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Since the birth of a kitten, a Briton, one might say, feeds the most balanced, because his caring mother brings up her milk. As is known, this natural product contains all of the most essential small body vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is in the process of consumption of breast milk from a kitten is the process of formation of immunity, which will depend on his health.

Very popular lately feeding method at the request of a wise mother-cat is the inherent nature of instinct, so it never leaves the offspring of a long time and always in a hurry to call their tiny blind children. Well-fed kittens sleep peacefully and do not disturb the plaintive squeak.

Usually, my mother is British-feed their babies for three to four months. But even with two months of age, many breeders try to attach a large part of the thoroughbred brood, so they say, to lure the kittens can start in thirty or forty days after the birth, but this should be done correctly.

As the first meal is best to choose a special upscale wet canned food, which structure best adapted to the body, the British kids. If we talk about food homemade breeders recommend giving boiled chicken meat: it is necessary to mince and can be mixed with the liver. In the first few months, often eat kittens, about five or six times a day, and the total amount of feed at times higher than normal adult animal.

With proper complementary feeding babies to three months, the British did not need breast milk, and ready to find new homes. At this age, and sometimes, as mentioned above, before they can be readily adapted to the new conditions. And now it is up to you, the lucky owners of these still young and dopey representatives of noble breed, will depend on their health and their whole future life.

Powered by a small British mixed system

So you've brought home a fun teddy aristocrat and, of course, as an attentive hostess, had to ask the breeder what to feed a kitten? Which diet baby has already become accustomed? We miss this important point in mind? Do not worry, healthy kittens have a good appetite, so quickly learn there are new goodies. The most important of what you need them to achieve - this high-quality industrial and natural food and clean drinking water.

Resist the temptation to drink baby milk in the first place, they love it, not all the animals of the family, and secondly, some general, there are lactose intolerant. In general, the ability to digest milk kittens to keep six months old, then their body stops the production of a special enzyme that facilitates this process. Continued use of such a popular product can cause upset stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is better to offer pet yogurt and fermented baked milk. But the basics of drawing a natural diet will be discussed later, but first, let's deal with how to feed a small British industrial forages.

Kittens of this and other species should be fed according to the principle of three thirds. This means that the baby's diet may be one-third consist of drying, the other - from the wet canned food, but the last part - a home-cooked meal. As you can see, the breeders practicing mixing two different types of food - industrial and natural. Little kittens really need such an embodiment, the power, because each kind of food provides receipt in their body of essential nutrients.

So, boiled meat - a source of protein, and dry food contains a lot of vitamins and mineral supplements. At the age of eight or nine months, you can choose any one circuit and feed the cat or only industrial feeds, either exclusively natural, but to use special mineral complexes.

A very important element of the diet for the correctness of the kittens of the British is the constant availability of clean water close to the food. Choose for her porcelain, enamel, ceramic or glass bowl in a plastic bowl is better not to leave, because the plastic is able to release hazardous substances for the baby's life. Boil the water is not necessary, but the filter is not only possible, but necessary. You must change it twice a day - morning and evening.

Dry food and moist canned products should be the same manufacturer and be marked "for the kittens." Such food is the best balance for the body baby-Briton. Prefer industrial feed premium and super premium class, do not be fooled by low quality food to loud commercials, from which animals can get sick. British rock does not forgive careless attitude, so to save on food for its members - not the best solution.

In addition, cheap food is composed of an addictive substance to his taste buds, so in the future kittens refuse to use any other quality drying or canned, requiring this particular junk food. Such a relationship is akin to craving for the drug in humans. So it is better to choose a high quality food and do not have health problems kitten.

If you stick to the principle of mixed feed allowed in the period of active growth meow aristocrats, the natural food kittens should receive as follows:

  • at the age of two to three months - five or six times a day;
  • at the age of four to six months - four to five times a day;
  • from six months of age and older - three or four times a day.

When your Briton executed ten months, you can begin to feed as an adult cat that is two to three times. As for dry food, most experts insist on free access to it during the day. It is believed that the kittens eat as much as they need to, they tend not to overeat. The same rule applied to the adults, provided good health and a lack of propensity to obesity.

If you are planning an early age to feed the pet food industry only, it is necessary to pre-drying soaked with water. Doing this will have until the baby is three months old. The moistened feed initially need and those kittens, which are used to the kennel natural and therefore more soft food.

