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All women want to be loved. And love, so that it was not just a hobby by the representative of the stronger sex, but a real man's love. And each of us secretly dream about this kind of love as described by Mikhail Bulgakov in his novel "The Master and Margarita." Namely, that "the love ran out in front of us as out of the ground pops a murderer in an alley and struck us both at once! So struck by lightning, as a Finnish knife strikes! "That's all. In respect of two all at once it was clear and understandable, and the ones who can only enjoy their happiness.

In reality, however, such cases are rare. Often it happens so that takes quite a long time after they met, but the true manifestation of man's love is not visible. No, he can talk to his girlfriend gentle words, give her flowers, be very gentle in bed, regular calls, and so on. But - and everything. And nothing more. And love with a woman begins to torment the question: "What he really concerns me? "

Ask about this man in the forehead in this case is useless. Representatives of the stronger sex to answer such questions in all honesty only occasionally. And not because they - pathological liars. Just because man's psychology of love is very different from female, so in love with men behaviors such that the sincere recognition given him very hard. Some of them are much more difficult to tell the truth about his feelings than to lie.

So what about the woman? To continue month after month hope earnest feeling of love a man? If these relationships are superficial? To leave another present? And if he really feels for her real man's love, but is silent because of the fact that such is the psychology of men in love?

Dilemma. But time goes on, more and more a woman is bound to her lover, and the question of the seriousness of the relationship becomes painful. What if all this time, and one day he did not come, did not call, and then completely disappear forever? Who knows how to understand it, in the psychology of the man in love? And in general, she insisted to be frank answers. But their fears scare off his perseverance ... What to do? The answer is simple. In fact, the manifestations of male love very much, and if we observe the behavior of their men can be relatively calm - he truly loves. But first, of course, need to know what these symptoms and what behaviors really love men.

 male psychology of love

How does male love

The fine art of relationships, of course, women are considered to be unsurpassed masters - they are unpredictable, mysterious, and often their behavior defies logical analysis. And so there is a perception that men in this regard is much clearer and simpler, that there is nothing complicated about the psychology of men in love and that their behavior is not any secret to women.

In fact, far from it. Just in male psychology in love many unclear even to experts in the matter. Some of the stronger sex, love, begins to go crazy, to pursue his beloved adopted everywhere, singing serenades, cover expensive gifts ... and then cools down completely to the subject of passion and cease to notice it. Someone just fell in love, hides, behaves towards the woman he loved very carefully, carefully lapping the neglect or abstract view. And such a situation where neither the gesture and not a single word does not give love a man, can last for years.

And that, and other behavior can be a true manifestation of man's love for a woman, and an expression of a temporary, albeit a fairly long and hobbies. In short, if the masculine gender was predictable, the women would not torment of doubt and uncertainty, not knowing how to interpret the psychology of men in love.

A few decades ago, one of the most powerful arguments confirmation of this man's love for a woman was to get acquainted with his parents. And the ceremony dating already implies a small stepping stone to the door of the joint house and the beginning of family life.
But - the time comes, everything changes. And our parents, if they are not ossified conservatives is not surprising freedom in the relationship of man and woman. Advanced mothers and fathers today are quite comfortable with the fact that even for a short time with the daughter may be replaced by a number of potential candidates for a husband and his son - his "only and forever loved."

In addition, over time, significantly increased age and older men. If earlier guys demobilized from the army, these men have been ready to start a family and raise children, now young men to thirty years are still considered young men do not consciously hurrying to acquire offspring. And here, too, sometimes they do not play any role such signs of male love, getting to know a girl with her mother. Because in reality it is not his desire, and the desire of his mother - know who is currently dating her son in order to calm down or, on the contrary, upset and in time to dissuade him from the rash step.

Well, then how do we know he likes or dislikes? How does the psychology of male love in real life? Some women believe that a man can check by touching the topic of how many children they will have and how they are to be called. And if a man supports such a conversation, a woman finds that he is interested and he also dreams of life together. However, this is not proof of this man's love - sometimes conversations and conversations remain. A woman does not know that man does not interrupt her and supports the theme just in order to preserve their own peace of mind.

Conclusion: once again doubts, doubts, doubts. "How man's love manifest itself even today in something ?! "- In despair, we say! Yes, he gives flowers and a variety of little things, yes, he introduced with his parents, but he talks about our common children, and even claims that he loves! But all! Time goes by, and nothing has changed more. A friend had maliciously laugh and give examples of how men throw their girlfriends after a long-term relationship. What to do, what to do?! How to find features of a man in love in a man, if he is really in love?

