With sweet heaven in a cottage. If you are richer Chevalier

The old adage "a sweet heaven in a cottage" has always been controversial. But what if you do not let your loved one hut, but rather a modest housing and income, and the fate of the money you are not hurt?

First, you have to move the onslaught of friends who will say that he is no match for you. Defend their opinion is just finally decided that you need this man, and you really love it. If the relationship becomes serious, it is necessary to temper their requests. Try to set aside yet luxurious clothes and jewelry. Jeans too, can look beautiful and be expensive, but they will not stick out and screaming all the income of their owner. The young man is frustrating to know that you're wearing dress worth his annual income.

Let him not a gigolo, he regularly pays for you in the restaurant and gives you flowers and gifts. But to give you a basket of roses and diamonds he can not afford. Be ready to face with a smile, even a modest bouquet of daisies or made his own souvenir. Your old guys tossed money and never thought of putting? Take your time to compare them. Mental quality is always more important than wealth.

Surfing the restaurants and vip-clubs, of course, a pleasant thing, but even if you're willing to pay for both of you, your loved one is hurt and may even injure hurt. And whether he'll still interesting if you yourself make him a gigolo? Try to choose the institution with democratic prices, a trip that will not lead to a poor young man to bankruptcy.

Spending time together so wonderfully! And expensive hobby is not required. So nice to walk arm in arm in the park with a nice, sit on a bench in the park, eating ice cream or simply go to the movies.
If you are sure that guy is interested in you, and not your wealth, all the necessary work. You just need to listen to your heart and believe in love. A coveted 'green', you can then make together.

 With sweet heaven in a cottage. If you are richer Chevalier

 How to overcome jealousy


  • Types of jealousy
  • How to get rid of jealousy?

What a whirlwind of emotions often cause even a particular action, but only another assumption about it! Often, there is not one hundred percent "evidence" proving the guilt of a loved one, and maybe no faults him not, but the picture that draws us to our imagination, seem to be many times more plausible that actually happens. How to overcome jealousy that so much prevents you live?

Types of jealousy

Psychologists say that jealousy always goes hand in hand with self-doubt. She looks like a disgruntled rodent inside you that no matter how much you feed, you still will not be fed. Whenever something reminds you of the potential changes, you start to worry about their own inferiority: ugly, stupid, boring - but you never know flaws you find at every once in a fit of jealousy! This experience manifests itself in different individuals differently, and the difference here - in the power and intensity of emotions.

  • Healthy jealousy

    How does it manifest itself? In order not to deceive ourselves thinking that your man - the embodiment of purity and innocence, and no extraneous skirt he was not interested, but at the same time it is not to blame. I admit that life can be a situation where your favorite lost his temper and exceeded the "authority" with some coquette, in his own fantasy or in reality. Easy to take, if he pays attention not one you, because we look not only with the "back" idea. Even estimates seeming obscene side view may not have any sexual content.

  • Spring paranoia

    Imagined - and immediately depressed. So many girls around! The coats so the figure is not considered and is now warmer - all got a mini-skirt wardrobe and then twirl her hips in front of strangers guys. What will happen on the beach, it's frightening to imagine! In such cases it is necessary to remember that you also have a beautiful figure, but, noticing other girls, you become forget about it. And in general, something that nice to look at from a distance, or left a trace in the memory of passing, is not always so close to perfect, and it is possible to live next to each day. And he chose you, it means he likes to be with you as much as necessary; but it is not known how quickly bored him to the other.

  • Congenital

    Jealousy - this is your way of life, sports, hobbies, entertainment and manner of communication together. You arrange tantrums for no reason, shaking the nerves of his beloved, and thereby encouraging him to seek a new, more balanced life partner. Plans, that love will last forever, not noticing as you daily accusations, scandals and jealousy of her smash. Men, too, are not "iron", especially when they are regularly swinging nerves.

 how to overcome jealousy correctly

How to get rid of jealousy?

The process of getting rid of jealousy requires a willpower. A typical auto-suggestion that only blunt the vigilance can not do here. Getting rid of jealousy - it's a long work on myself to suppress their own whims.

  1. Recognize that you are jealous

    This is the first step towards solving the problem. Very often, it may seem that you are jealous "of the case" not to look, not that said, do not call, etc. ... Maybe it is, but the feeling of jealousy - it is yours and no one's better. You can in fact respond differently to the actions and words of her boyfriend - you choose this method.

  2. Stay!

    Do not crank the thoughts in my head, do not tell stories too much, do not lazte his phone. "It is easy to say - you think - but hard to do." In fact, it's not so terrible. Every time you sweeping attack of jealousy, think about it: you want to find? After all, if nothing is found, the search only to "nourish" your inner rodent, and in the brain occur more complex and sophisticated design possible fraud. And if there is something that you do with it? If you have a clear answer to this question, act, and if not, it is better not even get into the private space of your men; After all, if he notices that you are waiting for big trouble.

  3. Discuss with your loved objective reasons of jealousy

    We talk a lot about what is the source of jealousy in his soul jealous. But what really objective situations where it is simply impossible not to be jealous? As an adult, you have to discuss them with a partner. The only way to get rid of the problems in the relationship, when one goes to meet the other, and together they overcome the difficulty.

  4. Hear it

    This is the first thing to do if you have a sudden there were some suspicions. Sometimes jealousy so strongly distorts the awareness that we cease to perceive the reality around us. Most likely, nothing bad will happen, and your guy to be able to explain everything. Just do not make him do it too often, but it can get tired.

  5. Be ratsionalistkoy

    When your guy calmly and clearly explain the situation to you, all you need to do - is to hear it. And do not distill from one corner to mind the idea that he is cheating on you and tries to get out. Yes, it is difficult, but necessary. After all, think about it: what a normal man living with a woman to have sex with her enchanting, full of tenderness and understanding, and thus communicate with others? And if your guy does nothing that talks about and demonstrates her polygamous, maybe it's time to think about it, why do you stay with him?

  6. Let off steam elsewhere

    Sports and any physical work to help cope with the psychological surge. Typically, in the heat, we can tell a partner all sorts of nonsense, which, perhaps, we will then strongly regret. Try not to bring the situation to absurdity and to discuss the problems only in a relatively quiet psycho-emotional state.

  7. Increase your self-esteem

    Follow a some time - where does your deep self-doubt? Perhaps this is some kind of chronic childhood complexes and psychological trauma. Try to look at yourself from a positive side. You also have a lot of advantages - do not forget to remind yourself of them every day. As you have a unique highlight - underline it. Get new talents, find an interesting occupation is implemented in work - all these things can help you feel worthy, less emotionally dependent on a partner and as a consequence, cease to be jealous.

  8. Silence is golden

    Silence significantly faster give him realize his mistake than cry. And in silent conversation it is sometimes very useful if you are going to say something stupid, the most vulnerable partner. Silence is the only option for partners where you can catch your breath during the conversation and take himself in hand - which is why it is so useful to have recourse, especially in conversations relating to such emotional issues as jealousy.

  9. The existential side of the issue

    Recall that for the sake of true feeling, which is the purpose of life of any person, it is easier just love than to escape to another does not change you unloved. Have you been through a lot in your relationship had plenty of great moments - so why ruin it in one fell swoop?

Certainly, jealousy may be the case, because nobody is perfect, and it is capable of a reasonable amount to revitalize relations. But we need to learn to keep the right balance. Find it, keeping the level of confidence in your couple. Love yourself and your partner, and jealousy will never destroy your relationship!

 How to overcome jealousy and maintain confidence in the relationship

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