If you want to upgrade relations with the spouse? Update your bedroom

Often it happens in the family, that although you have a great relationship with my husband, and you even love each other, the children do not cause you problems, but there's something wrong with you. Suddenly, from somewhere taken irritation to the husband, increasingly appear incomprehensible insults at each other and a desire to retire, if not go somewhere for a couple of weeks.

Maybe it's just fatigue, but more often due to the fact that you just deliver discomfort joint vacation. Gone are the days when you had enough only each other's company, and you do not pay attention to all the other "stuff", including the convenience and comfort of sleeping together. But falling asleep, especially people in need of a sense of safety and comfort condition: all that he had, while still in the womb.

Look at your bed: it is like? If this creaky old bed mattress and prickly woolen blanket, the family idyll can not wait. If at night you are fighting for the covers, then during the day you will not be able to agree.

So to get rid of negative emotions in relation to each other, you must first create comfort in your bedroom. Let the symbol of renewal of your relationship will be new in every sense of the bed. For example, if you've always slept on the usual stereotypical rectangular bed - replace it with a round! Psychologists found that people who prefer among other pieces rectangles - is biased toward conflict and, on the contrary, the circle - a symbol of integrity and harmony in family relations.

In addition to its original non-standard round round mattress on the bed it is not only stylishness, but also increased comfort and convenience. After the motion of your body, nothing will restrict neither the wall of the room or wall of the bed or body of the wife, because now you can sleep at different angles relative to each other.

Next you need to make sure that each of you had my blanket. With it, you can move independently of the other on the bed, and your blanket will only respond to your needs in the heat, or, conversely, cool.

Today, the shop offers a wide selection of different quilts made of different materials. Of course, it is better if it be natural fibers of animal or vegetable origin. For example, you can buy a camel blanket, wherein the camel's hair, hollow inside, and therefore, it is easier and better retain heat.

It should pay attention to the healing properties of camel blankets. With it possible to treat many diseases. For example, a cold-type

More light will blanket from bamboo fibers. In the summer under bamboo blanket is not hot. Highly recommended to buy bamboo blankets to those prone to allergic reactions, as it does not cause allergies.

You will see how your mood changes related to each other not only before going to sleep at night, but during the rest of the time spent together!

 If you want to upgrade relations with the spouse? Update your bedroom

 there is a friendship between a man and a woman


  • Friendship with a man: feminine look
  • Friendship with a female: male gaze

For many years, people are concerned about is whether there is friendship between a man and a woman? And indeed, a clear answer to this question is no. According to the results of opinion polls can conclude that the majority of people believe that the friendship between a man and a woman there. However, almost no one gave a clear answer, often talked about the fact that everything depends on individuals. Indeed, we are only able to answer for their actions, although the sense to control it is sometimes very difficult.

But hardly anyone would want to argue with the fact that at the origin of the friendly relations between the opposite sexes can only be original foreign sympathy. After all, the girls tend to be friends with each other on the basis of common interests, even if the face of one of them gives the other. This difference, by the way, often benefits both as pop adds less interesting young lady, but does not cause jealousy among more beautiful companion. It is known as the ability of women to "make friends against someone." This is often at the time of making a friend of even very different ladies.

As for male bonding, something about her at all legends. Therefore, the fact that young people need for friendship sympathy, even laughable. And it is quite another thing when it comes to friendly relations with the young man or woman between men and women. There can not do without the fact that these people should be a little nice to each other superficially. And what makes us look for friends in the opposite sex? And what happens when that relationship comes sex? These and other questions will be discussed in this article.

 Friendship between man and woman does not happen

Friendship with a man: feminine look

Why do girls and women, despite the presence of friends, yet often trying to establish and maintain friendly relations with men? After all, it would seem, common topics for discussion with the representatives of the strong half of humanity is much smaller: the fashion is not to discuss, gossip does not work, they are not in the cosmetics sense and so on. Then why is the question of whether there is friendship between a man and a woman, many women replied in the affirmative? Perhaps this is due to the fact that such relationships allow to get what often can not be achieved by communicating only in maiden company. These are the phrases most often cited as arguments supporters of friendship with the representatives of the stronger sex.

"Man, I do not each competitor! "- So say the girls, and they are absolutely right. Friendly relations with a woman always leads to the fact that you could not help comparing each other: how does one make-up, looks better, is more like men, it is best held in the professional field, a happy family and so on. And it happens even with the closest friends - often you are not even aware of this report. And there can not be anything wrong or bad - just arranged all of us, the fair sex.

For example, you and a friend go to a night club to relax and enjoy your evening. And if it starts to use the large number of men, you will immediately feel a pang of wounded pride and instantly start to get angry, and it is on the friend of. The real test for female friendship can be in love with a young man.

