What type of women like most men

There are several types of behavior, ways of thinking and exterior features that appeal to most men.

As is known, men like eyes, so they ladies first external data value. Men also appreciate women who have a taste, but it does not mean that it should be catchy and expensive clothes. Smell is also important, as the stronger sex can not stand when women comes from the smell of sweat. Almost all men love a nice, but not pungent odor, so overuse spirits also not desirable. In addition, if a woman wants to please others, including men, it must come from her aura of success and satisfaction. Probably no man does not have the liking if next to him is a woman who constantly complains about his life. In addition, every woman should have its own faint highlight.

In short, to please a man, a woman must be good-natured, intelligent and friendly. The stronger sex does not love evil, envious, and foul-mouthed ladies. Among other things, the woman should have a harmonious figure and not to abuse the cosmetics, although its absence also welcomed the representatives of the stronger sex. Selfishness, as well as excessive affection, annoying almost all men. They're just crazy about women with a good sense of humor. Also, men prefer women with a gentle nature, but at the same time with a sense of dignity. A woman should always remain a mystery to men, otherwise it will quickly lose interest in it.

 What type of women like most men

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 an affair with a married man


  • Types of married men
  • Pros and cons of an affair with a married man
  • How to meet with a married man?
  • Where will this lead?

"Masha, I'm meeting with a married man! "- He shouted into the phone to his girlfriend Irina, a financial analyst in a young but fast growing company. And this is not a unique case. Many women believe that it is better affair with a married man than unmarried idiot, mumble or sissy. The qualitative deficit in the ranks of the strong half of humanity is pushing half a weak this forced move. Try to understand the pros and cons of meetings with a married man, and try to predict these relations.

Types of married men

Surprisingly, there is a huge variety of types of married men. Each of these is not like the other, but they all have something in common - bondage knot. To understand what will relationship with a married man, and what are your prospects, you must know who you are dealing in general. And this will help in the good old classification. So, for someone like your type "zhenatik"?


Look, there is the most miserable man on earth! He constantly whines and complains to you on their own problems: problems at work, family life and hateful quarrelsome wife. Thus, when it comes to solving the cardinal problems - for example, change of job or a divorce - he immediately "crawls back into the shell": "You do not say! I can not do that, because I have to put children on their feet. " You, of course, acted as a safe haven - the only place where our "sufferer" can find comfort and peace. Well settled, is not it?

Most importantly, he did not want anything to change: in fact, he did not suffer, and it is currently happy with his life. His wife and knows nothing about his mental anguish, and the chief says a good worker. Life goes on thumb, he is dressed, shod and fed, he wipes the snot beautiful girl - what do you need for happiness?


Roman side to it - a relatively secure source of new sexual sensations. And while it is terribly cowardly - hides information about your relationship or by crook. If you call him at an inconvenient time, "coward" to hang up or say something unintelligible. Can get to go to another city for a meeting on a train - only to have no one could see together in one car. In such actions, all its essence: he constantly lies and gets out in front of his wife, without thinking about you or about your feelings. His peace of mind above all else, and he never divorced his wife, and not because of the deep love and affection, but because of the fear of change and the loss of stability.


Easily make new connections and forget the old. It is pleasant to communicate, open and calm - a relationship with him as burdensome as himself. Roman with him is full of romance and passion, but not long, because for "flutter" adultery - a source of new and strong sensations. Once all ustakanivaetsya, he becomes bored and taken for ladies looking for a new heart.

This feature, by the way, is peculiar to him, and family life: his wife certainly was not the first in a row and not even the second. In such a vivid style is very easy to fall in love, but be careful! The relationship with him should be used "exactly as prescribed": as a holiday romance, for example, but not as an example of a serious hobby - just so you can get them a barrel of fun and not a drop of tar.


For the man's mistress - if the second (or third) wife. He is very attentive and caring, but at the same time jealous and demanding. God forbid you do not pick up the phone when it rings, or appear in a cafe with a lovely friend! He proest you the whole baldness, despite the presence of his wife near by. Of course, it should be noted that this man will support you and protect: will repair the wiring, hard boiled bulb and eliminate breakage in the tubes. But he will not hold you on weekends and holidays - as soon forced to account for every step you take. Is that what you want?


Each of us wants to have listened to her, and this type takes just that. He kept silent, almost nothing is said about myself, but with great interest to listening to you, how was your day, how things are, what you want - it is important to know the answers to these questions. Agree, it is captivating! When someone last time showed us such a great interest and attention?

