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Why do so many of us from early childhood dreaming of a magnificent wedding and family endless happiness eventually become regular mistresses of married men? Oddly enough, but for a large part of the fairer sex if such a fate sealed by fate .  Of course, they are not to blame for the fact that by the time the meeting turned out to be a beloved man already married .  Sometimes potential lover not know about it, and sometimes even know, but totally captured their feelings, give little importance to the fact of marriage .  And without resistance accept the status of "the mistress of a married man," rushing into love, as in a whirlpool .  They decide to live day to day, and then - come what may! But anything can happen .  After all, the man is married, and therefore is not free, and the relationship with his mistress, he usually tries to build is not to the detriment of his family .  It can withstand not every woman .  So how do you behave if suddenly (or suddenly) has managed to become the mistress of a married man?

What does it mean to be the mistress of a married man

Why is the woman becomes the mistress? After the trap affair with a married man is very insidious. After the romantic, completely swept aside any period of sober reasoning relationship comes bitter epiphany: "I have nothing to dream, because he has a friend." And wakes stinging unbearably painful jealousy. Otherwise it can not be. Yes, usually married men assert his mistress that his wife long ago lost both physical and spiritual connection. But is that really naive lady believe that intimate relations with his wife had loved there. And the right to the intimacy of his legal missus has a lot more.

And yet - there are holidays that a married man spends with his family. There are calls his wife at the time of your meetings and a little guilty and quite tender in response: "Yes, dear, I will soon! ". There are nervous glancing at the clock at the wrong time and there is much, much more ... All this and shouts from all sides: "It is not yours! You - just a constant lover, but not his wife! ". This fact becomes painful and rare meeting did not bring the satisfaction that it was early in the relationship. Somewhere inside, first quietly brewing, and then grows to gigantic proportions sweeping away all thoughts of the question, "divorce or not? He really loves, or just playing with me? ".

It would not have to be a genius to foresee such developments, risking to become a real lover unfree men. About time, for one night, girlfriends of these men, we will not talk - this relationship and bring suffering if, in exceptional cases. How promising are not considered at all. So why are women so complicate their lives, comforting themselves illusory dreams, often with the understanding that all her hopes - no more than an illusion? And the mistress of a married man can hardly be sure of a happy future with him?

Do go to his mistress married men from the family? Sometimes. But rarely. And it's not that they do not feel the women on the side of any feelings. It happens that, and feel, and even very strong. But even the very love with a woman by men are weak, if the issue of divorce with his wife gets very serious. For many men, radical changes in the life of equivalent disaster. And to arrange his own hands, they did not seek. Therefore, in order to give them the idea, whether married his mistress, to appear before the idea of ​​divorce. In other words, a married man to divorce must be prepared before the meeting with another woman. Otherwise, the question of "whether to go to his mistress? "I get up in front of him not once, but maybe not ever arise.

So why is it that women are so mindlessly rush into the arms of a married man, if at heart understand that the novel will be a difficult and often hopeless? The reasons are different.

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Types mistress of a married man

In general, there are several types of mistresses:

  1. Lyubovnitsa- masochist

    This is a woman who appeals to the position of the victim. In a relationship with a married man, she understands everything, everything takes on all agree. Masochist with compassion, tenderness and love listens to outpourings of a man about how he was unhappy in the family, seeing him thus, as a noble and strong man. This is the perfect mistress of a married man who sincerely believes that the beloved is not divorcing his wife and suffering "that mymra" because he feels obligated to the children (parents, a sick wife, and so on).

    She is convinced that "someone else's misfortune his happiness can not be built" and totally going to destroy someone else semyu.Muzhchine same with a woman like to play in the nobility, and he occasionally leaves her, so she finally arranged her personal life. Being an ideal lover, faithful in such periods masochist suffers, but does not even think about trying to create their own family. And when we love returns, she takes it again, beaming with happy eyes. It is very convenient types of lovers, relations with which men can last for many years.

  2. Mistress-hysterical

    This woman likes a thrill. Usually hysterical are bright, self-confident, independent ladies who can easily arrange a personal life. If you want to. But they do not want. They are adventurous and can not imagine my life without risk situations, and therefore choose the object of passion married men, with those who are able to consistently create these risky situations. Psychology lover of this kind is based on a high level of aggression, and it is all the time keeps the elect in suspense, then flirting with someone in front of him, then disappeared for a few days, nazvanivaya his wife ... Fantasy his mistress-hysteric has no boundaries, and it can throw just about anything.

