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  • The first date in the life of anxiety and unrest
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The first date with a guy ... Every young girl with great excitement waiting for him, imagining how the proposal will take place this meeting and how it cleverly and gracefully respond to this proposal. But as soon as someone of the guys did offer to meet her as she lost, frightened muttering something under his breath, blushing, he turned his eyes to the side, and in the end everything is agreed.

To experience the young lady for his confusion is not necessary. This is absolutely normal reaction, because the first ever date a girl - a very significant event, it is extremely exciting and unforgettable. And many years later, already a mature and experienced woman in such matters, it will remember it with the same excitement as now.

The main thing - this is not the excitement mingled with a feeling of embarrassment for their ridiculous behavior on that date. After all, we are all so worried and nervous in front of him that often, meeting a nice guy, start to behave quite differently, as usual, and it becomes unnatural. Often modest and gentle girl on the first date suddenly turns into a boorish and sincerity and openness - in mincing poseur. And such changes dumbfounded guy after the first date no longer wants to continue the meetings.

Such a result could lead the caller makeup girl or alien to her everyday life outfit incorrectly selected topic of conversation or absence of the subject in general, sharp, unpleasant guy perfume, jerky gestures angular young lady, her attempts to command the youth or lack of communication skills ...

In short, everything that can destroy a young person interested in a girl and force him to give up on their expectations. What should be the behavior of a girl on a first date and what should be its appearance to interest a guy to her after the meeting not only increased, but also increased several times? Let's see, what advice give us knowledgeable people in these matters.

The first date in the life of anxiety and unrest

So ahead of us a very important event - the first meeting with the boy, who was very pleasant. And we're excited to such an extent that already are beginning to panic, it is not imagining that choose clothes for this meeting and how to behave in it. To really do not fall face in the dirt, should first pull yourself together and calm down. If we are very nervous, hardly able to sleep well. Insomnia appear dark circles under the eyes, and this, of course, we do not decorate.

Therefore, we try to worry as little as possible. In the end, the first romantic encounter - not global catastrophe, and it was all the fairer sex. And they just said to myself, "Oh, I'm afraid to go on a first date! "And puzzled over what to wear, what to say and how to choose the behavior to the young man did not lose interest in them.

And then, after a time, when he was already a mature woman recalled their experiences before the first meeting with the young man with a warm indulgent smile. Because now they know that if a young man invited on a first date, it means that the girl he was already very much. And its main task in this case - not only to maintain interest in a guy at the same level, but also try to make sure that it has increased. Provided, of course, if he likes a girl.

So too afraid to go to the first meeting with the man unreasonable. First, the fear will create self-doubt, and secondly, under his influence, we can do something silly and completely destroy the possibility of prospects of further relations with boys. And is there any sense in such fear? After all, the young man, the appointing girl first date, going to him, very rarely thinks about whether this will be the girl's companion throughout his life.

He is important, first and foremost, meeting privately with that like more than others. There is no doubt that before the first date in the life of a young man, too, is worried and does not know how to behave. But the excitement is different from the excitement girl, because the young man, it is important first of all not to sit in a puddle as a man. The prospects for future relations with a young lady he hardly reflects.

As for girls, they are in the majority, if a young person like them, dream about to visit him was the starting point for a long and happy connection with it in the future. Because before the meeting, and experiencing so much that they could not find a place. However, the experience of previous generations shows that the first falling in love, no matter how strong it may seem, almost never leads to a stable and prosperous marriage.

No, of course, it also happens that, having met on the first date with a guy, the girl remained with him all his life. Sometimes ... However, the young lady to go to a meeting, being possessed just such a goal is impossible. It is unlikely that in this case it will be able to control myself and not ask questions on the first date the possibility of marriage with a boy. He's this totally not ready yet, and assertiveness frightened girl, and not knowing what to say, just give up further meetings.

Therefore, in order on a first date with a guy, do not push him away once and do not lose the opportunity to further meetings with him, the girl should not build far-reaching grand plans, even if you really want. Such plans and create a strong tension, which does not allow young lady to act at a meeting with the young men and the most reasonable and right to behave naturally.

