feet! But on the other hand - where is the guarantee that do not doom ourselves to loneliness if alienate someone who is willing to do anything for you? Or, try to change something in yourself, try to fall in love with him, too?

It's hard to tell whether you can force yourself to experience the feeling of the man, even if initially there is a light of love. Not for nothing do they say that the heart can not command. But if you feel for him even friendly feelings, the hope still exists. We believe that love should be based primarily on the sincere friendship. All relationships are based solely on pure enthusiasm or passion, destroyed much faster. Therefore, we describe how to fall in love with a guy who loves you already, and you try to follow our advice.

 how to love

How to love someone

A number of recommendations, which you'll see below, do not ignite a fire in your heart quickly as if by magic. But the fact that your friendship will be strengthened - this is beyond doubt. You will be able to experience a sense of attachment and affection will be the first step towards being in love with your boyfriend. And if you will love, you can fall in love with the guy and genuinely. So, what should you do?

  • Love - is a deep sense. It will take time to develop it and when you are able to fall in love, you immediately realize it. Do not rush yourself, be patient and enjoy the warm and friendly affection, rather than to tear yourself with doubts: "I love - I do not like."
  • Be attentive to his handpicked successor. Take time to listen to him, to understand his thoughts, worries, concerns and opinions. Never interrupt Man, if he says, and try to make sure that you have correctly understood what he wanted to say to you. Perhaps you are still not so well know him? Sometimes a person does not immediately disclose to others the richness of his soul and inner peace, especially when he sees that he is not listening very carefully. And what is the real relationship without effort to understand each other? And anyway, before falling in love, it is necessary to know a person well.
  • Most spend time together. This will help you to "get used" and find common interests. He was often next to each other, you let your feeling appear and grow naturally.
  • Do not forget that solitude is also helpful. If you suddenly feel that society is your guy starts to annoy you, then ask yourself: is not too much time we spend together? If so, then try to explain to your friend that you need more personal space and that you would like to from time to time hours or even days alone with itself. When this possibility is reduced to zero, instead of warm feelings you feel the risk aversion, and then fall in love with the guy you did not succeed.
  • Try not to criticize myself any actions, words or character traits of his friend. It is always better to remember that the best that he has. Even if something is really wrong, do not get angry, and just talk to him about it. It may well be that the guy did not attach any importance of the little things that you so annoying, and when he finds out about this, the more of you will try not to disappoint. But if you like something - always praise him, make compliments. You'll see - he will be happy to your praise and will continue to try hard to please you.
  • Try not to argue about silly little things, which is not really so important, if we talk about the long term. Any dispute will cause you irritation, which ultimately can lead to hostility. But you want to fall in love, not hate, right?
  • If you still have started to argue, and perhaps even to quarrel, do not try to figure out all right now. Try to calm down, and then discuss all on the "cold" head. It should even apologize for his outburst. It frees you from both crept into the soul of resentment.
  • Share with her boyfriend anyone, even the smallest joy and sadness, and do not forget to share with him and his joys and troubles. It brings together two very, unites their souls. Just always be honest and sincere manifestation of their feelings. Anyone, even the most insignificant deception forever leaves a crack in the relationship.
  • Do not try to change yourself. Appreciate their quirks and peculiarities, let your behavior will always be natural. All this is part of your uniqueness, the more valuable that there can be nothing. It is not necessary to seek and the guy to change something, "re-educate" him. You just need to be patient to get used to bind to it, and love in the end will be born in your heart.

 both fall in love with Man tips

Our advice and warnings

Advising in love - a thankless task. But there are things to say about that, too, is impossible. This we will now discuss:

