How to keep love


  • Ideal people do not exist
  • Confidence - especially
  • Apologize
  • Praise husband
  • Be an example
  • Blurts insults
  • The word - not a sparrow
  • Do not compare

What is written on the faces of lovers, waiting their turn to marriage? Love, happiness, pride (still would be next - the best man in the world). But most importantly, a sense of uniting the newlyweds - is confidence in the future. All of them are convinced that much of a marriage will stand the test of time, life, children. But time passes, and the question of "how to keep love" increasingly revolves in the mind of women with experience. Why women? Because men tend not perplexed by such problems. They believe that once a woman opened the door after a hard day's work and imposed eat, that's all right. Well, men leave their familiar world, and do talk about love. Can it be extended? Make brighter on the background of gray everyday life? Or any marriage is doomed? Let's face it.

First, let reassure all those who feel that it is impossible to keep love. All in your hands. And if you want this particular man was with you the rest of your days, so be it. And how to do it - we'll teach you.

Ideal people do not exist

More girls we dreamed of a charming prince on a white horse, which is always neatly dressed, fed and with flowers .  In real life, it turns out that the potential groom wore swimming trunks only for you, but now he prefers boxers to the knees .  That morning it is better not to kiss (as long as not to brush your teeth) .  With his horse eats more oats than carries .  Stop, stop, stop .  And now take a look at themselves .  Do not you find that your hair is no longer that different "natural" splendor, which you diligently sought to date? And out of his mouth in the morning you also do not smell roses .  The list is endless .  But why? Is it so hard to love a man as he is? Your husband because you forgive your weaknesses? You do not have them? A tenth perfume bottle for this month? That's the same .  Therefore, do not remove the rose-colored glasses immediately after the wedding .  Believe me, they keep love is much easier .  And be lenient toward the weaknesses of her husband .  And he will reward you in return .

Confidence - especially

Tell me you like it when someone is digging in your things? No? Then why do you regularly check the cell phone of her husband? And do not say you're doing it for the insurance. All you need to know my husband will tell you. Trust him. Without trust in the love of all. Otherwise, it's over so that you can find in your phone spouse what you were looking for. More specifically it will seem to you so. Strange call to outgoing or incomprehensible sms-ka in the journal - all will be interpreted by you as "I told you." And then what? Scandal? Divorce? You achieve it? We are confident that - no. Therefore, instead of shaking hands to check mobile husband, cook him some coffee. This step will help to keep love is much better than any suspicions.

 keep love


What kind of family scandals? Periodically swear it. Perhaps this quality unites all the family. The difference is in how they are reconciled with each other. There are couples who for weeks may not talk to each other. And all the seven days they were not puzzled with how to keep the love and settling its own right. Open you a big secret: the dispute is not right. Both are to blame. So why not admit it, and not take a step forward? And the pride of nothing to do with. You retain an atmosphere of love in the house. Believe me, it is more important than fleeting controversy about anything.

By the way, if the point of view of defending the same it is necessary, we recommend to do it sober. To start with calm, analyze what happened and then start talking. Have you noticed that the word "scandal" was not here? To place all points over «i» can not raising his voice to her husband. Start with your own experiences. Describe the feelings you had to go through in this situation. Do not blame her husband. It does not help. You often admit they were wrong? So what's the best husband you?

Praise husband

But what to do with excess, so it is praise. So if you want to keep love, looking at his wife dignity. Did you wash the dishes? Thank. Profits shelf? Be sure to mark it. And never mind that doing so he was six months ago. You'll see - once you begin to praise a husband, you have not only improved relations, but also help you become more likely.

There is another quality that distinguishes the modern women. They used to blame the wife for all, and to praise in the ear, so that no one heard. Make all the way around, and your family will be guaranteed to be stronger. Celebrate at strangers dignity of her husband. Talk to the children how lucky they with the father. And you do not notice how many years mark their golden wedding noisy. Because men do not throw these women. Well, who else would he feel so indispensable, smart, beautiful and bold? After all, it is something he had no idea about all the virtues that you ascribe to him.

Be an example

You know, there are not enough modern husbands? The ability to read our thoughts. Already then that they just bought us red roses instead of carnations on March 8, have offered to wash the dishes after breakfast, and never would eat at a party with gusto (as if they are not fed at home). And most importantly - they have always organized a romantic candlelight dinner, when we are sad.

But unfortunately (or fortunately, as the purchase of a pair of nylon tights fifth week you still withheld) read the thoughts of our husbands can not. And sometimes she wants to romance! Well arrange it yourself! Put a note in the pocket of her husband with declarations, buy him an unexpected gift, book a table at a restaurant. Believe me, your happiness is in your hands. And while you wait for surprises from her husband, will take an eternity. You remember what they think and feel a little differently? By the way, hints will not help either. Just straight text. But you must admit that after "begging" romantic dinner, its value is dramatically reduced? So go for it! Be an example for your own blacksmith husband and family well-being.

Blurts insults

However, even the perfect wife grieve their husbands. Similarly, spouses are not always sufficiently attentive to its second half. The years pass, resentment build up. And what yesterday seemed a harmless little thing, now turns into a problem of universal scale. Scattered socks, unclosed tube of toothpaste, a raised toilet seat - can continue indefinitely. But all these problems will remain problems if they are not to talk. After all, to keep love is much more difficult than to buy it. In Honeymoon you missing a guilty smile husband to forgive a small flaw. Today, a wave of discontent increasingly rolls his head. Right? Then it is time to talk openly with her husband. Only then can wear at least a week will find their way to the pot of dirty laundry. A toothpaste ... Well, forgive him that little peccadillo. In the morning we all a bit distracted.

 tips on how to keep love

The word - not a sparrow

A small postscript to the previous rule set out "how to save love." Sometimes his wife so colorfully painted offenses husband that I want to feel sorry for offending unintentionally. As soon as they do not name the person with whom he had lived for many years! And it is normal for a pair of socks under the bed or forgotten the toilet seat in the bathroom.

Lovely woman, usually "blurts offense" provides only correct attitude to the man. Otherwise, you will not only save the love and hack to death at the root of it. Think about your behavior quite perfect? Of course not. So why your husband does not allow himself such insults? And if the person with whom you have lived for many years - a goat, you then who? Complete this comparison for yourself and understand that you need to eradicate the grievances and not rooting in the ground even more conjugal hatred.

Do not compare

Here it is - the curse of all married marriage. When the little-known Bob from next door becomes an object to keep comparing. And the car had better, and neighbors greet it more often, and his salary more. At the same time not taken into account the facts, stating that five years ago, Bob shook his sentence for robbery, and he Tapping wife mercilessly. Home - reproach. And there, staring, and your dear husband make it to used cars or ask finally a raise. In order to understand what end such comparisons is enough to recall a line from the Bible: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." And here you have compared with busty Vika - a childhood friend of your husband's or Aunt Masha, which (unlike you) pies never burnt. So how? Nicely? And only then it was necessary - to hold his tongue.

In fact, the rules are much more. Just as the problems in the marriage. And there is no single solution saving cordial relations between the spouses. But there is one essential condition that, like cement, holding marriages, even in the strongest storm of life. This desire to be together. It happens that one of the couple begins to move away. And then the other partner instead of being offended at it, is to analyze and understand the past life that alienated man. Why in his eyes instead of love - a cold disappointment? Sometimes it takes care of professional psychologists who ignore modern couples. And it's strange. You go to the dentist if you have a toothache? So why not treat marriage? Moreover, it is more important than filling. Do you agree?

 How to keep love in marriage