Therefore, we move aside their dreams of an eternal and great love away - for their implementation will be more time - and we try to be on top of the world what we have to go for the first ever meeting. This moment will never happen again, so is it worth it to spoil the internal stress, and not justified by fear? No of course!

In order to finally deal with the strong emotion, girl, of course, you must at least roughly determine what to do on a first date and how to behave to avoid blunders. But how do you know what behavior and what look to be the most suitable for the first meeting? Let's see, what advice give us those who have successfully hosted the first romantic date on dresses and girls to this case, and the conversation and manners.

 first date with a guy

How to look on the first date

In order to determine how to prepare for a first date, you should remember that the main task of women - to be on this date the most natural. Therefore, if it is not able to easily move around on high heels, wear shoes with heels so, trying to match the fashion, not follow - the young lady will they look clumsy and ridiculous.

Of course, it is not necessary to get into these shoes, and when the meeting with the young man assumes outdoor recreation. Walk them through the forest trails and rocky or sandy shores of ponds is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous - you can, tucked leg injury. And eventually turn first meeting in a living hell for itself, and for the young man.

Therefore, in order not to be in this situation, it is advisable to ask the young man, where to go on their first date he plans. If he, for example, is going to visit a disco or sit at the bar, high-heeled shoes, if we are able to wear them, will be in place. Well, in that case, if a guy has a desire to walk in the woods or fishing with the girl (and this happens!), It is necessary to find a more comfortable shoes for this pastime.

As for clothes, it also depends on where the need to go on a first date. In general, the meeting place should choose the girl, but inexperienced young men usually do not yet know about this unwritten rule and often offer a place for yourself. Insist on the young lady in this case is not entirely correct. A young man, for whatever reasons, can not always meet its requirements, and not wanting to disappoint the girl, he can simply refuse to see.

Moreover, if the young man offers a girl to hold the first meeting in some quite fashionable institution and costumes to visit such places do not have a girl, she can offer him his version of the meeting place. This should be done gently, but quite aggressively, do not go well in an expensive cafe inexpensive modest dress, worn jeans or a familiar and comfortable tracksuit!

So, if you really the guy decided to invite young lady in an elite club or a restaurant, and the ability to look, in line with their status as she does not have, it is necessary to come up with a good excuse like, "I would not like that at our meeting was attended by strangers. And stuffy overcrowded little tolerance. Let's meet somewhere in the fresh air! "

As to how to dress for a first date at all, the answer is simple. Dress so you need to feel comfortable. At the same time, on a first date outfit should emphasize all the charm of the girl, her femininity and hidden, restrained sexuality. In this cause, very short skirts and too open blouses and T-shirts to the first meeting with the young men are not suitable.

Despite the fact that males like these garments on the girls in the first meeting, they can cause an incorrect understanding of the young person. However, the straight-laced, baggy style of clothing and unisex for a first date, too, will not work - they destroy femininity, that probably will not like the guy. So how to dress on a first date that the youth was fascinated by us finally?

The first woman to be dressed with taste. It is desirable to have smooth style clothing line, and it was sewn of soft, flowing fabrics. It is not necessary to wear new things - not yet obnoshennye, they can be uncomfortable and snare, making them uncomfortable. As a dress to choose something easy to use, all the advantages of the most distinguishing pieces and hide her flaws. So, what we feel confident and uninhibited, and looks quite good.

As for the makeup, he at first date with a guy should be moderate, modest, but at the same time, focuses on the most beautiful facial features. War Paint Amazon at the first meeting with the young man is not the place - it is too aggressive and is not conducive to a romantic mood. But the complete lack of makeup, too, is undesirable - gray mouse instead of a seductive girl is unlikely to help increase interest in the young man to the girl. Quite the contrary.

Do not contribute to this increase in the first meeting with the guys and frilly girls haircuts and too long nails with bright nail polish, and overly intrusive perfume. Hair should be easy to wash and gently put, nails covered with varnish or paint pastel. And in order to smell the perfume was unobtrusive, a few drops of perfume should be applied to the inside of the wrists, behind the ears and near the neck hollow.

