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It may seem that the stronger sex do not have anything to fear. However, it is - nothing more than a myth surrounding this half of humanity. In fact, a man - a man, as a woman, as is human nature to be afraid of. The fact that men are afraid of and how to live with it, we will cover in this article.

 What a man is afraid of

Where are the men's fears?

We almost from birth are told that the man - a brave and strong, robust and hardy, a sort of Superman in the flesh. In many of the stronger sex desire to follow the above stereotypes developed the fear of being himself. That is why men just have to play the role imposed on them by society - namely, imposed conform to standards.

Let's think for a minute why do people fear? Along with other emotions, fear we really need, because it performs a certain kind of function. First of all, it indicates a person that something goes wrong. Typically, this is a message about the current or possible danger. Next selects the most suitable way of coping with it, thus increasing the level of their adaptation to social life and the environment. Due to the fear of man seeks and finds the best conditions for life. Fear of punishment during childhood is an educational factor, transforming into adulthood in avoiding failures, motivates a person to achieve.

But, unfortunately, the fear ceased to be for us only positive phenomena. For psychologists often refer people to help them get rid of unnecessary anxiety. This is especially true of men who, as we mentioned above, the company does not allow, in principle, be afraid. Of course, just because it was never recorded, but in the mind of each of us there is the idea that men should be strong and fearless. Therefore, when we encounter the living and those who fear the subject, we embrace negative emotions.

 What men fear in bed

What are the symptoms of anxiety for men?

Talking about what men fear, it should be understood that the fears are normal and neurotic. How to distinguish one from the other? Here is an example. It's one thing when going down a dark alley of the park, you fear the attack of hooligans. It's quite another if that fear overtakes you at the office in the middle of the day. Causes neurotic fear indistinct and illusory, while the normal fear of talking about it is a real or potential threat.

Most men's fears stem from the myth of the omnipotence of men. The saddest thing is that they sincerely devoted to this error. Why should, say, the man would have been afraid of ridicule from others, or to be weak if it did not exist in the community image of Superman? There is no need! And that it affects the majority of problems in this area.

It turns out the man more than anything else is afraid to be weak. To prove that it is not, to him literally have to constantly fight. Largely due to this particular man's character, strong floor failed to reach unprecedented heights in various fields of activity: make the greatest discoveries, to achieve political and sports victories. In ordinary life, this fear is often a hindrance. Probably each of us been in a situation where a partner long and hard trying to find out something or solve the problem itself, but much easier and faster to seek help.

On the other hand, in this case a very strong influence of natural selection, which says that the survival of the fittest. In modern society, it appears, that such a man is chosen by: coach, boss, girl. Therefore, to do anything to remove this fear, it is meaningless. However, make sure that it did not become a mania, when a man forgets everything except the desire to be first.

Another man is afraid to be in the eyes of others miserable laughingstock. Do not be fooled and litsedeystvovat with friends or on stage, but really be funny. However, the ability and desire to make fun of others - is nothing more than a manifestation of the fear to be under fire jokes of others. If you do not want to turn any of the stronger sex in his sworn enemy, hold the jokes about him in front of others or the public meaningful for him.

Sexual performance, financial viability and intelligence - these are the three taboo subjects for humor even in private. However, some men do not prevent really look ridiculous in the eyes of not only his countrymen but also the entire world, when they fight in the department or race cars the brand change.

Sometimes sad to see how the fear of being funny does not allow the stronger sex to confess his love to his woman. In a conversation with your friends or debase man prefers deliberate rudeness to cover significant for him feelings. After all, the men decided to dissolve the medium is not "slobber and snot," is much easier to discuss sexual topics savory than to admit to friends that you are crazy in love.

Now, imagine how hard it is to be open to the man? It means, first of all, to be vulnerable and unprotected. Show weakness, the man is always in danger of being subjected to pain. After all, in spite of their masculinity, they are much more vulnerable and shy women. Their ostentatious bravado, rudeness and swagger - is just a way to cover his indecision. Especially strong this fear manifests itself when a declaration of love. It is believed that the first man should do it. But the very recognition means for a man to bear some responsibility for the woman and the relationship with her.

Actually responsibility is a sore point for many of the stronger sex. In the life of each one of them it is a lot: to be a good son, friend, husband and father can be very, very difficult. And as some men have some personal problems that prevent them to behave mature and grown-up, the responsibility is perceived as something extra.

