How to return her husband's family


  • How to return her husband when he went to the other?
  • How to return her husband after his infidelity?
  • How to return her husband after his wife's infidelity?
  • How to return her husband after the divorce?

Family - is one of eternal values. A stable family gives a person confidence and peace of mind, which is why for the safety of family is worth fighting for. It so happened historically that women - homemakers, so it is the woman is the guardian of the safety of his family. However, the current time is not conducive to building strong marriages. The sexual revolution, civil marriages, the normal attitude of the society to divorce - is not the best way affects the institution of marriage.

When a man decides to leave the family - it is always very painful. Even if your family relations were not ideal. Once he identified you among all raised on a pedestal of his love, and now wants to level with all the other representatives of the fair sex. This situation is not the best way affects women's self-esteem, their way of life collapses. Often, a woman does not see any other way to finding balance in their lives, but to return to her husband's family.

  • Understand the reasons for leaving her husband

Before you ask: "How to return her husband's family? "Try to understand the reasons for his departure. Maybe he left her for another woman, and maybe he just walked away from you, from your exhausted itself relations. Analyze your relationship, try to understand exactly what life situations have hit hardest in your marriage, listen to yourself. And if you can behave differently in these situations, whether you want it? Leave a desire to change her husband. Men can not be re-if you are not ready to accept him as he is, it is better be engaged in search of another man more suitable for you. But if you are sure that you want to return your man, let's get to the action.

How to return her husband when he went to the other?

Or maybe you need to return to the family of her husband's mistress? Above all, be patient. Mistresses can appear and disappear, but the role of the lawful spouse is more stable. Scientists have found that the most tempestuous affair can last an average of 8 months. If you have the strength, patience and wisdom during this time left his wife, then you have every chance of winning. The main thing - it does not strike during this period adventure. Many people use to solve the problem, return the husband in family plots.

However, in seeking how to get her husband's magic - is not the best assistant. You can walk to the most famous fortune-tellers, and sorcerers, but to solve the problem of how to return the love of a man, the plot is not the most effective method. But to bring the family some karmic trouble you may well. It is better to be engaged in them. Critically evaluate their appearance. Maybe it's time you go to the hairdresser, to buy himself a couple of new things or to enroll in a sports club.

The basis of any relationship is interest. Therefore, in search of an answer to the question "how to get ex-husband? "One must first answer the question:" how to return the interest to the husband's wife? ". If you have your whole life together was a housewife, arrange to work. Believe me - you and do not notice how much expanded range of topics on which you will be able to maintain a conversation. You can enthusiastically take some creativity. If you are a young man were finishing art school, buy yourself an easel and paints. In addition, a hobby that will make you more interesting and multifaceted personality, it will help to distract from thoughts about her husband. Search through the social networks their first love. Do you feel it is very important that you like someone.

 return to the family of her husband

How to return her husband after his infidelity?

There is a major aspect of your willingness to forgive the betrayal of her husband and live as before. Once you know about the change, try as much as possible to ignore the situation. In the first week you are in a state of emotional shock and can do anything stupid. If you have the opportunity to go away somewhere on time. Then for several months enjoy a strengthening home. Tasty cook, clean and tidy, take care of yourself. During this period, you can soberly assess the situation. And if you need a traitor?

If you still need urgently to change tactics.

  • Do not whine, do not swear, and in any case, do not arrange hysterics. Often praise her husband and admire him and his affairs.
  • Pay attention to her husband. How exactly - you should know better than others. Maybe every morning to lay out his latest ironed shirt, and maybe - brewed coffee to his awakening, or simply sit with him and watch football.
  • Well, the main thing - sex life. In no case do not give up sex during this difficult period for you. Refuse a man now, you are pushing him to another woman.
  • Reach her husband to the family court. Have you been planning to repair? Well, consult with him on every detail. Refer to a pile of work and ask them to withdraw their children from the kindergarten. Invite your friends to it nice to visit you. Make it so that he felt like a necessary and important in your home and its time to go to the left reduced to a minimum. You can try to organize a joint holiday together.
  • Withstand the culmination of her husband's novel (8 months). You can release it on all 4 sides. Just do not forget to emphasize that he is deprived of (children's home, checked the rear, of a property). Most likely, the man chooses you.

  How to return her husband after his wife's infidelity?

If you have changed, and really want to stay with her husband, then this event is - a pure accident, an obsession. It is desirable that such a fleeting infidelity husband never knew. The male ego is very painful! But if it so happened that he did know about your change, take action.

  • Try to explain to him. Play the role of a poor lamb. Like, I did not even know who was in charge did not know what they do.
  • Declaration of love to the man. Only sincere. So that it is not just heard, but felt and believed.
  • Be gentle and the surrounding attention.

By following these simple rules in time, you will be able to make amends.

 how to get ex-husband in the family

How to return her husband after the divorce?

The situation is the most neglected, indicating that it was already done a lot of mistakes. However, with the right approach and a strong desire to return is still possible. Take on arming methods return of her husband from his mistress, and the battle. Bet on the best among you in the years of your life together. But be really honest, if you want to return to her husband's family. Simple tantrums and whims "I want to! "I never lead to the desired result. Moreover - such behavior can provoke a final and irreversible "Chicken Run." As the age-old practice, a good man loneliness is not threatened at all. And believe me - he knows it. And not all men are on the path of greatest resistance, rescuing relationships in the family. They often prefer the easy option - leaving her for another woman. Or even "nowhere." If only closer to peace and tranquility.

Therefore, it is on fragile female shoulders rests the important task to preserve the family hearth. Therefore, a clear answer itself a simple question: "Do I really want this? ". And if the answer is yes - and he most often it is - then go for it. The time delay, wisdom and boundless love - here are your best allies in this difficult battle. And remember - the award is appropriate. It does not replace the love, respect and care for a loved one. And the most important condition, which is essential to the further development of normal relations - this is forgiveness. Just in case, if you sincerely and heartily forgive each other, your family will be able to exist. Half-words, insults and recriminations - the first way to defeat.

And finally: never forget about yourself. After a bright interesting woman is always interesting man. It does not matter what it was before. Believe me - surprise a man can in any case - you have lived with him for two months, or twenty years. Of course, you should make it clear to him that your relationship to you - not an empty phrase and really expensive. But ... Do you remember the words of a classic - "the less we love a woman ...". Believe me, men this rule applies no less. Of course, in any case it is not necessary to show their disregard for the man. But the look in his eyes heartbroken not worth it. Trust - is the man to realize that your life is, in fact, does not end with his departure, as he immediately will think ten times.

But this method is good only if you have not registered for any serious fault - such as treason. Otherwise, the consequences will be very, very sad. But you are a wise woman, is not it? This means that you will be able to properly assess the situation and choose the right strategy. We sincerely wish you to the horizon of your family life was not something that the storm front, but even light clouds. Be bold - and you will certainly succeed. After all, "if you really want - you can fly into space! "Not that the return to the bosom of the family of her husband spree. Be happy!

 How to return her husband's family? The course for victory!

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