  • Do not overdo it, building relationships: love to be happy and to give a sense of something refreshing. If it becomes a chore, then just dies.
  • Love should be a comfort, not a source of pain and suffering.
  • You do not say you love, just under the pressure from the outside, if in fact it does not have feelings. Pressure control and can not be part of a good relationship. You can love only if you want to do this, but not when it wants to somebody else.
  • Try to understand his friend and learn to compromise. Without it, too, did not get a good relationship.
  • Remember, love is never just "consuming". Do you want to fall in love with - and learn how to share even to give.
  • Very important: if you cease to feel the love in the depths of your soul, then you will be very painful, if you will force yourself to be with that person. Similarly, nothing will make your partner stay with you, if his feelings fade. But it is also important to remember that the first romantic feelings will inevitably fade, but love is not based on them. Much more important is understanding, affection, respect, friendship and sympathy for the man to continue his love.
  • If your relationship has not yet reached the sex and you do not want them to do, then do not do it just because your boyfriend wants. Even if you fall in love with him already. You should not give in to arguments such as "if you love me, then you do it! "Consent to sex (if it is contrary to your desire) is not a proof of love. In this case you have the right to put forward its argument: "If you love me, you are not going to rush me! "
  • You should not constantly go on about and do as your guy wants it. People have the impression that we do not have an opinion, if we do all that we offer. Do not be afraid to refuse his friend in something or do differently, if your opinion differed. It does not put you to love him, just like it - to love you, because everyone is entitled to their opinion. Importantly, do not forget about common sense.
  • Never ignore the alarm bells in my heart (when there is a feeling of "something is wrong here ...") Remember - love can no one will.

But really it's not that difficult and scary. To love a person is quite possible, most importantly, that he deserves your love. And that you feel comfortable with him. Remember - no one falls in love at first sight; if this happens, it is rather a passion, not love. Love comes slowly when you recognize a good person and get used to the fact that he is standing next to you. Therefore, be patient - and fall in love!

 How to fall in love with a guy who loves you already

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 What men want


  • What men want from women
  • 10 traits that want to see their women to men

Unfortunately, many of the problems in the relationship arise from the fact that there is a significant contrast between what each sex thinks about what he wants from the opposite sex, and what the opposite sex really wants. In particular, women being more emotional, often feel resentment and anger towards men. Well, how not to be offended: for it try, try, and he's still not happy! Well, just hopelessness!

A man, as it turns out, is not particularly something and draws attention to our efforts, because it is important for him is not what we think. Therefore, he can not appreciate our efforts, so as it seems that our way is far from perfect. So what do men want from women that they want to find in each of us? Let's look in a man's vision of the ideal woman.

 What Men Want

What men want from women

Now we will reveal to you what they think the man on a particular occasion. In addition, we'll show you how to do the right thing in every case, to give a man exactly what he wants, and it will help you create a great relationship.

  1. Honest and open communication is a top priority for men

    They want a woman is not evil and not resorted to vague hints, and spoke openly and frankly. They want a woman did not go around the bush, and confidently asked if it is something necessary. They want a woman to respect the truth and do not distort the facts. And men dream to see beside me a woman who would treat him without too much critical and which was able to communicate with the care for the preservation of not only his, but also their personal dignity. Unfortunately, most women are exactly the opposite.

    It seems that men like it when we are silent about their needs and do not ask. We are afraid to show that something need, and we are afraid to show their feelings. It is better to once again dress down than to praise or to say how much he means to us. Why, because a man can use our weakness to take the upper hand over us ... And how we can criticize every word and action of man, believing that only we know, in fact it should be! But it is precisely this behavior alienates men most.

    Tip for women: anyone like to speak with him just frankly and without any criticism. But men want it particularly hard. One of the best ways to attract a man and build a good relationship with him is to learn how to calmly talk to him about their needs and respectful of his personality. And never, under any circumstances, infringe on his male ego!

  2. Men always want to deal with self-sufficient and self-confident woman

    Any man wants a woman to chose it among others only for his personal qualities, and not guided in this attempt to escape with the help of want and despair. Any male partner is not less than us women want to be loved and desired. It is very important for a man to a woman and she was an active and independent person, has its own interests, friends and social circle.

    We women think that a man should be like when we are completely dissolved. All deeds and thoughts - only about him and only for him ... And at the same time moments spent together, the man does not appreciate - it would be faster to the TV or to friends. And if you try to impose their own society, then it will look for an excuse to run away as far as possible. So, yeah not so. The man is quite able to appreciate the time spent with the woman.

