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  • What kind of girls do you like guys
  • How do I start to like boys
  • Methods like the guy. The gestures, clothes, make-up
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What kind of girls do you like guys? This issue begins to torment all the young ladies, tormented because of their, in their view, too thin or full legs, big or small bust, freckles, too high or, conversely, of medium height, very thin or fairly well-fed figure and so on. After all, experienced women claim that representatives of the stronger sex like us, first of all, the eyes ... And that means that if the feature, in terms of women, there are some drawbacks, it no not really love. So she thought, looking at herself in the mirror and frustrating, more and more.

What do guys like in reality? What type of shape like most of them? Do I need a girl to look like models on the catwalk? Let's try to determine what is really needed in order to attract the attention of not only Man, but also bring in it a deep sense of sympathy.

What kind of girls do you like guys

What do guys like in a girl? Many naive girls are confident that all the young men went crazy with the high thin girls everywhere will parade on the catwalks. After all, this type of the fairer sex can be seen on the catwalks and defile smiling on the covers of fashion magazines. And, therefore, it is this type and is the standard of beauty.

However, thinking that appeals to boys in girls only model looks, the young representatives of the weaker sex are mistaken. Thin, tall, almost bust figurines models - this is not a standard of beauty. This body type is just one of the conditions for professional competence necessary to demonstrate any styles of clothing. For high similar to straight bars girls sew a particular style is much easier than creating a pattern for the girl with high breasts and rounded hips. Yes, and the demonstration of clothes, if she has a curvy shape, these forms will attract more attention than the new collections of fashion designers. Therefore, on the podium, and it can be seen mostly very skinny and tall women.

So what girls like guys usually a height and build, and whether to seek to Hollywood standards 90h60h90? All the guys are different, and girls of all sizes can always find someone to whom they will be very nice. As for the standard 90h60h90, it is extremely attractive - is also quite controversial. There are a lot of boys who prefer more lush girls. And they love them no less than a fragile young ladies.

In a word, to say exactly how the growth of girls like guys and what shapes attract them more than anything, it is impossible - and young people are drawn to the small and to high, and plump, and elegant. Impossible to determine exactly what the guys like hair color and eye color from what they are going crazy. Each of the boys their preferences and requirements are often quite different from the generally accepted standards of beauty. And often it happens that the girl, in full compliance with this standard, endowed attention from the stronger sex is much less than any freckled-fatty Laughs.

Girls also usually believe that in order to be happy, it is imperative to have an unearthly beauty. Beauties showered with flowers, they give jewelry for them get a star from the sky and in front of them spread a carpet of roses ... In a word, according to the girls beauties live easier. And that's a hair color like the guys they have, and such a figure, and such manners. And therefore it is necessary to repaint the hair, to sit on a diet exhausting and hard to copy the style of behavior beauties.

Convinced the girls begin to feverishly search for ways to modify their appearance, making this a lot of effort, and even reach a certain success. However, after a while I realize that happiness in life is not increased. No, maybe the fans and it became more. But relations with them are superficial and short-lived, and true love as there was no and no. Why is that?

It's simple. Because the external beauty, of course, valuable, but not so much that men are lost because of her head once and for all. Yes, beauty is admired, yes, from her enraptured, but pretty girl want to win. And won, after some time getting used to the beauty and begin to look for in a girl other advantages. If they are not in front of a beauty offers a real prospect of being abandoned. Conclusion: The key to happiness beauty one can not become. In general, it is the only way to attract male attention, nothing more. To a guy in love for real, a beauty is not enough. Methods like the guy seriously and permanently include many kinds of nuances that relate mainly to the character traits, not the appearance.

So you start to like boys?

 what girls are most popular with boys

How do I start to like boys

What girl like the guys are usually more than others? Very attractive could be any girl, no matter what she has complexion, and what her height and eye color and hair. Guys like, first of all, friendly and smiling girls, can be seen in the stronger sex is not the enemy or object of seduction, and the man with all his human qualities. Girls who can understand and support in difficult times and in all endeavors. Next to these girls young man feels smart, self-confident and strong, and he wants to go forward to the same success.