Why men are afraid of in bed? The negative assessment of his sexual performance in any way. Try to passively respond to his intimate caresses. He is likely to be overtaken or in full depression, or anxiety. Therefore, do not make a man feel these feelings, always assess its only positive. After all, for your sake, he does all the exploits, and presents proof of victory, while carefully concealing their fears. If you need some correction of behavior in bed, talking about it softly and unobtrusively, always compensate for it with praise and compliments.

Publicly be recognized as a failure - another pronounced the male fear. Perhaps he does not consider himself as such, but others view it expressed by someone aloud, could plunge a man not only in a state of deep depression, but also discourage long to do anything. Do not rush to "record" your man in the losers, because the absence of high post and stuffed wallet - this is not an indicator of its insolvency. After all, surely your partner have a lot of other advantages, which can be admired. Rate it, and take it for what it is.

In addition to these fears, our men are still afraid to be dependent, stupid, incompetent and used. In addition to psychological factors, there are also quite mundane. The man is afraid to learn about his lady unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, weddings and disapproval from parents. How difficult his life!

So be tolerant and sympathetic attitude to these purely masculine fears. How do you think your favorite easily to you and all mankind to play the role of Superman? Agree, constantly careful to hide their fears, fear of exposure, very difficult. So let them cope with it all. And then they will surely become as strong as we are!

 What men fear? Guide to the fear of the stronger sex

 how to flirt with a man


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  • Flirt with her husband. What not to do?

Many ladies flirting concept is not entirely correct reaction. Someone flirting almost synonymous with indecent behavior, while others perceive it as either non-committal relationship. However, both are profoundly mistaken. The fact that flirting - it's just a love game, a way to attract attention and to please the opposite sex. Flirt - is the art of seduction. But if you do not like this interpretation, then consider the art of flirting glamor.

All women know how to flirt. But, first, not everyone knows about it, and secondly, not all are able to flirt with men right. As you know, the best - the enemy of good. So when some ladies too zealous, then their behavior simply scare men. But flirting should be easy, unobtrusive, intriguing. So how well flirting with a man? What you need to do to attract attention and interest to the object in person, and what to do, you should not? Let's face it.

Terms competent flirting

Remember that flirting - it's a game, so be prepared for loss. Even if the right to flirt with a man, it can not bring the expected results. However, few of the men remains completely indifferent to the woman who owns the art of flirting. Remember, as the heroine of the film "Memoirs of a Geisha" stopped the men at a glance? We, of course, not a geisha, and to such a masterly art of flirting us away, but you should start with this.

So, look. It is responsible for establishing contact. The way a woman looks at a man depends on the future of their relationship (or lack thereof). The look should be enticing, no matter how exactly it will be: a languid, playful, dreamy, or confident. To make sure your eyes were eloquent, try to say to myself, what would it say out loud: "I like you", "I want you came to me", "It is of you I dreamed of all my life." Practice in front of a mirror and find their way in the art of visual promise.

Smile. This is the second thing you should do it right, and you need to rehearse. Smiling woman always arouses sympathy in men. Smile, like opinion, should be attractive. Just do not smile at all thirty-two teeth. In the art of flirting is important not only to master the skill beautiful smile, smile as the ability to place it there in time. A smile can be shy, playful, pardonable, mocking ... But she must be sincere. You know how to smile? If so, the success of your game of love is almost assured.

Movement. In psychology there is a concept of body language. That subconscious movements give the true intentions and the mood of the interlocutor. We see these signs on a subconscious level. Therefore, if you want a man to understand without words, that he is not indifferent to you, remember a few movements, better than any words that will help him to understand everything correctly:

  • Demonstration wrists. You can correct the wristwatch, bracelet nudged slightly upward delay sleeve. But all these movements should be performed as if in passing.
  • Touching hair. Well, there is no need to teach you what to do.
  • Preening. Again, this concerns, first, all hairstyles. Typically, women wanting to please men, slightly leans his head back, shaking hair. On a subconscious level, it looks quite natural, but how do you manage to do consciously? Rehearse in front of a mirror.
  • The voice of the flesh. Yes their sexual interest in a woman also demonstrates subconsciously. She can lick her lips, playing semi-skimmed shoes, slightly shaking it on the tip of his feet, stroking a wine glass. Take arms and those marks.

Touches. It's about touching a woman to a man. Oh, how many people can say such accidental contact! Here you accidentally touched his hand, that's brushed an invisible speck of dust from his shoulder, that's straightened his tie and buttoned at the collar, a button ... Contact! The man not only feels, but already understands your interest. But all touch should be light, almost imperceptible - fleeting.

