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  • How to prevent unnecessary relationships in the office
  • How to hide an affair at work
  • How to finish an affair with a colleague

Ask any person who is having an affair at work, why it is necessary and how it is, in fact, has managed to have an affair in such a bad place for that. We are confident that, in nine cases out of ten, you will hear the answer: "It just happened ..." While psychologists can not agree on why did people decide to intrigues and betrayal (in fact most of the novels on the addicted family people at least one of the couple is not free), experts agree that it is still happening is not accidental. At some point, at some level, the choice was made consciously. Agree, if you come with someone in a romantic relationship, you first had to decide what to do that. No one is because you could not get!

A varied you (before taking such a decision) is not just. You had to know perfectly well that if the hidden will be revealed, you will find a lot of trouble - the gossip and condemnation from employees, complaints from the authorities, the problems in their own family. And if you have not done thoughtless step, we want to convince you to be cautious and not to have any office in unofficial relations. Perhaps you did not even think about anything like that, but feel that some of the male staff showing you attention, clearly beyond the scope of his official duties. How to behave in such a case? How to resist the temptations?

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How to prevent unnecessary relationships in the office

Try to adhere to the following ten rules of your behavior in the workplace:

  1. Never go on the emotional rapprochement with a colleague of the opposite sex, especially if you or your co-worker - family people

    Infidelity can insidiously climb even in the strong partnerships. Even if you do not allow themselves to anything specific, just felt that it was not indifferent to his employee - is to sound the alarm! Psychologists who conducted a survey among the six and a half thousand women found that 92% of them believe treachery has been going on an emotional level, even when the physical convergence has not happened yet. And only 8% of women believe that their husbands do not change, feeling sympathy for another man.

  2. Keep all friendships outside the office

    Since all the novels that are tied in the office, start with a simple emotional attachment, we want to warn you that even the most innocuous friendship at work has the potential to turn into something more.

  3. H
    Never attempt to drink alcohol in the company of staff

    Drinking alcohol during or after work with a colleague of the opposite sex is one of the fastest ways to tie a relationship at work, because alcohol tends to reduce your control over yourself and removes all restrictions. Even if you just drink a cocktail or a glass of wine during a business lunch, it can lead to more intimate conversations and your inappropriate behavior.

  4. Just because you're a woman, you should be especially cautious

    Chances are you had not thought about any novels at work; but this does not mean that a novel with you does not dream one of your fellow-men. Men deliberately trying to stay as close to the attractive women who are trying to invite them to lunch, and the like - just because they want to find a way to meet them. Try to avoid such situations, which may contribute to emotional ties.

  5. Do not set a meeting outside the office, if it is assumed that you will be alone with the opposite sex

    If you are serious about your reputation, always take it with you, for example, some of her friends, so if there is a need to meet with someone from the male staff outside the office. Try to schedule all your appointments so that they were group, because it helps to reduce the factor of proximity.

  6. While in office, never forget: it is work, nothing personal here can not be

    Office for business, not for gossip or romantic adventures. Do not allow any flirting, do not wear revealing clothes too much, try to look and act like a professional, and not as a flirtatious lady.

  7. If you are not looking at all your efforts to behave according to the rules, yet are attracted to his colleague, try to soberly reflect on their situation

    What can turn your secret romance at work? What troubles facing the exposure? What you lack in your own marriage? Unrest? Deep emotional connection? If so, and analyze their marriage and find out why it happened, you have something missing. If you do not, it may cause the most unpleasant - you fall head over heels in his new chosen one, but in fact there is no guarantee that it is ready for you to change your life! He was, as it often happens, all will be forgiven, but you can lose everything - and a new love, and family, and even work.

  8. You have to give yourself a report that a man who wants to have a relationship with you, most likely, is not this the way you

    Unfortunately, this is just for us women, the emotional connection is important as we enter into an intimate relationship. But men who are inciting their employees pretty numerous novels at work (you can be sure that your vote is the first and only novel in the workplace?), In most cases, looking for just sex and nothing more. What they do not lash out, to convince you to give at his disposal and soul and body! But you must understand that it is not always worth to take it seriously.