    But he wants to see in your mate is not a reflection of himself, as a full person, interesting person. And he does not want to run away from you, if you will know exactly what you need and what you appreciate and respect him, too, as an interesting personality.

    Tip for women: men want the same as women: have close to a reliable and interesting partner. And if you want to build a strong and vibrant relationship, try to live a full life, develop their inner world and treat your partner with warmth and respect.

  3. Men always want a relationship without manipulation

    They do not tolerate manipulation of any kind. They do not want to guess the thoughts of your partner or try to interpret any signals. They do not want to be forced to move faster in developing relations, if this is not yet ready. They do not want to be misled by them and achieved something by fraud. Men do not want to play the game, the rules of which they are unaware. Women think men want little to do, so they do not understand the needs of others.

    And the only way to get them a desired and meet their needs - work on a man using manipulation. As we often think a man does not understand that the relationship should be developed, and we just wanted to push it to the next step!

    Tip for women: the people will not tolerate manipulation of any kind, and men are incredibly angry when they are trying to manage. If you want to build a good foundation of your relationship, learn to be tolerant to the wishes and needs of his partner.

  4. Men always want to emotional stability and personal responsibility in the woman

    Guys want to be close to such a woman, and who knows how to laugh at themselves, and life is with humor. They do not like hysterics, they like women who are able to summon the courage and mental strength. This does not mean that a woman should be masculine; it can be quite a fragile and vulnerable, but it has to be emotionally stable.

    Men appreciate the woman who is responsible for their personal development and emotional distress. It seems that men are talking to us, they think only about how to have a good time. Yet it seems that men are only interested in our appearance, and in any case they will prefer young girl model looks.

    But that's not all, what men want from women. Of course, they always turn your head after a beautiful girl, but when choosing a mate, will give preference to women emotionally mature, kind, loving and able to support.

    Tip for women: Emotional Maturity does not mean lack of emotions. This means the ability to cope with their emotions. If you want to arouse sympathy for the man, then learn to control himself and manage their emotions and their expression.

  5. Men always want to see a woman's loyalty and devotion

    It is absolutely necessary for normal relations, and this is probably the most important thing a man wants from a woman he loves. Relationships become stronger when the guy has confidence that his beloved would not flirt with everyone and give all their attention to him alone. He will appreciate a woman who is able to fully commit themselves to build a relationship with him.

    Many define such a commitment, as loyalty and willingness to work on the relationship - even when things are not going well. Women think that all men want only sex, and the development of relations they are interested only until such time has not yet come intimacy. Like, what else want to, if the main goal is already achieved? We think that you can not trust men, they are always ready to change; so why to us to remain faithful?

    Many of us believe - when a relationship comes to even the slightest discord, men run away without looking back.

    Tip for women: the betrayal will never find an excuse. Good news for those women who are resigned to the myth that all men cheat: infidelity and cheating men as unpleasant as we women. It is not necessary to consider all the men mindless males; they are able to appreciate the good terms and will protect them from unnecessary shocks. They also have an idea of ​​how to build a wonderful relationship, and they also understand that loyalty is the main ingredient of the relationship.

  6. Men always want to see beside me a woman who knows how much he needs praise and encouragement

    Many women treat men in such a way as if deliberately trying as hard as possible to undermine his ego, made to feel inadequate. Men would prefer to be praised as much as possible, recognize that they are doing everything right and perfect, and that they always made it clear that they are great guys who are just impossible not to love and appreciate.

    We rest assured that men do not need any of us, any of our praise. We believe that men do not care about things that are incredibly important to us, and we start to nag them, rather than to encourage their every step towards the solution of our problems. And where there is no recognition, it is easier born of resentment.

    Tip for women: do not be afraid to spoil and spoiled her boyfriend praise. I do not think that he eventually zaderet nose and will assume that you do not deserve. This is not true. Unfortunately, the very rare women who understand the importance of recognition for every man. Therefore, you will especially appreciate it for what you see and encourage its merits, achievements and successes. Yes, he's just a speck of dust will blow away from you for it!