Word. Ladies, do not be silent, but not taratorte incessantly. The best words that will help you be interested in a man - compliments. Find a way to tell him, he is strong or courageous as he is intelligent and noble. Even if it is an outright flattery, a man be led to it. Just do not confuse outright flattery rough - not praise a man the qualities that he does not possess. And do compliments easily!

Generally, lightness - this is the main condition for the game. Try to look natural: a wave of eyelashes, a half-smile, alluring eyes, accidental contact, a compliment - and here it is almost at your feet! Yes, that's the power of charm and sense of flirtation. Just do it right and not make explicit and implicit error, or find yourself a loser.

 how to flirt with a man

Flirting Mistakes

The first thing you need to remember - be careful, that is, watch the reaction of the men. You must not only control their own words and actions, provided the game, but also to see how it reacts to all man. You just have to cause only positive emotions and maintain a good mood. If a man is not to like the game, you will understand it right away. What, then, today is not your day.

Do not overplay. The woman desperately wanting to please, sometimes looks vulgar or stupid. However, both completely ruin the game and kill the beauty of the moment of glamor. So be moderate in the expression of their emotions, not laughing on every occasion, not Wisnu on the subject, do not grab his hand at every opportunity, and heaped praise on his or without cause.

Be feminine. Do not try to be "the guy" - a man (if he is normal orientation), it is only interested in the opposite sex, and not particularly valid unisex. Learn how to emphasize their femininity and clothing, and voice and movements. By the way, impeccable in terms of cleanliness and well-groomed appearance - a necessary condition for successful flirting with men.

The object of flirting

Girls! The object of your game can be absolutely any man. After all, the beauty of flirting is that it can become a prelude closer and more serious relationship, and may remain a nice game of "like - not like it." You can begin to flirt with a completely unknown man, a colleague, a classmate, a neighbor, even with her own husband. Only with each of the objects you need to flirt correctly.

If it is entirely unknown or little-known man, the main weapon should be your eyes, smile, movement. In step further complement its offensive touch and compliments. Well, if it's your own husband, then you can flirt openly and, as if to say, purposefully. However, we want to warn you of the mindless repetition of questionable advice of glossy magazines.

 how to flirt with men

Flirt with her husband. What not to do?

According to the first council should be in a prominent place to leave his beloved notes with intriguing content for the next entertainment. Now imagine your husband in this situation. Perhaps you are intrigued him, of course, can, only in what sense of the word.

Imagine the following situation: your husband opens the driver's license, and the little note inside with transparent hints signed your name. What might think reading this message, your husband? He even had not come, that the author of this note is his own wife, he will start to get nervous, trying to remember who is this Tanya and Valya, who threatened him with your quiet family happiness. In the evening, meeting with her husband's work, you will view his mysterious and vague hints only add fuel to the fire. Pretty will adventure. Most likely, this evening you will not to flirt with your own husband.

Or here's another tip. Almost every man just loves when a woman appears before him in the form of a seductive nymph dressed in sexy underwear and frankly short dress. Of course, the young and beautiful women are almost all outfits. For women of average build, they are unlikely to take the risk to appear in similar attire. Unless, of course, their task is not to amuse his favorite and cheer him up after a hard day's work.

Next tip. Book a table for two at an expensive restaurant and arrange a romantic evening, and the bill, of course, pay for themselves. Firstly, in many families the money overall. And secondly, with us not so many wealthy women who can afford to visit such costly institutions. Even if you have money to spare, before following this advice, think about it, whether it is to bring in your sexual relationship some special piquancy.

Finally, another way to log seduction. Ask your husband to make love in some non-traditional place for you, for example, in the loft, on the roof or in a rocking chair. Council to get rid of stereotypical behavior more suited to those who in real life is a little difficulty, or those who can not imagine my life without overcoming them.

But seriously, that in such a complex and complicated case of love, there is no universal advice, and can not be. Because nobody knows your husband as you know it. And if you are thinking to flirt with your own husband, then only you can decide exactly how to do it.

Terms of flirting has not been canceled, and believe me, they work, as well as hundreds of years ago. Even the means used by women to seduce the object of your passion have not changed. So take a look around - so many men, in whose sight you will become the most seductive and desirable, if you know how to flirt! So remember. Wag the eyelashes, a half-smile, alluring eyes, accidental contact, a compliment - and here it is almost at your feet! Good luck!

 How to flirt with a man, or the ancient art of seduction

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