What women like men


  • What men like in women
  • The ease and cheerfulness
  • The way a woman looks and dresses
  • Flirty gestures
  • Just a little bit of skin, eyes open, and ...
  • The seductive voice
  • A woman who asks for help
  • The ability of a woman to flirt
  • The ability of women to engage in eye contact

Men can not love women. This we all know. But do we know for sure, some women love men and what our guys like about the fair sex the most? Certainly, this idea of ​​all of the ladies are different, so we decided to talk about it here and unite in our article disparate information.

Yes, men love women. Everyone. But there are some ladies who literally battling spot any man, and all the guys are ready to fall in love with them on the ears. Have you ever seen the commercials on TV where the girl walking down the street, and all the guys looking after her and whistling, expressing his delight? Want to be the same?

If you look closely, you, with all the seeming diversity, all popular with men young lady is not really very different from each other. And it really is not difficult - to become a woman, after which the men would turn around and fall in love are before losing momentum! Only if you are ready for this increased attention? If so, let us know what you have to be to please a man.

What men like in women

Passion, which appears at first glance, of course, is very different from the present deep feelings. And surely those peasant woman but referred to in the story that they lived and were quite happy, hardly near to each groomsman only by former enthusiasm for so many years kept. But deep feelings arise when the man and woman know each other better. And the first impetus to the rapprochement and love getting the same hobby. What attracts a man?

The ease and cheerfulness

Happy coquettish giggle or laugh, joyful kind of woman can melt even the most severe a man's heart. Happy, happy, easygoing people literally glow with joy, as if the sadness does not exist in their lives. And everyone seems to be that close to such people and they will smile more luck and joy. Therefore, funny, always smiling woman in whose eyes often sly twinkle light, quickly attract the attention of other men.

The way a woman looks and dresses

Always much easier to attract the attention of Man, if you make an effort to look good and dress nicely. This is not surprising. Bright red umbrella on a rainy day is always evident in a crowd of people holding umbrellas dull colors, is not it?

And it does not mean that you have to constantly try to stand out bright outfits and flashy makeup. Just get dressed so that your outfits conceal possible shortcomings and stressed all of your dignity. In these clothes you'll stay a lot more confident. Oh, and do not forget also about the spirits - if you will reach for the faint plume of fine fragrance, the man will lose his temper when you walk past them!

Flirty gestures

Oh, men really like flirts! You nibble on sponge or hold them finger when trying to figure out how to solve a problem? You narrows his eyes slightly when looking at the young man, or pick up the edge, wondering when? Well, if you give her face or even millions of such other expressions, you're already well on your way to to make the young men's hearts beat faster!

Unfortunately, too often we resort to coquetry. Absolutely we forget all those female things that are so skillfully used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. And in vain! Here try to work out some time before the mirror, coming up with their own flirtatious gestures. You first this may seem ridiculous, but when you will try to apply the skills spent in the company of men, so just stop laughing! Because see, the guys immediately lead to your tricks.

 What men love women

Just a little bit of skin, eyes open, and ...

If you want to look at you once, the guy wanted to look at you, and in the second, and the third time? Then show him some bare skin. No naked navel, generous cuts and deep neckline - it does not! This is your kind will literally scream about not very good taste, and you will look as if with great difficulty trying to attract attention and to please men staring at you. And the thought that in this case will appear in their heads, not those of which we are now talking about.

Keep a subtle game, which eventually works much better. For example, wear a T-shirt or a blouse that ends just below the point where the belt is a skirt or jeans. And only occasionally while driving you will have a second denude the narrow strip of bare skin. Or blouse with wide neck, but with high collar - when you have to bend over (well, of course, by accident!), Men gaze for a moment at the open part of the hollows of your breasts.

Oh, how he would want you to once again bent! He did not want to take your eyes off. Such hints of bare skin is best to arouse the curiosity of men and awaken their imagination, and they want to look at us again and again. And that's just right!

The seductive voice

If there is something that makes a man feel a chill of excitement, it's sweet and sexy female voice. Learn how to say so - is attractive to men and sex - is quite real, it is only necessary for a subsequent and a little practice.

When you talk with a man talking in a low voice, and avoid high pitched when the voice becomes like glass shattering squeal on the glass. Incidentally, this is the most common tone of voice, which is used by women when they are surprised or exalted rejoice. And if a woman is angry and shouting voice of the voice ... Not surprisingly, there is an expression "cut man", because such a voice is really very much resembles the sound of a running chainsaw!

A low, soft voice is more attractive. Therefore, it is best to speak to a man in a low, soft voice, and it's not as difficult as you might think. Try to speak in a soft voice so the next time you talk to the guy on the phone. And do not be surprised if your partner starts to flirt with you!

A woman who asks for help

It is the dream of every man. Well, in any case, while it is still not linked to your strong ties. Men love to feel welcome and appreciate a woman. Most women think that men - just slobs who hate to work or to run errands; but rather, it is when they are in long-term relationships, and a woman do not really know how to ask for something, and then the man to thank him. And if a woman comes up to him and a soft voice, with a smile, she asks for help, he immediately rush to comply with the request.

Men are very popular with women who need them. It makes them feel more masculine, and gives an excellent excuse to talk to a pretty woman. They wake up the desire to be an evolutionary breadwinner and protector. And when you're a flirty smile, thank him for the help, it is very likely that he will overcome the embarrassment and ask you for your phone number.

The ability of a woman to flirt

Have you ever flirted with a guy, even if just for fun? Unfortunately, many women feel awkward, embarrassed, or even a threat to themselves when a friendly guy starts to play with them in the light flirting.

If you came into this game, it does not mean that you are doing is immoral, remember this! And in the eyes of the guy you're not going to look disbanded virgins. If you want to impress a man, show him that you get the pleasure of talking to him. If you still join the game a couple of her best flirty gestures, you can be sure that the guy seriously want to meet with you closer. And you will only have to decide whether you like it or not.

 What men love women

The ability of women to engage in eye contact

Imagine the situation: you come to relax in the club, went to the bar. And there! .. This guy that you have already captured the spirit! You smiled at him and he looked at you with contempt and turned away. Enjoy your will? Do you want to sink through the floor as well?

Men, too, have a heart, you know. If a guy is trying to get your attention, or at least to exchange views with you, no one does not require you to constantly respond to him in return. But one can also fix your eyes on it at least for a few seconds, especially if he is behaving pretty well. You just accept the fact that you have noticed it, and it can keep it in a good mood, especially if you - an amazing woman with all those charms, which we discussed above. You can watch only once, but the heat and, with a smile, and that was to forget it, and it will be grateful to you for what you have not honored him with disdain.

But look at him strictly or even dislike is quite possible, if it is too impatient and intrusive, and will insist on its desire to meet with you against your consent.

Now that you know what men like in women, use these tips and you will see how easy it is to win the attention and admiration of those around you guys. Just do not forget a very important rule - no one should imagine that you are making any special effort to impress them! All should look easy and neprinuzhdenno.Tolko then you will be a queen attractiveness.

 What women like men are more likely

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