But in this scheme, there is a weak point: the listener - one of those rare types of married men who are able to leave you completely. A complete self-revelation to him will make you uninteresting. For the "listener" in the mystery woman is important, and that's it, you can tie it to himself. Permanent innuendo and mystery - these are the qualities that can help to ensure that "happily ever after" - was about you.

It is these married men can usually be seen in nature. Maybe you'll meet someone who will combine the features of any of several types, or be a representative of the sixth. In any case, it is necessary to try to think a head and a sober assessment of who is in front of you. And it may happen that you will be left with a broken heart.

 meeting with a married man

Pros and cons of an affair with a married man

Love - this is an area in which it is impossible to think rationally - unfortunately or fortunately. Each of us had heard of that affair with a married man - a poor and hopeless, and at the end everything becomes painful and unpleasant. However, exactly when you find yourself in such a situation, all these thoughts tend to fade into the background. Getting naturally occurs gradually - no one throws out on the first date information on marital status. And in that moment, when you start to feel a strong sympathy for the man, it turns out that he is married.

For myself, you hope that you too, everything will definitely be different, not like at all, because what is happening between you - it's real feelings, unbridled passion and sincere affection. Sometimes your head to visit the typical cliches single woman: good men have already discussed, that have to meet with married. Such relations, like everything else in our lives, have their pros and cons.


When it comes to a relationship with a married man, is often remembered his faults and the merits of all somehow overlooked. Naturally, no one would have to start all over it if they were not. The main advantage - it's love, which for many overrides all negative, because you happy, just being in love. And what else can be pros?

  • The lack of domestic problems. You do not need to cook, wash and clean for him, and he does not hammer nails and cleans your sink drain. You do not pass together through fire, water and copper pipes marriage - all of that life, which is able to nullify all the love and romance.
  • The brightness and joy to all your meetings. Your every meeting - a memorable event: every time you try to appear before him in a new attractive image, and he - surprise you with a small gift. Agree, for legitimate halves nobody usually does not try.
  • Delicious sex. The relationship with a married man has the necessary spice - and the Forbidden novelty of your meetings that make your love life varied and unforgettable. Sex with their wives usually get tired and in your relationship, you can realize the wildest erotic fantasies.
  • Only the best! For each other you are trying to be delightful: the most beautiful, intelligent, interesting and caring. As the number of meetings is limited, each of you have the resources for it (in contrast to relations with the legitimate spouses). On a date you come in full dress, trying to impress each other, because each of you is still some mystery and zest.
  • Health. With the likelihood of a married man to catch any sexually transmitted disease is much lower - they are very carefully watching this (otherwise the wife of his head blown off). In addition, their health is generally better than that of unmarried individuals: they are more often involved in sports, abandon bad habits and stick to a healthy diet.


I do not mention them impossible. After all, it is because of these features affair with a married man so condemned and criticized by many "seasoned" women. Of course, you can ignore this entire list, but with him, at least, is worth reading to understand what you will encounter.

  • The futility of relationships. This is perhaps the main disadvantage of the novel with "zhenatikom." Divorce and marriage with his mistress - is more the exception than the rule. This usually happens in the first year of the relationship, when they still represent a permanent holiday than wimp "bytovuhu." Anyway, now he has a wife and children - why go to his mistress? To start it all over again? Very unlikely.
  • Loneliness. You doomed him from the very beginning of your novel, one in such important holidays like New Year or Valentine's Day, and on weekends. At first it may be, you will escape a couple of times because of love, murmuring something to his wife, but gradually these attacks will be less and less, and soon they will be reduced to zero.
  • "The second role." Every time your meeting will be broken due to unforeseen circumstances, you will hear: "Do not swear, it's family." It does not matter how hard you, and how much time and effort you spend on your relationship - a wife and children will always come first for him. For them, it works and it devotes most of the time, and you - the only ally in the affair. God forbid you offer him to leave the family for you! It is a bustling and begin to refer to the weight of the obstacles, either immediately say that will never make it.
  • Jealousy. The investigation of the preceding paragraphs. It will begin with you have prevailed as long as you understand that the wife woke up every morning with him, and you do not. She gets stability and constant care, and you - the clock waiting for the call and lonely evenings. That wife of her husband's rise to congratulate on the job, because it is - it is an important part of his life. It is not surprising that soon it will begin to drive you crazy.
  • The need to hide your relationship. You'll never walk through the city center, walk to a restaurant or theater. The best that can be expected - it is a date in a cafe on the outskirts and sex in your home or in a rented apartment. The constant tension keeps the need not to catch the eye of anyone they know in common, and any call from his wife may be the reason for the cancellation date. Not surprisingly, if a year after the start of the relationship you start stuttering and nervous tics!
 I meet with a married man

How to meet with a married man?

