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  • We calculate the difference of the Zoroastrian calendar
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Ideally, all marriages are made by great love. Well, or when two people feel mutual sympathy. However, it takes some time, a sense of losing its edge and cease to prevail in the relations between the spouses. That, of course, is fraught with serious consequences. Constant irritability, aggression, scandals on trifles, and trifles - this is just a small list of what to expect after 5-6 years of living together practically every family.

Very rarely wife immediately get on and do not pass a stage when all the angry partner. If there is an ideal family in which love and passion develops into mutual respect. Why is that? Why equivalent situations have different effects, and some marriages remain fairly robust and happy, while others end in divorce, and the smashing of crockery? Let's try to answer this question, ask for help to the Zoroastrian calendar.

We calculate the difference of the Zoroastrian calendar

From the point of view of the Zoroastrian astrology, the great role played by the spouses in relationships is what will be the age difference in a pair. Zoroastrian year starts from the moment the sun appears in the zodiac Aries. This usually occurs 21 or 22 March. In accordance with this number and it is determined by the compatibility between the spouses.

So, first you should understand in order to properly calculate the date. For example, if the husband was born February 20, 1971, and his wife, - 20 May 1974, then by the usual calendar, he will be over it for three years and three months. In the Zoroastrian February 20, 1971 it has considered the 02/20/1970. And, according to the rules, the difference between the spouses is 4 years 3 months. This number is rounded up to four years, if the so-called "tail" is less than three months and up to five years if it is a little more.

Thus, the difference in the sixteen months considered as two years, the difference is three years and two months - both three. And so on. The outlook on the Zoroastrian calendar, define the basis for a happy marriage, it applies to all persons except those who were born in the period from the sixteenth to the twentieth of March. In fairness it should be noted that serious consideration to such recommendations are not worth it. Everyone - individual. And sometimes even incompatible, it would seem, at first glance, the couple can live together happily for decades. In addition, there is a chance that the love of a young man will treat you not as the rest of the brides.

 Big difference in age

Age and family relationships

The small difference between the newlyweds

Gone are the days when girls parents were married to men who are much older. Now, the fair sex are free to choose with whom to be. But perhaps our ancestors were right? Agree marriage - is a heavy thing on it is necessary to work hard. And what will happen when both husband and wife want to build a career, and did not care about the house? Remember once and for all: in a relationship must be the master and slave. Are you ready to follow his other half?

Everything also depends on when the young decide to get married. If a couple gets married, when he had just turned 18, the couple will be difficult. Each of them wants to realize himself in a certain field of activity, but they have to make compromises. And do they, unfortunately, do not know how. And if the husband and wife begin to pull the blanket over himself, the divorce will not be far off.

The important role played by the financial background. Hard to be independent if there is no education, good jobs, own homes. And when there is a child, a couple has to indulge in almost everything, especially if the parents do not help. However, the life and the lack of money - this is not the most difficult. After a couple of years one of the partners may start to change as it is still not developed.

If the marriage takes place at an older age (25 to 30), husband and wife can establish not only sexy, but friendly relations. They both already know what they want out of life, have a job, a steady income. They have something to compare. And if the balance is tilting in the direction of the present partner, the couple will not only love, but also respect each other.

At the same time, regardless of the age of the young, such a marriage has its advantages. It promotes self-knowledge, defines priorities and goals in life people made a covenant. And if the couple normally survive the first five years in the future the problem will be solved by themselves.

  • Marriage between same age

Zoroastrian calendar states the following: Peer marriage, age difference ranging from a few days up to three months - is not easy, because both the husband and wife have the same problem. Therefore, the tasks that they have to decide, are twice as complicated. Especially if both partners seek to develop inner peace and their social status.

  • The difference in the pair - up to one year

When the difference in age, which ranges from 3 to 9 months, the relationship between husband and wife is going to be stable, but too conservative. Expect from such a relationship of some pleasant, or vice versa explosive, violent emotions - not worth it. Therefore, such a marriage suitable peaceful, are not inclined to radical changes people.

Why the couple can get divorced? Life - one of the main reasons. You have to forget about the gifts, funny little things surprise. My husband is not going to require from their favorite something supernatural. It normally refers to the fact that his wife wants to realize himself as a person, so do not begin to put spokes in the wheel. It requires the same and from the spouse of confidence and lack of jealousy.