All these rules first date on the appearance of the girl, help her to feel confident and not to focus their thoughts on how it is perceived by young men. Knowing how to look on the first date, not to disappoint a young man and did not scare him, the young lady is already making a significant step towards the further development of relations with the guy. However, a knowledge of how to look at the first date for the success of these relationships is not enough. The girl must be still and know how to behave with the young men. Let's consider the basic aspects of behavior, based on the experience already versed in matters of dating women.

Speaking on the first date

As we have said, the question of what should be wear for a first date with a guy, not in this case is paramount. Anyone, even the most exquisite outfit girl has such a strong influence on the young man as her behavior. If a young lady, dressed in an expensive dress by the famous fashion designer, behave abnormally, or is vulgar, it is unlikely it can count on the deep feelings on the part of the young man. And no, even the most carefully selected clothes for the first date is nothing in this case does not change.

To the representative of the stronger sex here to stay interested in a girl, she needs to present itself right. A young lady to remember, which is a meeting being saddened and very concerned about any problems, is highly undesirable. She should try to look as much as possible the positive and joyful and impress optimist.

Why is that? Just because a man and woman is still very uncomfortable, and they are still very far from true sympathy with each other. Candid, like Confession psychoanalyst conversation on a first date can completely dispel its romantic atmosphere, and eventually spoil everything. Man Woman listened politely and then just politely say goodbye to her and did not want to meet.

From the behavior of the girl on the first date it depends not only on the degree of development of further relations pair, but also the position that the young man will choose to communicate with the female. Therefore, we must try to communicate with the boys easy, stress-free, but modestly, while avoiding the excesses in the form of loud laughter and ironic banter over all that man says.

How to communicate on the first date, to avoid being hurt young man, do not put it in an awkward position and not alienate? After all, what girl enjoys her chosen method of communication, it is not yet a guarantee that he likes the guy. Men are vulnerable and rather proud. Often they react to a completely harmless in terms of women's phrase, not as we would like. Only one such phrase can completely destroy a young man in a desire to meet, so the girls have to choose topics of conversation on a first date, which will be both interesting and enjoyable.

How to find a topic? If a young person has a little familiar, you have to try to remember what he is interested in, and insert into the conversation a few phrases that are relevant to this hobby. Well, in that case, when we have no idea about the interests of Man, will have to get to know them, ask him leading questions on the first date. This will not only hold a conversation, but also to determine the order of what to say to the young men in the future. In addition, and the girl herself with the help of relevant issues on the first date will have the opportunity to learn more about the preferences of the young man, his inclinations and aspirations.

Be interesting conversationalist much more useful for the relationship than just be a very attractive person. Men appreciate women in the ability to maintain a conversation, the ability to listen and sense of humor. Of course, not all of the fairer sex has such qualities and can listen to the speeches of the men, picking a theme and sticking to a place really funny jokes.

What to do on a first date, in order not to remain silent gloomily, looking at the floor? Sociability - a property that can develop in themselves, and on this issue to work on. After all, communication skills needed not only on a first date with a guy. It greatly helps in many aspects of our lives, and contributing to the promotion of the career ladder, and networking with others.

However, cultivating the qualities of sociability - quite a long process. And a few hours before the first date with a boy did not razovёsh. In that case, if the girl is too shy and introverted, she had to try at least sometimes inserted into the conversation with the young man even meaningless phrase. This will help in time to overcome shyness and will make it clear to the young man that the young lady is interested in conversation with him.

If a communication skills are fine and the question of how to communicate on a first date, for the girl is not relevant, it should be remembered - to talk about something you need to confidently. Young people must feel that the young lady has an inner core - is impressed by the quality of the men and contributes to awakening in them passion.

We do not know much about the topic of conversation on a first date? Nothing wrong! You can not have a good understanding in all things. Therefore, as confident guy Asking questions on this topic, because of issues such double benefit!