Calm down. Indicators of this man's love is there, and they are obvious. Simply we do not pay attention to them, because they do not know what these facts indicate the seriousness of the beloved. So what are these figures?

 Psychology of men in love

Symptoms of male love

First. If a man has decided to give up his position a bachelor, then all his behavior, he will demonstrate the inner identification with the woman - the psychology of men in love. In his conversation with her and with other people more and more instead of the word "I" will sound the word "we." This is the subconscious perception of themselves not as individuals but as a person in the pair.

Second. Men are very honest with yourself: if a woman - not his real men love, he will not spend a lot of time on it. He is likely to spend his free time with friends in the company, spends it on sports, fishing and some of his hobbies, but even on an extra two hours of sleep. Very rarely, a man to focus part of their leisure time on hopeless, from their perspective, attitude. Therefore, in order to conclude a relationship, you need to pay attention to the amount of time spent together.

Third. These manifestations of man's love is a logical continuation of the previous sign of a man in love. If communication with a woman man prefers more than communication with others, it can be calm - she loved. Prioritize communication says more than all the words of love that can not be true. It is very important trend is stable. In that case, if the man only once or twice for a woman refused to meet with second cousin grandmother or neighbor in the garden (garage), it still does not talk about his strong attachment.

Fourth. This figure seems small, but it is quite a weight. If a man does not thoughtlessly refers to a woman, then he would give her at least temporary use his favorite toy. Of course, these toys are not an adult male wooden horses or designers from childhood. For our men's toys - almost all (including technically complex) devices from watches to computers and cars. Share favorite toys with strangers they do not like. And allows you to use them only to those who are experiencing a particular location.

Fifth. Oddly enough, but the first serious quarrel is also one of the symptoms of male love. This is especially the psychology of men: they do not spend time, effort and nerves to the present quarrel with a woman, if they do not plan to be by her side as long as possible. Women are not of particular interest, the men behave differently. If a conflict is brewing, they just turn around and leave without giving pursue the relationship. Of course, when a major quarrel verify the seriousness of the men can only be the case when it ended in reconciliation. In some cases, representatives of the stronger sex provoke a scandal to leave with a woman.

Sixth. Perhaps the most significant indicator of love of man - when he introduces a woman with her friends. Such familiarity is often much more important than even the presentation of the chosen parents. Friends often come in the most dedicated men and society are in some way a kind of association in which he can afford to be themselves. And an invitation to the closed world is rewarded not every woman. And if she was invited to go there, it means that man is important to view and support his friends respect his choice. In addition, familiarity with your friends testifies to the confidence of the woman.

Seventh. Very good indication that the heart of the lover really settled real men love is a joint activity initiated by man. "Joint work united," - said the cat Matroskin wisely. Indeed, a common cause brings people together. It is desirable that it was not a professional work, as, for example, a trip to the woods for mushrooms, the harvest in the country, cleaning the garage and so on. From the perspective of psychology, when a man and a woman together something to do at home, the following happens: in the male subconscious mind firmly settled on the information that the woman in your life may not only entertain, but also to help get their daily bread.

Eighth sign. If the man himself begins to not only talk about the future together, but this is taking concrete steps towards, women are to be congratulated. This is the main sign of a serious man in love. He had already decided in favor of family life, and is now beginning to be active. Psychologists advise to always evaluate the ratio of men to women by his actions. After all, words are much easier than to perform a specific case or to take responsibility for the decision of some available to women issues.

Gallant shake hands, open the front door or the lady to pay for it in a restaurant - it's not difficult. And, in fact, such behavior - no more than a polite courtesy, which should not be given much importance. But if a man is helped with the move from a rented apartment, he began to repair the new, renovated in the old faucet and so on - this is a real act of her future husband.

So, we have become better understood the psychology of men in love, and we already know a few signs that the choice belongs to us very seriously. And we start to analyze his actions on the basis of these signs. Of course, an absolute guarantee of resolute intentions of men, ending a journey to the registrar can not give even the presence of these symptoms - in life anything can happen.

It happens so that the love of the man, his beloved has offered his hand and heart, he suddenly changes his mind at the last moment. Already it is very expensive, this notorious man's freedom! Therefore, it is not necessary to artificially restrict and rush things. Let the beloved come to the correct decision of our own.

This will give women the opportunity and feel very married freely. There is nothing worse than every day to realize that perhaps the current wife raised a family under pressure from the outside. But to know exactly what you truly and deeply loves you, favorite people - it is a real joy!

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