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  • Love was coming out of the blue ...
  • Family life: to be or not to be
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These are the two definitely typical, bright and creative individual, spinning in the world of show business. Lera - actress and TV presenter in demand, Sergei - a popular Russian pop singer, actor, who began his career with the vocal part in the children's music group "Fidget". The age difference between them - twelve years, so many felt their love, and for a long time continued to perceive as a continuous public relations. However, the real truth is known only Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev.

The first meeting

Their acquaintance was one of the first (at the time) music projects, the purpose of which was the discovery of new talent. The contest "Jurmala New Wave" in 2002 only to start, and Sergei took part in it. At that time, he was a soloist of the popular youth group «Smash». The guys were Russian, and, thanks to the work and persistence eventually won. However, neither Lera nor Sergei did not attach any significance of their meeting. He was still too young, besides its orientation various rumors were afloat. Some have argued that Lazarev - a homosexual. A young TV presenter, in turn, has experienced more than one disappointment: on its account there were many failed romances, so Lera do not even know that this meeting would become significant. And the fate of the time they have prepared a surprise.

Further developments deserve to be a wonderful story of love melodrama. Organizers already love the competition decided to invite all to the role of leading the annual ceremony Lera and Sergey. She has been a professional in this case - on account of its success is not to one of the concert, she was a talk show and various transmission. And Sergei, on the contrary, this issue was not very knowledgeable.

He - a great singer, of course, artistic nature, but had never acted in a leading role. When they announced that during the entire six days they will work hand in hand, Lera, according to Lazarev, markedly confused. She thought he was too young and inexperienced to lead such an ambitious and large-scale musical competition. The girl had to take matters into their own hands: she taught Sergei all subtleties and nuances of this work indicates an error, supported and sometimes even cursing. And, oddly enough, to the surprise of both work on the project it was easy, easy, and the result was quite exciting and rewarding.

 Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev

Love was coming out of the blue ...

After co-hosting the contest Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva continued to communicate closely, often worked together, but none of them thought that between them can break passionate feeling. The boys saw themselves as just colleagues and close friends. However mistaken.

In Israel, a miracle happened, and all of a sudden. At one concert Leray had to announce the release of the next stage actor who has appeared Lazarev. Talking about it, describing the advantages of the performer, a leading suddenly admitted that she really loves him. Man, in turn, he kept his head and kissed her in front of a stunned audience. Since then, the friendly relations gradually moved into the romantic.

Their secret love has continued in Jurmala. Sergei brought every morning under the door of his beloved huge bouquets of fragrant flowers, wrote an anonymous note. Guys do not like to advertise their relationship, perhaps because at that time themselves have not yet decided how long their romance, or simply do not want to hear around me unnecessary talk and gossip. Therefore, all his colleagues and comrades Leroy told a fictional story about a secret admirer, hoping that Sergei will understand and will not make a scene of jealousy.

Arriving in Moscow, the singer admitted that a fan Lera - is it that the flowers and notes - his handiwork. So guys have realized and recognized that feel for each other is not the friendship began to call up frequently, going to clubs and restaurants, meeting with friends. Gradually, they became friends and started their families.

Family life: to be or not to be

The couple did not live together in a hurry. Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev has repeatedly admitted that they are not ready for family life. Every day they called each other, came to visit, however, bound hand and foot by the knot did not want to. They are so much easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. On account of Lera already had two not very successful alliance, therefore, according to the girl's life under one roof - this is not an absolute measure of happiness.

Between young people a wonderful rapport. Both creative and hard-working nature, so everyone knows that the work should be in the first place. They do not limit each other in freedom, no one has exhibited any ultimatums. The artist considered his beloved is very strong and intelligent woman, so almost everyone agrees with her. "We have complex characters, besides we Leroy worked very hard at home are rare. Under such circumstances, our family life would not have been happy. We love each other, and this is important, "- Sergey admitted.

This has happened perhaps because both of the pair was a lot of heavy partings and unsuccessful novels. Lazareva at the time the press has repeatedly ranked among the homosexuals, and Kudryavtseva after parting with her first husband, in order somehow to comfort themselves and forget, addicted to alcohol.

Life before Sergei history Lera

Life Lera can not be called simple. She married quite early - at the age of eighteen. Her choice was one of the musicians of the group "Tender May". It was a crazy young love, at least on the part of a young girl who naively believed that her husband was mad about her. In practice, things worked out differently. Careers turned out for him is more important than family: a man constantly went on tour, leaving his wife at home with his son. The apartment Valeria daily calls are.

Lovers fans wanted to hear his idol, and falling on his wife, talked about his love affair with a musician. Some even wrote letters, and the most brazen - came under the window, knocked on the door. Lera has suffered, cried, and then just tired of fighting. She retired from her husband, taking with him the child. The consequence of such a relationship has become a protracted depression. She strongly recovered (at eighteen kilograms) and was "comforted" alcoholic beverages. However, just she pulled herself together and started a new life.