    The novel with such a lady is not every man on the shoulder .  Relationships develop quickly and rapidly, without delay and equivocation .  On maneuvers lady-lover with the psychology of hysteria is not able to - she needs to win at any cost, and it goes to his goal on the head .  Rooms with a sense of duty and responsibility to the children here do not pass .  And to keep zhenatiki away from her, and run at breakneck speed, but not out! Bouts of aggression in lover-hysterical alternate bouts of incredible tenderness, and a carrot and stick keeps a man worse than any continuous waterfall caresses .  But once he stepped into a minefield, so he needed a powerful surge of adrenaline .  And this woman zhenatika will pull up until he finally exhausted .  When will come a time - it is unknown to anyone .  The most paradoxical behavior mistresses hysterical - if a married man suddenly set his face to put the family, they immediately tore him all sorts of contacts .  Because the object is not interested .

  3. Mistress-eternal bride

    This woman has an exquisite kind, unable to perceive the world pragmatically. It searches only the Prince, and detects all of its features in a strong, courageous, but, alas, a married man who plays the role of hard, who want eternal bride. However, often it is the role and not playing at all. Just in a relationship with his mistress of this kind any man unwittingly becomes indulgent. Otherwise it can not be. After all, it is so trusting and naive and so in awe of him, he always feels it not only as a noble knight! Eternal bride, looking at him, experiencing serious delight: here it is, her prince! And while it does not think about the fact that he has a family. And, by and large, it is still, in fact next to her a reliable, experienced and high-minded man!

    In reality, the situation is in a relationship of this kind is somewhat different. Mistress-eternal bride looking for someone who would take responsibility for its future. It can not and does not want to make any decisions on their own, however, as a protective wall and support, it is quite happy and married to a knight. The basic rule of life, the eternal lover of the bride is the desire to prevent a destructive reality in its fragile inner world. She almost sincerely believes that the next time favorite, so ahead of them - only a bright future. His wife, children "eternal bride" prefers not to think. And once this fact makes her change her behavior and thoughts, the young lady is surprised, frightened and often starts to behave like a complete hysterical. She showered reproaches a man, calling his wife complains of her deceit around, crying and calling out for compassion.

  4. Mistress Mother

    This woman - a real mistress, close to where the man is resting body and soul. Umotala from solving everyday problems and endless tired of the demands of his wife, in the house of his mistress-mother, he finds peace. No one climbs into his soul, not forced to earn money, take out the garbage, nailed ... Enveloped with care and affection, he seemed to dissolve in the arms of his mistress, feeling completely safe.

    Terms mistress mother based on the principle of "do no harm" .  She would not harass with questions about the divorce will not be questioned about where he wore for so long, he does not call his wife, and in no way accuse .  Hearty and tasty feed, lay, give an unforgettable sex ... It would seem that the total idyll divorce just live here forever! After all, the house - a contentious woman in a faded robe, served at the table-store dumplings and require regular attention to children .  But no, no! He returned to his wife and children to order their nerves tear, and then comes back here, to come to his senses .  Why ?! Yes, it is very easy .  Men do realize that all this quiet comfort can be carefully constructed trap .  And, finally getting them in the tenacious paws mistress-mother, who knows what will become of her if care and attention ... Maybe a new family life would be much worse than the previous .  So why risk it and get divorced, if they so bad?

These are the most common types of women who are without any moral pangs associated with married men. There are still unmet family life, women who want only sex, women, hungry for money and stuff ... But we are not talking about them. We're talking about those who, one way or another, is pushing for novels with zhenatikami nothing else, as the desire to love. They are all in my heart cherish the hope to become the wife of the elect, and very often it is not the desire to come true.

Psychological same underlying reason of such ties, as a rule, different. This complex object of desire woman chosen because subconsciously it seeks to overcome the obstacles. Overcoming accompanied by an internal voltage, the voltage is removed, and a meeting with the beloved appears separated from them, then again removed, re-injected, and so on. And often when it plays a major role even ratio of men to his mistress, and the fact that the relationship of taboo.