But you do not have to worry about that MCH will change the other. He will love you for who you are. Of course, do not immediately put on an old robe and curlers on the head. But if, say, you will be wearing old jeans and worn T-shirt, that he can not even notice.

  • The difference in the pair - for over a year

If the difference between the partners is from nine months to a year and three months (according to the calendar it is considered as one year), it contributes to the creation of material well-being of the family. Husband and wife can create an excellent business relationship form, which will help them to maintain a strong marriage over the years.

At the same time the partners will jointly decide on what to spend their family budget. They know how to save money on travel, children's education, personal expenses, accommodation. Husband and wife do not nest egg, so it is for them - a taboo. Gifts in a family to buy only practical, that will be helpful to both partners.

  • The difference in the pair - two years

The difference is 2 years (1 year 3 months to 2 years, 3 months) only requires common spiritual interests. Such a pair in any case should not try to cooperate together to open a business or to work in a team, as it is fraught with conflicts and the loss of regular funds.

It is desirable that the man was older. With him will be interesting to spend their leisure time, he can become a great friend, a reliable partner and a loving partner. If the husband is younger, the fair sex will feel his mother, who must always take care of my little boy.

  • The difference in the pair - three years

If the difference in a pair of 3 years, the family is doomed to constant psychological discomfort. Relationships are based on the eternal struggle, so this type of marriage for those in whom the strong rebellious spirit. If one of the spouses - peaceful phlegmatic, he'll have a hard time. The fact that the second half will periodically try to make a big or a small battle.

You must learn to compromise rather than to stand on his own. Even if you're right, you try to do his favorite indulgences. Do not be afraid to appear weak, entrust the role of leader husband. And then you all will be adjusted. In an extreme case, visit a specialist who will help you understand family conflicts and direct your aggression in the right direction.

  • The difference in the pair - four years

It should be noted that such a difference - is a dream of everyone who is going to marry. It involves amicable and strong family, love and understanding. Of course, here destiny can make their own adjustments, but they do not have too powerful destructive potential.

Senior family members learn to turn a blind eye to the pranks and weaknesses will indulgent treat spoiled partner. The younger will gradually grow and catch up to the stronger, intelligent and educated. But do not forget that there are always exceptions to the rule.

When one of the orchestras at age 5-9 years

  • The difference in the pair - five years

This is a great option for those who believe that marriages are made in heaven only. In this case, such a statement is absolutely true. According to Zoroastrians, meeting such an unusual pair is never accidental. Their driving and holds the next to each other very fate.

However, this fact is not a guarantee of a happy marriage, because in life there are surprising and unpredictable things. And wife with a difference five years can either prosper together or alone, not wanting to be cautious and prudent, collapse into the abyss. In this union, regardless of their quality, promises to be a long one.

In such marriages, women usually do not pay attention to the infidelity of partners and husbands - do not leave the family and try to hide the relationship on the side. Thus outsiders never know about the problems that are created within a pair. The basic rule of spouses - not to wash dirty linen in public.

  • The difference in the pair - six years

Such a large difference in age (6 years), in general, is undesirable. It creates a very negative type of psychological connection couple that just attracts a lot of trouble. This family expect all sorts of intrigues and machinations on the part of friends and from relatives. Therefore, such a union can be favorable only for those who can not imagine their life without the thrill and struggle.

The relationship thus similar to a roller coaster. At times you will rise to seventh heaven. All the problems and troubles that happened before, will seem trifling. But when you find yourself at the bottom, the situation gets out of control. Unfortunately, these couples often divorce.

  • The difference in the pair - seven

So, to begin to understand that it is - not the ideal age difference. It is favorable only if the presence of high spirituality and education of both spouses. Such a marriage is based on the aesthetic side of the relationship, and may be happier if you purchase some features of a secret love affair. This will allow the couple to realize their spiritual needs, with interest of knowing the inner essence of each other.

If you decide to marry, which partner will be older than you, get ready for the fact that he can not treat you seriously. MCH will begin to teach and point out your shortcomings. Even worse, if you achieve in life is much more than her husband. Such a large difference in age fits the fair sex, who are able to tolerate for long.

  • The difference in the pair - seven

The difference in 8 years (plus or minus a couple of months) promises a harmonious union in which the spouses are a good complement each other. When such a marriage usually occurs deep affection, promote stability and well-being. Even if love goes, the partners still remain together. Such strong feelings grow in mutual respect and trust.

