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The first kiss with a guy ... Anxious, shy touch of the lips of a loved one, touch, which then will remember for a lifetime. Hands trembling, my heart beats so that seems to be about to jump out of my chest, in the ears is a strange bell, palms sweat ... Fear of the first kiss, almost all experiencing. And almost everything is always then with heat recollect these delightful moments.

The first timid kiss allows you to touch the mystery of being, to his most intimate moments to the true nature of man. This is the most touching and tender moments in the relationship of two whose hearts are opened towards each other. Age first kiss may be different, but most often it occurs in early adolescence, when the purity and romance allows both embedded in the soul of a kiss and send it to someone you love.

As for the first time takes a kiss? Slightly trembling lips of two loving people merge, their hearts pounding in unison begin, the head starts to spin, and it seems that consciousness is about to leave you and fly away to where there is always a happiness. And you want it to last forever.

What delightful moments, is not it? It seems that they need to be willing with all my heart, but usually still quite inexperienced in this matter boys and girls are afraid of the first kiss, and to approach the moment when he happens not in a hurry. They fear that, not being able to kiss the way you want, push away a loved one and to lose its position. Actually, it's useless doubt - all were once in perfect clumsy kisses - but what can you do if shyness does not allow to make a decisive step towards each other? So let us, it does not interfere, ponder how to decide on the first kiss, and not to spoil relations with the beloved.

How to prepare for the first kiss

What are the kiss at all? Kissing - a touch of lips to your loved one, expressing sympathy, affection, love. They are related, friendship, love, sex. The first kiss is different from the rest of the kisses of his boundless affection and shyness, mixed with extreme curiosity.

The complexity of the first kiss is that it does not happen spontaneously and reflexively, and requires training and even some planning. Given it is usually very difficult, in fact, having no practice, it is difficult to understand, you know how to kiss or not. But not appear adequately to your loved one does not want. How to prepare for the first kiss?

In general we can say that the program kisses lies in every person. We see actors kissing on screen and kissing on the streets of people, tell us about kissing friends and acquaintances, from early childhood we kiss the parents and ourselves kiss their relatives ... In a word, kisses in our lives - not a rare phenomenon. So why is the first kiss is so frightening, because the situation in the romantic kiss want even more than in everyday life? Because we do not know how to be a first kiss, and very afraid that povedёm themselves in moments of touching the lips of two is not as required.

The most reliable way to prepare for the first kiss - a mental exercise. In order to understand how to make the first kiss, the need to include your imagination and imagine the situation. Try to imagine your favorite guy. Cast away freely on the back of a chair or a chair and imagine how we kiss his lips and face. Represent need to until it all does not seem real. We invest in this idea first kiss with a guy as much sense - it will help improve the effectiveness of mental rehearsal. Try to imagine how we breathe in the smell, feel how soft his lips and desire with all my heart to respond to our affection.

If you hold such training often, our minds to believe in the reality of what is happening, and we will not have to reflect on how to prepare for the first kiss as fully as possible, - the mental experience of these kisses will allow to gain a deep confidence.

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What should be the first kiss

Before the first kiss to remember the main thing - the emotions that we experienced in the amazing moment of touching the lips, may create some problems. The pleasure that deliver these moments are so great that makes you forget about everything. It turns a head, causing tremors and contributes to a complete loss of self control. To fear this strain, and during a kiss can not in any case! Under the rules of the first kiss, such a reaction to it is absolutely normal, and the desire to control it will create a greater emotional problem. The problem, in turn, forms a psychological barrier to overcome which then will be very difficult. In order to subsequently appeared the fear, the first kiss should be given with complete freedom, no fear, and about anything without thinking.

In the first kiss rule includes a mandatory condition not to get too own impressions and do not forget about the feelings of your partner. Touching the first time to the lips of his beloved, a girl should feel not only itself, but also his, and try to make him feel how it is good. It is not necessary in these moments to think about how well she kisses - her boyfriend will be transferred stress, and enjoy the kiss will be spoiled. It is necessary to try to make everything happen reflex.

Many boys and girls present fear first kiss, which prevents them from fully relax. Typically, such a fear is manifested in people who are able to reckon with the wishes of others. To get rid of the fear of the first kiss, you should try to create an appropriate atmosphere decisive step: turn on romantic music, dim the lights, find a nice secluded place somewhere in the park, and so on. In addition, we must remember that nobody is perfect for the first time not kissing. And it's a good thing, because then learn the best kiss with a loved one is very interesting and nice.