However, there is among mistresses and women, which has managed to seriously fall in love with a married man, and very much hope that someday he will fully belong only to her. In that case, if it belongs to the category-mazohistok mistresses, dreams can come true only if a legal wife she will leave her husband. Mistresses-hysteric of a successful outcome relations can hardly count. What man in his right mind would agree to the fact that his life becomes a living hell? Even if he divorces, then at least try to look for a safe haven, not will rush headlong in the stormy sea! Marry whether mistresses-eternal bride? Only if the love for the man - one of the priorities in life. That, I must admit, is quite rare. But a lover of the mother a good chance to become a lawful wife, if she can prove that her devotion and caring sincere.

Conclusion: to an affair with a married man ended the marriage, you need to work hard. What? Here are some time-tested tips mistresses.

 I'm the mistress of a married man

Tips mistresses of married men

How to behave with a married man, to bring suffering to a minimum and increase the probability of marriage with him?

  1. If we try to combine the dedication and undemanding-masochist mistress, mistress-hysterical emotionalism, naive romanticism mistress-eternal bride and reliability mistress-mother, the chances of a marriage with a married man will increase. This cocktail has a truly enchanting effect.
  2. If we do not try to replace the man's wife, his interest will grow and eventually can turn into a very strong feeling. This means that we will not be erased when it is not ready and will not retract. A man comes to the house of his mistress to get away from everyday problems. And it has to meet a beautiful loving woman that can give moments of happiness.
  3. If we do not arrange hysterics when suddenly a favorite meeting pointed out the fact that urgently needed to resolve some family matters - we knew what they were. Therefore, exposure, shutter speed and shutter speed again! It will be an excellent assistant in the construction of the foundation, which is based on a serious relationship.
  4. If we do not allow whining in the case where the ringed friend will not be able to appear for an anniversary, birthday, for a celebration or stuck next weekend. If he spends weekends and holidays with my family - this is normal. The fact that the family (so far) has on loved more rights - an indisputable fact, and with it the need to accept.
  5. If we do not get used to the man, considering it the only one in his life. He will go to his wife. And if we allow the thought that this man is a fate, and cultivate it in the end make a habit of parting very hard and burden the separation pangs of jealousy. Do not forget about yourself, suffering alone when there is no favorite. We find an interesting exercise, meet with friends and girlfriends, have fun in some companies and in any case do not torment phone nazvanivaya him without cause.

All of these tips mistresses, of course, no guarantee that a man divorces. But, anyway, it does not scare the excessive obsession, hysteria and demands of women, a meeting which should be a celebration. His most basic advice to single women - do not fall for married men! It may be that they genuinely love their wives, but the feelings were dim with time and does not douse the same fervor. Often, a married man is not aware of this. But when the divorce becomes real, it suddenly feels the unbearable heartache, realizes that his wife is more expensive, and selects it. A lover, tormented by despair and longing again remains alone.

Whatever it was, the fate of his mistress - an unenviable fate. Even if as a result she became a wife, a man from the past can not escape it. Sometimes, of course, that it is and remains the last and eventually forgotten. However, this happens rarely. Normally communication with the family of the former does not stop, especially if there were children. The woman who was the cause of the divorce, you have to be prepared for the fact that the favorite will spend time with them, to call up to help. And the fact that the former wife did not leave him alone. It will ask for help, an interest in the affairs of ex-husband's sarcastic about his new family and so on. And if the lady and unprincipled, begin to pour dirt on all the corners. I must say that it will be many sympathize. And it will have to be patient, wise, understanding. And will there be enough strength for it?

So maybe better to find someone who is free, and create your own world with him, devoid of outside interference? After all, whatever repeated statistic worthy bachelors around enough. We only need to look at it and to open the heart. Then everything will happen by itself. If you dismiss the idea that the search for her man is now impossible (say, all the normal busy and indeed they are - a rarity), he'll find it. Albeit with some flaws, but a good husband you need to sculpt. From the sky, he does not fall. After all, family and lover to his marriage was different. It is likely that if the spouse has not tried, we would not focus on him did not pay, who knows ... Yes, the heart chooses itself. If you let him. And if you apply yourself to the taboo on family men, heart obey. And it will reach only to the one who is only us.

 The mistress of a married man: the rules of conduct

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