The next rapid, but also an unfortunate affair occurred at the beginning of Lerin career in show business. It was a powerful, wealthy businessman, who showered the girl with expensive gifts, buy jewelry. Such courtship lasted almost a year. At some point, Leroy knew he wanted to be with this person. The couple began dating, but the stumbling block in relations became pathological jealousy men. He is constantly monitored Valeria, would not allow her to attend a public place without him, listen to telephone conversations, repeatedly came to "Mosfilm" and threatened violence to her colleagues.

This not only hurt the girl, but did not give her a chance to fully exploit in the movie. In addition, the man bribed her friends, acquaintances, and financial rewards asked to collect information about your favorite. A representative of the stronger sex (be it a colleague or a friend) in the eyes of Lerin chosen was considered a potential suitor. For such unfounded accusations girl every night was subjected to beatings and insults.

The history of this love was very painful and frightening. Lera has repeatedly tried to get away from the elect, but he found it, he asked to go back, pleading, apologetic, fell to his knees, and Lera inferior. And they returned, again felt the full force of love feelings businessman. This continued up until the woman did not understand that nothing will change. She packed her bags and left her tormentor, threatened him with the police.

It seems to be a future star has seen a lot, experienced and withstood. This negative experience had somehow affect her attitude toward men, something to teach. But fate struck again hurt Leroux. She married Matthew Morozov - former felon, who in the past had been convicted of theft and rape. After leaving the prison walls, he said, instead of becoming a law-abiding citizen, continued his criminal path. Together with his accomplices man opened a shop of spare parts for cars.

Turning to a salon, a customer had to request a desired item and make it a security deposit, which often amounted to the full value of the product. The seller promised to bring it in time, but it did not happen. When an angry customer comes into the store, wanting to understand all managers come up with a thousand excuses. For example, we were told that the ship on which the goods are transported from America or Japan, crashed. Therefore, the item will have to wait a little longer. If the customer does not accept such an explanation, he gave out the goods, but not the one he originally ordered.

Naturally, a long time to deceive their customers fraudster could not, so his company is constantly moving from one place to another. In one of them he met Matveev Kudryavtseva. The man did not cause any suspicion, she trusted him, evidenced by their quick wedding. They were married in the third month after the first meeting. On hand swindler was the fact that he had found the right approach to Lerin son - they have developed great friendships. Mother's heart melted; Perhaps, therefore, a woman so quickly agreed to the alliance.

But happiness was not to last long. Returning from Thailand, where Lera took a three-month shoot, she met her husband at the airport. It was there that the police and handcuffed him in front of a shocked wife. After that Leroy and frost are no longer met, but communicated through lawyers on the phone. This went on for about a year. Subsequently, Leroy knew that her husband will not keep her in this marriage, and regretted that he could not make her happy. Soon, they were divorced.

 beautiful Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev

Sergei plus Lera still love?

Serezha is also not everything went smoothly. He was surrounded by crowds of fans, none of which has not reached his heart, there was a sea of ​​girls around, but warm, long-term relationships do not develop. He was accused of homosexual, but after a few novels of Sergei is still ranked as a real man. Before he Lera some time met the girl. But it is not a public person, so her name was kept secret. It is only known that her father - a rich businessman and serious.

Today Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergei Lazarev considered, according to surveys of known publications, the most successful and stylish Union of Russian show business recently. They were a pair of TV programs, skating, develop professionally. In order to show that their relationship is genuine and friends, young people took part in the new Russian TV show "You and I", which achieved the best results.

That, apparently, will not last long, dragged on for five years. This is the period of the love story between Leroy and Sergey. According to many, all had to end the wedding and the birth of the baby. However, last summer the woman had a miscarriage: a girl who wanted to give the name of love Nastya, was not destined to see the light. After going through such trials, the couple did not become closer. The role played by constant traveling artists work away from each other. "Our relationship began to fade with time. We are not seeing each other for a long time, everyone builds his career. At some point I realized that I was not enough. I want to go back into the house, where I was waiting, and Sergei great worker. He does not want to rest on our laurels "- the TV presenter admitted.

Thus, rumors of break that went up over the last year, a result confirmed. Recently, a couple officially announced their separation. "We are good friends, we have nothing to share. So we went quietly and keep warm relations "- said in an interview with Sergei.

According to the latest data, which are exaggerated by the media, the heart Kudryavtseva already unfree. 41-year-old TV presenter in love with SKA forward Igor Makarov, who today 25 years. However, this age difference does not scare any woman, nor her chosen one. They do not advertise their relationship very carefully comment on what is happening and do not make loud statements. "We have five years with Sergei seen as under the microscope more of this I can not bear it! "- Complained to Lera.

Thus ended a whirlwind romance of a beautiful couple. Whatever it was, we hope, Kudryavtseva and her former boyfriend Sergei will find their happiness.

 The history of the novel: Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva

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