Many people think about how to decide on the first kiss at the first date .  Is it worth it? The feel of the first kiss will not be repeated more than ever .  That magic moment that is impossible to return .  If the relationship with the guy will last a long time, kissing can become less exciting .  The first kiss is an indescribable emotion, which deal with the sometimes very difficult .  All descriptions of the first kiss show such excitement, so do not consider it something out of the ordinary .  On the contrary, if we before the first kiss not worry - it's bad .  This suggests a callousness of heart, or the absence of the feelings towards the partner .  And on the first date talking about true feelings still early .  And while the first kiss to be addressed if we are not sure of any currently or in a guy? It would be better if you will take some time, and we realize how much we need this person .  And only then we will determine whether we want to kiss him .

What to do when you first kiss

Almost any description of the first kiss shows that preliminary discussions that kiss spoils the feel of it. If you talk for an hour about what a kiss is needed, it simply will not succeed. You will see a voltage that just eventually destroy all the pleasure of a kiss. He must occur spontaneously and then the kiss will be magic, unforgettable tale bestow moments of true happiness. Therefore, before kissing it better not to discuss.

Technology first kiss is quite simple. As it involves only the lips and there is no aggression and sexuality. Hugs should be soft, filled with timid tenderness. If you need a little kiss to tilt his head to the side slightly shift the nose to touch his lips to her lips and enthusiastically freeze for a few moments. Touches lips lungs, tongue in the first kiss is not involved. Eyes closed.

What should be the first kiss? The first touch of the lips of lovers express their affection, so undesirable that it was too wet. However, dry or wet kiss, depends more from a guy than the girl. But even if he seemed more humid than expected, this should be taken calmly, maybe too passionate guy and not being able to control myself in these moments. Or simply he did not have the experience of kissing and worrying makes mistakes. And he and the other case is proof of strong feelings, and it's just good.

Technology first kiss does not provide fancy kissing. However, many girls still like to study them. How to do it? You can try to get advice from more experienced friends or turn your imagination and come up with a way to kiss, based on some observations and knowledge. Yet to make the first kiss fashionable undesirable. The fashionable sexy kissing is usually present, and its explicit expression girl may lead to an undesirable outcome. And suddenly the favorite sexy interpret this wrong? After all, not everyone likes the guys experienced in this field girl! Many of them are willing to first clean tenderness and sexuality to stretch already then.

What to take with the first kiss, if you finish it lacks the will, and it lasts for a long time? Indeed, in this case, from the lack of air may go out of breath! The main thing - do not panic and try to breathe deeply through your nose. And too fast breathing should not be - it will lead to an overabundance of oxygen, which can result in greatly dizzy.

What should be kissing, if they are the first? They should be shamefaced. Therefore, kissing, little girl, it is desirable to move the lower lip, as if trying to break away from the mouth of her boyfriend.

What if the first kiss to the lips do not slide and get flattened? They need to relax and give possession to the guy. If he already has experience in the field of kisses, he would do so that everything goes smoothly. At the same time, the connection to the lips was gentle, without collision, you can let your partner lightly hugged himself for the shoulders or waist, itself, hugged his neck and put his hands on her shoulders. Hurry up, clasping his neck Man, or make any jerky motion is not necessary. To everything went smoothly, you need to move slowly, giving full initiative to his beloved.

Lips kissing should be slightly relaxed. Too hard lips kissing partner is uncomfortable, so they do not need to compress. Do not be afraid of what they will be like jelly - we just have to relax your lips a little, and occasionally a bit of strain. This will not only give an opportunity to improve the first kiss, but will also learn different ways of kissing afterwards.

The first kiss with a guy, it may happen that the girl will face them teeth. Embarrassed, in this case it is not necessary, we just need a little bit to try to remove the head to make the kiss less intense. If you get wet kiss, opened his mouth to wipe afterwards should not be, because it can hurt the guy. Better casually, almost turned away, quickly hold his hand over his lips so that the favorite took the gesture as a casual.

Here, perhaps, all the basic rules of the first kiss. Perhaps someone they seem ridiculous, but it was the ignorance of these rules often leads to a well-established fear of the first kiss and the kiss at all. And this is unacceptable, because kissing make our life happy and colorful. So kiss for luck and health!

 first kiss a guy and a girl

The first kiss with a guy. Conclusion

So now we know how to come first kisses and how to approach them. The most suitable time for a first kiss - goodbye end, because then it will leave the most complete experience to be experienced before the next meeting. But, if the girl is nothing special about the guy she does not feel it would be better to avoid such a kiss goodbye.

Age at first kiss can be anything, but usually it takes years to thirteen or fourteen. At this age, especially easy to maintain the romantic mood that appears at the girl and the guy easily. And what could be better for a first kiss than a romantic date? Magnetically attracted young men and women to each other helps a great desire to touch his lips, and to resist this desire is not necessary. Maybe a huge tender first kiss to turn into true love. Or maybe not. In reality, it is not so important, because all of life is yet to come! Now it is important only one thing - kissing, get into the magical world of first love and do not forget about those moments then ever!

 What should be the first kiss

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