These feminine qualities do not appear suddenly. We are all different. And not every girl is given to easy understanding and indulgence. To learn this, you get the experience of communication with representatives of the stronger sex. And in order to get the experience, it is necessary that representatives like. And what? Again, the vicious circle? How to learn to like guys, if you have never had a long relationship with them?

The first thing to discard all doubt her attractiveness and realize that every girl has some, but it is inherent advantages. This means that every individual and interesting, so I try to be like the others can not be in any case. But the need to improve their own advantages - it helps to have confidence in yourself. People self-confidence is always attractive.

Another answer to the question, how to learn to like guys who is learning to communicate with them. The main thing in this matter - to be myself and to show respect for the young man. There are girls who, not knowing how to deal with the guy from the fright and the internal voltage are trying to portray a kind of sophistication in sexual matters unfettered girls who still uneasy. This style of behavior is not only wrong, but dangerous, I believe in the guy or girl tempted will persevere fast sex, or begin to dissolve unpleasant rumors about her. And to convince someone then you are actually very gentle and pure soul in creation, it will not be easy.

How to start to like boys and not go with the border? Ways like the guy a lot, but before you use them, it is desirable to know what girls like a guy who is nice. Perhaps he really prefers to Scripture alone beauties and strive only to close them. Is it worth for such a young man not to sleep at night? Hardly. Nothing good relationship with him do not promise. These guys usually have little value inner qualities of women and throw it without any regret. And when it has managed to fall in love with this lady's man, better to try to pull myself together and keep away from him. Otherwise, the front waiting for the shame, pain and hopeless longing.

Fortunately, the young men of the surface is not too much. Therefore, the theme of "How do I start to like the guy," still very relevant. Of course, a certain system behavior in this case does not exist. Nevertheless, some general techniques, well proven in practice, you can take advantage of. But first, let's define what is the behavior of the girls do not like a regular guy. And they do not like:

  • Written on the girl's face disappointment, indifference and malice;
  • Striving girl look smarter guy and his desire to prove something his superiority;
  • The requirement for a girl from the worship of all young people without any sympathy for someone of them;
  • Girls Disrespect to the stronger sex in general;
  • Effort girls to solve their problems on their own without taking help of a Man;
  • The tendency to criticize male behavior girls;
  • Rough peculiar to men, women manners;
  • Falseness, falsity and resourcefulness in the girl;
  • Causeless jealousy of women, the desire to control the guy.

In other words, young people do not like insincere and evil the fairer sex who want to assert themselves at the expense of others. It is worth some guy to notice these traits in a girl, all his affection for her, no matter how strong it may be, immediately evaporates without a trace. Therefore, the answer to the question: "What kind of behavior like the guys" be sincerity, friendliness, sense of humor, warmth and softness. In addition, young people are very attracted to the girl, her originality, easy coquetry, femininity, desire for love, sexuality. Extremely popular with the guys confident, contented themselves and others girls with self-esteem. Such persons always want to win and conquer, and what could be more interesting for the real man than conquering new heights?

Of course, before you adjust your behavior, you still wonder what behavior is like a guy who is nice to us. There among the stronger sex and the only ones that repel flirting and sexuality. They are looking for a modest resignation lady patiently accept all the frills her boyfriend. But there are, fortunately, not so much, and to communicate with them girls desirable: it is weak, unreliable people who are trying to assert themselves at the expense of his girlfriend. Relations with them could not be happier.

And what guys like in a relationship, if these guys masculine dominated by strong-willed? They were impressed by the open and in need of male support and help the girl next to which young men feel strong and intelligent patrons. Yes, every man creates his own image of the perfect lover, but there is hardly a girl, fully complying with these images. Do not try to completely remake themselves under the representation of the ideal young man. Firstly, it is very difficult - we are all different, and the attempt to break the self may end in failure. Second, remember that like the guy in relationships sincerity and organically, and if we start a hypocrite, trying to please him, he will feel it. Therefore, the girl just need to be myself, using their personal advantage. But these benefits is usually enough for each girl.