  9. Keep the closed borders of your emotional space

    Do not share too much personal information with colleagues of the opposite sex in your office, how friendly it may seem to you his attitude towards your person. All the intimate details should remain only between you and your partner. Do not forget that women are too emotional infidelity often leads to physical changes! If the conversation with an employee becomes too intimate, try politely to direct the conversation in another direction, which is relevant to professional issues. Erects barriers, when you feel that a man is attempting to get close to you.

  10. Work on your relationship with spouse

    No matter how tempting it may seem novel to you at work, you can pay for this hobby too high a price; so avoid it would be the best option. So get out of the "cloud" of their hormones that cloud your mind and stop thinking only of himself. Remember that you have a family, a beloved husband, and not plunge yourself and him in distress and suffering.

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How to hide an affair at work

When people spend in the same office, at least six or seven hours a day, it is not surprising novels at work, which occasionally break out between the employees. You can assume that your emotions can be contained, but love never asks for permission, and the novel can break out unexpectedly. That is why the novels of the workplace - not such a rarity.

But the leadership, if reach him information about such cases, it is usually very happy with this turn of events, because it believes that these relationships hinder productivity. What to do if you, too, had become one of those caught up in the love of the office? Here are some tips to help you keep secret your novel:

  • Always conduct yourself professionally in the workplace

    Try not to touch each other, do not stay near idle, to conduct intimate conversations and flirting leave for a better place. Romance - this is the last thing that should occupy your mind on the job. So always remember, even if you know what lingerie is your choice, it does not mean that the office you can behave like close friends rather than as employees.

  • If your passion does not allow you to stay away from each other throughout the day, then plan your meetings so as not to be caught unawares

    You do not want someone saw you kissing somewhere in the safe or cabinet with working folders? If we want to talk to you right now, then select a location somewhere on the empty stairwell. And set up a meeting after business hours, choose a place away from the work. Keep in mind that to get better individually, because nothing will be suspicious of your colleagues more than if you go somewhere from the office together.

  • Do not forget, they say, to cover their tracks

    Do not leave any evidence of your romantic relationship with a colleague. It can be anything - from non-deleted e-mails to trace your lipstick on his shirt. By the way, give up the delivery of letters to each other from office computers, as it is only a matter of time when one of you do not accidentally send a private message to the wrong address.

  • Ignore gossip

    It may happen that someone really is something suspect about your novel. In no case do not begin to justify or deny the rumors. Best of all kind show that this issue is not even worth mentioning, not that exactly the same dress, who bought two employees from another department.

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How to finish an affair with a colleague

You already know that a romantic relationship with a colleague can have serious consequences for your career and emotional well-being, and the more complicated things are, if one or both of you have a family. And if you decide to stop the risky bond, we'll show you how to do it in such a way as to minimize the possible damage:

  • Understand that the cessation of provocative wrong attitude - is the best thing you can do. You may feel a deep emotional connection with his colleague, but do not jeopardize your family.
  • Try to keep away from his partner on the novel. Stop calling it pet names and nicknames, try to make your routes crossed in the office as little as possible.
  • Arrange to meet with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere where you no hurt. Explain to him that you want to terminate your relationship, because I do not want to destroy the family and loved ones hurt. Also tell him that you need to stop completely all ties except for workers, even friendly. You must clear to dot the i.
  • Remove his number from the phone and delete all the contacts from social networks. It is very important that no longer have any connection with him.
  • At the very least should not even change jobs. Especially if your novel yet became public, and it can seriously threaten your reputation.

Not many have situations that could complicate your life more than the Infidelity in marriage and romance at work. It can be very difficult - to do away with cheating, especially if it happened to a colleague at work, where you spend more time than at home. Nevertheless, this is what you should do if you want to keep the family and his good name.

 Romance at work: how to avoid trouble