If you want to safely transfer the baby to the industrial food, it is best to first soak and drying and gradually introduce it to its former diet. Soon your pet will start appetizing crunch it has unchanged. As for the daily rate of industrial feed the kittens, then correctly identify them will help special table, which indicates the approximate amount of food depending on the age of the baby.

 what to feed kittens

Natural food for kittens of the British breed

You can from an early age, "plant" a cat on a purely natural food, but in this case can not do without special vitamin complexes that contain the necessary minerals for proper balance and harmonious development of young animals. Such supplements will tell you in detail or an experienced breeder or veterinarian. But in any case will have to buy them if you want to grow healthy and strong cat.

What little the British can be given as a natural food? Firstly, these descendants of thoroughbred wild predators happy to eat lean meats boiled. Valid offer them, and raw beef, but only after the pre-frozen. It is convenient to divide the freshly ground beef to single servings (about thirty grams each) and put in the freezer for three days.

An hour before feeding one such ball must be removed, and give it to thaw to room temperature. Kittens should not get hot or very cold food. But raw meat chicken and turkey from the diet is better to exclude these aristocrats.

Experts recommend giving kids-British no less than two times a week cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream by adding droplets, yogurt and fermented baked milk. You can sometimes feed them quail eggs. Useful kids cereals. By the way, bits and pieces of three months should be given semolina, oatmeal and rice milk. Many breeders do not object against the small number of fish in the diet of little kittens and adolescents. It is harmful to animals neutered and sterilized due to excess phosphorus. But a little bit of boiled salmon or cod exclusively as a delicacy benefit the young body. River fish is better excluded from the diet because of the abundance of bones.

Everyone knows that the pedigreed cat distinguishes the special selective eating habits. The British are no exception and are able to show obstinacy from the first months of domestic food supply. For example, they may flatly refuse to cereals. In this case, do not rush to apply the principle of "hungry - eat! ". For all children, even the cat can outwit.

Mix so unloved buckwheat or rice with finely hacked or minced boiled meat and add vitamin C. In this way the kittens with great pleasure straightened with the proposed food, before presenting them with discontent.

The same technique can be applied in respect of cooked vegetables that Britons should eat daily. Frozen spinach, cauliflower, carrots and cauliflower - all this is very useful for the growing organism, but how to get a cat to eat such products? Again, mix them with the meat. As a natural source of protein since the start of six months to give the British shrimp with the shell. Just cut into pieces of seafood, and the ears of your pet will not drag on the bowl.

Not more than once or twice a week, offer a kitten-Brit half chicken egg yolk boiled. It can grind with yogurt. A good addition to the basic diet is offal. Beef liver, heart and lungs are usable in its raw form, but only after the pre-frozen. But the same internally but by the chicken is properly cooked to give exclusively. Kittens-British offal can get two or three times a week.

 British than to feed the cat

Features and taboo in the natural food for kittens British

The nutrition kids this breed has its own nuances. For example, carrots are not recommended to feed the cat delicate lilac, which it can spoil. Oatmeal is better not to boil and pour boiling water.

Raw meat should be given as a separate feed daily, and must be mixed with cooked cereals with a predominance of the first is twice as food and feed such a day. Some types of vegetables, try to offer without prior heat treatment, such as cauliflower. And the rest is better boiled, mixed with the meat and ready to alternate with cereals.

Improve bowel kittens can be a vegetable oil, a few drops of which should be added to food in a day. Germinated wheat and oats are also very useful for the organism kids aristocrats. Add them to the menu three to four times per day. Just do not bring pets grass from the street - can be easily at home to grow your mini gazonchik on the windowsill.

Kittens are pleased pogryzut green utility. No less valuable for the health of babies and the dry beer yeast, which are sold in a pharmacy. Correctly calculate the number depending on the weight of the animal and mixed into food three or four times a week. Coat your Briton becomes thick and acquire a characteristic glow.

You're paid little attention to the so-called forbidden foods. Primarily, this bone. These kittens may injure internal organs. Pork, lamb, poultry, except chicken, and are not components of the diet for the correctness of the kittens. These foods are fat and therefore poorly absorbed by the body, and even in its raw form is a source of infestation. Sausages and smoked foods can never even be considered as a delicacy. They are harmful to people something, but animals and even more so.

Kittens-British do not have to get all sorts of sweets, but their main food is not necessary to add salt and spices to flavor, it is best to leave it fresh. These products lead to metabolic disorders and cause dental disease. Potatoes and beans also completely eliminate from the diet of young aristocrats, for even an adult animal, they are not digested and cause fermentation.

Consider all of these recommendations and then compiled properly balanced diet your pet will ensure its future health, activity and good physical shape, and you have nothing to reproach ourselves for.

 What to feed a kitten: make up the diet a little aristocrat