In rare cases, the girls manage to come to terms with the fact that one of them would prefer another. For women suffering from self-esteem, you begin to think that a friend of sexy, beautiful, and so on. And angry at her, trying to blame the cunning and treachery, especially if it is you first noticed and liked the man turned out to be the initiator of dating. A friend got laurels. Women rarely forgive this, even if they do not have enough judgment to cultivate a complex on this ground. And with a male friend has nothing to fear competition. You are a priori different, because it is a representative of the opposite sex, and therefore objects desire each of you different. Because we say that the friendship with the man often can be very helpful.

"The man-one raises my rating! "- This is also true. If your friend has a textured appearance and status of auto answer to your question, you provided very pleased with him at parties and party? Of course yes. You get pleasure from the fact that your companion look around women, because it may well be, and you add a certain importance in their eyes. They do not know exactly in what respects you are a member. Sometimes the girls to cause jealousy among the fans or to compel them to act more decisively, just appear in the company's total on the arm of an unknown, but hotties charming young man. This immediately raises their rating among the girlfriends and the other guys.

"The man-angle view of a friend! "- No doubt about it, because the representatives of different sexes on many things look differently. The friendly relations between them it can be very useful, as it allows to obtain a sincere and free from envy assessment. For example, you bought a new dress. How do you respond to the female half of girlfriends? Some admire and someone expresses disapproval. And who do you believe? That's right, to start to ask the opinion of other men, because he had no reason to deceive you, urging that dress sits beautifully, mentally as gloating: "Come and taste! ". And lie about that thing you do not go, he, too, will not. He is simply not necessary.

Sometimes women want to share with friends with some very personal experiences, but it stops them excessive emotionality and the realization that concrete and sensible advice to hear is unlikely to succeed. And then we call a male friend who is always able to think clearly and calmly, and even in their assessments it can often be ruthless, but always honest.

"A man-friend is different than with friends! "- With this statement could not agree more. It often happens that we closely communicate with people that are very similar. Well, for example, a girl-A student in school is friends with the same clever as herself. And later in life may be the case that we are surrounded by the friend with the same interests. This is normal because the similarity in looks really brings women on the basis of the same topics for discussion, and so on. But, sometimes you get tired of it and are looking for diversity in communication.

A male friends - it is, in principle, opposed to us people. And so the time spent with them, can make our lives something new. A friend of the opposite sex is able to invite you to a place you have never visited with a friend, for example, for a test drive or race car steep. For girls who are bored gatherings in cafes and discuss fashion trends and gentlemen, this will be a good alternative. With a friend you can go to a tasting of alcohol are not afraid to be a society of drunken men, or to go to the country club just to relax and not with the purpose of acquaintance with the opposite sex, and so on.

"Lonely girl is not easy to do without man's hands! "- Another reason for the friendship with young people. Often the friendly relations develop our male neighbors, especially with them, we grew up together and, therefore, used to often see and communicate. And it can also be very useful, because a close friend is not afraid to invite to the apartment with a request to move the furniture, to fix computer repair tap or simply replace the light bulb. This assistant will not require payment of its services, unless a delicious lunch or tea with homemade cakes. Or maybe, for example, lead to visit his new passion, to hear your assessment of his choice.

But friendly relations between a man and a woman has its disadvantages. It is no secret that the friendship between the people of the opposite sex is of two kinds. First - this is when one person is friends with another because of the mystery of love for him. Love understands that he does not reciprocate, and tries to prove himself as a friend, in the hope that it will be noticed and appreciated. These friends of the opposite sex can give gifts for a birthday, going to the movies, to help in various situations.

The second kind of friendship - sincere friendship. It was she who is real and present. Most often, it begins in childhood and continues throughout life. With such a friendship men and women become like brother and sister. But sometimes we do not notice its true motives. Or do they change over time. As often happens, we begin to communicate with the person and eventually realize that without him we can not exist. Therefore, to cross the line of friendship between man and woman can be very simple. And we want to talk about the main dangers you on friendly terms with men.

"And only a friendship between us? "- A question often occurs in women, because often mask true friend is trying on the many years of your fans who do not perceive you as a love object. And we, women, are not devoid of ability was friends with men to whom harbor romantic feelings in the hope that they will be able to become someone closer. And this is precisely the main problem and danger.

To distinguish friendship from romance, one must first understand the difference. Friendship - a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. At the heart of romance are daydreaming, mutual attraction, affection and sympathy. But sometimes it is difficult to determine the true motive, and we begin to confuse one with the other, cheating and deceiving others. For example, your friend invites you to visit an entertainment complex where the wind tunnel you can feel the charm of the whole flight posed aeropotok. It seems to be a harmless offer but may be true that so he decided to prove the truth of his feelings and serious intentions.