  • The difference in the pair - nine years

Nowadays, it's not too much difference in age, but it still fails, especially if you expect a peaceful and relaxing relationship with a partner. In the future, this family - hard tests due scrutiny of strangers.

This insistence of others completely random. That's a pretty strong tandem, so regular attacks on him are inevitable and natural. Create a family with such an age gap is best for those who can resist the negative influence from the outside and will be able to reflect even the most powerful attacks.

Especially hard to have the fair sex, which are outside the secured rights. Individuals that do not believe in love, will try to "open" the eyes of her husband. We must learn to ignore the angry whispers of envy, or the marriage is doomed to failure.

When the gap is more than ten years

Agree, Zoroastrians were not stupid people. They already knew that the older husband, the harder it will have a girl. Indeed, such marriages are fortunate, if the partners are still young (20-25 s, it is - 35-40). When a man is 60, and his wife - 40, a woman begins to be ashamed of his once-beloved, but already quite old and annoying man.

What else is different like a pair? Firstly, a husband and wife in this case relate to the different age generations. He grew up on the cartoon "Well, wait" and "Winnie the Pooh" and she's only watched "Tom and Jerry." He is interested in the classics, she - the glossy magazines. The couple different outlook, so sometimes it is difficult to reach a compromise. Well, if a more experienced and mature man passes his knowledge to his young wife, and she absorbs it like a sponge. The situation is worse if he considers stupid girl, taking all the decisions for her.

By the way, important is how much gets the senior partner. Agree, when someone comes all ready to surround him will be treated with suspicion. But on the other hand, such marriages are more stable. The couple will not swear on the occasion of where to spend money. They will be able to pay the rent, and, and child to put on and go abroad.

  • The difference in the pair - decade

10 years - perfect age difference. This contributes to the strength of a marriage in which the couple, in addition to feelings, links and more joint work. This couple will always look and move in the same direction. Conflicts between them - a rare phenomenon, even if one of them takes a leading place, and another - the slave.

  • The difference in the pair - eleven years

In Zoroastrian calendar indicated that this - the most optimal age difference. Marriage is not giving cool feelings and not allowing bored a single day, will allow you to love and be loved to the very old age. The relationship of the spouses in a union are constantly changing, instantly transforming from implacable hostility passionate love, and vice versa. Of course, such a swing is not easy to sustain, and shots from a cold to a flame, as a result, can lead to divorce. However, in this case, it is not as destructive as the rest. Pugnacious pair with the great pleasure will start all over again.

  • The difference in the pair - twelve years

Unfortunately, this is not the best difference. 12 years creating a dual alliance with the poor outlook. Mutual understanding, in this case given to spouses with great difficulty, which, of course, does not contribute to the reliability of the marriage. Both husband and wife are each other stumbling blocks, and, ultimately, between them there are big contradictions that lead to bad consequences.

  • The difference in a couple of - thirteen years

This difference in age is mixed. No wonder the number thirteen is fanned by a mystical aura. This constitutes a clear marriage relationship that transforms the mind and allows spouses spiritually reborn. But it can be as the improvement and degradation of the individual. Therefore, the prospects for Union depend on the inner essence of each spouse. If at least one of them is deeply flawed, the other is waiting for death.

  • The difference in the pair - fourteen

The optimum age difference - the key to long-term romantic marriage. Both husband and wife are more lovers than spouses. The main thing that is not constant reticence led to mutual misunderstanding. And then such a union will exist for a long time, contributing to the moral progress of both spouses.

  • The difference in the pair - fifteen

If you have a difference with a partner of 15 years, you will have a strong union, which is not afraid of any storms of life. But only in the case when the couple help each other to choose the right direction. If one of them starts to shoot down another way, the outcome of their relationships will be disastrous for both.

Typically, older and mature men want to see his wife in the role of a housewife who takes care of the family hearth. Women are either try to fulfill themselves at work, do not like their spouse, or will submit to her husband. In the second case, the fair sex could be unhappy, especially if one day she will go on her favorite people.

  • The difference in the pair - sixteen

Couples with a difference at the age of 16 years has created a gorgeous strong alliance. Two complementary personalities cope with any difficulties encountered in their way. Husband and wife in a family-like tandem mirror each other, more and more tied to their half.