No, of course, there are some common ways in which she can attract attention initially Man. Let's talk a little bit about them.

 what type of girls like guys

Methods like the guy. The gestures, clothes, make-up

Let's start with the clothes. We have said that true men are attracted to girls femininity, which is manifested in the movements, and in the conversation, and gait, and, of course, clothing. For example, a woman wrapped in coarse shoes with thick soles, looks a bit ridiculous and can hardly expect a flurry of attention from the boys. But if she wears elegant shoes or sandals with heels and learn to walk in them, fluttering like a butterfly, a rare young man passes by her indifference, not to carry out at least a look.

The same applies to the long shapeless baggy skirts, disfigures the figure. To representatives of the male did not ignore the presence among them of a girl skirts is better to choose those that emphasize the dignity of the figure. They do not necessarily have to be with short - skirt can be midi and maxi, just to match the shape of their body type and makes it extremely captivating.

Now young people are happy to consider the girls dressed in tight jeans and his short jacket. But like a bag of pants on the girls do not like most guys, because they look quite strange and not seductive. What to say about femininity that these pants just a freak!

Like most of the guys and when the girls are dressed in simple, elegant suits, dresses of flowing fabrics or light translucent sundresses. All this is extremely adorns the weaker sex, focusing on the most feminine features of his representatives. And, of course, very impressed by the strong floor, whose members see a girl dressed in a similar way fragile but mysterious creature who wants to care and protect, solving every minute.

What gestures like guys? First of all, smooth and graceful. However, not each of the girls knows the art of gestures, so just take into account that gestures like the guys - it's not fussy and slow motion. So no, I lost in the presence of a young man trying to win his sympathy, randomly swinging his arms, spinning in all directions and frankly affectations. It looks such behavior, to put it mildly unseemly.

What a gesture like the guys more than others? Especially attractive by men feel the graceful turn of the head with the dropping of hair behind his back. This gesture can be used not only for long, but for short hair - it always looks great.

Encouraged guys and glance furtively sideways. If a girl, slightly drooping eyelids, gradually looking at the young man as long as he did not notice the look, then quickly looks away, as if embarrassed, she seemed fascinating and teases guy is very concerned by the fact that he was furtively peep. Such views do not leave indifferent men.

Among the gestures that are popular with guys and women feature includes crossing the legs while sitting in a chair or on a chair. When she sits, wrapped one leg or the other tucked one leg under the other and hugging her knees, she would constantly catch myself views of interested men. Well, if the young woman still and start flexing your feet on your toes with the heel shoe dropped, it is doomed to attention of boys.

Like young people, when she straightens hair with his hands, holds her hand in the throat, stroking his thigh, lightly tapping on the floor heel ... In short, all emphasizing the girl's sexuality, emotion, interest and affection, gestures fall to taste the stronger sex, draw and excite them. The main thing that these gestures were soft, but disturbing, incomprehensible tayaschimi men innuendo. At the same time we should remember that the stronger sex can not stand if she crosses her arms or in the abdomen - this gesture shows that it closed and pushes guys can subconsciously decipher this signal.

Well, shall we say. Here we have attracted the attention of many men, but in fact necessary is just one of them! How to give this young man understand that he is selected from the many? Just look straight into his eyes and smile. Such a view, accompanied by a smile is a very powerful means of attracting attention and triggered stronger than any words.

It must be said that even the enthusiastic girls boys often skillfully hide their interest, rather artistically playing the role of his own affairs and thoughts of man. How can I tell a guy likes you, if he makes no attempt to get closer?

Signs that a guy likes a girl

Many young girls are still very poorly oriented in the true feelings of a young man and often mistaken, thinking that this or that boy for some reason does not like them. This often inhibits the girl, causing her to suffer and all the time wondering, "How do I know if I like me boy, or he really sees me badly? "

Well, in fact, as the figure of a young man who, looking after plump classmate, sarcastically tosses "That fatso something! "Followed fragile and thin girl," washboard gone! However, it is not.