Such relationships as you know, different from the usual. On the one hand, do not you go to sleep with him in the same bed, and on the other, you do not wash your socks. Therefore, the very first advice concerning an affair with a married man - use it to its fullest! There is nothing cynical: each of us - it is the body that meets their needs at the expense of the objects from the environment. So do not hesitate to uninhibited sexual experimentation, contributing to the ascent to the peak of pleasure, or help in the affairs of the workers - all this and much more you can provide your married friend. Of course, as compensation for the absence of the future in your relationship. And do not forget about the most pleasant - a good gift! Any woman would be pleased diamond earrings or expensive watches.

Keep in mind, what do you want this relationship: in most cases, it's a passion, love and some intriguing. So be creative in organizing meetings and plans. Yes, you can go with a friend for two weeks at sea in full holiday, but a couple of days in Paris - it is a worthy alternative. After all, he could carve them for you in your schedule? Do what you would never do in normal relationships, create and frenzy - even when provided such a chance?

Try as little as possible to think of his wife, because it is largely the bane of such mistresses as you. For something you loved each other, and no one (well, maybe except for him) is to blame. Enjoy life and fellowship, have fun now and do not dwell on the troubles.

At the same time you should not dive into the pool with his head and dream of what never will be. Yes, there are times when people do find love, and married man leaves his family for his mistress. And it should soberly assess you about this beautiful story or not. The best way to find out - a frank conversation will begin if the endless "is not the best time," you can not expect miracles. In case you want more, and are not able to simply enjoy a relationship with him - go, because the situation will never change in your favor. Do not waste time on this.

 meet with a married man

Where will this lead?

Every woman who is going to meet with a married man is concerned about where all this will lead. Whatever we say, the idea of ​​family, children and the general outbreak stirs our minds, and the guy with the wife - is not the best option for its implementation. So, what are the prospects of relations with "zhenatikom"?

By and large, all the possible classifications of your novel come down to two things: the care of a married man from a family with him, or your separation. Naturally, at the heart of any romantic relationship is love. Even if some of the parties burdened by marriage, all this is forgotten when the rolls passion and thinking altogether disconnected. And, of course, each of us wants that relationship came to its logical conclusion - marriage and family formation. That's just it becomes problematic if a man is already married.

The idea that an adult somewhere to withdraw (if he foolish donkey!) Sounds like something is wrong and stupid. Besides, it is not without motive idea of ​​karmic justice of the world: any negative would return to his executor. However, if all this does not scare you and you want to withdraw the married lover of the family, the most important thing - a sober assessment of the situation, as we mentioned above. There are types of men with whom the trick or not a ride or take as much time and energy that much easier to get the attention of Prince William.

Every married man looking for a mistress in what it lacks in family life: love, care, attention, energy, drive, or a variety of comfort. If you want to find the key to the heart of her lover, it is necessary to understand what need it satisfies your relationship - and to do all that so it went. In addition, do not nag and scold him: you can become the very "safe haven" (or "storm of passion" - depends on the situation), with which a man is always fun and interesting. It is useless to have a child or hold the man an ultimatum: it's wrong, and a more expensive will - focus on building the right relationship with him and possibly have something happen.

However, the inexorable statistics: eighty percent of the novels with married men come to nothing. Passion is gradually eroding, sex becomes monotonous, and anything else in your relationship that you could combine not. Typically, a woman will sooner or later be bored nameless shadow and sex-toy-in-one, and she decides to leave. How to realize it?

We need to realize that this man simply creates the illusion of presence in your life. Yes, he can ask for a tick, how about you, but the answer is often no interest in it. Repair the valves may repairman in a cafe funnier and more fun to go with friends and holidays - spend at sea, rather than at home alone and waiting for a call. Understand what your needs if satisfied lover and find alternative ways of implementing them. Well, if it is a fear of being alone, then perhaps you should consider love for yourself and your self-esteem.

But there is a third option, which many do not see - long relationship. Yes, in very rare cases, this is possible! In this case, both sides of the extremely honest and open with each other and do not build any unrealistic expectations: the woman with her humbled periodic solitude, a man tries to pay the maximum attention to it when there is such an opportunity.