So do not rush to conclusions about the insignificance of such a proposal. If you have a desire to touch his friend, hug him all the time to stay close to him, most of all, we are talking about a romantic relationship, but not friendly. To avoid this, try to come together only in the discussion of important issues. It is not necessary to provide another as your partner or partner. The same applies to sexual fantasies.

Although there are cases, and a lot of them when the long-term friendly relations develop into romance, and then in the family. A man in love, which you perceive as a good friend can go to great lengths just to be around you. It will be a long walk from your friends, watch your novels, listening to complaints and be disappointed, "vest", which you will be able to cry. But just at the moment when you completely disappointed in men will appear before you in a completely different quality. And you may see it in a new light: "What I was looking for so long that has always been close? ". Stories familiar with such happy endings.

"How not to do anything stupid? "- We are worried, and for good reason. Why do so many women say they do not believe in friendship with men? This is due to the fact that they were unable to balance on the thin line platonic relationship is so masterful that subsequently turn out to be in bed with a buddy. Sex with a man who had seemed a friend - a very common phenomenon. Indeed, in situations where your love life and his calm reigns, there is a greater probability of finding solace in the friendship is not each other's arms. And there is nothing wrong if the relationship will become romantic, and you'll both be happy.

But it happens, and so that the satellites have sexual intercourse with one another become awkward and frustrating. Well, if both of you are wise enough to step over it, remains in the same way. But this is rare: in most cases, women are friendship and ends, leaving only a bitter regret about the incident a misunderstanding. So, before you rush out of despair into extreme and go to bed to the other, think about whether you are ready for the consequences.

"All the spoils of our zeal second halves! "- It is quite likely, in fact, not all people are able to believe in the friendly relations between members of the opposite sex. And so your favorite or spouse, as well as a girl or woman friend may be suspicious and jealous of you together. Believe me, all your explanations that this just friendship and nothing else, the better the situation will not change.

Scandals and claims can not be avoided, except to chat in pairs. And it is not would preserve the sincerity that existed between you and a friend before, when they met face-to-face. Of course, you can hide your friendship, see each other occasionally. But as is often the secret can be disclosed, the risk to the mind, as not to cause unnecessary trouble favorite. Although the case and so that their relation to your personal friends is within tolerance - then you simply very lucky.

 there is no friendship between man and woman

Friendship with a female: male gaze

Why men can often be a useful friendship with a girl? Well, for example, it never fails to express a sincere opinion about the shirts bought perfume or help to choose the right tie, will make the company a party where acceptance is together, but do not hesitate to freedom with his presence. Lonely friend-neighbor feed dinner and just listen, letting pass the evening pleasantly. A friend, a colleague can just inform all the gossip and warn if the boss in a bad mood. As you can see, the stronger sex also find us women, very useful to maintain friendly relations. But the presence of sex in them treated somewhat differently.

"Sex can sometimes be a companion of friendship" - considered by many men. And they believe in it, and when in a purely platonic relationship gets intimate relationship. Yes, do not be surprised, but it's true. After all, the representatives of the strong half of humanity initially considered groundless belief in question that they are friends with women in the same way as with male friends. That is, their relationship completely absent sexual component. Of course, it happens this way: a young man sees the girl who grew up in the neighborhood is not the object of attraction, but someone like a sister.

But it could be otherwise: a female friend because of its attractiveness gives him a definite desire, although it managed to contain. Well, you see, because man is not allowed to have sexual relations with anyone who they like. Therefore, to be friends with us, they are quite capable, but that does not mean that a proposal to make love expressed by his girlfriend, will be able to say a firm "no." And what would happen, according to the men, then?

"I was happy with you, but let's be friends" - a phrase they utter on the safe side, realizing that romance still will not work due to the fact that the beloved they already have, or he simply does not see you as their only . And often it is not a banal excuse: many men really believe that nothing bad will happen - just in friendship suddenly appeared sex. After all, people tend to change, even if at first they looked at each other with indifference, then at some point, one side or the other lit the flame of interest, albeit temporary, so to speak, a single.

Man and woman, who were close to on friendly terms, not necessarily begin to occur as lovers, do not tend to live together and so on. And if the girls tend to experience and suffer from the fact that they took place one-time sexual relationship with a friend, the young people are to this fact simply: Well, it was. And in one, and in another case the nature of the fault, which made women monogamous and polygamous men.

That is why we tend to emotional throwing on "What now? "" And what next? ", "What to do? " and so on. And men just accept what happened - for them has changed little, if not any romantic feelings for a friend. And so for their friendship does not end there, where there is sex. Although, of course, there may be exceptions.