    Most of the men most want recognition and appreciation from women. If you learn to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of non-essential, to see the good and praise the most, then you possess one of the most powerful tools for building strong relationships.

Now you know what men want from us, women, and it will be easier to understand your partner and is easier to find common language with him. But to really quite navigate the male preferences, we will try to make a list of traits that men are looking for in their girlfriends. Generalize anything from the above, consider the new facts lined slender list - and we know what we need to focus!

 he wants a man

10 traits that want to see their women to men

Just want to mention that this list is based on years of research psychologists group of women from America. So, what is truly in women looking for men?

  1. It has its own life - and that makes it interesting

    Dear ladies, this means that you have to take care of themselves, have some interests and to find time to communicate with friends. Do not miss the opportunity to embark on a journey or go for adventure, take on a lifetime opportunity to experience the joy - from eating your favorite dessert to walking through the park on a sunny day. A woman who lives a full life and enjoys every day, would not poison the existence of others, and the man understands this.

  2. She never takes the first step to the beginning of a relationship

    This question has always been subjected to intense discussion and come to a true consensus has not yet succeeded. But the observation of men say that they are not too pleasant when a woman begins to take the initiative and pursue a Man. Men just do not naturally programmed to behave like prey. They prefer to hunt themselves.

  3. She is sexy without being vulgar and licentious

    This means that at the beginning of her courtship woman should refrain from any statements or comments that are overtly sexual. But this man will be very pleased if a woman will flirt with him with the help of seemingly non-sexual touch passing. You can, for example, put a hand on his shoulder or knee - but not for long. Or you can touch his kolenochki his knees under the table; this game will have a guy to taste.

  4. She is in no hurry to have sex

    Yes, the sexual revolution has long thundered over the world, yes, a man always seeks to move quickly to sex. But if he intends to build a serious relationship, it will never be rushed his chosen. Many women do not realize how much sex changes the dynamics of the relationship. And if we go to him too early, it will significantly impoverish the relations that could develop outside of the bedroom. Therefore, psychologists are advised to wait at least a month before engaging in a sexual relationship with a new man. A man will appreciate your clarity will continue to be confident in your integrity.

  5. She always takes care of man

    And it is not necessary to make any grandiose things: for example, a daily wash and starch his shirt or every day to cook dinner in the restaurant. The bottom line is that you have to be careful even in small things that will allow him to understand that you think about it, do not forget about his individual needs. He will do the same for you, believe me! Well, he cleared winter ice the windshield of your car! Moreover, every morning without any reminders. Did he would do it, if not sorry to your delicate hands?

  6. It must be the best inspiration for her boyfriend

    Remember the popular saying? The man, of course, the head, and the woman - neck, which supports the head and turns in the right direction. Help him advice, laugh at his jokes, help them to show their best side. Of course, he will try to do the same for you.

  7. She never has a man pressure

    This is very important, we have already talked about this. The men have an aversion to any kind of pressure. This applies to the development of relations. Guys do not like it when a woman tries to keep abreast of relations. They do not like to analyze, at what stage are feeling, they love to just enjoy them.

  8. It does not fall into the wrong history, because a good woman never commit evil deeds

    You do not have to bother married men or those who already have a girlfriend, should not deceive anyone, should not give to humiliate himself. If you respect yourself, then the man will respect you.

  9. It has to share his views on life

    Though they say that opposites attract, but anyone would think twice before you draw closer to those who are capable of it are unacceptable to the words and actions.

  10. She knows that love is the greatest term in a happy marriage

    Some women are guided more by selfish motives, building their relationship with a man, and are not interested in them as a person. But love involves a unique sense of peace of mind and a sense that someone else's happiness is just as important to you as your own. The desire to love and be loved is a basic human need, and men realize it is no less of us women!

We told you how to understand what a man wants from a woman he could love all his life. It does not matter, you are in the beginning of a relationship, or you are married for a long time; correct errors, if any, is never too late. We women are by nature endowed with special wisdom that helps us smooth out the rough edges in relationships with men. Incidentally, this is another quality for which the men we are valued. And how to predict where these "corners" can occur, we now know!

 What men want: what should be the ideal woman

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